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1.25.21 Scott McKay: Military In Control

Youtube ran from the battlefield and took their platform with them.

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government. Laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, that accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a designed to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is the right, it is the duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for the future security.

The world is waking up, and this is the tipping point.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, patriots Street Fighter Scott McKay here the Patriots Street Fighter, the tipping point radio hosts on revolution radio, welcome to tonight’s broadcast that’s coming to you recorded valued by now know what’s going on with the digital battlefield, the emerging,

I say threat that we pose, our revolution has gotten the attention of the highest levels of YouTube. Because today, rather than stay on this battlefield, rather than fight, what they chose to do, they chose to unplug because they do not want to go up against this message and this revolution. That’s why you’re getting this now, as it has been done earlier today. So now that you if you’re not aware, why you’re seeing this now is because as you know, we had a strategy on the digital battlefield with YouTube, with the satanic order of criminals in cyber tech or in big tech, that want to pump out the worst parts of I don’t even want to say human nature’s this satanic order onto the whole world, on the worst levels, pumping out all the world, make it available, promote the satanic agenda, the pedophilia, all the things that they continue to promote. But they will not allow a movement to rise up out of the ground out of the ashes of what they’ve built. In this world that we call life on Earth. A movement such as yours, a movement such as this one, where the Patriots are willing to come into the street and fight and I don’t mean, you know, getting into skirmishes in history. Look, I’m talking about fighting for your rights using your voice. simple fact is, you know, that’s the last resort. Most people that do not have the intellectual capacity to persuade a society or a population to their viewpoint of what’s good for society, they resort to fighting like physical fighting right away, because they don’t have a mind strong enough, or they don’t have a philosophy rooted in freedom that they can defend. So they naturally want to go to the physical side, that’s called power versus force. In fact, there’s a great book by Dr. David Hawkins, PhD, MD, quantum physicist called power versus force is about quantum physics. And you understand between the two of them, power is when you have the persuasive ability to draw anything toward you force as when you have to go towards something else. And get it to do what you want it to do, rather than drawing it to you are two different mediums of the way people conduct themselves in their life. Again, there was a day when the forceful could could basically do whatever they prefer to do, and at against the will of people or whoever. And now we live in a society or an age, I should say, of human evolution through you know, the Aristotelian enlightenment that we allow people to then use the power of their mind because there’s no

Nothing is more powerful than that human ingenuity and human intellect to, to raise a theory an idea and movement for living in society, any society. And that’s why you always have tyrants and dictators around the world, that use their, their muscle, their force, the laws, whatever they do, to try to maintain control over you, because they don’t have the strength, they don’t have the strength of any level of character, or character traits as a human being, to have you see their ideas their way. And not always that’s where the weakness lies, the weakest, the weakest people, the weakest people in terms of emotional weakness, insecurities, anything that has to do with the, the, the What should I say, the heart side of humanity, the weakest are the ones that always use power or use force use physical force to get you to comply to play their game, the powerful people are the ones that can persuade you. And as a as a as an intelligent, capable human being, to want to, I would say, follow along a certain pathway for humanity. That’s good for all of humanity, not just that one person who happens to hold a certain philosophy. So now we can see the cowards in in big tech, they do not want your movement to grow. But you know what happened since eight, they’ve taken us now off of YouTube, they killed patriot Street Fighter one, they killed patriot Street Fighter two PSF. Three is up and alive. But I can’t even get into them. Because they have traced back to my IP address likely that I can’t even, you know, I can’t even log in to Google or Google Mail. Or if I do, I can’t even get to YouTube to sign in, because they’ve got a blocked on my IP address, obviously, I guess I gotta buy a new computer. And then you have my active VPN, maybe that’ll do it. But I’ve known in the past, when I wanted to connect with YouTube on different levels, that VPN is up, then it you know, again, they’ve got their constraints, because they’re afraid of you. They’re afraid of me, they’re afraid of everybody who has an optimistic oppositional viewpoint to their tyranny. What does that mean to us, that doesn’t mean a damn thing. They’re one platform, we get a lot of streaming platforms out there. And these idiots, believe me, I got a strategy, we’re going to keep my material going up on YouTube, I have another way to do it. I thought we could keep leapfrogging in front of them every time they were afraid to fight. And they would take their field and go home. So I got another another idea we’re going to put in play. But in the meantime, you know, this is recorded, so it’s up on Rumble, we have access to it, you’re gonna keep access to me, certainly this, this is not going to slow me down, or you one bit, what it’s going to do is it’s going to draw more soldiers onto the battlefield on our side, I’m gonna explain how we’re going to do that. So I’ll just tell you right out you milk toast, cowards and policies at YouTube. You fork in cowards, you 14 cowards, chickenshit cowards. You can’t go up against the people, you can’t go up against the revolution, you run away, and you take your field with you. Big deal. All you did was you just made our movement legendary. And it’s gonna grow twice as fast. Now you watch what happens now, you think you might have pissed me off? course I would like my life to be more convenient. Because it’s been set up easily to do what I do there. But you just pissed off 100,200 quarter million people you pissed off. So guess what my new movement is going to be now is to start a movement to get everybody to move off of this platform onto other platforms and shut your ass down. That’s where I’m going from here. And on top of that, whatever platforms we’re going to be live streaming from, this is still going to get pumped out across even more social media platforms, I’m going to go get more websites to sign up to the things that I’m not even part of, we’re just going to crank it. And we’re going to get our army to just be shoving this stuff all over the world. So at the end of the day, you cannot win. You cannot win this fight you There are too many of us, you cannot win. So that being said, folks, that’s what’s gone down today. I discovered that when I get up this morning.

