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2-15-21 – The New Rules – The Dan Bongino Show

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2-15-21 – The New Rules – The Dan Bongino Show

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host Dan bond Gino What have I said what have I said over and over if we don’t adopt a leftist tactic soon there will be no tactics left to adopt because it will be no more people for the left to fight because we’ll all be gone will evaporate like a like an Alka Seltzer tablet there will be no conservative movement magga movement, libertarian movement or republican movement left. I’ve said it over and over. Get a dig into that today is Saul Alinsky rules make another appearance on the show. Saul Alinsky leftist organizer. His rules are actually quite effective. While we find ourselves in the box where I got that today. I’ve also got some terrific video from the impeachment fiasco that broke really bad on the democrat clown show on Saturday, today’s show brought to you by ExpressVPN protect your online privacy today get a VPN don’t wait. Go to ExpressVPN comm slash bungee no Welcome to Dan bungee, no show let’s get right to it. So a little bit of canceled culture. A lot of video today. Also this block on inflation and the debt you’re gonna want to hear because it involves your wallet, your future and your kids economic future critical stuff. Alright, today’s show brought to you as I said by ExpressVPN. I’ve been talking about them for months. Why haven’t you gotten a VPN yet? Maybe you thought, hey, it’s America, we have free speech and privacy laws doing and so you hesitated. Perhaps you believe that the Congress wouldn’t allow big tech to censor and spy on you. And so you didn’t act? Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll tell you this with the democrats in charge of government your liberty under attack from all sides. There’s never been a more important time to protect your digital rights and privacy. It’s why me and 1000s of my patriotic listeners choose to secure online data using ExpressVPN. 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Now’s the time for you to take a stance one button super easy take back your privacy at Express VPN comm slash bond Gino again, that’s ExpressVPN comm slash bungee no get an extra three months free. Visit ExpressVPN comm slash bungee No, right now. All right, producer Joe Let’s go. Thank you. Good to be back on a Monday. All right, let’s get right into with this video. So listen, one of the great Benny’s you know the Benny packages work yet some Benny’s healthcare whatever it is one of the great Benny’s of the Trump years. The Trump presidency we’re all missing right now is he taught us that the media are hostile enterprise when it comes to the truth. Largely not all of them, but most of them and that you should use your microphones all of them. That’s not just Trump. All of us should use our microphone to immediately stop and fight back with a ferocity against false narratives. Use your microphones, whether it’s your social media account, whether you’re a governor of a large state in Florida like Rhonda Santas, whether you’re Donald Trump with the biggest microphone in the world, everybody should use their microphones to fight back immediately. Here is a perfect example from one of Trumps fantastic attorneys who did a spectacular job in the impeachment hearing on Saturday. Some of you may have seen this clip. Some not. It’s long. I just wanted. This is just the end of it. I don’t want to play the whole thing because it went viral this weekend. This is Michael vanderveen. When a President Trump’s attorneys in the impeachment hoax in again, a Doctor of Philosophy PhD level course in a minute on how to deal with the media. Let me set it up quickies on an interview with CBS and one of these alleged reporters is talking about how the democrats in the impeachment hearing actually doctored evidence. They added verified blue checkmarks to Twitter accounts to make the Twitter accounts appear more serious looked at verified This is a really important person. They actually change the date on a tweet from 2020 to 2021. To make it seem like the tweet was connected to the January 6, a capital incident. They actually doctored evidence and the report is like you know to be fair, this in other words, like taking the edge off it like it’s not a big deal. vanderveen shuts that stuff. We’re on terrestrial radio write down PhD course and how to deal with the media. Check this out.

I will remind you that one said was that for our viewers who have not been following all of the hours of of this trial, to be clear about what you what you are speaking about,

and I understand speaking about the house failure to prove their case. That’s that’s what I’m trying to prove that

you have won the acquittal of your client. Yes, you’d like to continue to talk about this conversation, we can have that discussion. But for me to ask a question.

That’s a slanted question that was set up to say, it’s okay for them to cheat. That was your question, isn’t it? For them to cheat a little bit.

You said to be fair, it was.

That’s what you said. You got to live by your word. That’s the problem. The media has to start living by the truth.

And not trying to create a narrative.

Michael van der Veen.


Thank you for joining us. I do appreciate Yeah. Okay. I see you taking off your microphone now. That was President Trump’s defense attorney. Michael van der Veen.

Oh, oh,

man. There it is.

Thank you. For Thai See, Joe knows the radio rules. There’s seven seconds of dead air and they start going to the best of because on terrestrial radio, terrestrial radio, nobody likes us. So Joe’s kind of mumbling in the background, they can make sure that all our affiliates are on radio. Don’t go to, you know, don’t go to commercial or something else. No, we’re still we’re still here. That’s how it’s done. That’s how it’s done. I wish I had the cigar, too. But that thing’s kind of gross right now. Now people start sending me cigars. What a bit. What do people do anything? And that’s how it’s done, folks. What how what’s done so we can learn something from this. I never ever liked to do shows, where we just put it out there go, Hey, I was great luck. They really wrecked him. They did he did wreck that journalist but notice how uncomfortable she is when she’s confronted by the fact that she tried to frame a question to pitch a false narrative. And rather than answering the question which affirms the false narrative, what is Mr. vanderveen? Do he re corrects and reframes the question in the appropriate way and puts her entirely on the defensive Ladies and gentlemen, never ask a question answer a question from the media. That is not in fact a question. It’s a statement. Never. That was not a question. She wanted to minimize the Democrats. You get what happened there. The reporter air quotes there wanted to minimize the democrats manipulating evidence in an impeachment trial manipulating evidence in an impeachment trial. She wanted to minimize it, by the way, a tactic Jo in any criminal or civil trial outside of the Congress that would get you immediately disbarred, immediately disbarred and thrown off the trial and Miss trial declared immediately she wants to minimize it. So she says, Well, to be fair, and he doesn’t take any of it. That’s our exactly how this you reframe immediately. You don’t let the narrative go forward under any circumstances, you stop it right there and reframe it and notice one other thing he did, which was terrific. He says at one point, he says Michael vanderveen. citizen,


