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1.26.21 Scott McKay: Censoring Machine Overdrive…

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1.26.21 Scott McKay: Censoring Machine Overdrive…

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and Institute new government. Laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which very custom,

a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably, the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism. It is the right, it is the duty to show off such government and to provide new guards for live future security.

The world has woken up and this is the tipping point. Well, well, well, patriots street fighters, here we are. Here we are. I,

I’m sure the most of you’re pleasantly surprised that we, we were able to find a way to return to the battlefield. And if this is your first time here, my name is Scott McKay. And it is the 26th of January 2021. And this is where we meet every night to discuss the epic battle that continues, the deep state takedown operation conducted by the Alliance powers, the NSA military, certainly our quote unquote ex president, which is something that continues to emerge, which I think is absolutely fascinating and continues. I expected things to be different at this point right now, but

maybe conclusions already completed. But this is promising to be an unbelievable ending. But I want to say something I get a lot of happy birthdays in here. And I wonder where that comes from? Because I mean, somebody said, happy birthday, old man. 56, moldering, you think today is not my birthday, it was probably two months ago. So we hit that mark already. You’re late to the party. But I’m not sure where that comes from. I know I had in the past for marketing reasons. I had four different Facebook accounts 10 years ago, because we were marketing to different parts of the world. And you know, you had to do those things. So you could get a secondary account. Oh, by the way, the generals here, just to let you all know, I get him on the phone before we even roll with the intro music and he’s here he is. He’s here. He was here on the recording last night that all of you folks Miss. He shows up for everything. It’s not going to miss anything. So see, we got 50 5600 on here tonight. Certainly a lot of people don’t know we were going again because they heard we’re getting decapitated. But like I said, Yeah, hold the forking line. That’s right. Hold the forking line. Gina Barfield says hello general there’s more people saying hello general so pops up is another one. Hello pop. So forking scumbags that’s not you but got a lot Hello, pops there dad.

Anyways, so if you’re new, I’m the host of the tipping point revolution radio. And this basically was the tipping point live stream. But now we call patriot street fighters live stream because they killed the tipping point show and and they killed The Untold History Channel and they killed patriot Street Fighter and they killed patriot Street Fighter two. And you know where we are here. This is where we are tonight. So guess what? Take the battlefield. We’ll come back we will find a way and here we are returning fire. Yes, we will have other platforms.

D live I’ve looked at that already have an account there. There. There’s stream yard I got friends of mine that have their own platform. So we’re going to have that capability up and running quickly. I just wanted to keep everything else kind of moving and get these videos uploaded. So what likely you will see tonight, those who aren’t here may not see this because I’m thinking about pulling it down right afterwards. If I pull it down after it fully loads there, and then I can upload it to rumble and that way we keep this live stream ability

Going, they can’t come in and say, hey, there’s bad content. We take it down before they do we take away their excuse. Susan Wojcicki CEO,

taking this thing down, because you have no reason to we already did. And then we’ll put it up on rumble. Put it up on brighty on, you can still grab the content. So we’re figuring out strategies. Like I have to tell you, these people know what we do. They, they’re, they’re into everything. I get that. So we’re on PSF, three

interesting information for you today, by the way, you see back here.

This is made out of I think solid oak that’s made out of solid oak. That’s my friend,

Tony, Bonnie is from up in Wyoming. And Montana. Sorry, brother can’t remember. But that thing is made out of solid, I think pine or oak, I forget which but he makes these by hand. You know, and if people talk about my comeback story coming out of that grave, and you know, being rebuilt like they did. Here’s a guy that understands what that’s like to a great degree. In a motorcycle crash. He lost both of his arms, and they were reattached. And of course they don’t work like they once did. But this is what he does. And it’s this if you actually touch this, it’s all glossed over. It’s he does amazing work, these things are going to be available by the way, we’re using them to raise money for different things like satanic, satanic ritual abuse victims, those are part of our plan. So we will make these available on our platform somewhere. So if you guys like to have one there’s, they make him for the thin blue line to honor the police. And a number of other things. He’s He’s an artist, he does some amazing stuff. I’ve got one over on my wall. But anyways, it’s really cool. So the reason I brought that up, because and you’re gonna like this story. I mean, let look folks, these scumbags will do anything. Anything to stop me to stop this message.

Fact I forget who sent this to me. I think it might have been.

God, I can’t remember. I wish I could have pulled that up. I sent this out today. My text a lot of you got it by text, because we’re going to be here. He said, Man, he goes through. That’s awesome. You’re the William Wallace of our time. laughing.

I don’t, I don’t think we’re quite there. But it’s, it was an interesting, interesting point of view, because we just refused to go away. So here’s what happens. One of these scumbags decided that they thought they might have a way to get me off the playing field. So I get a knock at the door this morning.

Typically, when somebody knocks on my door, I can tell if it’s management, which is rarely ever if they want something or they’re going to do some work. Or it might be a package when it’s a package. It’s real quick. And their packages are there. So you go get them. Well, I get this knock on the door. And it was an odd knock and my first thought,

wonder if that’s FBI.

So I go to the door and this big box with two of these. These are in there. And and and there’s another box out there. So as soon as they open up the door, here are two plainclothes gentlemen.

FBI, they’re actually Dallas PD that are sworn in as FBI agents to do that kind of work. So guess what, I get a visit from Dallas finest that are contracted with FBI to conduct different various functions. And so needless to say, I was quite surprised. I thought, huh, what took you guys so long? So, you know, we have a lot of great people in the FBI. Unfortunately, the corrupt part of the FBI, the criminal organization and the FBI, they do exist, you know, that these guys weren’t that there’s a whole lot of great FBI people, the real hard workers that believe in America believe in their function believe in their job here in Dallas at the Dallas department. But somebody reported me because I apparently made a threat to Tom Cotton. And they asked me about that, after they, you know, help me get my packages in the door. They said, you know, we’re delivering packages and I just kind of I thought found it strange. And they said actually, they had their they had their masks on or at least on their chin. And I said and I thought they were delivery guys, they’re pretty big guys, too, you know, and and you can tell they’ve been around. So I said that said to the guys, I said that. They still make you wear those masks. And the guy one was pulling them up. The one who was closest to the door was pulling his up over his face. He goes, would you prefer that I wear it. I said no, no, no. I don’t allow anybody in my my my home if they’re wearing a mask. And he said okay said Well, we’re we’re here FB he said FBI on how exactly he said it. We’re FBI. We were Dallas PD, but we are what do they call it deputized by the FBI, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, wow, this is an interesting situation. Needless to say, they said, Yeah, we’re here for

