2.22.21 Scott McKay: Bridging The Gap, How The Plan Looks Now

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These truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government. Laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to reflect their safety and happiness, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is the right, it is the duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for the future security.

The world is waking up, and this is the tipping point. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Scott McKay. I am the host of the tipping point on revolution radio. And now that we have gone live on youtube, it has become the Patriots Street Fighter. And welcome to tonight, folks, we are doing this Live from Las Vegas, if you could see the setup I have right now you’d be like, you know, this guy could build an aircraft carrier with a ball of yarn and that piece of bubblegum and a knitting needle. I left without some of my equipment. I actually brought my equipment with me because I can travel with it.

And because I thought once I was here, there may be a couple things that I’d want to do here I used to live here in Summerlin, I built a high end Wellness Center here and I got out of that business back in 2008. And I love it here I lived against the mountain range from the Met to Trump today tonight. And so just completely are clear to the west Western mountain range right at the base of the mountains Red Rock mountains there at home there and so this is kind of Home sweet home for me. I knew once I got here probably would want to stick around an extra day or two and get some get some work done meet with the business partner, another film project. And cool got a chance to meet Rudy ruettiger today Rudy has been in the space of this group of people in the film studio production world that that I’m connected to and big thing is going to come from that operation I refer to it often as one of the

entities that will be broadcasting media worldwide for the right reasons high vibrational stuff faith based type of films Rudy blindside Christian Films Television Animation for kids all the right stuff to course correct this global shit show that the the global power structure the Rothschild central banking system, the criminal politicians all the scumbags that have taken this country in this world and turned it into what we live with here in Las Vegas. Yes, I’ve dealt with a mask issue. Check this out. Somebody. Ron gave me one of these masks. It’s kind of the mash when Smash. I mean, it’s worthless. It’s I hate to say it it’s kind of like women’s aunties. I’m like, yeah, I’ll put them on. Anyways. It’s completely useless. But yeah, I did run into it in Vegas. It is absolute tyranny. Here it is a full lockdown.

Unbelievable, truly unbelievable.

For the moment, I left my place in Dallas, through the airport, through TSA, through on airplane, landing in Vegas out of the airport, didn’t put a mask on. Didn’t have one. No problems, believe it or not zero problems. Nobody said a word to me. Not one.

Get into Las Vegas.

Coming to the hotel here. I did get I guess I should say.

I don’t have his first when I first came in.

trying to think what it was it was late that night went to another pretty cool event. got a chance to meet some of your local your heroes on YouTube, some pretty big social media influencers that was great to meet all those folks there.

And we’re going to is going to be a lot come out of that and a number of ways.

I’m going to bring in some of these great powerhouse voices into my orbit here on prey to Street Fighter we’re gonna we’re gonna have we’re gonna have a little hot a lot of great

let me say guests we have one tonight on revolution radio, Special Operations guy psychological warfare. We’re gonna talk to Scott Bennett tonight incredible soldier incredible, valuable asset. He’s gonna share some things as a whistleblower that that the Obama administration and Eric Holder and the sludge company put in put on his life putting it you know, put him in prison. All this bullshit that these scumbags do. We’re gonna have him on revolution radio after the show. But

anyways, the mask thing, pretty, they’re pretty good here, they lock you down everywhere, everywhere you have a mask, you know, you don’t get anything done here. It took until I was committed Friday, Saturday night, we had an event at southpoint to watch an incredible film wanna savants film, and great, great, really cool film, you’re gonna get to see that got a chance, of course, to meet Juana Savin. Finally, we’re going to do a show with him. Truly, the tip of the spear probably in front of the spear tip by an inch or two, as we met here to develop a unified front of with this, where we take this digital battlefield and make no mistake, folks, what I’ve come to learn that as is the kinetic side of military operations, the the digital side, the digital warfare operations that we’re all conducting on our own needed some guidance and direction, it now has a unified front, there were a couple of those who couldn’t make it here. So I’m with Robert David Steele, by the way, you guys seem to love that interview I did with him. He was truly powerful. Connected back and forth with him a couple times, we’ll be doing some some work with him. But you guys seem to like it, because we thought I was a high octane truth hammer. He is a high octane for camera.