Well done, Mr. vanderveen. Good job. vanderveen did a spectacular job. During the impeachment trial, as well, he did another thing. This is during the trial. That was an interview afterwards, of course, President Trump which we knew was going to be acquitted on these ridiculous charges. He was up there and he called out another thing that happened. Here’s the actual video from from the impeachment trial. What Mr. vanderveen when a President Trump’s lawyers again, calling out the left on how not only they manipulated evidence, but everything they seem to have is hearsay, upon hearsay upon hearsay. It’s a Hey, Joe. It’s one of these. Tony, I heard from Bobby, that Paula told Tony Bobby said that he overheard Tony telling Bobby, that marine told I’m running out of names is about that Amelia toge that drew told Joe, that something happened. Now, what’s your What’s the reason we don’t allow hearsay and trials and we don’t allow doctored evidence, because it’s probably a bad idea. Because you have this thing as Joe knows, called the phone game, that by the time a quote gets the 62,000 people and makes it to court. It’s not actually the same quote anymore. Someone tells someone The sky is blue By the time it makes it into this one by the time it makes it into into the courts, the statement is I’m high as Lou, your highest Louis been smoking weed. I said the sky is blue. That’s why we don’t allow hearsay. But that’s not exactly what the democrats in addition to doctoring evidence did. And now their second failed impeachment trial. trumpian. Now as the Babylon be said, accurate headlines are the most acquitted president US history. Twice. They based most of their case on reports they heard in the media, not what actual people said. Very weird, good job by Mr. vanderveen. Calling that out to check this out. First of all, it’s my

understanding. It’s been reported that Mr. McCarthy disclaims the rumors that have been the basis of this morning’s antics, but really the rumors that have been the basis of this entire proceeding, this entire proceeding is based on rumor, report, innuendo, there’s nothing to it, and they didn’t do their work. Just like what happened with Mr. Lee two or three nights ago. There’s i’m suppose in conversation it happened. And they had to withdraw that data back off of that because it was false. It was a false narrative.

It’s how it’s done. I have to tell you, folks, I’ve never heard of Mr. Vander Veen before. Maybe some of you know don’t but what a job. Unbelievably well done is they took it right back to the Democrats, inciting violence, inciting violence. What about your history of inciting violence and the best case you can make? Is it someone heard that someone heard McCarthy said this? While McCarthy says that’s not exactly what I heard, Kevin McCarthy they’re talking about? Well done. Let me repeat what I said in the beginning. If you’re running for office, you’re a conservative activist, you’re on social media, you all have a microphone, if there is a lesson from the Trump era. I’ll say it again, it is that you should use your microphone to always call out false narratives and never ever ask a question. That is not a legitimate question, but a statement. Correct the statement in the false framing first. Correct the statement in the false framing first vanderveen. just did it twice? Did you catch it? In the first interview, the reporter tries to frame the question is, while they may have doctored evidence, but it’s not a big deal. He’s not answering the question about doctoring evidence till he addresses the reporter who thinks it’s not a big deal.

Very nice. Secondly, what is he do? You catch it? Joe, you catch it. vanderveen doesn’t address the reports. Because the reports are inaccurate. It’s hearsay. He addresses the fact that the Democrats have based their case on hearsay, which isn’t even admissible. And he attacks the whole report’s narrative. This guy is a genius. This vanderveen where’s this guy been? Can we hire this guy? Is it possible? Can we hire this guy? We can always use a good lawyer. Can we? This rate probably went through the roof after this. It gets better. So lesson number one, use your microphone. Lesson number two, always, always correct false narratives before answering a question about a false narrative. We all have to learn this and we’ll get to Alinsky rules shortly to watch this video. Sorry, it’s a lot of video, but it’s important. I don’t like to beat you over the head with video. But this today, it’s critical. Rarely do we start the show with four straight but that’s gonna happen today. President Trump’s legal team also took the opportunity another excellent lawyer, David shone, who did a terrific job to confront the second false narrative. President Trump incited violence on his January 6 speech he did what by calling people to march peacefully and patriotically. That’s the actual transcript for President Trump’s words. How does that how that’s inciting violence is beyond me. But if you’re a liberal lunatic and your media allies, that probably makes sense to you, because you’re not saying so again, instead of addressing that, that entirely false premise, he attacks the premise head on that is it really President Trump? That was inciting violence? Maybe before we even get to that question, we should establish who’s really inciting violence. And they went on with this six to 10 minute video to remember how long showing the democrats calling for a fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, and he actually inciting violence himself. He does that. And then he did this. They took the opportunity that Trump team and their lawyer David shown for the first time in a long time with a national audience. Why do I say it because it’s the first time a national audience of people that will watching the impeachment hoax hearing on Saturday, Joe, this is the first time they’ve heard this. They have been told for four years now three years upon a four years that President Trump after the disaster in Charlottesville, and the death of Heather hire, they have been told, and people believe it’s still, Joe, that President Trump said that there were very fine people on both sides. And clearly there Matt narrative was this, the President Trump was talking about white supremacist that they were very fine people. We call it us interested in the truth to find people hoax. Because that’s not exactly what President Trump said. And they edited it. They edited the evidence again, and David Schoen calls them out in this piece where I’m telling you, the national audience for the first time is hearing the truth about the fine people hoax. Check this out.