And again, there’s another place well guess I shouldn’t say that you can’t shut us down because, again, you’re a little afraid of our broadcast capability, because I found out what happened with the technical difficulties with revolution radio, which is where I created the tipping point is that they of course attack those servers. So they attack the servers. And they’ve been making it a little difficult to broadcast that but there’s new equipment that is been in play, it’s now going to be part of that operation. So things don’t go quite the way we want tonight on revolution radio as far as the intro, etc. The broadcast goes on. That way I can continue this message rain down even more

Hellfire they can’t stop the live voice and we get two hours once a week to do that. So that being said, we will be on there tonight eight to 10pm. Eastern.

And that is live and it’s revolution dot radio, h t t p e colon, forward slash forward slash revolution dot radio. And then again, I don’t know how the mobile app looks. But typically I always take my phone

and I turn that phone landscape view. So that way, you can stretch that page because see people say always say to me, I can see Studio A, I can see hawks nest, but I can’t see bees. So gotta stretch it a little bit.

Get people already asking revolution radio tonight. Yes. So and get on studio beat. Now here’s the thing, folks, this is crazy. This is this is awesome. This is this is what you are doing. And this is why I’m fired up because of what you people. That the the power that you’re showing me that you have. I didn’t, I didn’t realize it to the degree. But so if you have a problem getting on to the website or getting into the show, it’s because you fools are crashing the technology everywhere we go. I say that. I say that with great respect, and endearment. But what we found out last week is you damn near crashed the servers at revolution radio, because you’re swarming it. So I wouldn’t be surprised if some people couldn’t get on the phone system as well as a third party network that broadcasts my show.

So the way you can listen in the way you can get to their broadcast is a phone number. And that will be in the description box below here. And it’s 64179370386417936038 you can call in you can listen, there’s other ways to do it. I’m not familiar with those, but I eventually get those to you. Eight to 10 Eastern Time, the tipping point on revolution radio. And that’s pretty much where I can say whatever I want. I don’t drop fork bombs. But if I ever pull tried to pull the reins back there, my producer say, Oh shit, man, that’s why you’re here. You want to be an ac 130 gunship turning triple canopy jungle into a pallet toothpicks. Let it rain. That’s what I like, like about these people. They’ve been doing this for a long time. So there is fear and panic out there. We obviously are a threat, so they wiped us out.

I’m gonna make this relatively short tonight because it got some more work to do. I was working on live streaming right to our website. And again, technically, I’m gonna have to have helped some some help with that with people that know how to make OBS work. If you’re one of those I know there’s people in my inbox in my emails that have said to me, Scott, I can I these capabilities. I did this in Microsoft. You know, whatever, I’ll help. I’m going to join the mission. If you are one of those people in your red flagged, you’ll save me time by sending me another email, say Scott, here I am again, remember me? You made a red flag me I can help with this stuff. I can make this stuff work fast. Feel free to Scott at TTP That’s my email. There’s 1000 in there right now. So again, those of you folks who emailed me, you’ll know why. You’ll know why I’m not there right now.

But I would appreciate that consultation with my guy Mitchell. He’s the one that’s put the site together working on the back end, we will take that help from if you have it.

So let’s talk about where we are in the battle for Earth, the battle for the country.