reason he’s opening up the file and it wasn’t assertive in any way, shape or form. And it looked like just kind of crossing something off the list. So he says, He says, Yeah, I said, we you know, we’re just checking out. We got a report. And I thought, Sure you do. You’re so hot about me by now. He said, You know, it’s about you making potential threats to Senator Tom, Tom Cotton, Arkansas, and I couldn’t register at first I said, couldn’t have been me. He said, Well, you do. You do something like on online videos, or he might have mentioned YouTube? I said, Yeah, I said, Actually, I do a lot of those. In fact, you can go see everything I say it’s all recorded. And I said, Actually, you can’t because now they’re taking them all down. So but he explained that I said, Well, he said, we got a report. And he said, that asked me a couple of questions, and I can’t remember exactly. But he said, he had a file. He had a photograph. I don’t know who the photograph was. And he just said that, you know, we got a report that you were making threats to Senator Tom Cotton, and somebody felt that you were a threat. So they, that’s why they reported you. And of course, you know, we have these on file. And he said, quite honestly, he said, or he said, so do you do make videos? I said, Yeah, I said I do. I said, I said I did up until yesterday, I said, but YouTube took them all down. He said, Why? I said, because I’m an American patriot. And I have a message that a lot of people that run these criminal companies don’t want anybody to hear. So they just take them down. And I said, but yeah, I said, How bright would somebody reporting me be to say, Yeah, he’s saying this on open YouTube worldwide broadcast, that I’m threatening Senator Tom Cotton. I said, if I threatened him, I said, Oh, yes, you’re going down, which means if you’re doing the things we’re hearing, then you’re simply going to be primaried. And you’re going to be out, he asked me a question. I said, Look, I, I worked in the political realm for a number of years. And when I realized everybody’s corrupt, I just walked away. I said, Now I just put the spotlight on him. That’s what my whole program is about. Really cool, guys. They were cool guys. They said, you know what Scotty said, you know, nine out of 10. He said, nine out of 10 of these things are just, you know, they’re there. They’re just, you know, they’re nothing. He said, but you know, we were just kind of like, is there you know, what else is on the list, we need to cross off. And that’s why they showed up to me today. So yeah. Now we know there’s an FBI file on Scott McKay. And I guess we expected that that’s how they play. But these were good guys. And I was actually opening up the box with these flags. And I said, I don’t know how I brought it up. But I said, I

can’t remember. But I said I asked him a question. And, and I grabbed the boxes. Here, see these kinds of things. I tore him open right in front of them. And this they were standing outside of my door the whole time. And I pulled them out, check them out and said yeah, I’ve seen one of those. Actually, I’ve got one one guy said the other ones said that he seen the one that’s for the police officers of blue and white one, but pretty cool, guys, away they go. And what’s interesting is, is they’re looking right through the door. Right? There’s a fully dressed out AR all the optics everything laying right here out on my couch, right and I’ve got comms and and

body armor. I got the whole show just laying right there. And then you see that right through my door. There it is. So whoever reported me new forking scumbag? It obviously didn’t work at all right? And if there was a real issue here, they saw the kind of, you know, small arms I have here. They’re just like, he’s a Texas patriot defending the Constitution. We like him anyways. So yep, they will try anything and everything just the way it is. So all right, let me just take a quick look at anything coming in.

A couple things.

I was listening to a video today and I’m sure a lot of you’ve seen it. I don’t know who this person was. It was obviously an interrogation video. Whether it’s behind glass, or it was a distorted video, talking about rod Rosenstein talking about Ms. 13 talking about Seth Rich’s murder, right. And this guy is connected in the government. I mean, he can’t tell who it is. Some people close my pants. I’m like, I don’t it sounds a little bit like pants, but I doubt his pants. But as you’re listening to this, here’s and the reason I’m gonna tell you this particular point, this story, make this point is that all the people that thought everything ended on inauguration day went crazy, and I’m impatient, all this kind of stuff. If you watch last night’s video that I put up and rumble and put across social media, you’ll you’ll see how I handle that what I said about that. But

what I was listening to x 22 report for a minute today and I thought he’s kind of seeing this thing the same way I am. Their timing is their timing. And now that I started thinking about this today, and I listened to this video, there’s a lot of this stuff coming out. It’s going to be Declasse and the entire time is I’m listening to some thinking, the most important critical element in in what is going to be dismantled here what’s going to be taken down

to certify the legitimacy in the minds of the American people and

In the world, Donald Trump can be anywhere near this. And obviously we know right now he’s nowhere near this. So, and people are sending me things about the the Office of the former president in Florida for Trump, you know, they’re going to handle his affairs, and continue to push the America first the agenda and his administration’s policies, which are things that I guess you don’t normally articulate it that way. Kinda like Obama did, like set up shop in DC at this big, multi million dollar mansion, set up communications operations, where they’re going to run opposition administration, the shadow government against Trump, which we all know by now, and they’ve got it, believe me, they’ve got all this stuff. So but this is projected openly, and it’s kind of letting people know that he’s not going away. Number one, and possibly he didn’t go away. It’s kind of letting all those people out there, they’re getting all ramped up, I can’t believe he screwed us over blah, blah, blah, can you know where I stand on that? I don’t, I don’t really entertain that much. Because I think people need to start using their own thinking in their mind and start doing their own research and looking at everything for what it is now. So as I’m listening this video, and I’m thinking, this thing came out after Trump’s gone, there’s a number of things that have come out since Trump’s been quote unquote, out of power.

And you look at true Great Awakening, you see this, it this this D class coming and coming. And this is just beginning. These are drips, I believe, and I believe it’s going to be a steady stream, and then it’s going to be a flood. And so when I’m listening to this, I’m thinking, the further distance that Trump has, from all this, how can you blame this guy for going into take all these people down using the military to do it? What better way and this is, again, according to the intelligence, he has to be insulated, there’ll be no public announcements from him, for reasons that most people would understand the optics of all of it, right? So if he’s, quote, unquote, out of power, and this stuff in the next month or two months, or three months, or five months, whatever it is, I don’t care what it is, I want them to do it, right, they get one shot, there will never be a shotgun ever, never be a shot to bring this entire cabal down. And that means getting every last one getting. So nobody can escape. Nobody can trigger some Samson options. Somebody can do something. They’re going to make sure that they can get every one of them. And I thought, what better way to take this to the point they are. And I’m just trying to rationalize in my head, what’s their plan? What’s their battle plan, we heard that they were planning on a potential

arrest event on that day, but there was a there was a potential false flag or they realize they didn’t have the population to the point. enough people fully awake. Because this operation conducted and its finality without the Great Awakening without everybody finally waking up to the truth. We lost what we lose if people don’t wake up. And I said this yesterday.

