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1.28.21 Scott McKay: Arrests Are Happening, MA Troops Sent to DC

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1.28.21 Scott McKay: Arrests Are Happening, MA Troops Sent to DC

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We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government. Laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

The world is waking up, and this is the tipping point. Ladies and gentlemen, patriots street fighters from again all over the world. Great to have you here tonight. Very grateful for your patronage, all of the all of those who support this mission. I’m beyond grateful beyond honored those of you who are brand new here, this is, this is the hour where we bring information to you on the political side of things, military, or even the spiritual, maybe esoteric side of what’s going on in the world today. My name is Scott McKay. And our revolution is known as the Patriot street fighters growing all over the world now. You guys have big reach. This thing is going absolutely insane. I’ve never seen this thread go this fast. Wow. Scotland motherland. Nice to see you, Bonnie. Anyways, we’re gonna move pretty quickly tonight got a special guest coming in in about 15 minutes. And I did put out a second nudge to you to come on tonight. Because the Intel drop that you’re going to hear tonight, I’m telling you when it came to me today, and I read it, I was like holy mary mother, God never saw this coming. And this is coming from a very high Intel source. And if you know who Kiersten W is. I call her the crazy Asian. That’s what she calls herself. She gets great intelligence from very high level sources because of who she is. Because she is Chinese. And of course she’s a wrecking ball when it comes to tell him the truth. She she leaves no cards on the table, you’ll get you’ll get a chance to see what I’m talking about whenever she pops on here in a minute. But hey, by the way, the new patriots Street Fighter, this is called Getting the fight shirt came in today. Ron sent this out So get yourself on this here is actually on the shoulder patch to say got a shoulder one side shoulder patch get in the fight. If you can’t see this up close, folks, you never seen the Patriots Street Fighter Tomahawk this handle here is actually a rolled up constitution we the people so it’s just a cool thing that helps us continue to project our revolution onto the world and bring us all together.

What’s one thing I wanted to bring up before we get into that particular conversation? I did get to two intelligence drops today from my source who is talking to NSA generals. And, and and one at God active military intelligence. Interesting stuff. It kind of invalidates what I saw visually some of you guys have seen this as well also going to talk about the GameStop issue that I’ll tell you man, you talk about being out now wide open, the criminals how the what they’re doing, their own rules are being used against them. And when they do they shut the machine down to save their assets from being stripped of wealth just like they built the rules to do to the middle class and everybody else out here. It’s truly staggering how these these people People are out there right in the open now. And they’re they’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep what they got just like they did the election, they’ll do it right out in the open, they’ll fight it right in the open because they can’t they can’t stop it anymore. They have to, they’ve been drugged so far out into the light. And if they were vampires, there’d be there’d be smoking pits all over the place, because they just can’t hide they’re all over the place, you know, burning up now. And it’s great to see that. And the worst is yet to come for these people, especially in big tech, in the in the in the trading markets, Stock Exchange all of it, as people are going to get their asses handed to them in a very big way. And I what I saw in the last two days is pretty amazing. But if you want to follow us folks, patriot Street, or I’m sorry, patriots rise up calm, you can get us there. Scott mckay.us. Same thing, either one of those two patriots rise up.com follow us on social media, I’ve got to get I got to take the time to hit the brakes and get some of the other social media links, or I should say, icons in those two locations. Because you know, we’re going across all platforms, cloud hub gab, everywhere, we’re pumping this out. And as you know, they take a channel down, we just come back, it’s kind of like those were like Gremlins here. It’s like we just keep multiplying like crazy. They’re not going to stop us. You’ve now seen it my strategy, my information platform warfare platform here, the new strategy is with these people is that great. I’m going to use them for what I need to use them for going to use their compression technology, live streaming, it gives us a broad reach right away because everybody gets a chance to everybody gets a chance to see you know, if they have the if they have the notifications coming out a dim that light a little bit. notifications will come out if they actually come out. You know, the fact of the matter is these guys have the best platform the best technology, best compression technology, great. They don’t want our content here. We’ll do a live stream use that stuff. Everybody here in live stream can see it once it’s done that I’m taking it down, but I’m not going to take it down before I download it. We’ll put it up on rumble. I’ll come back here with a little two minute video for those who come back looking for this date this episode. Hey guys, here we are, you see this special address, I’m going to put a Bitly address to every one of these things is going to be very easy. Bitly is when you take you get a URL for everything. Every URL starts with bi T dot L y bi t.ly. Slash, and then hours are going to be numbered PSF patriot Street Fighter This is 37. So I’ll come back with that particular URL. I’m going to drop it right here in a short video. It’s on a screen, I want to see this episode. Okay. There’ll be a little two minute video, get it in there, but I can see it right here. Right, I don’t have to click that thing on now. But just say it’s on rumble. Here it is bit.li, slash PSF, 30 430-739-4050, whatever. We’re gonna keep this machine moving. As I said before they hit us again, I’m just going to get more ammo, I’m going to find more battlefields and this doesn’t stop. The censoring machine is not going to kill this revolution. So let’s I talked to my contact out Las Vegas who’s connected to these DC sources. Military Intelligence. And what he shared with me today is that arrests are happening. They’re happening every day. Why we don’t see him again, it all comes back to what he and I talked about. I said, You know, I get to deal with people say, give us your sources tell us who they are. Give us evidence. I’m like, Here we go again.