You know, I don’t have any real news today. Anything breaking? Pretty much in the same situation there there is a viewpoint that I do want to bring up to you folks. I want you to I want you to hear this viewpoint that I have on what we’re seeing right now.

Yeah, we know that the military is in control. They’re not letting the Biden White House make any type of moves. In fact, I don’t know if they’re still not answering them or if they’re not allowing Biden into the Pentagon, but it does again, the Pentagon the good Just so you know, the Pentagon is a bureaucracy folks. It is a it is a political, its political apparatus, okay. But the people who call the shots still the military, there’s 800 generals, flag officers that are part of protecting this country and guarding the Constitution, the rank and file swore there owes rank and file soldiers, special operators, all these people, they swore the roads with the Constitution. So whatever it has to play out right now, with creepy Joe, and all the criminal element that are sitting in a fake seat, a fake position of power.

I’m not worried about that at all. But I do see that there is one thing that’s going to be necessary before they decide that they’re going to move in and all of this

That’s gonna that’s going to take responsibility of all of us. And that’s what I want to talk to you about tonight some things that I’m learning. So here’s what we can. And again, what can we expect timelines and all that you folks know that I don’t fall on timeline. But here’s what I’ve learned. What I’ve learned was that, what if what whatever the event that could have taken place on the 20th, which would have been their original plan to do what we expected or hoped they would do is go in and mass arrest everybody. So either there was this event that they were protecting us from, or there’s another another reason, which I want to, I want to talk to you about tonight. And the thing that I that we initially heard that there was like this false flag event that was going to be perpetuated on a country and could have caused a lot of carnage and death. I want you to think about something right now. Because there’s people that are still impatient. And and and I get that, we want it done. Now look, and I’m just giving you my viewpoint on why we have to be part of the solution here, not part of the problem, I can assure you, if we together collectively do the right thing, we speed this up, if we sit on our asses, and we bitch because nothing’s being done on the timeframe that we want right now.

And you’re going to find out you are part of the you’re part of the operation here. And I’m going to show you how you are and this is information I got, you’re going to learn this. But let me say something to you people that are bitching, because the military aren’t doing it right now on your timeline. It didn’t happen this day or that day. Here I come again, you know, like I tell you on my radio show, it is a high octane full throttle truth hammer, because we don’t have time anymore. We don’t have time for any of this. This pansy bullshit that has come raised itself out of the ground in this country, the country that the world looks toward, for toughness, individualism, leadership, carbon and existence, out of a country, by our hands, and on the backs of all of our forefathers, making something truly great out of nothing. That’s why they respect us. What I hate for them, the rest of the world to see is these whiny babies that don’t like how things are going and they want to complain and bitch, but never put any time in it, to do anything about it. And I know sometimes folks say I’m talking down to people look, if you feel like I’m talking down, then you’re the one I’m talking to. The rest of you are like, you know what, he’s right. We got a man up. Sony wants to exit my conversation. I’m okay with that, too. Again, I’m not here to play favorites. I’m here to give a proverbial kick in the ass to two Americans to stop complaining about everything and get on the battlefield. And there’s going to be a lot of people to walk away. I’m you know, I don’t like that guy. I’m not here for friends. Many people are learning that the shield sure as hell are and all the knuckleheads that do nothing to contribute. I’m not looking for friends. I’m looking for patriots. In fact, there’s probably 110,000 friends that we now have just from telegram because they wouldn’t be sitting here listening to me say what I say. And we keep growing and growing. You know why? Because they’re in the same mindset, as I am, is we had 113,600 yesterday, we had a little over 100 this movements growing, because I don’t have the patience anymore, except to tell you the hard truth if you don’t want to hear it. Okay, I get it. I don’t hold any offense if you walk away.

I’ll say no judgments to that man. To that point, I’ll say no judgement. Why? Because you are the one that wants to walk away or run away from this message. You have been screwed over from the time you were born. You’ve been programmed this way we all have. We’ve all been programmed to think like this, too. When our diapers changed at the age of 50 years old. We want somebody else to fill up our bottle. Where’s this? Where’s that?