He let it fly. And for some of those folks out there that are sensitive ears on those kind of, you know, those kinds of letters put together to elicit a sound to give some type of insightful impact, or emphatic meaning sometimes you got to understand this is war. preachers put down the Bible and they pick up weapons to spill blood in war. So whatever the rhetoric is a language is, it’s nothing more than making an emphatic point, oftentimes doesn’t have the meaning given to a particular word that gets thrown around out there. It’s basically just a vicious emphasis on on a certain point. And that’s what I like about him. He lets it fly. Anyways. So finally, I did meet some resistance at the south point, casino where we were seeing this film, I made it through three different walls of security. You know, look, here’s the thing, these are good people, I got it, I got it, I got to deal with these people, I have to respect them. But I’m not wearing a fork and mask, period, period, period. Period, I’m not wearing a fork and mask, I’m not going to endanger my health. I have an irrevocable national medical exemption, period, I had a foot reattached, it needs oxygen, there’s no way in hell, I’m going to restrict the oxygen flow. Finally, I get to the final wall to theater. And that’s where they, that’s where they decided they were going to put a stop. So I was polite. And these guys were great. They’re like, Look, you know, and they quite honestly, you know, they, it doesn’t matter whether they believe in it or not, they have to carry these orders out.

Next option was a supervisor, okay, bring supervisor not wearing a fork and mask. So the supervisor came, talk to him for a minute, explain my situation. And I just said,

You know, I said you probably do understand common biology. And the simple fact is, this is my situation, I need oxygen flow. Otherwise, they take a limb off and he said, Well, I don’t really see how that’s going to affect it. I was like, he said, quite honestly, if it was up to me, I would require two of these and this face shield. I said Jesus h Christ. Are you the right guy for this job? And he started laughing.

He said, Well, he said, How about if I give you one of the shields you wear like glasses, and he goes look if you want to just tip it up a little bit so you’re not put you know what I mean? Okay, so I got the shield, put it on my head up here. walked in, tried to get some popcorn guy wants me to drop the shield down. Okay, no, I didn’t drop the shield down. I got my fork and popcorn. I went in. Look, if you want to have me leave, I’ll leave no problem. watch the movie come out. We’re collaborating with some folks.

Folks decide to go downstairs for dinner for not for dinner hang out with few people. You know there was big David Rodriguez Nina Rodriguez tried to hug that guy I thought man I need a ladder and six foot long arms to actually give this guy the man how he’s going to do some work with us. met a couple of the great guys. Ian went really sharp dude young guy walked away from some some pretty interesting career

directions that he was involved in to fight this war. If you ever got to see MLK I’ve met Mel before Of course and Andrew Steele is a center point in this revolution a lot of people Prime Minister a missing I’m leaving people out Mike Jayco a lot of great people here got a chance to meet but anyway so when I came upon the crowd, then of course it started again and I’m just like, you know you guys can I wasn’t gonna put the shield on

then you have to leave I’m like Alright, here’s what we do. Let’s leave so we all have to pull everybody out we all came to the Trump had drinks that night. So here’s the thing

I don’t like to do this these are good people they have a job to do it sucks for them believe me and I was very kind in fact one of the first gentlemen the security guy so it looks got you’re pretty good as I can tell you very intelligent guy said you’re really nice guy too. He said like I hate this shit he said I really do.

But I mean we had you know we had a good we had a good dialogue because I said look man let me tell you something. We back your play brother we we we know you have a tough job and we back we back your play we just want you to know that you know we understand at the same time you know there’s a decision to make here and Nevada All I can say is when are you going to put your foot down look I went into a bank today same thing my bank here

I got the speech

just nonsense. Okay, I had to get some bank cards because I lost him so guess what?

Yeah the millennials always same thing.

You got to put your mask on blah blah blah. So I went over to the table did what I did put the chin strap on walked over kid gentlemen help me I’m out that’s it not gonna put that damn thing in my face.