So yeah, people get people give this information when they know that they have a lock and key on their mouth when it comes to divulging who the sources are. So we talked about that today. I said, You know what, I just want to tell these people, every time you go watch the news, you tell them give me your sources, because they always say sources said sources said sources said I believe them. Okay, I bow out too much for me. So all I can tell you is this information for me is secondhand. These people are being arrested every day. There are two governments running side by side. There is two presidencies like Kim comment had prophesized before Trump was even elected when he prophesized Trump will be elected before Trump was even running. So there are two presidents. There are two governments basically and that’s why we see in in the intelligence drops are backchannel 17 shadow government now that applied double meaning there’s a double meaning in many things, and there was a double meaning for shadow government when Obama was running a shadow government on on Trump or the Cabal he’s Obama is just a puppet. He’s a wind up toy. If you ever noticed how he ever had to speak to a crowd with zero teleprompters, none He was a buffoon, he was a buffoon, no teleprompter, no notes, an absolute buffoon. When a when a program that teleprompters and he reads them, that’s how you can tell who really knows their game. Stand up there in front of a crowd, take any policy, public policy and just go no cards nothing because it’s in your heart and soul You don’t need cards Reagan was like that Reagan, I always think these presidents that debate I thought, this is killing me. It’s killing me. I would debate any one of these people over the life of my dad, he’s still my dad all the time. I would debate any one of these people, I would debate any one of them. And and, you know, it wouldn’t I wouldn’t need to I wouldn’t need practice and notes because, again, all these people folks have ever done is they do this in the wind. Where’s what’s the barometric pressure, what ways when going, and that’s what I have to tell the people to get them to move in a direction I want. So anyways, that being said, there was a shadow government. But guess what, now we have one all the tables just keep getting turned around on the criminals. Because what he said is he said that Biden does have some control of a couple things. Department of like HUD and some of these other agencies. But but the military is running the defense side military, they’re running the financial system. And they’re also running what other parts of the government, he said he’s running commerce. So what you know, trade, that kind of thing. But it’s commerce, its financial system, and they’re running the defense system. So when I bring kearson w on for you to hear what’s about to happen.