And it’s not our fault. It is. It’s not our fault. It isn’t. It isn’t. I was just fortunate. Somebody said Scott. How do you you know instill discipline in your kids? I’m like, I don’t know. I only know one way is how I was disciplined how my the general kicked up my ass. That’s how, you know, I didn’t have a choice. But here’s what came with that. Did I like it? No, I hated. I hated him at times for the shit that he did. You know, it wasn’t until I got older. That I’m like, now I get it. Like now I get it. It took me time that no kid likes that. But what it did for me was it made me a fighter, a fighter for this nation for the flag for patriots for the military. Anybody who’s guarding our freedom, who’s Manning a post

In a four word area,

Night after night after night to either protect and defend our freedom or spread that freedom. But when it comes to where we are now, now you’re going to learn that we all have skin in the game. So

it’s a different thought process that we’re going to talk about tonight. Because what I learned was, if there was an event that was going to cause a lot of death and Carnage, and the military went ahead and wrote in there, when the timing wasn’t of the timing that they prefer, for one reason, to guarantee the safety of the American people. We’ve known that from the beginning, we’ve known that from October or November 2017. That was priority number one, not until we can guarantee the safety of the American people, they would have rushed in just to make everybody comfortable on their timeframe, and we would have had some type of dirty bomb go off something terrible.

Killed 10s of 1000s of people. God knows what damage.

take a wild guess, at what you would have heard from a bunch of people.

They should have waited. And then the news cycle, all the people still listening to news, and it grows and grows and grows and grows. Now there’s a thunderous chorus, militaries, bad militaries bad they should have waited. They didn’t.

You know what?

Win or lose. They’re damned, no matter what, win or lose, they’re damned. And then what? Now the Savior, the nation, the military becomes what enemy number one, guess what we now choose slavery, we choose servitude and bondage for eternity, and a satanic order unleashes hell on the planet. So I want all of you to think about this for a second, those of you who want it done in your timeframe, if they would have gone by your plan, I can tell you for sure, if there was this event that they were trying to prevent,

guess what? We would have been screwed, we would have all been screwed by your plan, those few people that are pitching. The second thing is this.

And this folds into the fabric of the same position we’re in right now.

Right now, there still are too many people that are asleep, too many.


what I’ve learned is,

America still hasn’t woken up enough for the vast majority to get behind the military when they begin the decapitation operation. There’s not enough there’s not we still have people I talked to a friend of mine through text today and he’s got some friends that live here who are here now that are from Canada. They still have the same mindset we’ve seen what Biden is doing.

Catch and release is now back in play killing the Keystone pipeline pissing off all the union’s

pissing off the natural naturally, I should say the the immigrants that came in here legally pissing off the feminists because the transgenders are now again, they’re going to open it up anybody transgender they can go compete in girls sports, which they I mean, we’ve had them in in women’s wrestling, high school wrestling, yeah, transgender, a guy transitioned into a girl because he’s now got whatever the genitalia but he still has the structure and, and far more strength than an average girl pin pins her way to the state finals or whatever, just just crazy nonsense like that. Guess what? There’s another demographic, the epis off. What we need to have happen is enough people get pissed off because they see what the Biden

viewpoint or idiot ideology is for our nation moving forward as a nation. When there’s enough people pissed off, then they’re going to realize the poll numbers have dropped from the mid to low 40s down into the 20s. Now, so if they dropped down into the 20s and and they’re basically screwing the country up again, like the democrats always do with the help of some Republicans, it’s going to be at that point. That point is when they’re going to realize America now sees it, they now get it. They know that they know damn well, that Democrats are going to drive this country right into the basket of CCP control the Chinese CCP Khazarian Mafia, and we are done. It’s over. So now having said that, what you’ve got to realize is this. Two things are going to control when they decide that the time is right that this operation is going to succeed. understand something there’s no do over here. There’s no do over. They’ve got one chance. We’ve known this for three years now. There’s only one chance one chance to do this and do it right. Just one. No mistakes, but no bad timing. No anything that could derail

To get to the end result, nothing, nothing can get in their way nothing. And the only thing that people are going to do by complaining and bitching, because it’s not happening in their time, you’re going to spread that. You’re going to spread it all over the place. It’s going to keep going, and going and going, and you’re going to win people to that nonsense, childish argument. And it’s going to keep going. And all it’s going to do is going to drag this thing out longer. And if it drags it out longer to a point where we are in trouble, and then the military says it’s now or never, and we’re just going to have to put up with the carnage, chaos, civil war in this country, that’ll tear the country apart. Guess what, that’s what happens if we end up tearing ourselves apart in a civil war, because they’re going to come out in the streets and fight for slavery, the left the democrats will come into the streets, and Tifa BLM, they’ll fight for servitude and bondage. Once were weakened, guess what happens?

Chinese on the southern border, China is a northern border, we’re now weakened and what happens?