Well, this lied travel around the world a few times, made its way into the Biden campaign talking points and ended up on the Senate floor. The Charlottesville lie very fine people on both sides. Except that isn’t all he said. And they knew it then. And they know it. Now, watch this. But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. You had people in that group? Excuse me, excuse me, I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of to them a very, very important statue, and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name. George Washington was a slave owner was George Washington, a slave owner. So will George Washington now lose his status? Are we going to take down? Excuse me? Are we going to take down? Are we going to take down statues to judge Why? How about Thomas Jefferson? What do you think of Thomas Jefferson? You like them?

Okay, good.

Are we going to take down the statue because he was a major slave owner? Now we’re going to take down his statue. So you know what,

it’s fine.

You’re changing history, you’re changing culture. And you had people and I’m not talking about the neo nazis and the white nationalist, because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo nazis and white nationalists.

Okay. That’s probably the first time people across the country have heard that actual speech, because they’ve been lied to by a propaganda media that wanted you to believe President Trump was referring to white supremacists as fine people, even though he very specifically and clearly in the unedited video, the undoctored video, not the one that Democrats who doctored the evidence use clearly says, and I am not talking about these white supremacist, white or white national, whatever he said exactly. He said, they are to be condemned completely. Those are just his words. those are those are just his words. Again, an example of takeaway number two from today do not answer questions on false narratives. They’re not questions. They’re statements by you answering the question you play into their false narrative shown took the opportunity to correct that too. Let’s go back to Lesson number one and I want to move on to Alinsky rules and how they apply to what happened this weekend were canceled culture are taking oral dianabol right now that’s a steroid for those of you don’t remember the 70s and the bodybuilder dianabol era back then where they probably chewed them like tic tocs kancil culture is metastasizing. But let me get to this one to our good friend Ron desantis, who we really love, who is absolutely terrific as the governor of florida shows you again how you can use a microphone, not play into media false narratives, and get it out there. Every one of you it’s not just him, get the truth out there and reestablish people in a bedrock home of truth and authenticity. This guy does it great. He is going to be a serious, serious contender in the future for the for national office, the presidency, maybe senate afterwards, whatever he decides. Here’s governor Ron De Santis using his microphone like we should all be doing to correct this false narrative that schools should be shut down because of some catastrophic risk to students from the Coronavirus which is inaccurate. Check this out. We follow the evidence in the data. We

didn’t follow special interests. We didn’t follow hysteria. We did what was right by students and families. And we’re much better for that. And the fact that you’re going to have schools that are going to be closed for this entire school year. Probably even into the fall is a national disgrace. Florida lead on education. We were there for our working parents, we were there for our students. And we’re gonna continue to do that and we are not turning back.

As I said, use your microphone correct the narratives ladies and gentlemen If you answer the questions without correcting the narratives in advance Trump called white supremacists fine people false it’s okay to doctor evidence I’m jealous I’m done. You know to be fair, no to be fair as to not Dr. Evans, correct. The narratives use your microphone. Use your microphone. You have power now using social media and other platforms we did not have 20 years ago. What were you going to do write a letter to the editor at the paper that was your best option? You were lucky it got printed. Everybody has a letter to the editor. Now you’re the editor and social media is that tool. Use your microphone. It matters. All right now next I want to get to canceled culture absolutely metastasizing. And I want to importantly because I never like to leave you without solutions. It’s easy to complain everybody does it. I like to do it a lot. It’s cathartic makes me feel good. But solutions matter not complaints. We’ll get to that in a second don’t miss that blog today show also brought to you by our friends at magic Spoon. Hey, growing up we all know it all. There’s no one to meet the cereal is one of the best parts of being a kid was it not? Maybe the best part you read the back of the box in the morning. We had to give it up most of us because we realize no i did because it was full of sugar and junk that you really shouldn’t be eating magic spoon has released a brand new variety pack of absolutely delicious It’s so good flavors now featuring peanut butter. They released peanut butter is a limited edition flavor in 2020 and it’s sold out three times. Probably gonna sell out 20 more times because people love this stuff peanut butter has gotten so much love. They decided to make it permanent and add it to the bestsellers variety pack which includes frosty, fruity and cocoa and a zero sugar magic spoon cereal 13 to 14 grams of protein only four net grams of carbs in each serving. Only 140 calories a serving. It is absolutely delicious. It’s keto friendly, gluten free, grain free soy free, low carb and GMO free and it’s not here because this is a box in our house of strawberry that as you can see is empty. Here’s another box of strawberry that’s empty. And here’s another box of peaches and cream that is empty. I love my kids, but they eat the heck out of this and always throw the empty boxes back on the shelf. Go to magic spoon comm slash Bungie to grab a variety pack try it today. Be sure to use our promo code bacino at checkout to save $5 off your order we just got that order it’s already gone send us some more magic spoon magic spoon so confident their product is back with a 100% happiness guaranteed you know like if for any reason they’ll refund your money no questions asked. Remember that your next delicious bowl of guilt free cereal at magic spoon.com slash bond Gino and use the code bond Gino Bo n gi Enter to save $5 off. Thanks magic spoon for sponsoring this episode. So we just took a short break you didn’t even notice because Paula splices it all together. But Joe had a one of his pearls of wisdom again, we’ll be covering at the end of the show. We will end today’s show today. So you have to stay tuned to the end. I hate to say this but it’s true. It’s a seven second video of our hero of the day. Don’t worry I won’t sing Metallica again. I don’t know I might it depends. I got a lot of complaints about my Metallica sing how awful it was. But the video at the end of the day Joe just said it right because he’s clever and I’m not jealous like hey, it’s another guy use the microphone. You’ll see at the end of the show our hero with a day will decide on Metallica like I’m going through it in my head now. First, cancel culture cancel culture,