I can’t say that. I’m totally stunned because I thought that the repercussions that might happen in Asia, were probably likely but to get this from a very high level diplomat to to her because of who she is. She’s had she’s been on this battlefield for years. I’ve seen her all over the place, Charlie Ward shows, you know, she’s Ambassador Steele, she’s brought a lot of people into the fold over the years, and she gets great Intel great Intel. So you’re going to hear from her in a few minutes. But when she reached this out, reached out to me today with this, I was actually doing a show with somebody else. So I couldn’t answer. I get off the phone. And I went to look at my messages. And I still couldn’t because I had to get on I was doing it. By the way, I was doing a show with Jean de code before this recording. And Kiersten was there too. But and it didn’t get finished because he was having trouble with his audio. So I just want you to know that’s coming. We just got into it and start talking about the deep underground military basis. So we’re gonna go ahead and do that, I think tomorrow and get that recording, get it recorded and uploaded sometime tomorrow, when we’re done with that. And it won’t take long because I don’t do much editing. But then she said, Have you looked at your emails and I and I said no, she goes, you got to look at your email. So I did. And I’m going to let her read this Intel to you rather than me read it. Because it’s her Intel. If I had this Intel, I would be the one that would want to break it to, to the world. I was honored that she sent it to me, like before we even got on the phone. And I could have I could have taken that obviously information just run with a bit but she’s gonna she’s gonna get to run this and actually read this for you. And we’ll discuss it after she does. So those things are happening every day arrests are happening every day, you probably saw the video with Roy Blunt coming out of it might have been a Capitol Building, whatever. But when it came out, it was basically showing Look, he’s under arrest, Senator Roy Blunt. And I looked at it a couple of times because we seen this kind of thing before. But there is no way that somebody is walking like this with a suit on and you see their arms behind their back. And not only that, that us Marshal had him by the arm, like you’re directing somebody with a grip, you can see that nobody’s gonna walk like that that guy was under arrest. And I saw Elaine Chao coming out behind them. also saw Mitch McConnell, which, you know, again, who knows what they’re doing, they’re likely working with the Patriots, if they’re not tough, they’re working with the Patriots cutting a deal to save their asses because they’ve been doing stuff in China for a very long time. GameStop if you haven’t seen a news on GameStop somebody had sent me this this morning. And it was a great I was gonna run through it really quickly, but I’ll see if I can pull it up easily. But I’m telling you that information that came out on GameStop showing you how these guys these criminals have to shut down anything that’s going to put them in a bad light. So and this is all you know, the hedge fund market just got its ass kicked. It just got got hammered. And it got hammered because and I didn’t know who GameStop was I you know, I know I know a bit about what it is but GameStop is a company and what they were doing was they were shorting what these hedge funds do is they’ll short these stocks mainly meaning they see that these they believe these stocks are Gonna go down, they’ll buy a ton of them. And it’ll actually borrow them basically, like from a broker, they’re basically shorting his bar and all these stocks from a broker, it does cost they’re expecting it’s going to drop right? Or, or it’s going to go up, I’m sorry, expecting that it’s going to go up. So what they’re going to do is they’re going to sell, they’re going to have these, they’re going to borrow them, price goes up, I think that’s how it works. I’m not an investor guy. So the price goes up. And what they do is when they go up, then they sell those stocks, right? And they have to they have to return you know, the money, the stock back to where they got them. So by bringing those stocks back, right, then they’re gonna get they’re gonna get a profit, they’re gonna hand those stocks back over. Right? So I think that’s how it works. If they buy them at a low price, if they short them, they buy them in short price they sell at a higher price. That’s not how it works. Let me think for a second I read it. They get the stocks at a certain price. They’re borrowing them. And the stock price my math isn’t working in my head right now. Thanks, God, if they if they borrow these things, and they go up in price, yeah, then they buy them back. Is that how it works? I gotta get some explain it to me cuz I read it one time. Maybe somebody in here can tell me how that works. Anyways, whatever, something that’s gone through too fast, I want I want to see if I can see somebody put it in here because this is too important to, to to miss. So anybody who knows what I’m talking about? Somebody in here knows.

Actually, Ron, Ron can explain it to me better, I’m sure. Price is good. Okay, the prices go down, then they go down, then they buy at a low price then sell high. Is that how it is? It’s one of those things that happen. They’re basically banking on on being able to make money on these stocks, okay. They’re banking on the stocks going up, they’re going down in price. Shit, I wish I could remember I just, yeah, people people know they lock in the high price when it drops, and they sell and get the higher price. Get the higher value. I guess that’s how it works anyways. So what ended up happening, what end up happening was incorrect. kearson may be able to explain us. What ended up happening was people started buying in the market, like the middle classes started buying this stock up like crazy. And so now it’s skyrocketing, skyrocketing in price, I think and then they’re losing billions of dollars. And I don’t know if it was GameStop that lost 12 billions. But the DCE these hedge funds, the buyer start buying it like crazy, like crazy, start buying it up. So that means that it’s shooting the price up. So they have to cover the additional costs of these things because they got to buy them and get them back to these people, whoever the brokering brokerage house, that means they got to come up with a shit ton more money. So I think they lost like $12 billion, literally in minutes. So what happened was, because these guys were getting absolutely crushed these hedge funds, they shut down trading, they shut it down early to save their assets. So when you go online and research it, you know what I’m talking about. But this is just another case in point folks, of how these people set up the system to be to gain you. And then it’s almost like the people collectively knew what was going to happen. They’re like, hey, let’s do this. Let’s just all by the 10s of 1000s to start buying a hell out of this stock that they shorted. Let’s drive that price up so freakin high and then they get buried. It’s almost seemed like that’s what happened and I have no idea the mechanics behind to make that happen. But as soon as their asses were pushed to the wall, boom, they reached out the Wall Street shut down trading across all these all these trading platforms. And again, it’s okay when you get screwed and you lose your money but they sure as hell don’t want there’s Believe me there’s going to be investigations happening. So they shut down to stem the losses as they always do. just unbelievable. They get away with this shit. It’s just never never never stops. So anyways, I’m gonna go grab kyrsten get her on the line because this this information came from China. And I want her to tell you herself. So give me one second. I’m going to bring her on. Okay, I hope she is on standby and ready. It’s gonna make sure I joined pops back in here. The generals. I didn’t see anybody early on but the general was on before before I brought everybody in.