It’s over. Not maybe, absolutely, it is over

the world that you want to get to right now.

It’s over, ain’t gonna happen. Because Game Over,

game over. So my message for you tonight is this is the two things raise your thinking, raise your thinking, raise your consciousness, most people aren’t going to understand this conversation. And I get it, there was a time nobody could have given me this conversation. That’s why I went down this rabbit. That’s why I went off the beaten path of my spiritual religious teachings and study for many years on a different pathway to try to get a bigger, more complete picture.

So here’s the thing.

The problem with the people that are complaining about where we are right now, they’re in third dimensional thinking, this whole planet is shifting. So is human consciousness, those humanity into a five dimensional existence, you may not understand that, and I get it. But I can tell you this lower order of thinking, the thought process, you have the complaint, the fear, the bitching, the selfishness, and all that because things aren’t going the way you want them to go while you’re sleeping in a nice warm bed when our soldiers are sleeping in cold parking lots in DC, all over the place, paying the real price.

That kind of thinking resonates at a lower frequency. And the lower that frequency is, it permeates the entire planet, the entire human consciousness everywhere. So what you need to do to help the cause is get your thinking to five D, the people that are 3d, they think what I’m saying is all bullshit. They think it’s a cover. Because the timing was I never had any timing, people gonna look at all of my radio shows and everything else. I never said there was a timeframe. I just said, here’s the outcome.

But those people who have in their mind that things have to go the way they want, I can assure they will guarantee that they won’t go that way.

If you want it to go the way you want, which is we get to a point where we drive down this president’s approval rating so low with becoming a patriot Street Fighter. Starting to research the informations everywhere and start pumping it out in email, start talking to people don’t get in fights, start talking to people, start showing them information. start educating them on everything that’s happening, show them examples of what’s happening. If we see things receding the economy, whatever else start showing them proof. And again, all those people say I don’t want to say anything, because I don’t want to lose my friends or loses. We’ve heard this for the last year or two. I don’t bring it up. Do you want to lose your friends? Or do you want to lose your country and likely your life? What do you what Where do you stand now? See because of all this all the people listen.

I’ve got friends that refused to get away from CNN, MSNBC, mainstream media. Good Guys, that even up until probably a month or two ago still send me articles from these, these these companies, mainstream media want me to take a look. And you know, I’m thinking to myself, I didn’t know we were going to be in this situation and look back and say you just prolonged it. You’re a Republican, good Patriot, love the country. But you haven’t listened to me for years. The last couple stop watching this bullshit. Stop watching Fox News. Start looking here. Look down these rabbit holes. Here’s where it is. This is what they’re telling us. And you know what? Most of them didn’t do any of it. And I love these people. I love these people. But the simple fact is they themselves that are impatient are responsible for where we are now. And you want to talk about patience.

What about those of us who’ve been doing this for two decades? Plus, what about us, decades, trying to wake people up to where this country is headed?

And now all of a sudden, I can’t wait another two or three or four, six months, whatever it takes. I can’t wait. I want to now. What do you think I’m thinking? Really? Do honestly think that I give a fly and flies poop? that not one bit. Because

we were doing something. And again, I’m not blowing my look for me. It what I was on, I wasn’t on a heroic mission. I’m a boring guy like that, regardless of what my

endeavors were prior to what I’m doing now professionally, or otherwise, pretty boring guy. Why? Because when people were going to nightclubs all the time, and going out to bars and doing all that I did a little bit that when I was younger, but you know, when I’m in my 30s, all I’m thinking about, how are we going to save the world? How are we going to change country? How are we going to do whatever? So I would spend my time going down these doing all this research? That’s how boring I was. Yeah, who wants to talk about that? You know, if I was out at a bar, meet a girl, take me about five minutes before I bring up Ronald Reagan’s name, blow the whole conversation. That’s kind of how it was. But the thing of it is, is that

that’s what I did. Because it was a passion. It was easy for me. So I’m not judging somebody because they didn’t. But it gave me enough foresight to see this. And so what I want to implore to you, is you have you have a chance to define yourself in this lifetime. Because we’re headed for an incredible future, how quickly it gets here. How quickly is up to you? Do you want to join this fight? Do you want to start doing what we do? educating people talking to them? pointing out folks, look, look what Look what Trump did for the country. Now look, what Biden’s doing. How do you explain that. And if enough people start keep the wakeup process going, look how many people look of the voting bloc in this country, Trump got 80% of the legal votes. That’s what the 350 military intelligence battalion has, has proven, they have proof that he got 80% of the vote 20% went to buy. And again, you can’t you can’t even try to talk through that when you look at the massive crowds and Biden would have nothing.