How many Trump supporters are still wearing masks, and everybody says we’re awake. Now. This is bullshit. We need to do this now. Really, really? What do you see out there in public every day? What I see is wherever I go, I’m the only person in any establishment I go into not wearing a mask. So anybody that wants to come up this argument that we’re awake, go ahead and do it. We are nowhere near awake. We’re no we’re nowhere near awake just on that one fact right there. Just on that one fact. Speaking of let me come back to that in a second.

I just had this come in from and I found this interesting. It’s my friend from my friend Bill Ogden, up in PA. His daughter was in in in Pittsburgh hospital might have been wrong, McDonald, but we lost her unbelievably beautiful young girl number of years ago from cancer. So he said, Look, they spent five years there, they live there. He went back and forth all the time, a couple hour drive to get there. And these people have the worst immune systems there are they’re compromised big time. They never wore masks never never wore masks and not hospital. Come to and fro never. But all of a sudden we’re in such a dangerous situation with healthy immune systems. There’s something to wipe us out. Anyways, the same BS. So here’s what he said yesterday, I invested time and gathering info on this. I’m going to give some code words here for CV. Okay, you know what that is, and the stuff that they’re trying to shoot in you. We’ll just call it the big v. Try to keep this from being taken down before the livestream is over. He says in gathering info on his CV shot that’s being promoted. I called three pharmacies, my PCP and the hospital. None of them had or could provide the vi s which is the big v information sheet

that should accompany the injection every time I get

A new prescription medication, I am provided with an information sheet. Why is there none for this one? I did learn that the injection is not a V. It is an experimental biological agent. I did learn that there has been no animal trials. I guess the recipients will fill that role. I did learn that

CV is 78% identical to SARS one that virus and there that there is no big V for SARS one. Interesting, I did learn that the US Surgeon General says they don’t know if the shot will stop the transmission of CV. Interesting. Why exactly are people being stampeded in the direction of an injection with unknown effect?

Oh, the pharmaceutical companies have been exempted from any liability should something go awry.


anyways, the mask this stuff.

You’re telling me people are awake. So at this point, I truly beg to differ folks. And and I and I hit this really hard yesterday in the recorded update.

It’s up to us now. It’s up to every one of us to be grabbing any of this information. We see every one of us now, if we want this, this operation to speed up if we want to get this to the point to where they say, Well, again, the approval ratings have to plummet. And that’s going to happen because they’re letting these people do these things, reverse these orders to show people See, I told you, you put these democrats in power, you put Biden in power, you leave the criminals in there in Washington, in the Senate in the house. You know, even Rand Paul, I saw was given a stand up speech on the floor that basically moving forward, we need to address these issues address these issues, you should have been fighting the criminals. So I’m crossing so many people off my list that I believe in so many of them. It’s all window dressing. How do I know he wasn’t the one recruited to always attack the establishment, when that was controlled opposition. This is what I’m saying this guy that I believed in I like I don’t trust any of these people. I don’t trust any of these people, because they’re in mafia stayed in power because they have been able to not only handle the opposition, they become it, they recruit their people to have an opposing viewpoint, because there’s always going to be one and they want one that they can direct and maneuver to accomplish what they need. And that’s to help them stay in power. We have a credible voice like Rand Paul, Senator Rand Paul, who should be launching a war on what went on in this election. But it’s we should move moving forward, we should address these issues.

That’s why I call bullshit on the whole the whole place the whole city, the whole thing. So anyways,

now let’s get back to the operation. Now that these people have power,

what do you think they’re doing right now?

They are busy covering their asses in their tracks from everything that they have done during Trump’s presidency to bring him down, trying to cover it up. What do they say the cover up always gets you think how much more ammo, much more ammo that they’re gathering for all these people. In addition to that, if all this Declasse keeps coming out, coming out coming out which it is, and our guys nowhere to be found, he’s not in Florida, wherever he’s not not in a White House.

What can they say? Can they say that he had a conspiracy going on? He’s completely bulletproof, in what’s happening with these people. Now, like I said before, the military is not going to let anybody get far enough to do any real damage to the country to for us to be weakened enough to take it over. If they would have taken that action on that day, we’d have shooting in the streets, we’d have war in the streets because the left and the democrats who still believe you want the democrats to still believe it buy into that bullshit.

Once that momentum and they got the machine Don’t forget, they’ve got the machine. They’ve got the mainstream media 95%, of which all outlets are owned by six multinational corporations controlled by this the Cabal, all of them, they have the powerful weapon, because people will still sit staring at that idiot box today, staring at that idiot box, sucked in by the tractor beam filling their head up with this Bs and they still believe it. That’s the weapon a half. So that’s why I say we’re not ready. We’re ready. I’m ready. Right? I’ve been there. You’re while you’re awake. Our friends are awake, we’re ready. But until we get job lunch bucket right on up to the top and to see and understand the truth. I don’t I don’t want them to make a move. Because the last thing we need is the other side, too.

They don’t even have the numbers, quite honestly, they don’t have the numbers. But for the other side to look to really believe in launching this thing that they want, they want this thing stop, these people are conspiring, these are again, they’re the traders, we get one chance to do this folks, one, one, there is never going to be another chance. So I’m okay with these guys knowing exactly what they’re doing. And I read this the other night, I might have said it, I might have said this the other day, I might not have said it here, actually, to you. But I did say it on the recording last night. And this is a friend of mine, who has sent me some information. And he said, when we were talking again about his source, he was very, very high up in, in world events. And, and I checked in with him again, to see any more Intel coming out from that source. And he says, same and as I said, this is a guy who is involved in world changing events in the last decade, the source, not my source, his so this second hand to me. He says same source still telling me it’s all a done deal. No wavering, I submitted a request for more evidence and documents, waiting to hear back. But I learned a few more details about the people at the top, super high IQ individuals way beyond normal game theory. Think more along the class of the guys who built the first atomic bomb geniuses who transcended their era. So it’s not just a bunch of generals, in other words, and I said, Wow, that’s exciting stuff that explains why I can feel it in my bones from day one. Few generals, I have to say, can operate at that level. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in, they wouldn’t be generals in a structured thinking environment, which they are doesn’t mean there’s not very bright ones. But they’re trained to think in a structured, very structured environment. So his response was, this is so far out of the box, that military doctrine doesn’t even touch it. And I said, I can only imagine that because you’re bringing in the entire financial system, economic system, and about every other pillar of influence on the planet, to this equation to bring it all down. His response was,

but again, there’s always that 10% chance on being fed a line of bull so always keep that possibility in mind. This is what you call real discernment of information, because they put that to you to let you know, we have no documented proof. But when you gather intelligence or information long enough, you can sniff people out what’s Bs, what’s not. But I like a guy that says I still got to tell you be discerning because we never know.