Kiersten? Yeah. Okay, gotcha. Hold on one second. I’m gonna join up the general on this call. So he doesn’t miss anything. Okay, so I just did my intro to who you are. By the way. I’m going to be doing a show with Kirsten on her platform. I think we’re gonna start next week, but we’re going to be doing a show with her now. As I said she gets great, great Intel, and she’s willing to share it too. That’s pretty unusual. So Anyways, I just laid a little bit groundwork I

just how’s that Sunday’s

Sundays was

what time

I think it was gonna be was gonna be it was gonna be one one o’clock eastern 12 o’clock central time. Yeah,


o’clock. Okay yeah every Sunday that’d be great

yeah so Sunday’s we’re gonna be doing that doing that together be another fun time gotta figure out how we’re going to do that live stream on Sundays maybe we’ll just run over this show because you get the best Intel don’t need to do that on a Sunday night my show anyways so I told him a little bit about your background and of course you know your reach and getting some great intelligence so I did let them know that this came from the highest levels in China, and this is going to blow your mind. So probably, Kiersten when you read through that message, read it read it in how they address you this this mystery contact and read it through and then just read it as speed that everybody can kind of follow and understand exactly everything you’re going to say.

Are you there?

Did we lose your Kiersten? Hello, hello. Is she looking for Kiersten


Hello. Hello, can

you hear me? I’m gonna take a second here, folks and see what’s up. I might have to make a quick call back so I don’t hear her at all wouldn’t be surprised if they’re shutting down comms. I have couple these conversations. It’s amazing. What happens. How many phone calls it just drop on the Kiersten Are you there. I’m going to take a chance and see if we can drop that call and go back again. All right,

by the way.

Ship shells are out and alive yesterday. Because they were they were telling me they were telling the world I was arrested FBI said FBI came and arrested me so.

Alright, let’s go find Kiersten again. I know I’m gonna get a hold on. Kiersten Do we have you back? I was talking and you were there. But there was no sound whatsoever. So

anyways, so start from the beginning where when the person reached out to you this. This diplomat reached out to you and told you why they reached out to you and then read through that.

Are you there?


I don’t think they want her. There she is. Look he’s calling again. Kiersten

What happened?

I don’t know. We keep losing you.

Okay, I’m here.

Okay. Hold on one second. Don’t go away. I got it. I got to bring the general back in. So hold on a second. I don’t know. We’re gonna get this information out. Trust me, folks. It’s we’re not this is gonna happen. I’m telling you. I have it but I want her to read it.

You there, Bob. Poppy.

I’m going to hang up and call you right back. I have to call you back. Alright, so here’s how we’re going to do this, folks. I’m gonna get Kiersten on the line because I can’t join this phone call. When somebody calls me so. Okay, now Hang on. Kiersten I figured out. I don’t know why. Hold on a second. kearson I don’t know why this is happening. But this particular moment I had to initiate both of these calls. So don’t hang out. Please don’t hang up.

Hold on Bob.

Okay, kearson you’re here now. Okay, now I got the general back here. I could, I couldn’t I couldn’t have this Intel being dropped by you without the general but so everybody’s here. I’m gonna say this again. We’re live. So kearson Go ahead, start from the top. When you read to me Why this? This this this contact reached out to you with this Intel. So just read through it and then we’ll discuss it after you’re done.

Okay. Good morning. Just you must be in Taiwan, I guess. Three hours ago. Good morning. I am someone in the know appointed and posted to a liaison position in Taiwan Republic of China. As you know, you know, Taiwan’s Republic of China. China is People’s Republic of China. That’s Communist China. by someone and 45 in a circle, I wish to relay some intel to be useful to you and your audience. You may disseminate this information as you see fit as one of the few patriots and then in brackets he’s referring to me and the only Chinese patriot I assume he means in the media, with the wit and keen observational skills to realize that mogul is still in fact, our POTUS. The fact that you have been the person who has been most accurately described what is happening in the shadows through your guests and Intel gathered. And in addition to your perspective, analysis of Chinese politics, and foreign relations, I believe you and your channels would be the most prudent person and outlets to share this information with, let me say something after I got this email, that one big channel was unsuspended from being suspended for a

month, so do you think they suspended that channel for you? So you could probably okay, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.