I believe a lot of this movie is still being controlled by the white hats. Why? Because if we do not wake the people up to a shock, like oh, my God, go get them, get them all, get every one of those people, kill them, execute them through tribunals, whatever the law says that they need to be done, put them in prison, get them off the playing field, I don’t care. They were my heroes. At one time, I don’t care. I just saw what I saw. They have to have done everything else. Now that I’ve seen these videos of fsra. Get them all, get them all.

That’s what it’s going to take. That is what it’s going to take. We need hit their approval ratings, the Democrats, the Biden clan, to go down so low, and the military to be so high, you’ve got to save us, you’ve got to save us. So when they unleash the dogs of war, you’re not getting in a way supporting the other side, because you’re still away, are you and I’m not talking to you folks here because those guys are already off this channel, office broadcast office video. And again, they can’t be you know, hitting us in a box, because we’re recorded. And

thankfully for them, as you know. So this is what we’re looking at. So if we want to speed this up, I don’t know if it’s next week, next month, Mike Adams seems to think it’s going to be Yep, it might not even be April, whatever it could go into the summer. All I know is we’re going to let the world and the country see what the Biden clan is going to do. They’re not going to it’s not going to go so far. Look,

it’s only going to go so far as to when you say I’m done. And the other side who still supports them says I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. When we have the vast majority of people 75% was the number I heard quite a while ago. 75%. say this has to stop. We are going to lose it all. And remember I said as many times it isn’t until we are pushed to the break the moment of destruction before people will find the will to change. So if anything else, I’m going to be upset because I don’t want to wait anymore. Because enough patriots street fighters didn’t come onto the battlefield to help educate these other knuckleheads that still are thinking with their backside and not their brain. So my inclination is to tell you the facts as they are.

It’s up to us. We can only count on the middle

To do so much is to protect and preserve the state of this union as its form as is right now, without getting to the point where we lose it, protecting us from a potential foreign invasion, which is what they already have on the books, defending the Constitution, because we now have learned, they swore their oath to the Constitution of the Republic, not to Biden, not to the Democrats, not to the White House, not to the bureaucracy, and the Pentagon, all those scumbags. All these people that were set up to get a seat at the table, they have pledged their loyalty to the Republic to the Constitution. That’s what we have going for us. What do they have going for them? It either is us or it’s nothing that they’re going to have to do it themselves. And it’s going to be harder for them to do it. And it’s going to take longer for them to do it. If we don’t start getting up every day like I do. Like, I wonder what’s going to go on in the theater today. I know heart and soul right to my bones that our guy is going to be taken command and control again.

The legitimate winner and that these people are going to be taken down. When it’s up to us. It is up to you. If you’re a well spoken person, get a YouTube channel. Get on a you get there easy to set up. I figured it out like easily. And you just let it roll. Have some conversations and some of you people just put it out there and you’re you’re on your tape record. He put it on your Facebook, some of you there’s so much talent sitting on the sidelines in his country. It’s it’s sickening, how much talent is parked on the sidelines? Because it’s a little afraid, doesn’t know that talent is there. I mean, look at the guy that I talked to you about last night. I call it what how old Homer? Homer Simpson from Chernobyl, you know, with his dice man slash Homer Simpson little thing he’s got going on attacking our movement attacking a patriot Street Fighter. If this clown can get on a YouTube channel, look, he got 34 views I looked at as I looked at his three videos, 25 uS 34. And then he started hitting the Patriot Street Fighter saying all kinds of stupid shit, and challenging me to a fight in the street. Like, wow, bright one too.

But he’s got a channel. What a genius idea the guy had, I don’t like this guy. I don’t know why I think if we sat down had a couple beers at a bar, told war stories, we’d probably be slapping high fives are laughing. I kind of get that just looking at the guy. He’s either totally misguided. Or maybe maybe he’s just flat out stupid. I mean, because he doesn’t obviously get our movement. So But anyways, guess what? I look at that guy. I’m like, now there’s a thinker, man. There’s a guy that’s got some ingenuity. I’m gonna attack this guy and pitch challenge him to a fight. It’s got 6000 views on that thing. Guess what? All right, bro, you’re just on the wrong side, come over here where you belong. I’d like to have a lieutenant in that army because he’s got the balls to just, I’m going to do a channel. That’s what you can do. And you know what his may lead to something, you know, hopefully he’s gonna change his message, obviously, because he’s going to be remembered forever for attacking our movement that leads to rescuing the children and giving you the future you always should have deserved. So

when I come down hard and you’re like this, folks, I know some people say that I you know, I’m talking down to you.