metallic metastasizing And importantly, how to how we’re going to talk about how to get it back. Just the news john Solomon site. Great piece today canceled culture hits fever pitch journalists, critics, actors, TV hosts musicians in the crosshairs, folks, I really am having a hard time going through all the examples of just the canceled culture episodes that have happened since Friday. I’m not kidding. Because it’s gotten so bad. It’s really tough to keep track. We’ve had reporters since just this last week. Reporters even at liberal rags canceled. We had Gina Carano. Excellent actress, and a real American hero right now cancelled from the Mandalorian on Disney plus. I hope you cancelled your Disney plus, folks. What else? Oh the bachelor, the Bachelor. The Bachelor dude. Is there. Joe? Is there ever been a more like benign, non political dude then Chris Harrison at the bachelor? It’s like, man, Tony, do you accept this rose? What? What the hell is that? Do you accept this rose guy got canceled. Not a joke. You may be laughing like come on, Dan. Did I Chris Harrison? Do you accept the rose guy you know his face you may not know his name. Guess he got canceled to john Solomon’s piece. Just the news. Quote, there’s blood in the water folks canceled culture seemingly growing in Parliament’s This is. I’m sorry I hate when I cut myself off. But this is genius. Maybe related to several factors according to Philip Smith, a professor of sociology at Yale University. Wow, Yale and an actual moment of brilliance here very strange how that happened. Quote, here’s Philip Smith, this professor. I guess we can argue that there’s an interaction effect between social media the psychodynamics of a brief moment of mob power, free float free floating anxiety in a rage that can latch onto something. And the pleasure of moral indignation. Smith told just the news. Bingo. Just like Joe Biden when he said he was going to take your guns came through with that, too. He’s trying right now. We’ll hopefully get to that later. If not tomorrow. That’s important. Two critical takeaways from that first screenshot, just the news? Little hyper today, folks, that’s okay. First, Joe, what are we talking about last week, we canceled culture. There’s power in the mob. Is power people crave power. Ladies and gentlemen. It’s not complicated. It may sound overly philosophical and metaphysical in some weird way. It’s not it’s just a simple, tautological truth. In fact, power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. To quote Lord Acton. people crave power. Why? Because this the same reason we crave Five Guys Burgers, because it tastes good. Power just feels good. It leads to things like prestige, a padding of your ego, it gives people who have sadly, and I do mean sadly, rather meaningless lives in many cases. It gives a meaning and a cause. mob power is even better, because you can lose yourself in the cause without having to take responsibility for itself from its outcome. What do I mean by that? quick story, if I’m a point of personal privilege here, when I was a police officer with the NYPD, one of the things they used to teach us in riot control training was that if you’re looking at someone trade ahead of you, and you’re on that line holding the bike rack while people are ripping it, taking it apart and trying to attack you and riot, one of the best things to do is if you can get their name to look them in the eye and say, Robbie, calm down. This is brilliant. Why Why does that matter? Why is a person in the middle of a riot care about having their name and BNSF No, no, no, no, no, no, no. One of the advantages of being in a mob whether it’s a canceled culture mob online, or an actual mob in real life, is the ability to emote, feel your power so your thoughts but not face any of the personal consequences so you get lost in the collective action. When someone looks you in the eye and says your name specifically it personalizes you again. It grounds you back in you rather than this collective mob that seems to take over where people just do stupid things. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m telling you, I’ve tried it multiple times it works. You personalizes people, it makes them realize what they’re doing has consequences them personally, they can’t just blame the mob.

I know it sounds crazy, but it works is power in a mob. Second point that Professor Smith they’re made is there’s pleasure in it ladies and gentlemen. There’s not only power in a cancel mob, but there’s pleasure in it. Joe, it’s just just a fact right? If you don’t like doing something, you stopped doing it. A lot of things Joe and I don’t like we stopped doing these shows evolve so much from the early SoundCloud days, you can only find those episodes there. That it’s probably unrecognizable to people if you just started listening to go back and listen by because Joe and I didn’t like stuff. We’re like, that’s good. That’s not good. You just stop doing it. You don’t me and Joe didn’t sit down and go and we don’t like that segment. Let’s do more of it. Nobody does that. Well, everybody’s true. So if you don’t like canceling people, and you get no sense of enjoyment out of it, you would stop doing it but they don’t it’s only getting worse. That’s why this is so dangerous. But let’s go all right now that we’ve set up the problem, liberals that radical leftist, canceled culture, acolytes love mob power number one, and they get some sense of satisfaction from it. Number two, how do we fight back and what’s the problem? Well, I can tell you first, let’s first say What we shouldn’t do what’s what not to do with canceled culture. He also suggested this is the professor a blood in the water effect might be at play. One where folks pile on if they sense humiliation as possible. Quote, whatever the person being canceled, says is turned against them and feeds the fire. He said, the best strategy is probably to say nothing and wait for things to go away. The opposite of what businesses are told about the need for an apology upfront right now. Public apologies Of course, are a hallmark of canceled culture. With rare exceptions, public figures often rush quickly to issue apologies on social media, in an effort to forestall any more damage. Quote, Joe Biden, who’s going to now steal your guns again? BINGO, BINGO.