So now, let’s get to the point the lifting of some of the restrictions of the Taiwan Relations Act. And of course, the China one China policy was more substantive than it appears. In fact, it was actually the delusion of the Taiwan Relations Act. The United States government is no longer recognizing the People’s Republic of China that is Communist China, as the legitimate government of the mainland. This is being done jointly with Chairman xi, and 45. Although this can’t be brought to the public light at this time, it will be revealed shortly prior to the dissolution of the Taiwan Relations Act. United States indo Pacific Command under the direction of 45 with the Taiwan Republic of China military have been preparing an occupation force for the mainland when the CCP collapses in the coming month. Why do you think the Taiwan Relations Act was dissolved? If it had remained, it would have been a legal barrier to help the occupation of the Chinese mainland with the Chinese Republic of China forces? That’s Taiwan again, you are undoubtedly aware Chairman Xi has been removing key CCP loyalists with the Chinese military structural command, like I said, translated that that means I’m removing the poison from the bow. Why do you think this was done? It was done to instantiate and the Alliance and to facilitate the upcoming occupation of the Chinese mainland with the US and the RLC Republic of China occupational forces as Taiwan. In the coming months, Chairman gate will be dissolving the People’s Republic of China, stepping down from the CCP leadership and using the Chinese forces to keep order and the Chinese economy from collapsing. While the US and the Republic of China Taiwan forces install a provisional government led by the Taiwan, Republic of China, all of this will be done peacefully, peacefully as it will not be that dissimilar to what happened in the former USSR. That’s when a collapse 45 remains firmly in control of what is important and our assets in order for 45 to return to the public eye in the position he has earned, CCP supply chain of influence and resources that means the mainstream media have to be removed to facilitate this and hence why this has been planned all along and will occur before March 2021. As I said, February is buckle your seatbelt month buckle your seatbelt. This is also why 45 has been in Florida until now, and putting the finishing touches on all the pieces of the proverbial chessboard. All of this has always been fortifies plan to remove the CCP influence around the world and in China Keep the Faith all is being revealed and He will give me more

Okay, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to summarize what she said because it’s a little muffled obviously coming through the phone, okay, so she was referring to mogul, okay, and this is what they’re saying folks they’re saying with the again he’s complimenting her is one of the few patriots it’s only Chinese patriot with the wit and keen observational and observational skills to realize what he’s saying about Kiersten. That mogul is Still mobiles. His secret service service code name for POTUS for Trump is still in fact, our POTUS. And she Kiersten is one who’s been most accurately describing everything that’s going on here, in the shadows through the guests through the Intel that she has gathered. And that’s probably why we connected up because she and I have the same we see, we have the same vision of what’s happening. And, and and when when keirsey reached out to me, you’re like, you know, you’re the male version of me. We’re just we see the same thing here. Our analysis is the same thing. But what they’re telling her is that her perceptive analysis of Chinese politics and foreign relations is absolutely dead on now, here’s what’s interesting. They lifted some of the restrictions on the Taiwan Relations Act, which is a big deal, because the dissolution of this allows the United States government to say they’re not recognizing the People’s Republic of China. So what’s what’s happening here is that well, let me just go through a couple points here, what they’re using, okay. Under under under the United States, what’s called indo Pacific Command, and I just mentioned yesterday, the general general Flynn’s brother was it was was elevated to the head of the Yeah, Charles was headed to or he was he was, he was put at the head of the of the Pacific Command. Now under the direction of Trump with the Taiwan, Taiwan’s Republic of China military, this is outside of the CCP military. This is a Taiwan, a Taiwanese Republic of China military. Here’s what they’re doing. They’ve been preparing an occupation force for the mainland China, when CCP collapses. Do you know what’s happening here? You’re talking about Taiwanese Chinese forces, United States military forces going into China, when the CCP collapses to occupy the place, same thing that’s going here. We’ve been worried about eight Chinese forces 75,000 in Canada, worried about them create, you know, launch invasion on US soil. As we heard, I can’t verify that 250,000 Chinese troops in Mexico for land invasion of the US which they’ll never accomplish. And here we are, with our assets, naval assets, Marines Navy army over over there, ready to take on take down China’s CCP and help them gain control the country to turn it over to a new republic. They’re creating a new republic in China. And I heard this before, just like we are restoring our republic. So here’s, and i’ve i’ve been saying this for over three years now. almost four years. I’ve been telling people, I’m saying, Look, there are three people on the world stage that are working together as a trifecta to bring this cabal down. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and xi President Xi, Chairman Xi are working together to bring this thing down. This is the first thing that I have seen. And Modi Yeah, Modi. Yeah. Yeah. India’s Modi, to which some people had different opinions of Modi. But you could clearly see when Trump was there, Kiersten and there were 100,000 people in a stadium, and Modi is embracing Trump putting his arms around hugging him in front of all these people, they’re going crazy. You can see who the big players on the stage are. And why is India important? And I’ve said this for a number of years now, India is is the potential economic Tiger of this planet, more than China? Why? And you may have heard this before kearson. But most people haven’t seen it from this perspective. The problem within was China, is there a graying society, okay, they had this one child policy for so long. And basically it comes down to this, when you have this massive block this this this population block that’s this big. Okay, from that one child policy. It’s a graying society. And now the financial resources to support this aspect of this huge society is only this big. There’s just not enough.