I’m not talking down to you. I’m trying to wake you up. I’m trying to get some backbone in some of you people that you already have. But you haven’t had conditions that brought out the best you the best use inside you. You just don’t know it. Trust me. anything I’ve ever done. from it. I came from a lower middle class family. parents worked hard. Had a great upbringing worked hard. And we you know, we just we live like everybody else did 50 years ago. Nobody really had anything we just had it. You know, we all loved life as it was because we it wasn’t like it is as commercialization bs today. But I never if I look back at my life, I’m like, that blows my mind the things that I accomplished. The reason I did, I was more afraid of being nothing than being hurt or being embarrassed.

And I look back at him like how did that happen? Right? And I know a lot of people think the same thing. Oh, I couldn’t do this or that. Trust me everything that I this right here. This is crazy. Right here is absolutely crazy to me. What you guys have created this movement and that you’re looking at Scott McKay’s Believe me is here, right figure. I know, it’s all fun to talk about it. It is not what you think it is, believe me. It just happens to be that I kicked the hornet’s nest of patriots and wanted somebody to kick it and then start, you know, doing whatever, to piss off all these Hornets. And that’s all it is. It’s not just it’s not me. It is Look, I could be this message. I could be saying this to nobody. But it’s up

People said, hell yeah. And you start pumping this stuff all over the world, who would have known fight have never done this live stream? Who would have known? What power can come from you taking a step into something like that. The more you do that, and you start thinking about it, envision it, that’s five D thinking like, we’re going to do this. I’m going to join that guy. I’m going to, I’m going to talk to somebody for the first time about what’s happening here and say, Well, here’s where I stand, you know, and they get upset, or if they don’t, or whatever, well, they want to make fun of your point of view, like you can say what you want. But let’s look at the facts. And now get a list of 10 facts. How is it that nobody else before Trump, Republicans, Democrats alike, could get a Middle East peace deal ever, ever? He’s got how many countries now that are now connected 1000s of years, but now they’re connected? Who’d have done that? Who would have brought our manufacturing back? Who would have got our stock market when it was around 20,000? Or maybe headed toward 25? When he came in, they said they guaranteed it was going to implode? It went over 30,000? How did that happen? How did the unemployment rate for black America to drop to the lowest in history for Hispanics? lowest? And go through these? How did that happen? How do you explain that when nobody else can do it? This guy did, how to explain it. have those conversations with people and just start talking to him, you don’t need a channel.

You just need to get up every day and say, You know what? I’m going to be not just talking the game, I’m going to be thinking it. We can do this together, you got a you got an army of hundreds of 1000s of patriot street fighters that are on your team. We can do this. This is the you hear me talking about this is the world we’re going to build.

That’s not bullshit to me. 100%, that’s what I’m going to do once we clean this swamp completely out. That’s my mission is to keep pumping into people’s heads. We can do whatever we want. Because now we got all the technology working for us. We got the people believing that they have God given gifts and talents instead of society saying no, you can’t do it. Don’t do that. Keep your hands off. No, you’d never be able to do that. Why you can’t accomplish something. No, no, no, you’ll never if it could be done. You can’t do it. That’s the matrix we live in.

Turn it around. You can do that. That’s a great idea. How can I help? Hey, let’s do it. Hell yeah, man. Let’s get rid of roads. Because we have anti gravity technology. We don’t need rows, we have anti gravity. Right now, the Navy is now leaking it out. Because they know they’re asked in trouble that the off planet program is not you know,

and we’re going to be found out, they’re going to kick our asses when they find out. We’ve always had this, we could have been buzzing all over the place visiting people all over the world. But these scumbags kept it from us. Now you see what’s available to us, because we’re going to declassify this stuff, then you’re thinking, this is a world that I want to build. This is what we’re going to be able to do unimaginable stuff.