He said, it’s just that I’m good at spotting red flags when I haven’t seen any of these conversations. He said, none at all. My contact is actually reserved, very reserved, low key reluctant, in fact, almost apologetic. And he said like you I also think this was being planned for 40 plus years. So it’s gonna take time to fully deploy. So that being said,


one of the things that I learned was from that conversation, that that came after that information was this.

Were the ones that have to wake up. We have to wake up the population, they’re going to be pouring stuff out, I listened to this rod Rosen, this person who was being interrogated.

And he was talking about rod Rosenstein, who was a deputy attorney general under sessions and became basically acting ag when session stepped aside, recused himself for the

Russia, Russia collusion, Bs. So Rosenstein is crooked. We know that there was a plan for Mike Pence to help work with the criminals like Paul Ryan, these are emails that are in the in the WikiLeaks email dump from a couple years ago, to invoke the 25th amendment to bring Trump down, get Trump into power. And rod Rosenstein would be he would be a point I guess he would be appointed to the vice presidential position there it would have that actually has to be approved by the Senate there would be However, they do that. If only we had we’ve had that since Spiro Agnew back in the 70s. But

so Rosenstein is a criminal. I mean, he’s, uh, you know, he was at the Baltimore office at US Attorney’s Office in Baltimore, Maryland. And here’s what here’s what this person was going through how this thing went was Seth Rich, Seth Rich, stole information from the DNC. He was pissed because the clinton machine the Cabal machine was stealing the primary from Bernie and, and this is in 2016 election. And he had a thumb drive that he brought out they said that it came from Russia was always allies always bullshit. Even bill Binney, who built this surveillance platform in the late 90s at NSA and then left

In opposition, because what they were going to do to use it, he said, there’s no way that information could have come from Russia, because the download speeds just aren’t even doable. It’s not even possible. They monitor all the information said, there’s no way this came from the inside. It was Seth Rich. So how do they get this information? He carried this around on him in his pocket all the time. Right, he’s talking about rod Rosenstein goes down south gets some ms 13 teams to come up because Ms. 13 was their was their execution squad for the DNC for the Democratic Party to carry out all their wet works. So these guys are supposed to beat the hell out of them are like really bad. And he was going to be in the hospital. They ended up shooting him, right? They shot him twice. He wasn’t dead. Now, here’s what’s interesting in his story. He goes, they take him to the hospital, he was alive, he was alive. And what I learned was they finished him off, he was going to be out he was going to survive. But they finished him off there. no proof, no evidence. It’s just what I had heard a while back and some information that I read testimony like this. It’s coming out now. But here’s what’s even more interesting.

You’ll never guess who was at the hospital waiting for him to arrive before he even got there an ambulance.

The testimony said it was Donna Brazil, and mir myrio. browser, the mayor of Washington DC. Imagine that. Imagine that. If that isn’t set up all over the place. There’s smoke everywhere right there. This is a stuff that were this just I listened to this today. Now again,

the Alliance has all this NSA is got it all. But this is what it’s going to take this stuff coming out. And I knew the things about Seth Rich, but I didn’t know these two clowns, these two criminals were there waiting in the hospital for Seth Rich, because they were going to get that thumb drive. They also had a team on the scene who was either across the street, because once they beat the hell out of him, If Ms. 13 didn’t get that thumb drive, then they were going to have their people as everybody’s around them, you know, check trying to slip in his pockets to get that thumb drive. This is how these criminals are. Now we see this stuff coming out now post Inauguration Day, what do you think is happening here? They’re just there. This dragnet is is is so fine. It’s not gonna let anybody through it. Because they have to get them all. So that’s how I see this thing playing out. One last thing I want to cover here really quickly it is again, Scott McKay’s reading our, but this article was sent over to me creve out in Vegas, he sent it over. So thanks for sending that

in this is a Marshall report, says Trump’s never going back to the White House. And here’s why. I’ll read these things because I know some people are driving, they’re not watching me, which is probably a better thing to do. But if you’re driving, you’re probably not going to read this report. So you can hear me tell you what it says.

So it says here.

Let me jump forward to what’s relevant.

DC is fenced off the President’s never going back to the White House not for any reasons you may be thinking, fear not, there will be a new capital built and an end to income taxes paid to the tax collectors of the corporation that is now in the hands of a new administration. They went to all the trouble to steal a corporation whose assets are in the process of being seized. Because for the executive order and the dissolution of it,

most did not see this coming.

Most did not see this coming for they did not even know their nation as a corporation. But it is indeed now no more or the state subject to it. Please read on to understand the nature of battle we’re in meet the thieves in the light of day so proudly they claim what is not theirs to take or is it 1871 a seditious act was performed by the government you’ve heard me talk about it. a coup was made to rewrite the constitution and put we the people in capital letters in all capitals. It doesn’t come that way in our in our Constitution under a new corporate contract referring the United States of America into a corporation of the United States of America which transfer the power to have we the people in small case, except the first letter and the Constitution over to the new Corporation when they did that place the citizens in the United States his property the corporation, which was centered in Washington DC. This action made washington dc a foreign entity on American soil of sovereign states. It established in through a loan from the Vatican when DC was transferred into a city state. And this corporate entity then rolled over the people. Citizens rights were taken from them and process no one realized it. When they did broker the deal to get the loan from the Vatican. So they did so via the Bank of London. At that time they transferred all property in DC or or in DC Columbia over to the corporate entity of DC a foreign corporation there’s a backstory to it. The forming of this corporation in DC is of major importance to understand for