apologizing will do you no good folks. It only feeds the sense of power and the sense of pleasure people gained from having that power overview. They don’t care about the apology. Just gas did the rose guy from the Bachelor. Do you accept this rose canceled cultures like double barreled middle finger go? stuck yourself. canceled culture cares about apologies? No, not at all. So why don’t you do them? Because some PR person told me to do it. Do they have any actual evidence? It works? No, they have none. So why are you doing it? So let’s talk about now how to fight back and how to win because I just told you what not to do. Which is if you feel like you’re being canceled. Listen, if you screw something up really bad. You know? You’re like a serial killer and You’re busted. Yeah, you probably should be canceled. But for episodes like this, this new craze where everybody’s canceled for everything. Do not apologize. Make no no. It’s a waste of your time. Why would you do it? So I now just told you what not to do. Here’s what we do. What’s it Tommy? Boy? I need a culture expert around here. Joe is good with music, but he’s okay with movies, but not that great. Is that a fair assessment show? I’m not insulting you. Am I? Yeah. You’re not like just a movie? Yeah, me, either. But I’m pretty sure Chris Farley, God rest his soul and Tommy Boy. It may have been Tommy Boy, you’re the one that came after them. I call it the that’s your theory approach. If you see the movie, you know, Joe has no idea what I’m talking about. Either this Paul or anyone else. But in the movie, every time someone insults. Chris Farley who plays this happy dance in the movie, who inherits this company from his dad doesn’t know what to do with it. Every time someone insults him. He just goes that’s your theory. It doesn’t mean anything. But it’s the perfect response to me. It’s when you see the movie, you’ll laugh and you’ll think of this show. This is the new approach to cancel culture driven. No apologies. And if that’s your theory, that’s your response for everything and laugh it off. Again, that doesn’t work. Really. Let’s go back to Saul Alinsky rules. Saul Alinsky, famous radical leftist, organizer, scion of the left, the left is used Alinsky. He’s, what 13 rules forever to organize very sophisticated attacks against conservatives, libertarians and magga supporters. What are his rules? Well, how does canceled culture work? Let’s go back to Alinsky rule here number one, I’m going to go with two three of them here. Here’s number one of three we’re going to talk about today. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. That’s what they do. Right? Gina Carano became a target Disney plus Mandalorian actress and what we who we believe to be a conservative, she may she may not be but based on some of our posts where she does this crazy thing, Joe supporting liberty and freedom and asking questions, you know, verboten amongst the cancer, you know, very bad amongst the cancer culture crowd. So how did they do it? Well, of the multitude of targets they had available that day, the radical left decided to pick Gina Carano. freeze it, don’t let her off the hook. Go to Twitter, Facebook, all of your bias social media now on section 230 compliant platforms. Freeze her in place and attack. personalize it. tell stories about how Gina Carano daring to ask questions about mask usage has personally led to the death of your grandma whatever they probably make most of these stories up of course the connection is totally ridiculous, but they make it personal. I used to say when I ran for office, the left is very good about making Making things bleed, bleed In other words, feel alive. Anything, make it real. Make it so you pinch it and it’s like you can almost feel it.

The left is great at that. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it,

polarize it, create polls, like a magnet. You’re either with us or you’re against us. How do they do that? Folks, it’s genius. And for you not to adopt the tactic, you’d be foolish yourself. You say things like, Disney plus continues to let Gina Carano play Cara Dune in the Mandalorian and act and make a living as an actress. They are definitely anti science. And they’re anti semitic too. Because Gina Carano, posted a statement about the dangers of Nazi Germany and groupthink. Well, that connection seems a little weird that she would be anti semitic warning about the effects of anti semitism. It doesn’t matter if it’s real folks, All that matters is you make it up and you make it convincing in your in your efforts to Gaslight Thank you, movie dude who sent me this. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. You just made it up. What matters is you polarize it. You’re either with us and you fire Gina Carano one pole, or you’re an anti Semite, ah, what the hell. So how do we take the Tommy Boy, that’s your theory approach to that? Well, we go to one of Solomon skis, other rules. Yeah, this is the same set of rules. Quote, the Alinsky, a tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Well, if you don’t answer and you don’t apologize, and people like Disney, just ignore this. Well, what happens? You’ve unfroze the target. You’re polarizing isn’t working. Either is your personalization. That tactic starts to drag on. And it becomes a real drag because it gets boring after a while. Folks, if you’re not memorizing Alinsky rules, and using them in this fight right now, you are making an enormous tactical mistake. For the moral failings of the man his rules were genius. And memorizing his rules, is the equivalent of a modern day SWOT analysis. Not SWAT like special weapons and tactics like police force SWAT, SW, OT. For those of you who’ve gone to business school, it’s one of the few things I learned a lot in business school. So one of the few things you can use to develop a matrix to develop strategies for your business and it works if you do it right. The S and the W in SWOT analysis stands for strengths and weaknesses. And the essence of a SWOT analysis is how to leverage and take advantage of your strengths to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate threats. But it’s also how to mitigate weaknesses. to forestall opportunities others may have and to cut off threats. Learning Alinsky rules fits into the SWOT matrix. One you can use the rules because they work as a strength. But secondly, what are your weaknesses, you’ve been subjected to the rules we’ve been picked, polarized and cancelled. If you knew the rules in advance, and that’s a weakness, you can mitigate the threats from it. Because you know what’s coming, and you know how to make the tactic drag on and make it a drag. Folks, I’m sorry, this is not like me trying to put myself on some kind of pedestal. But there are not enough people in the conservative content creation space right now talking about this. There’s a lot of complaining going on. But there’s not a lot of like, well, what are they doing? How is it their strength? How is it a weakness for us? How do we make it our strength? And how do we mitigate the weakness by having it used against us? That’s tactics. And once we expose the weakness of their position, Gina Carano is an anti Semite totally completely fabricated, made up she is the an anti anti Semite, that was the point of our post. Once we expose it. How fake and phony and we don’t apologize and we make them drag it out over and over and over. It will do what it will expose the weakness of their position that they thought was a strength, their ability to cancel people.