If you’re thinking about that stuff, I get excited thinking about it, you can see into my eyes, that is getting to a fifth dimensional frequency. And you’re thinking, what does it do? It permeates the planet, you got to realize we are in an energy field. That’s why when you walk into a room with a negative person that you just never met him, but something’s not right. You get an on your stomach. That’s the quantum realm. And that low, dark energy that comes off of that person and makes you feel like you’re retracting. That’s what I’m talking about. Or when you get around somebody that has this person that like my mom. My mom was the life of every party. Anybody that ever came up to a barbecue, she never met my mom like, Oh, so what’s your name? How cute are you? And she would my sisters are the same way. Your walk up? It’s like, What is your name? Where are you from? They just come right at you. And they’re pulling, you know, by the time that barbecue is over. They’re like, wow, I got like four new sisters. That’s what my mother was like. That energy is everywhere. She was the life of the party. So much, so much so that when we were at her viewing, and I know I’m getting off the beaten path, I’m just driving an important point at her viewing. She worked in the bank for like 15 years, these young guys that came to her viewing. There was a line for hours long in a small town with a couple 1000 people in it. We had a neighboring town, it was like 25,000.

And you know, these young kids said in early 20s when we would go to the bank to get our paychecks cashed. When it was our turn up if we couldn’t get into your mom’s slot to her counter, that they would let people go ahead because they wanted to make sure they got to her because when she’d come up, they’d walk up to her anyway. So Johnny has a cute little girl that you’re dating and you know, right into their life nosy as hell. My mother is

Her nose was in everybody’s life. That’s the way she was. But, but that kind of energy was contagious. Everybody like that? Love me. That’s what I’m talking about. When you’re around somebody like that, that energy just it’s everywhere. That’s what I mean. That’s why you have to be thinking this way thinking that this is what we’re going to do to help the military make up their make the decision, say, you know what, we got enough people that are pissed off at what they’re doing to this country. Now. Let’s go. Because once we step in that direction,

we’re going to have the army of the citizen saying Go get them go get them. That’s the key. I did hear Mike talking about that a little bit today. And I only listened to for about five or 10 minutes, but I’m like, he’s on the same page. I am. It’s up to us. Let’s do our job. Let’s get the military saying, you know what, it’s time Let’s go. These people are, they’re so pissed off, they’re gonna be begging for us to get off our asses and get out there and take them down. Okay, so that’s what we need to do. Anyway. So this is for all the marbles. Folks, this is for all the marbles, this gets done.

There’s no going back, we’re going into a bright future, we just got to get the army loaded with the right energy and the commitment that whatever’s going to go on, I’m not going to be part of the problem, I’m going to be part of the solution, I’m going to be part of the solution. That’s what you have to say to yourself. So I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to sign off for this broadcast. You know, I’m working on a live stream platform now. So we get back into lives. I’m just recording for right now. Because it’s I want to get this out to get it to you quickly. But we are working on that it’s already in motion. And they’re not going to keep us from seeing each other at least you get a chance to see me live. It’s always a little different when it’s live, and I miss miss B and I’ve looked at boxing though you guys are there. So we will be back at it again. Tomorrow night. I’ll have the video if it’s if I don’t have live streaming capability, which I think we will. And I’m going to again, whatever platform that we’re going to narrow it down to the links are going to go out on Twitter, the links are going to go out on cloud hub, Facebook, and into Skype for the rev radio folks. And what’s the other one?

No, they kicked me off Instagram, I don’t even go in there. I don’t even go into Instagram, they kicked me off of there. I didn’t even I hadn’t posted there for two months. I don’t even open it up. So. So I always go to Facebook, I always go to Twitter, I always go to I go I go to telegram, the Patriots Street Fighter broadcast channel with telegram. So that stuff will go there. And if it has to be a recorded video, same thing, it’ll be up in time for the six o’clock boom where you can roll on it at six o’clock. So that’s it for me.

We’ll be back at you within well, rev rev radio, and then we’ll be on tomorrow for hopefully a live stream if not this update overnight, folks.

We did not engage in conflict that was out of line with our mission. Oil is insufficient and it

never I will never send troops anywhere on a mission of that kind without telling them that if somebody shoots at them, they can darn well shoot back. And no, no, of course of this. would ask for me. Give me

Give me a dark cloud is finally lifting across the world as the US military intelligence and their global partners are destroying the deep state criminal power structure that has ruled over our planet for hundreds. We are free with forgotten human rights and we shall not kill them right 20 power on earth. Hi, I’m Scott McKay. The world is at that. And I am your host on the tipping point on revolution radio where every Monday from 8am to 10pm. Eastern, we bring you the latest in this ensuing takedown of this global criminal empire. That’s an image of strength. You’ll get the raw hard truth here on the tipping point to come join us Mondays eight to 10pm Eastern in studio fees at revolution dot radio.

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