President Trump signed an executive order in 2018. On election interference slash fraud. For entities, both foreign and domestic. It outlined how assets would be seized the President and the people knew and had the proof that a coup after a coup transpired out of the corporation of the United States of America along with other foreign nations and was ignored by the Corporation in DC. They continued with their illegal steal. And the military is now in the process of seizing the assets of this foreign country. Known as the corporation of the United States of America. It appears that President Trump’s executive order was actually directed at the Washington DC corporate swamp slash cabal all along. DC is now walled in and filled with military guard. President Donald J. Trump has moved out permanently for he cannot be president over a sovereign nation in a foreign land, which is what DC is, which is what the White House and capital are. President Trump was voted in by we the people, not the corporation. After Donald J. Trump exits the White House DC will be locked down because it will not be possible for a foreign ruler to roll over sovereign territory. Therefore, the foreign ruler must be locked out. In this case, that would be his new administration. Amid personal turmoil, liable lawyer, Lynwood goes on the attack for Trump. Now you see what is meant by Lynn Woods shouts that we are in the second revolution. We are literally watching the reclaiming of the United States of America. This is what we the people, this what this means for we the people is many things. One of them is no more IRS. watch and see how this plays out. It’s a genius move God’s in charge, and is now leading his electorate to restore the great nation called by his name, the City of London that and I’ve talked about this, that is the square mile within Greater London, it is not technically part of Greater London or England just as a Vatican City is not part of Rome or Italy. Likewise, DC is not part of the United States that it controls these three entities have one goal, and that is to do away with the old world order of sovereign nations and usher in a new global world order under one government role. Under the Iron Fist of the Cabal, these sovereign corporate entities have their own laws and their own identities. They also have their own flag. See below is the flag of DC note the three stars you can’t see it. But the These represent the trinity of these three city states known as Empire of the city. And there’s some esoteric significance to that, too. So let me see if there’s anything else relevant here.

Yeah, the government of the United States, Canada and Britain are all subsidiaries of the crown, as is the Federal Reserve in the US the ruling monarch in England is also subordinate to the crown. The global financial and legal system is controlled from the City of London by the crown. This square mile making up a center of Greater London is the global seat of power, at least at a visible level. DC was established as a city state in 1871. With the act is called the Columbia Organic Act of 1871. Actually, which officially officially established the United States as a corporation. We already been through this. Corporations are run by presidents, which is why we call the person perceived the whole the highest seat of power in the land the president.

The fact is the President is nothing more than a figurehead for central bankers and transnational corporations, both of which themselves are

controlled. Yeah, by high ecclesiastic, Freemasonry that really controls the country and ultimately, the shots

that he can flag that’s different. So when you look at this, we have a foreign entity, according the corporation, called DC, a foreign entity on US soil of sovereign states, you never knew that none of us never knew that, of course, they write history, the winners write the history books, none of us ever learned any of this stuff. None of us until now, it wasn’t until the back channel military intelligence operation that you know, have started to show us everything. And that’s what created this worldwide revolution of information dissemination that has changed the entire dynamic and landscape globally in countries around the world. Have a friend of mine, a friend of mine, Suzanne Rudman over in Switzerland, I spoke to her today by email I’m going to bring her on for a show interview we’ve we’ve talked before, and real bright girl pretty lady, very, very. It she’s intelligent, but she has an astute awareness of what’s going on with the Cabal because she comes from their air defense industry. And she pointed out to me who the criminals are at the highest point of power with the Cabal that’s hidden and nobody knows much about the Wallenberg family and Switzerland.

The Ericsson family that the Ericsson telecommunications, but the stuff she dug up that she was telling me five, six weeks ago, I’m like, I’ve never even heard of this stuff. I’ve never even heard of these people. Anyways, how would we have ever known any of this had this revolution of information dissemination? Never started? How would that happen? We never would have known anything. But now of course, you know, DC, was established through this Vatican loan transferred into a city state of this corporate entity. It’s now under siege, as you can see, with your own eyes, what’s going on, for interfering with these elections? Have we the people, the real We, the people of the United States, along with the Vatican and other foreign nations who interfered such as Germany, Italy, China, they’re now the enemy of the state and their assets shall be seized. Our military has already been taken down the giant, as we have witnessed while all eyes are set on voter fraud, while everybody’s eyes were set on voter fraud, they were doing something else. When I saw this, I’m like, of course, how could we not even think

it’s a misdirection a diversion, it’s like, same diversion as if you can, if you can follow this same diversionary tactic, because through the course of the four years, Trump is in power. The two years were critical first to why, because the Republicans control the House of Representatives, and they had the power to do all of the investigations. We had the Senate to but by one vote, we had senator no name from Arizona, who’s now in a box in the ground as a trader, handled by the military. No Name from Arizona military does not say his name. But he was batting for the Cabal. We knew we didn’t have a real majority. We had a 5150. We had an independent in there, and we had the trader, so there was not a real majority in there, that that guy could kill everything. So the investigations were going on in the house from all this stuff right now 2018 elections coming up. And I said I talked about this numerous times last year in a radio show.

When I saw that there were like 17 republicans retiring. You do not retire ever from the swamp. When you control the White House, the House, the Senate, and Republicans have all the cushy committee chairmanships, all the committee’s Chairman ships,

you know, subcommittees, all this stuff that makes them feel important. And you’ve got full power, nobody retires, they retire and go home to spend more time with their family. When they get their asses kicked. And the other party’s taken over because now they got the backbench in their shit on from their out for from there on out. And they can’t take it, their egos are too big. unless some of them stay in there because they’re working with it. That majority now because they’re all criminals.

So here’s what’s going on during the election. 23 then the number climbed to 23. And I said there’s something going on here. These republicans are not retiring at this point right now.

Because they want to go they’re being drawn to something back home. They’re getting the hell out of dodge. It hit 45. I knew it right then. And there. Something is before I knew about the intelligence, something’s going on here. These people are getting the hell out of dodge. I was like, I didn’t know we’d find out. But I didn’t know be like this. Here’s why. I said just before military intelligence walked up.

See that? That’s right, we have it all. We have everything. Get out. If you come back here, if you run for reelection, your ass is going down like the rest of it. And by the way, you work for us. Now, when we tell you to jump, you say how high you’re now working for the for the winning side, guess what they cut deals to save their asses. And then when we tell you to say this, you say this Otherwise, your family legacies destroyed, the whole world’s gonna get to see this horrible evidence and we want to imprison you, you’re gonna have to deal with people and ask him ask Gadhafi, how that worked out for him. So

now here’s the point of all that, when that was happening, I didn’t know what was really happening. But I said they’re going to give the house to Pelosi, they’re going to give the house of Democrats.