So car rental center same bullshit no problem I guess it won’t be renting from this agency I go to another agency

because get a hold the line you got to hold the fork in line so right now I’m without a rental car can’t even get a rental car for different reasons like this, but that’s just the way it is. So guess what? I’m getting my ass on a plane and I’m getting the hell out of here. I’m not going to be putting up with this. I like it here. I love it here love the people here but this is bullshit. People I guess you know whether it’s a Gaming Commission. Whether it’s a governor, people need to, I guess sooner or later. Gonna make sure I don’t move anything around too quickly because this operation is set up with bubblegum and toothpaste or

little toothpaste keeping this thing together so it doesn’t all come crashing down. If it does, you just notice what happened. So anyways, love seeing my friends in Las Vegas here.

We had a an amazing weekend, we got to spend some time with Jim Caviezel. And his new film called a freedom it is going to be a powerful movie on child sex trafficking. Probably through a maybe an hour and 40 minutes I probably was in tears probably about 30 of those minutes. It’s a pretty tough, tough view of what we’re dealing with. But I can tell you this I said this a year ago when I started raining down Hellfire and brimstone on this evil evil cabal on this planet. That the the the axis with which their whole world spins on is adrenochrome and child trafficking, brutal torture and sodomy and cannibalism and all this absolutely maniacal satanist shit, that I would not stop raining down armament on this subject and these people until this was done at all personal cost. And I do mean at all personal costs. And in this world, you know, some people worry about the danger of the things that we’re saying and doing but, you know, I look at it this way I was given a gift, I was given a second chance when my life was once over. And I you know, went to one side and was pushed back here. So every day is a gift for me. But the simple fact is, you know,

many of us have a chance or some of us will have a chance to live or something and many folks will die for for nothing. For no purpose for nothing more than walking on your part of the sidewalk breathing your chair the air, drinking your share of the water and tiptoeing your way through life and knowing that you left an enormous enormous amount of potential sitting on the table sitting on the table that

You could have brought to the battlefield and changed your world and the world. And that’s what we’re going to do here. Moving forward, I had a great meeting this weekend with a very impressive lady that I got to know Monique, I’ll talk more about my conversations with her.

I am going to, I probably should mention it now. But I’m kind of excited about it. I’m going to have a call to arms of some of the greatest leaders in this country to come together, come meet with me, we have Navy SEALs all over this country who have come under the impression that because they are have been decommissioned from the battlefield, put their arms down, and they’re now in American society, doing whatever, I see a massive resource of talent and leadership that this country needs. And I’m going to formulate a battle plan to call to public arms, you Navy SEALs who are around this nation, knowing full well that your Brotherhood is still intact, or at least it is in spirit, maybe not physically. But I want to see that brotherhood brought back together, teams brought back together, and you bring in your leadership capabilities, to the population to this country. So we can take this thing back. And I’m probably going to name this movement, initiative, Operation restoration. And we need to get the men and women though women are seals, of course Battalion, but specifically, Special Operations, warfare, men who have been out there, and putting their courage on the battlefront in forward areas, very dangerous areas. And I’m gonna say it is now time that you bring those skills, and that psychological training and leadership to this battlefield. And we start taking back ground from these criminals and bring our country back. And we’re going to do that. And you say, Well, how you know how you’re going to do it, I have no idea. That’s not the point. The point is not how you do anything. No idea has a battle plan, the idea comes first, then we go to work, and we make it happen. And that’s what’s going to happen on multiple fronts. It’s going to happen here on the digital battlefield. Now that we’ve got a unified front, there will be more planning committees as we’ve done here, to collectively put the brain power and the marketing machines together to start perpetuating on American society what is good and what is right what is just because this nonsense, especially now that I’ve seen is here in Nevada, we’re going to put an end to it. We’re going to put an end to this bullshit of these scumbag politicians, these people in positions of power, even in on a city level, these county commissioners and you get down through the list of people who could have done something about this election cycle and stood by and did nothing. They didn’t uphold their duty. I talked a little while ago about