Which brings up olinsky rule number three Today, we’re gonna do a lot of them but we’ll cover just three today. Don’t ever forget this one. powers not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have to strength for our ideological opponents, us thinking they can cancel us in any minute. Even though their power is a bunch of kids in their basement on social media tweeting to Disney. Well, what happens when that’s exposed? And when a company with guts, unlike Disney doesn’t cancel a Gina Carano. And they realize not only doesn’t, you know, not affect their bottom line at all, but they’ll probably get new viewers on Disney plus if they hadn’t done what they did. Because people would be like, wow, that was pretty cool. They stood up to the mob for once. It’ll dismantle the House of Cards. These leftists have been living on the entire time which is their full power. Their power is not real. It’s fake. Because they live by the Alinsky rule that power is not what you have but what the enemy thinks you have. And too many people for too long think this is actual organized leftist power it’s a joke. All right, let me get to my third sponsor and I want to get to very important so and I got the video our hero of the day, I’m bleeding heavily towards the not singing Metallica because I can’t take anymore. Joe. Joe’s actually professional singer not being the most unprofessional of singers ever. Alright, today’s show, this is producer Joe’s absolute favorite spots are our friends at Rock auto. Why? Because Joe is gay in addition to be a, you know, musician, a very talented audio producer. He’s also an add home mechanic and he does his own work in his cars. So one reason to repair maintain your cars is to save money you can then use for other important things, you know, the mortgage, the food, that kind of stuff. 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Red Flag going under the hood for review? No way. There’s laundry on the field, folks. Did I not? Joe, you you’re here. Paula, you’ve been here. You know the deal. What is the one criticism I added the Trump administration, the debt deficits were exploding the government spending money through them. So please, I don’t know what other conservatives did. Some a lot of them called it out to not me. I have been consistent on this from day one. So I’m not going to accept that at all. We are in real trouble, like serious trouble Washington Examiner. federal deficit to hit 2.3 trillion in 2021. The second largest shortfall since World War Two. Folks, this is kind of a big deal. Why? I don’t know how to explain this in any simpler terms from everyone out there across the political spectrum who is seemingly unconcerned about this debt and thinks this monitored modern monetary theory stuff is real, modern monetary theory also known as mmt, for obvious reasons. mmt says, Don’t worry, we’ll just print our way out of it. That’s the gist of it. No problem at all, really. So you’re telling me that the government paying both people and vendors to provide government services with money we don’t have. That’s what a deficit means for the liberals listening that we spent over $2 trillion that did not come into the government. So we spent it but we didn’t have it. So what did we do we just made the money out you’re telling me there’s no downside to that whatsoever? Oh, sane people like Joseph Sternberg at the Wall Street Journal I beg to differ

he’s like hey, with this inflation debate missus inflation focus focusing only on consumer prices allows economist to miss all the other social danger signs of bad prices, folks, this is a brilliant piece. I’m going to get to three screenshots. But it’s important because what is going on here? There are some economists out there who prefer the printing of money endlessly who are saying, Oh, don’t worry, you know, in the past, we could print money. And it obviously lead to inflation, why? inflation is a very simple phenomenon, folks. You print a lot of money, and you don’t make more goods for the money to buy, then more money is chasing the same goods. So if there’s one Kenny Bell, right here, it’s the Kenny bell. Let’s see the Kenny Bell, Kenny bell. There it is. If we’re not making more Kenny bells because the economy is struggling and no one’s working to make Kenny bells, but we’re printing more money to buy Kenny bells, then the one kind of Kenny Bell out there can get more money can fetch more money at a higher price because there’s more money and not enough Kenny bell. It’s not hard to understand. liberals have a tough time with this though. So Joseph Sternberg at the Wall Street Journal’s like, Hey, we’re in real trouble here, folks. Because we’ve seen inflation literally take down countries in the past. We’re going down the same road and nobody seems concerned about it. Also, we just print more money to pay for stuff we don’t have. She use me to pay for items we don’t have the taxpayers to support. He says, quote, pay attention to this. This is not a joke. something extraordinary is breaking out at the moment, a debate about inflation. The trigger is this $1.9 trillion stimulus bill Biden in the Capitol Hill democrats intend to ram through on a party vote. The some ladies and gentlemen is so outlandish that it’s making even veteran spendthrifts nervous. This is a quote from Larry Summers, Larry Summers, who was Clinton’s treasury secretary. I did some work for him in the Secret Service. This guy is no conservative. He is left these days. as it gets. He wasn’t always but he is now. This is even a leftist saying this he says quote, there’s a chance that macro economic stimulus on a scale closer to World War two levels than normal recession levels will set off inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation. This is a leftist, saying, Hey, dudes. And ladies, this is probably not a good idea to print $2 trillion to pay for stuff, we don’t have the money for it to the government. That doesn’t sound good. Because the $2 trillion is going to find its way into an economy and there’s not enough gavels and Kenny bells out there to scoop up Kenny bell rings for everybody and scoop up and it was we need like a Kenny Bell buffer to absorb all this money. Ladies and gentlemen, history is flashing red sign sirens right now. The sirens are going and nobody’s paying attention. Here. Second screenshot from the Sternberg piece. Inside emerges from a browse through Ferguson’s 1975 history of Germany’s hyperinflation. When money dies, that was the name of it. The run up in consumer prices was only part of the way the monetary excesses of the early 1920s destroyed German society. Other evils are bounded. In other words, what he’s saying this next paragraph is looking only at prices, consumer prices how much the Kenny Bell costs without focusing on where inflation and money printing destroyed society elsewhere is dumb. He goes on. This is what happened and when it took down, you know the Y Mar Republic. Middle Class investors found the value of an income from their capital wrecked by a phenomenal bit up in prices for financial assets whose nominal gains masked inflation adjusted plunges. I’ll translate in a minute financial disorder so growing unease bordering on panic on the part of a bourgeoisie that had relied on its capital investments to fuel German economic growth and fund its consumption. What are they saying? They’re this guy saying we’ve tried this in history, the mass printing of money and what happened in Germany that led to its collapse, and really a 3040 year stretch of disaster. He talks about that with such a panic, to get yield and returns on your money as your money got inflated away, that people started chasing other assets, that their nominal gains in those assets couldn’t even keep up with the inflation. Simple example. You keep your money in a bank account. Inflation eats away its value. As prices go up and up and up. It takes you more money to buy the same stuff. So if you keep your money in a bank account, that doesn’t grow as fast as inflation, you can’t buy stuff anymore. So what were people doing, chasing crazier and crazier projects, speculative projects, hoping to get the return on the next whatever, Facebook or something.