So what went on there? What went on was, that was the sacrificial lamb. They threw that rancid maggot infested bone over there in the dirt called the House of Representatives. And Nancy Pelosi turned her attention and all the other dogs went after that bone, like a bunch of rabbit hyenas. And they worked their asses off to get that house because they thought if we get the house, we’re safe. We’ll stop the investigations and will impeach Trump and we’re safe. They weren’t even thinking what was the winning side? military intelligence doing for defying the senate? They went after the senate the Senate was always the goal the senate not the house. Why? Because in the Senate, that’s where you can shut down or stop or remove over president because that’s where the trial is held in the senate after these clowns impeach President. Number one. All federal judges are there. They’re consented by the Senate and they’re approved by the Senate.

They have a majority, a real majority, and also the Supreme Court. So guess what Supreme Court was critical to reshape the country. Right. So now, the Senate became the weapon because these investigations could then transfer once these criminals had it. And they can continue the investigations, which they did re reshape the federal courts and a Supreme Court stop this ridiculous impeachment of Trump, he has always been insulated. So that was an incredible diversion. I didn’t see it, because I didn’t know what was going on here. I didn’t know the operation. Same thing here, if they had Sidney Powell, and they had Rudy Giuliani and everybody else that was weighing in on this voter fraud and, and while they’re doing that, exposing all of it to all of us, taken all the attention of the criminals trying to build firewalls to save their assets overseas in Spain, and Frankfurt, in China and Iran, all over the place. While these guys were focused on that, they’re over here dismantling the corporation under that executive order. Right. So when you start seeing this stuff seeping out, you have a 30,000 foot view that goes 80,000, you’re like, wow, what else is coming? What else are they doing here? So that’s why I’m telling people, again, be patient. But at the end of the day, now we know these things, we’re starting to figure some of this stuff this stuff out.

And the Patriot party, you know, all those kind of things that are now popping up.

This is this is now where we either put up or we shut up. We either start doing what a number of us are doing digital soldiers out there, all the people on this program are doing. But now you always say Scott, what can I do? I want to help I want to join the revolution. What can I get so many of those emails, it’s overwhelming. It’s incredible. You’d be inspired, if you saw it. Here’s what I’m going to say. Do what we do. Just keep talking to people, everything you find shoving into pipeline. Like I said, you’ll see in this this in this description, I put in there how to make sure you stay connected with me. telegram is probably the best thing we have. For me to get information out to tell you what’s happening today. Here’s where I am whosh did they shut us down again. We got this going out tonight. We got how many on here 12,000. Nobody knew this was coming out until about an hour ago. It’s normally 25 26,000 when we don’t have to, you know do hit and run with these knuckleheads at

at YouTube. But we got 100 almost 118,000 people on the broadcast channel folks, does this revolution look like it has any, any indication of slowing down. Within a week, we probably had a week and a half, maybe 100,000 people on this broadcast channel. It’s headed for 120 I say when it hits 200,000, it’s probably gonna rock it to a million quick. Because that’s how these geometric things happen. I look at Linwood, he’s got 600,000 people out there that have these big, big reach that we put something out, it can be disseminated. So when I throw stuff out there on my channel, just get it out to your list broadcasts, let’s get it out to text messages, emails, the more this information just keeps coming, we start to override the frequency of this, this global scam machine of mainstream media, we go up against it. They have the box, you have your one on one voice in the and all your friends that we link up together lock arms, and we just keep shelling everybody we know this information. It’s going to get through, it’s getting through now it got through. But since the election, how many people said you’ve woken me completely up since the election, people didn’t even still didn’t get it? since the election. I get these all the time and reply boxes, emails, everything. You woke me up.

And we’re talking after the fact. That’s what we can do with this information. So all in all, that’s what we have to do. Everybody has skin in the game. Now everybody has a responsibility to go on offense, no more sitting back, waiting for somebody to do it or afraid that somebody is going to get pissed off at a friend of mine I talked to tonight, we talked about another friend of ours. And he said you know what? Yeah, I got a call from him a while ago said yeah, I can’t be friends with you anymore. Because I don’t I don’t. I don’t agree with your political political position.

Wow. That’s how they are. That’s how the other side is. I don’t agree with you. We can’t be friends anymore. And we’ve all known each other for 50 plus years. The three of us anyways, that’s just It baffles me, but that’s the way it is. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring I’m going to bring Jim on and he’s going to pick out a couple of questions that he can throw at us. Let me

let me grab him.

Good to see you folks. All here again tonight is really strange doing this video last night and nobody was there. But

okay, let’s give him a call real quick.

Yeah, I was kind of kind of strange. I mean I’m just talking to a camera but in mind I can see all of you you know names and faces and, and whatnot so I’m pretending I mean it’s there’s there’s some energy there but here you know

makes it easier there you had to make it up in your mind. Let’s see doesn’t seem like he is answering so we’ll give it a second see what happens here there is

a brother Hold on one second got a link up the general

okay by the way folks, check out the new patriots Street Fighter Polo How about that Pretty cool, huh? You gotta go see the one on the website that has the general on everybody all you people are saying get the general call the general you know, where’s the general tell pops we said Hello. Hey pops if you heard that got a lot of people out there that love you never even met them. But so they created two shirts for the general one is this rough looking cartoon character. You know how they make them thin waist, then legs and has big massive shoulders? army helmet, big old mustache like Yosemite Sam. And it says something like where’s the general and has McKay across the patch on the pocket on the on the under right right breast pocket. But y’all just we got one of those coming your way pop just so you know. Anyways,

by the way, you’re going to follow what we do. Get this out of the way patriots rise up.com patriots rise up.com that’ll get you to any social media I’ve got or most of it will update it that gets you a domain website gets you to where you can get this kind of stuff and fuel the revolution. So Jim, what did you come up with tonight as you were watching these watching the threads?

Well, one thing that I want to give you just kind of a fun time with this little bit of time that we had to get around.

That I could identify as the representative tonight and seven countries, which really isn’t bad for a guy from Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania. But

can you say that again, Jim, because I want to get you closer to the mic because I don’t think that could have been heard very well.

Well, tonight, I could identify 33 different states represented on the chat in seven different countries. Not bad for my god for a guy from Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania, buddy, how about that? Yeah, we just threw this up what an hour before we did it didn’t even know we’re going to be able to do this hit 12,000 people tonight. So yeah, it’s we the revolution is global folks. It’s all over the world. Now everybody knows about the Patriot Street Fighter revolution. And I showed one. I don’t know if I said this. I put it where I put it. I put it up on Twitter. I forget. I forget her name. She sent me a picture of her SUV. And on the back windshield, you know they get dirty in the wintertime. One of their kids wrote across the back of the windshield, hashtag patriots Street Fighter. She sent it to me. I was like, How awesome is that?