what kind of brought this off the ground with the Patriots Street Fighter

movement, which continues to grow. And great. I met a lot of

a lot of great people today who are over the weekend. I’m it’s I find it endearing. I was over to car rental place. And George Camilo comes over to me never met him before he comes over. And I’ve had this multiple times this weekend, hey, you’re the Patriots Street Fighter. Like, it’s like, it’s truly To me, it’s like, it actually blows me away. I’ve had a number of times that a guy, I’m so sorry, I forgot your name. I have so many names, was talking to him last night. And he said you’re over in Dallas. He said, yeah, we talked for me, my wife and his wife and his wife and himself. And I was talking to Crystal teeny A lot of you guys know crystal, teeny, massive Instagram following. And she kind of grabbed on to me at a minute. Whenever I was broken away from a crowd, we start talking and we’re these folks can walk up to us. I forget this gentleman’s name. He’s a cowboy from California rancher. And we’re going to move to Texas, buddy. We were talking he said, Yeah, I said that other guy over there in Dallas. There’s another guy over there, too. In Texas, Dallas to over there where you’re the Patriots Street Fighter. I’m like, patriots Street Fighter. What’s that guy’s name again. He’s like Scott McKay. And I’m like, Hi, my name is Scott McKay. see the look on his face. If a flip, they get a handshake on me and they enter tour my head off, pull me in for a hug. So my friend that was pretty fun having that experience with you.

But it just goes to show you folks, this nation is ready for this kind of a movement. It’s ready for you, all of us. But folks keep asking the same question What is happening? What’s going on under the radar in this operation? And what I can tell you is this I’m going to give you my viewpoint. Those of you who are new to the conversation who do not know

what kind of practice movement with the Patriots Street Fighter what you know how this branding came about?

Is that what what what some people do not know I take for granted. We all know that. So I’m going to go through this very quickly.

There’s been an operation underway for a long time to bring

down this global criminal central banking system, this empire that involves the Rothschilds, it involves the Rockefellers it involves a British Crown, it involves the Vatican. It involves the high level politicians who are basically their minions and their little runners and, and their,

you know, their water carriers, the Clintons, all these people, George Soros, same thing, water carrier, for these people in the banking system, they killed Kennedy, he looked down that barrel, they took him out, a couple 100 generals got together after that realized that they needed to come up with a long term plan and focus on the long game, to

create an attack option to take down this power structure without them pulling a nuclear or a Samson option on humanity and basically, nuke into place on the way out if they couldn’t keep under keep it under control themselves.

So there’s been several phases of this operation have failed over the years, and 99 was the next evolution of the operation, it was going to become in a process bulletproof to mount a vicious attack on this power structure, and bring the whole thing down and exterminate all of these people who have destroyed humanity. While we live in a planet that can create so much abundance that every one of us, every last one of us could be living like a millionaire. That’s what God intended for this planet. They stolen it, they’ve taken they found a way to reshape our culture to be what it is today. Divide, divide, divide, divide, divide, divide, divide. There’s any point I can make to any of you people that do not like this message or my message, or you don’t like Donald Trump are this viewpoint? Well, let me ask you one question. If you had the ability to live like a millionaire to live a comfortable life, and accomplish things that are important to you, things that make your heartbeat, things that give you energy to get out of bed in the morning, and be the best you could possibly be before you die, to affect humanity in a way that brings nothing but happiness, to truly be admired by people in your community, in your country, in your realm. Where everywhere you go, people love you, because you are contributing to humanity. What if you had a world like that? Where you saw a beautiful car, you don’t want to think about it. I want that, and I can get it? What if there was a world that was like that? Where you actually counted? What would you do? Would you put down the arms of your failed ideology that has led to the slaughter of nearly 200 million people in the last 150 years at the hand of their own government? Would you put that nonsense down? black America? Would you put aside the bullshit of racism, and reparations, and all that horseshit, they have sold on to you to get you to do their bidding. And I’ve said this before, on the subject of reparations, and all that.

When we handle my people, the natives of this nation whose land was stolen, they were butchered, they were diseased, and they were pushed into a box, you want to talk about reparations, we’ll talk we’ll start there. We’ll start right there, then when that’s done black America, then we’ll have this discussion. Until then I have zero interest in that discussion.