Oh, hold on, hold

on, hold on here. So let me finish this because I get to get to this point. So the point is, that even if they could produce the money to take care of all these people, they don’t have the human capital. There’s not enough people. There’s not enough people to have enough doctors and nurses and technical people. Now, United States has the same problem. We got this big baby boom generation is really massive right here. 46 to 64. On the last year, the population down here that has to support it is only this big, right? Same problem. But here’s where India’s power comes in. India has 600 million people under the age of 28. India’s India’s greatest resource in the future is going to be the export of human capital because one third of everybody that goes through medical training of any type in the United States is from India. They’re going to exploiting Indians worldwide to deliver health care to countries with these massive populations. Anyways, let me just get to the bottom is curious. And then I’m gonna turn it over to you again. But here’s the point is it says in here, Chairman Xi has been removing key CCP loyalists within the Chinese military structural command. Why do you think this was done it was done to install Chinese plla forces with military leadership loyal to Chairman xi and the Alliance, which is Trump and other countries to facilitate the upcoming occupation of the Chinese mainland with us and Republic of China occupational forces. So this transition is happening. They’re going to take the CCP down, not just here, they’re taking it down in China, where that dragon is, is holed up. And when they bring that all down, guess what it’s going to be like the transition from the USSR to the Soviet Union, their powers gone. And then and then Trump’s gonna come back into public eye in the position he’s earned, which is the presidency and the CCC supply chain, influence resources. All this had to be removed all this had to be removed before they can bring Trump in to occupy that position. That actually is his. That’s why he’s in Florida. They’re putting on a final touches of all this. And of the as it says here that the the pieces are putting in the right place on his proverbial chessboard. So this has always been Trump’s plan to remove the CC please influence not just here, but all over the world, including China. So anyways, let me ask you a couple questions on this Kiersten because you’re from China. You know how these people are? Are you from your Singapore? That’s right. You’re Chinese from from?

Yeah. Yeah.

So so given your perspective, having grown up in that region of the world, do you what do you think that how the people are going to respond to these moves when they see them happening? Are they going to think that it’s going to be and they’re going to see ROTC forces moving around Mainland China and saying, holy cow, we have liberators here. What are they going to be thinking when this happens?

Well, I think northern Chinese, which Shanghai and stuff might be a little happy because most of them have migrated from there to Taiwan, the central Chinese from Fujian and stuff. That’s what my mother’s ancestors are from, you know, also we’ll take it well, the ones that will be a little shocked, but happy too, will be the Cantonese which are seven China that run over to Hong Kong. So yeah, that’s how they they migrate. You know, they migrate from southern China Canton, they go to Hong Kong, mostly both people, the ones from central China, go to Singapore, Malaysia, where I’m from, it’s a British colony. We talk English, British English. And then of course, the Shanghainese, they migrate to Taiwan. So I think the people be very happy. But think I was gonna say to you is the shortage that they have in China is really women. There’s no women that are they’ve tossed all the female babies. It’s a whole generation of men. So if you’re pretty girl in China, that would be a top pick. And as you know, the beautiful fan being being who was a superstar that they took down and put a mental institution because she tried to save some of her millions of dollars she was making from sleeping with different Chinese politicians more money than she ever made in the movies for Transformers or what is that other movie the Marvel movie x x men are any of those other movies? She did? They they caught her. And of course, she’s nothing now they’ve ruined her. That girl was stunning. And the guys just line up because there’s no girl. Wow,

I never thought of that you think about I mean, think about the competition over there. It’s incredible. And, you know, also,

they sent all their forces to Mexico and flexing their muscles and Canada. China. It’s like you want to the left side and they’re coming in from the right. What’s going on? It’s brilliant.

Yeah, and just the thing, this is all part of the plan that’s been in the making. Again, we get caught up sometimes in communists, or CCP or whatever I tell my folks all the time, call them what you want. It’s the same animal to Khazarian Mafia, they just call it different things they morph they change names they assume new identities they kill people they they walk into their house sit at their kitchen table in the middle of dinner after they kill them and just pick up pick the spoon up and continue on with her taking over somebody’s life. So the fact that they’ve looked at this from you know, multi decade, plan how to finally corner this tiger and then just kill it where it stands is absolutely stunning. This is the most unbelievable information that I’ve heard to date. And the thing that excites me the most is that my intuition all this time For the last four years, was that she was one of the white hats because I said before Trump’s election in 2015, I said, You know what, Sean Hannity has it wrong. These guys don’t know what the hell they’re talking about Vladimir Putin. And I put it on Facebook, Vladimir Putin is the only noble leader on the world stage. Because if you look how he’s conducted himself the whole time, he’s never taken over other countries, the guys and attorneys, they’ve never broken international law. Now the world will tell you different, the news will tell you a different, you know, Fox will tell you different, it’s all bullshit. It’s been it’s creating a big bad, a big bad wolf. While the whole time they were hiding everything that they were doing with China in China or Ukraine, and making it look like she was a big communist bad boy guy. I had that instinct that or maybe just an intuition that there’s no way on the chessboard. It makes no sense for what’s happening and for xi to be actually working to undermine Trump. Hence, why did he go to the Forbidden City? allow him to enter the Forbidden City that’s kearson has that ever been allowed in China’s history ever?