Well, we had some things and I was doing tons of research. During the show. Somebody brought up Fauci and I did a little bit of research on Fauci, Fauci makes

$417,608 a year in 2019, making him the highest paid federal employee in the United States of America.

Yeah, think about how much he made and all the payoffs that’s that’s pocket change for that guy, Jim, for all the payoffs you know, we know about remdesivir, which is supposedly for cv 19. When we know hc q now that they’re all saying that isn’t absolutely a medication or drug that does the job. So he and he AND gates are the ones that hold the patent and on on remdesivir, which is very expensive. So

same thing just drop in a bucket for these people, by the way,

right. Interesting fact that people are digging and finding out what’s going on. No one would have ever looked at that before this time, you know, they never thought that he could make more than the president in the United States. truly think I that’s a great point. It’s a great way to put that he’s making more money than the president. But he’s a long term multi decade, scumbag criminal and if you’re in there long enough, if you’re in there long enough, then you’re going to get rich. You just are there’s a there’s a Michelle Sexton says here do you think the 7.0

earthquake in Antarctica was an actual earthquake or do you think they took out a dump my guess with what’s going on in Antarctica? They took out a dump. That’s my guess there’s a lot of stuff in Antarctica right now.

Oh, yeah. Hold on one second. Jim. Want to say one thing Karen Karen is here says Scott the White House blackout. Did you see any of that footage of the somebody sent me footage you send it to the whole White House is blacked out windows everything. And then there’s more footage where the White House is lit up like completely

spotlit every part of it. And they were walking. There were cop cars coming back and forth. Coming to go in with lights on. They were walking people out small children’s. You see any of that? I saw it today.

I had, I’d sent that I thought that you sent to me. I said to you, okay. Okay, so did you. Did you read into that? what i what i was reading into it?

I did, but I’ll hold my opinion without facts. All right. All right. Next question.

Hey, we had one come up, you know, the buffalo horn guy that showed up on the, you know, during the Capitol, you know, break in and things. Now he’s coming out and acting as though he is a Naval Special Forces guy. You know, several people were asking about that. And if you have any intel on that, Scott, you’re talking about the guy with the horns.

I’m not buying into it at all. I hope I’m wrong. But he is both yet.

When I saw him come out of a February Santa side of a federal building in Austin Stein Bart walked out if you don’t do Austin Stein Bart is he was claiming to be 17. He was even meeting with David Wilcock and I have a tremendous amount of respect for David, I love that guy. But he actually was given some credence to the fact that he may be number 17. Which is stupid, because 17 is not a person, one person, it’s a team. And we know it’s less than 10 people, three are non military. And this guy claimed to be 17. And, and, and he ends up being picked up by the FBI for something. But when he came out of that federal building, maybe he was being released of charges or released court case or whatever. Hence, he’s not going to go to prison. Not saying he deserved to at all. But here he ends up hugging the guy. They’re all pumped up. Yeah, we did it. We did it. I’m like, Did what? This guy’s a total shill in my opinion. And so they said this guy had, you know, cameras in the Warrens. I don’t buy any of that. Because you’re not going to find somebody that’s been in Naval Intelligence that even a flag officer that’s some people say it was like a, an admiral or something. He’s not old enough. But he actually be commanding a fleet. This guy, he’s intelligence, Naval Intelligence. I’m just not buying it. Yeah, I know, special operators can look different sound different than actual rank and file military the way to dress and look, but to listen to this guy talk like that This operation is not even done yet. And he’s going to come out, they don’t telegraph their moves, they don’t telegraph their moves anywhere. And the information only comes through the platform that we know of.

But now I think is bullshit, I really do that. I listen to this guy for 10 minutes, I’m like, there’s no way I’m listening to all this nonsense, because a guy with the training that these guys have, they’re not gonna act like that. Not gonna act like, they’re not not gonna be giddy. They’re not gonna, you’re not gonna see Glee coming from their mannerisms. That’s not how these people are built. They’re very serious, very serious people. They’re trained, well, psychologically, they’re built a certain way. They’re not going to act like that. They’re not going to be showing their hand. You know, these are military trained people. So that’s my opinion on that.

But I couldn’t agree more, I watched a big chunk of a video that he put out, and it was exactly my gut feeling. I’ve seen enough people in my lifetime with enough evidence that they are able to fake it very well. And, you know, I couldn’t agree more. Another thing that came up, people talking about D Class B class, you know, why aren’t we hearing more of it in the news, and I heard something today can’t take credit for but I think it’s something worthy to address. The D class is going to be utilized in the impeachment hearings, just how they use the first impeachment hearings, to bring out the garbage about Joe Biden in in Ukraine, and hunter Biden, they are going to not be able to use the stuff that Trump D class in these hearings. And that could be a major play. You know, I that came across my desk today, too. And I I’m glad you brought that up, Jim. I never thought about that. Until bringing it up tonight. And also the ingenuity if that’s what these guys are doing. So folks, one of the reasons that and this is, maybe this is why some senators are acting a certain way, like Mitch McConnell, look, I want to I want to be the guy that can let a lot of these people off the hook. I’d like to believe in America. I’d like to believe in some of these people really were good guys that, you know, I don’t believe he is I believe he was flipped. But I can’t imagine him flipping back to the other side. Because the only reason mitch mcconnell flipped the first time around was because he knew they had him locked up. No breathing room whatsoever. So why is he going to think oh, my goodness, the military is screwed up or the Cabal god I’m the swamp beat them. So I’m going to flip and try to get Trump work with the

house in the Senate to and think of this, the house in the Senate to actually impeach Trump and get them in front of a crowd or to then have him removed. Again, post presidency tells me two things. If he’s still commanding the the actual United States of America and not corporate us, then they, of course want to try to impeach him because they know that’s true, too. If it is, second thing is

they wouldn’t give Trump his day in court in front of the United States Senate. Well, the way the case worked is in an impeachment. The the trial or I shouldn’t say the trial, but all of the debate type of present presenting evidence investigations happen in the house. And then in the Senate is where they present the evidence after the investigations and the votes taken to impeach him. And that’s just a simple majority vote, which is partisan that that party’s gonna get the other party impeached

unless they don’t want blowback in the future on their presidents and a party. So then the senate tries it. And then in a trial, then you have the house impeachment, not the manager, but they have an investigator do it like David chippers did with with Bill Clinton.