So on that front,

we have enormous talent in this country, with black America, because of the creativity, because of the rhythm, not just of their their their their their movements on an athletic field on a on a dance floor. It’s just the nature of who they are, from their African tribal roots of nothing but music and celebration and loving life. And the white liberals in this country, the white democrat liberals in this country, destroyed the beauty of our brothers and sisters in black America, by pumping all this bullshit into their head, that they’re not smart enough and they’re not good enough to succeed in the new world. So we need to take care of you so you can lick the hand that feeds you. And we you don’t vote for us, we take it away. And that’s what disgusts me more than anything else since the end of the Civil War. It’s what the black America has been shipped on by these people. They’ve never been free. In fact, if you’re white, red, pink, yellow orange, and you live in America, you are not free either. Try quit to stop paying your taxes or anything else and see what happens to you.

So this thing, this country has been taken down this path to create the vision white against any other race, black

By by race divided by sex divided by

sexual preference men against women bridge versus poor, young versus old, any point that they could figure out to divide us. What do they do, they get people in front of a camera. And they act and play things out. They pump it through this network, and it hits that idiot box right there, that people sit in front of their whole life, voluntarily, like a tractor beam like this sucks them in, and it programs this computer, and then that computer spits out only the software that goes into it. That’s how they got us. When it was finally became clear how to bring it down. The military, some very powerful politicians, very smart people, made their move. Over 15 years of planning this move began its execution phase with the election of Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s presidency was and still is the de facto military presidency to bring down this global power structure. It’s putting chemtrails in the air, buying up all of the corporations and poisoning all of our food, all of our water, Big Pharma killing us. That’s what they have built a killing machine that we operate and we run and a massively profit from it. And they give us peanuts to survive on.


when Admiral Rogers took command of the NSA, under Obama, he was a white hat infiltrator that got control the weapon that could enslave was built to enslave all of us. Everybody has a device in their hand, every one of us. This is a tracking device. This has a camera that activates when you don’t know it. It has a microphone, that microphone that activates when you don’t know it. They have everything. NSA has everything. That’s what the bad guys were using for the good guys got it. And a turn that weapon on these criminals are who are keeping a lot of you broke, and you know, unnecessary pain and disease.


they started to execute the plan. The plan is bulletproof. It isn’t now eerie vocable proxy action by these players to destroy this criminal power structure once and for all. There’s a lot of factors that goes into this to protect humanity along the way. And I heard saw somebody here before we started the show. I see the threads when I look in here, before the show starts and somebody who’s saying same thing. When am I going to do it? When is the military going to do it? This is bullshit. We want it now. And I’m going to come back to you again. This isn’t about you. This isn’t about when you want this. This is about conducting this operation in a way that brings these people all of them, not most of them. Not almost all of them. Everybody bring every one of them down so nobody escapes with the fewest casualties, the least amount of damage. When that day comes, however that evolution begins and how it ends, is when it comes. That’s all I can tell you. So we look at how this plan rolled out. We get to a point. And this is a thick thing I have to have to help drive home to people to get them to understand. I talked about this before their timelines coming up. I was on with Kiersten on Sunday, she dropped the news it there is no March 4. There is no date, March 4, where things are going to be boom, here’s it. Here’s a zero barrier right here. Because to me that is November 3, or December 14, or January 6, or no? January 20. All these zero barriers. I’ve never landed on a date, no matter how many you say you move the goalposts. You only go post goalposts I’m going to move if you guys keep saying that as you

I don’t land on a date. I said for months and months and months and months and months on revolution radio, I have no idea what’s going to happen. I have no idea. Just watching this thing play out with amazement.