an extension of China because China pretty much brought up Ukraine. They have three things they offer in Ukraine that would be gas and oil. They bought that up. They have Intel, they bought that up. And they have plane they have what do you call they they make planes they bought that up to? So when they say when the Chinese Intel from miles Kwok, who is you know, Mr. Mr. Steve ban and billionaire, his guide gives it out and says to me, Biden got $4.5 billion that would be the amount that he got from China and Ukraine that’s owned by China pretty much China pretty much bought up most of Ukraine 4.5 billion, that includes money that they get from killing off their own billionaires and then having bide and how to help them with the assets in America to seize those assets. And they give them a cut just like the mafia does for helping them seize the American assets of the Chinese billionaires like the guy that was in CFC that energy company that Mr. Hunter was in those assets will all divided up.

So yeah, I mean, they’ve been buying up a ton of stuff here. That’s it’s pretty been pretty obvious to the world But anyways, pardon me? Yeah, yeah, they’re gonna lose it all. There there got there they’re gonna lose it all. Yeah, just gonna

lose it. lose it all because they want Taiwan so badly. And they’re not looking at their in their own front door and all their chips are trying to take over Taiwan when Taiwan’s gonna help America occupied Communist China.

Yeah, so. So now this source, obviously, its source is going to continue to bring you some intel Am I right?

About four sources. So that would be number four. Yeah, they always think that girls, that girl’s pretty, you know, she’s a mom, she was a model. You know, no one’s gonna suspect her and yeah, you know, my God, I’ll take it down. But, you know, they don’t suspect that you know, thing, but now they know. They know. Well,

that’s, that’s as good as it gets. Anyways, kearson I really appreciate you coming on tonight and sharing this information. It’s pretty, pretty wild stuff. Absolutely wild stuff. Unbelievable. And

I really appreciate us doing the show with Jean tomorrow. And I appreciate you coming on on Sundays, which will be fantastic. Fantastic.

You bet and folks in the description, in the description box, you’ll be able to access everything to any of Karstens work. Is there anything you want to just shout out there? Like a website or anything? kearson if they just want to pull

it up right now? I have two YouTubes I know how long they’re gonna last. I mean, main thing has come through in social.net i n k d social dotnet no apostrophe No, no e i n k d social dotnet Scott’s gonna be there. He’s gonna have his own group page. And he can upload his stuff there that will never come off and all that’s my home so I’m never going to leave that. Of course I’m on YouTube on bitch shoot under Houston. cir, s t e n w I’m on YouTube on Connect. CW connect and which is just got unfrozen after I got this material, and the other YouTube which is an Amazon rumble I don’t even know how to use that. Well, I’m just in W. And the other YouTube is one true News on YouTube. So that’s a smaller channel. So I hope that God will bring it over to ng social, you guys can communicate with him there and, you know, have his own group page. So we’re looking forward to working together. I’m so glad to have found him. And I’m very honored. And to say that we’re very similar. So it’s great. And I think when he the guy was writing the email, and he mentioned that I have guests and stuff, he was mentioned he was referring to Scott.

Not sure if that’s true, but I’ll take it, scrape it up, whatever. And yet, thank you

so much. Appreciate it. Yes. Awesome.

Awesome. Well, thank you so much, kearson. I appreciate it. I’ll talk to you tomorrow when we get back together with Gene decode.

Definitely. Thank you very much.

My pleasure. Believe me. Oh, my pleasure. Okay, awesome. Good. I did that in English, because my English is great.