And even the nominal returns Hey, I gained 10% Today, I’m investment in Facebook or whatever the new Facebook, whatever it may be great inflation was 20% you actually lost money.

He goes on. A consequence of these chaotic financial markets was a new boom and speculation. The economic miseries of the era were not uniformly distributed folks. kind of sounds like something happening now. And the divergence between new classes of haves and have nots, Stoke political and personal resentments alongside rampant corruption, any of this sound familiar? The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We got a GameStop folks fighting against hedge son hedge fund managers sounds really weird right? in other ways to faint but eerie echoes of the Walmart era starting to sound a curious phenomenon at that time was the emergence of not gelled or emergency money forgive me if I’m not saying that right, printed by local governments or larger corporations to facilitate commerce amid the collapse of the national money is Bitcoin the not Guild of our day? Elon Musk might think so given Tesla’s recent $1.5 billion bet in alternative currency and his tweet contending Bitcoin is almost as bs as fiat money. Ladies and gentlemen, absent the opportunity, if any reliable and reliable vest investment opportunity, because your money’s withering away, and you’re afraid to invest in anything that doesn’t give you double digit returns to make you more money than the money you’re losing, because of inflation, you will have rampant chaotic speculation, financial chaos, and the chasing of yield and increasingly bizarre projects that will eventually lead to the collapse of everything.

Wall Street Journal peace today, the pandemic spending hangover federal debts reached 100% of GDP, even before Biden plans become law. Look at this screenshot in case you think the printing of money has some kind of an asymptote, we’ve reached the top it doesn’t, it’s getting worse. Look at this screenshot. We have spent more on the than the top, we’re spending more right now in the last few years than the entire accumulated debt from the entire time of the Obama era. The Obama era, the biggest spender ever in human history before the Trump era, when we had a lot of debt and deficits to the entire deficit during the Obama first term was only 5.1 trillion. We’re already getting to that in the next couple years. Holy Moses, are we in trouble? All right, I gotta get to my video, but I gotta buy our final sponsor of the day. Don’t get Don’t miss this video. Maybe I’ll get to one more story. But you notice how I talked my way through the show on the air. But we do have a hero of the day segment, because I don’t want to leave you again on a bad note. All right, Dan, what’s the fix for inflation to stop? Now, today, put a lid at a minimum on government spending. And now, Dan, we’re still in you know, 2 trillion in deficit annual deficits. Now, folks, it’s a start. It’ll start reestablishing faith in our currency right now the solution is simple, but nobody has the guts to do it. Alright, today’s show brought to you by MD hearing aid. It’s an FDA approved digital hearing aid that costs a fraction of what typical hearing aids costs. This is a new favorite. My dad has had some issues with his hearing for a long time he worked in a lot of loud environments. The average price of a hearing aid in America is over 20 $400 a pair. But their Volk plus model is just 299 99 each when you buy a pair that’s nearly 90% less. And the hearing aid was founded by an EMT surgeon who saw how many of his patients needed hearing aids but couldn’t afford them. They are expensive. He made his mission he made it his mission to develop a quality hearing aid that anyone could afford. Their sleek design fits really well. No one will ever know you’re wearing it. Plus it’s rechargeable with a battery life that lasts up to 30 hours. If you forget to take your hearing aids off in the shower, don’t worry, the volt plus is waterproof and up to three feet of water. You don’t even need a prescription or a doctor’s appointment. You buy it directly from them with audiologists and licensed hearing specialists available seven days a week. So how do they make the hearing aids so affordable? Since about 95% of people who need a hearing aid only require a few settings and the hearing aid simplified the need for certain components not needed by most people. And the hearing aid is brought affordable hearing to over 600,000 satisfied customers they have an A plus Better Business Bureau rating and they offer a 45 day risk free trial with a 100% money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence. It’s time to reclaim your life from hearing loss. Go to MD hearing aid calm and use the promo code bond Gino to get there by one get One to 9999 each offer. Plus they’re adding a free extra charging case a $60 value just for listeners of my show that they want to show. So head to m d hearing a.com use our promo code bond genome today. Or you can even call them at 1-800-734-9524 that’s 1-800-734-9524 check them out. You won’t regret it MD hearing aid calm use promo code bungee Oh, all right, getting back to the show. Should we do the video cupola can we skip back there and get to the Daily Mail story please I got a couple videos of this liberal you know crazy person calling for a truth commission but I’m gonna have to get to that tomorrow. You know what involves Potato Head to over at CNN so I don’t want to get I don’t want to go red line today. I need to like get back down to earth workout after the show and kind of like center you know, story up in the shownotes today please subscribe to my shownotes bungee you know that comm slash newsletter lets us communicate with you directly showing you again what I’ve been warning you about for I don’t know five to seven years now as long as I’ve been doing this show that liberalism is an all consuming forest fire in a metastasizing cancer on the collective Caboose of the entire globe, not just the United States. And the only way to show liberals the devastating effects, sadly, of their own religion because that’s what liberalism is. It is to actually impose real material losses on them from their allegiance to this outrageous anti American system of government known as liberalism. What do I mean? It’s sad, folks, but some people you just you can bring them to the water, but you can’t make them drink it. They will die of thirst. Liberals are like that.