And so, now, if it’s being tried in the Senate and Mitch McConnell saying, Yeah, we need to try Trump in the Senate. How do we know that’s not a trap, to set up the swamp to where now when a trial comes in the Senate, they have to let the other side bring in their their defense team and bring in all this evidence. So maybe, Jim, just like you said, all of these crimes, everything that they have on these scumbags. It doesn’t I thought it would come out in the senate when they impeach him the first time. But if it comes out in the Senate, while Trump’s out of power, he has no control in their minds that the American population, and they can sit back and say, Holy Mary, Mother, God, do you believe all this bullshit, these guys are liars. And not only is Trump innocent, these people are the criminals now they present the evidence in front of the entire planet, the whole world, the entire planet watches these things. And so now they bait them right into the trap. Kind of like that wild hog. I forget this guy’s from from Slovakia or somewhere. I heard this before that there’s this wild hog, you can never get near and you can’t even see him hardly. But how do they How do they actually get these things. So they put feet out in a field somewhere open field, the hogs eventually come in, and they get free feed they get used to. So one day, they put up a an eight foot like like a fence, just one side of a fence right near it. So the hogs don’t come around for a week or so because there’s something changed and not comfortable. But eventually they come back in. So one night whether or not there for one day, they put the next side of the fence up. And same thing happens takes time, but they’ll come back, they get the third side in takes more time they finally come back. And then they put the final wall up to box them in except they leave a gate on it and it’s open. So what happens, takes even longer, eventually come walk through the gate. Once they’re in the gate, boom, hit the door, now they got trapped. So that could be the strategy gym, that’s going to happen right here

to get them to the point where the world can see the truth, because I’ll be able to present that evidence. But

again, like I said, as my contact said, These people are not playing this plan with just ordinary game theory. These are extremely intelligent, bright people that have blocked off every escape route, all access to get to get out of this thing. So somebody said calling her and said I had trouble last night couldn’t find you yesterday, yesterday’s message came this morning, I covered this in the beginning, if you didn’t hear it, they took down all of my YouTube channels, except this one, it was a brand new one. But they blocked me from getting onto YouTube period. Because they got they blocked me through my IP address. So I had some workarounds. Some folks reached out to me and said try this, this and this this should do it. Yeah, I got a VPN it wasn’t active at the time but So not only did they just want to keep taking my channels down, they want to make sure that I can’t even log into YouTube. And that’s what they did. But like I said,

Here we are. I didn’t know it’s gonna find a workaround but was help we did. So that’s that’s why I couldn’t find me. But if we get back in that situation again, before I have our live stream capability elsewhere to go up, I will always get filmed up on rumble I’m going to get them on brighty on to the the challenge with brighty on and bit shoot that they have is that the big tech companies through social media will not allow their links to go through because they don’t like their content for obvious reasons. But at this point right now rumble it can be sent through social media but I still like to get things up on brighty on because I really like I like their platform they go up fast to these guys go up there. Their system is very powerful to get videos up quick. Anyways, what about one more question, Jim will and we’ll move on. Call tonight. Okay, let’s go do what

One more thing someone asked why does not the MS. MSM slash Newsmax to know am and talk about the US Court being ended 1871

you know mainstream media Of course I mean that that should answer itself already Newsmax I wouldn’t trust Newsmax you couldn’t look I watched Newsmax I followed Newsmax for years and when they took a left hand turn and they went left Chris ruddy, went left either was bought out paid off was controlled opposition Mossad right then and there, that was it, I never turned on Newsmax again, even after you folks flocked to them, after Fox News, show you who they really are. And he all flocked to Newsmax I’m like, this is a mistake. He don’t change these. But this this leopard doesn’t change his spots, they never will. Now you’re learning the truth about that. Because now that they wrote people in got him in there, boom, what are they doing?

It was a psyop, it was to get you to believe that they actually were legitimate, you know, oh, and again, I don’t look at a lot of their news. I don’t find broadcast media to be a good source of information. By the time that I see this kind of information.

It’s going to take them the information that I look at, it takes them weeks to get it out if they ever do. So. I’m not saying what to say and OEMs not good. It seems to be what people trusted the at this point. I just don’t follow. I’m looking for things that are not is not run of the mill information. Because if that’s what if I brought the information to you, you’d be like, what am I listening to this guy for? I got I got I saw that in our head, right? I wouldn’t.

So yeah, that’s my my question or my answer for that, Jim.

And it says right here it says, Audrey Stein says the general should lead the show one night. Well, let me tell you something that’s about all it would take. None of you had come back. Because, you know, my dad’s kind of guy says, Don’t just stand there, grab a shovel, dig a hole or something. Start doing push ups. You’re wasting time. Trust me. He was like, You like my pop into command position where he is right now. So

all right, what else? You got anything else, Jim? Hey, by the way, no, I interrupted. Almost 10 past eight bucks. Okay, I interrupted you one other time. So he’s going to give you that shot. Mountain gal. West Virginia says Scott, you had 84,427 views on rumble last night. Again, Jim, and this is this is for all all of our troops out there. You know, we put people didn’t know where to find our information from last night we just recorded it went up on rumble. And even though they keep shutting us down, Jim, this thing, within 24 hours still had 84,000 views on a platform that we don’t ever pump out there. That’s pretty amazing. It’s the simple fact is

that army can’t be stopped, just can’t be stopped. So I’m proud of what all you guys are doing.

Good. Have Jim back here. He took a couple days off and

took care of some business. So I’m gonna go ahead and let you guys all go again. If they don’t shut us down tonight, we will get that we’ll be back here again tomorrow. And I’m likely going to pull this down quickly tonight. So they can’t yank it down and give us a strike. But I will upload it under rumble. And I’ll send that link out across all social media platforms. We’ll talk to Ron see what he thinks about that.

All right, brother. Appreciate your time. And you folks, Thanks, buddy. We’ll talk to you tomorrow night. And signing off. Folks. Have a great night. Thanks for being here again.

Thank you. They’re Goldilocks.

You want a cheeseburger before we go.

Revolution radio folks is on Monday night say to me at 10am Eastern I just saw that roll through here so that eight to 10 Eastern on Monday night’s revolution dot radio. Goldilocks say her Dr. For me a cheeseburger.