So folks, I’m telling you when when, when she read that to me and sent me I was going through the email after she sent it to me. But just just to just to think about a couple of the ramifications. We’ve been trying to protect Taiwan from Mainland China, Communist China for decades and decades, we’re ready to fight a war and the Asian Pacific in the Pacific theater to protect Taiwan. Now behind the scenes, we got Taiwanese army, and Taiwanese No wonder we’re selling them weapons, because guess what, they’re the weapons we’re going to be able to use if we actually need them. But to me, what what is it saying that Trump POTUS is still in control? Actually, the military is truly the one in control, Trump’s just initiated those actions so they can do what they need to do. In fact, somebody just asked me here, when I answer your question, I lose it asked who’s controlling FEMA? I want to mention your name is a good question. I wanted to mention her name, but I just lost it. Sorry. Anyways, there it is. Chris. Prince. Yeah, Chris. The way they operate, the way the the structure set up, when the insurrection act is invoked, the military has to conduct military operation. So there’s got to be another faction, military operation operations are what they are. They’re, they’re, you know, they’re there. Their elimination forces are not they’re not a police force or elimination force. So they’re too busy dealing with that. You bring the politicians in to run the political side, you can’t mix the two of them. Unfortunately, when you do you get a lot of deep state generals who become politicians, and they leave the battlefield. But so the agency that handles all that, and its charter is exactly for that it’s not even charter because it’s not legally chartered in the United States anyways, but its functions are that FEMA will fill all these age, particular agency positions that need to be filled, when there is no other shadow government or lateral government, which is what we see now with a Biden camp, the Biden camp, the Biden regime, whatever you call them, but again, to me, same thing.

They’re controlling both sides. They’re controlling, I’m still I’m saying, I’m gonna say this until somebody eventually proves that in the end that I’m wrong. They are controlling the other side, they’re controlling the Biden camp. They’re basically making that camp do what they want them to do to, according to the plan that they had to inflict on America, like, here’s your plan. Here’s your playbook. We got it. 16 year playbook. Right? Here’s where we are. We’re in this chapter in the second eight years, carry it out, do what you’re going to do anyways, because they want to show the people what they were going to do. I said this earlier, how do they show the people the depth the the evil of this of this cabal? Unless Trump’s quote, unquote, out of power steps aside, completely insulated has nothing to do with him. And we get to watch what these people are trying to inflict on the country. And by the way, I stand corrected. A couple people in this thread yesterday said, there are jobs being lost in a pipeline. They’re absolutely right. I was wrong. I said, question that. But I got some evidence today. There’s people being laid off. And there’s another faction of one of those executive orders that affected somebody else. I can’t remember now at the moment. But again, if you remember you were here yesterday. You’re dead. Right? had absolutely, absolutely right there two factions of people that are losing their jobs because of these executive actions, but it’s going to take them taking us down this road before people get so pissed off at exactly what the democrats have planned for the country. For them to say, I get it now. I get it. They got to go down and then it’ll show everything else is coming out. More More the D classes coming out. So I’m going to go ahead and end it there tonight so we don’t ramble on to anything that irritates us. of the shells because it gives them, they have a lot of fun, believe me, I gotta figure out how to get. And I’m going to figure this out too. I’m going to get moderators in here to just start, you know, just bang, click, they see these knuckleheads Click, click, click, I probably need about five at a time. So we can just get them the hell out of here. And we have 50 moderators in the new what happened folks with with the the Patriot Street Fighter Group chat, okay, we have two channels we have with a broadcast channel that I just put stuff out there, and it hits that chat box, so you can see what’s going on where we are what’s happening for the day. And then we have the group chat, where everybody can respond, communicate with each other. And again, it’s always their weapons that they have throw porn in there until it triggers these algorithms to shut that chat down from being able to be read on an Apple device. There’s a way around it, I dropped it in there, once you go online to the website. It’s web, web telegram.org. And you can go to settings, and you can figure out where you can block that kind of content, or that kind of content. And it allows you now to see all those those drops again, but what Ron did was he created a second one, I think the first one was like patriot Street Fighter chat, this is going to be patriot street fighters, which is you. And it’s a new one to clear all that stuff out. Because once it hit that number, like 10,000 people, roughly, when that stuff started happening, then they started kicking people out, or they blocked how many more people could come in, we got 120,000 people on the broadcast and 10,000 on the chat. So that’s how he’s going to open that up. And he’s going to put that out there. So you folks can migrate over. I don’t know if he can migrate that group chat over into the new one. Or if you have to go over there and find it and just, you know, click on join that and get rid of the other we just shut it down all together. So that being having that being said, having said that, I’m going to go ahead and sign off. That was the big Intel draw for tonight. mind boggling to me never saw that comment. But that’s the most exciting thing that I have heard yet. So tomorrow night. I think I’ve taken Fridays and Saturdays off tonight. Now, folks, we’ve been at this seven days a week for a long time. And I need a break. hope you understand that. We’ll plan on being back on Monday Night Live Stream. I’ll do the show with kearson I’ll have her send me the links if you want to listen in on that. And I would say we’re gonna see on a live stream on Sunday night unless something breaks in the next 24 to 48 hours. So thanks for being patient. sign off. Talk to you on Sunday.

Are you