Remember, the whole defund the police movement? Joe, do we not worried about that? We’re not worried about the stupid. Did we not say this sounds really dumb. This sounds really stupid. So you have big cities known for high crime, sadly, many of them and your solution is to defund and get rid of the police officers keeping a lid on the high crime. Hey, who told you that was a good idea to Opie liberals because that’s what they do best, say dopey things. Well, sadly, and I believe me, I mean, sadly, it’s not that people get hurt you this is not a joke. But we have warned you you would get hurt. We warned you did we not? If you defund your police, you will see an explosion in crime and in the areas you live in. You will get hurt. We warned you please don’t do it. They did anyway. Daily Mail with the longest headlines in human history. What happened in Minneapolis, we warned you There’s no time for shouting fraud by the way, none. So time to be deadly serious. Daily Mail headlines so much for defund the police, Minneapolis to spend $6.4 million recruiting more officers following a sharp rise in crime and up to 200 cops quitting after the George Floyd riots and $8 million in budget cuts. I I can’t I can’t take it. I can’t take it. I cannot believe that. You needed to be warned about the funding of police number one because it was so stupid. But secondly, after repeatedly, repeatedly urging you to do a U turn. People had to die had their car stolen. People had to be raped and assaulted, have their homes burglarized their businesses burglarized that all had to happen before you started to say to yourself liberals in Minneapolis. Maybe those crazy conservatives aren’t so crazy and maybe taking away our police officers was not a good idea. getting goosebumps here because one of the saddest damn things I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding, I am this is not a joke. I warned every one of you with over a decade of my life spent in law enforcement, the federal and local level that this was going to result in real people suffering real material losses. Some of them their lives, and you did it anyway. And now you find yourself back at square one, trying to rehire police officers who quit.

Just to shame.

And you’ll go move out of Minneapolis and bring your stupid ideas elsewhere. Just please stay out of Florida. Please, I’m begging you. Please stay out of Florida. We got a good thing going down here in Florida. Please stay where you are. All right. Let me leave you with some good news because it’s been kind of a Debbie Downer show today. Sorry about that. But I gotta warn you I ran into a lady by the way at the fair this weekend. She says that I had to take a few weeks off from your show after the election. I said no. You got to get back in the fight. I’m sorry. Everybody we need to dust off. This one doesn’t straighten out that much. It’s hard to do. Seriously Good news. Here’s a guy in Australia this is maybe the greatest clip I’ve ever seen is this guy I don’t know who this guy is but he’s outdoors outdoors folks for those of you listening on audio and he’s got a pretty thick Australian accent This was on their Seven News Channel there and some guy on a with a microphone on like a 30 foot long stick because I guess he’s kind of triple social distancing or whatever gets sorry I don’t you realize as a lockdown happening right now, that’s probably a British accent more than Australia one but whatever. I don’t really do those two up. And the guy’s like, had enough of this. So if you’re not watching this, the video I have to pay is a lot better. But you’ll hear a little thump at the end. I’ll explain what happens on the other side of this. check this guy out. Here’s our hero of the day.

Did you realize there’s a lockdown?

So, for those of you listen our audio Delpy reporter he says I he very, very thick Australian accent he’s mine. I can’t wait for these and he says some kind of food. I don’t know what he’s talking about, like the hotdogs or sausage. I don’t know what he’s cooking on his barbecue. But the guy thinks is a good idea to stick to Mike my guy just swats the microphone right away like he’s not there. That gentleman microphone swatting guy as Joe said, Everybody use your microphone Joe is accurate. I use mine. Use your daddy’s are here with a day whoever that guy is. He’s had enough of this BS. Well done. Put a little smile on your face. All right, folks. Thanks again for tuning in. Been a loaded show today. Please go to bacino report.com make it your home for morning news. It’s your new conservative alternative to the Drudge Report and please subscribe to our rumble channel on video rumble.com slash bond Gino rumble comm slash bungee No, we really appreciate it. We are almost at 1.5 million million subscribers on rumble it is free for you watch the video watch that video at the end. It’s a real trip rumble calm slash bungee. Thanks. see you all tomorrow. You just heard Dan bongino…