153 Years Ago, the 15th Amendment Was Ratified Granting Black Males Right to Vote – Today Americans’ Votes Are Again Being Discounted

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On February 3, 1870, the US Congress ratified the 15th Amendment that allowed black males the right to vote.  Today Americans’ votes are again in jeopardy. 

The 15th Amendment was ratified over 150 years ago today.

FOX News reports:

On this day in history, Feb. 3, 1870, the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified — granting African American men the right to vote.

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The amendment declared that the “right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”
As the U.S. National Archives notes, “Set free by the 13th Amendment [and] with citizenship guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, Black males were given the vote by the 15th Amendment.”
Attorney Ron Coleman, partner at the Dhillon Law Group told Fox News Digital about the amendment’s ratification, “By guaranteeing the vote to former slaves and prohibiting racial discrimination in elections, the 15th Amendment was a major step toward fulfilling America’s destiny to be what Lincoln called ‘the last best hope of Earth.’”

Americans’ votes seem to always be under attack.  The individual vote is the bedrock of our constitutional republic which is why it is stolen, not counted or discounted by fraudulent votes.
American black males were given the right to vote in 1870 but Americans today face a similar situation.

Americans’ votes are being discounted by a flood of illegal and illegitimate votes.  The processes in place provide for this to happen, the systems used are hidden from auditors and investigators and the people involved are plain corrupt as hell.

Americans need a new amendment that guarantees that their votes be counted and not with illegal votes from outsiders that are inserted illegally into elections but with votes from other Americans.

Attorney David Clements shared today on the current crisis we are in.  He shared the newest form of the slave trade is the use of voting machines in elections.  These things prevent Americans from having their vote legitimately counted with only other legitimate votes.

It’s gotten so bad that freedom has become illegal.  States are recommending laws that will prevent citizens from protesting elections.

Clements says in order to save your country you must save your county.  There is great power in local communities.

Listen to David Clements’ thoughts below from today’s Joe Hoft Show.

This is our time to stand for freedom for future generations.  This is our time to get our elections fixed and kept free for another 150 years or more. 

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