But I’m watching, I know what the conclusion is going to be. But I’m just watching because I don’t know the plan. Anybody who tells you they know the plan, they’re full of shit. There’s only likely nine people or less who know the whole plan. This plan is organic. And however this plan needs to unroll as we have count moves and counter moves made by both sides is how it rolls out. That’s all I can tell you. So when we figured that Donald Trump’s move on the Cabal with the military as that tip of the spear

that it was going to be completed at a certain point in time. Nobody ever, ever gave that the plan of intelligence that they rolled out from September or October the 28th 2017 over 5000 intelligence drops right up until sometime in December. We haven’t heard from the intelligence group since then, was a roadmap that had a number of purposes. One of them is

was to give it validation were events that appeared to be rolled out, at least in text, were events that were to take place in the future to typically a two year Delta. And through gematria, which I don’t want to just explain that, because it really can’t. So you can understand it is the meaning of numbers was used. So we could go backwards and see how the future always proved the past intelligence drops to give validity, and also allow us to learn and understand what’s truly happening here.

Because when this thing was happening in motion, as it has been for quite a while, especially the election, if, if I had never seen this intelligence, or a lot of people around the country had never seen this Intel, trust me, the worst would happen, all of us would have armed up. And we would have been unleashing a nightmare on the country. If I didn’t know the things that we’ve learned over three years plus of Intel, and I have the benefit and the luxury of decades, on the political side, having participated in elective side walked away, but still kept an 80,000 foot view on this chessboard to have an understanding of what I see, that also gives legitimacy, that of the things that happen around the world and to the plant. So as we continue to study this Intel, and try to tie it to real time events, and from future events that happened, tie them backwards to some intel, it’s began to paint a very clear, very intricate, well thought out picture of how this whole thing is going to go down with contingencies for any counter moves the Cabal can make, because there are counter moves that they could make, that could kill a lot of people. And I mean, a lot of people, Linda Rothschild threatened to destroy the US water supply. As I understand they put explosive charges on the pipelines that are underground. So if needed, for their purposes, as a Samson option below them. Once those pipelines are destroyed, petroleum gets in our in our water table. And it’s over, we do not have a water supply in the US. This is the kind of evil shit these people have been preparing to do to keep them in power under the threat of mass human casualties and destruction. So those of you who say, I want this now, if they pull that trigger, because you want it now, when all the carnage of death that would actually happen from that, then what would you say people be saying same people, they shouldn’t have done it that way. They should have waited. So I can tell you is

they know what you’re doing. Get with a program or sit back down on the couch, be quiet and wait. And let the professionals let the military let the planners let everybody who has this thing in motion, do what they have to do for the guaranteed safety of the American people and the people around the world and ensure that there is no escape hatch for any of these people. Because if one one escapes, one who could pull any Samsung option triggers

we can eradicate it from the planet.

So this plan has been underway. Okay. So that should bring you up to speed. There is a there is a a video I did it is on rumble at this point. It’s gotten probably 10 million, maybe 20 million views at this point, since I put it out a week after the election. And it’s on rumble. It’s if you go find one, probably page four or 511 point 12 point 20. It’ll explain in detail what I’m explaining to you now. What I want to talk to you about now is what do I see playing out now that the combination of the event of the restoration of the Republic and the imprisonment and the removal of the bad actors, all of them from this playing field.

Didn’t happen. By the 20th of January Inauguration Day. Hey, I thought it went to I always did say I’m so confident in this plan. I don’t care if Biden is up there.

taking the oath, he deserves to take it with his left hand by the way, taking the oath. I said a Marine Expeditionary union or the the 10th Mountain Division is going to roll up on them and they’re going to get all the criminals all in one fell swoop. That didn’t happen people were freaking out. I wasn’t freaking out. I thought wow, you kidding me? I’m gonna get no sleep for another how many months now? So, but I thought there’s got to be a reason the reason that we had been hearing was because maybe the the snake eaters which is a team Special Operations unit that can find all these nukes that the Bolshevik kovarian Khazarian Mafia, the

Israeli faction of this Bolshevik Khazarian Mafia planted throughout the United States to force the United States leaders to bid their will or they detonate these things in cities. They didn’t get them all, apparently, because I heard on that day, they were prepared at night, one of their Samsonov city. So they couldn’t make that move. true or not, I have no idea just telling what I heard. We also know and have heard that they have been dealing with the underground tunnels underneath the White House, Washington, DC, the Capitol, where they’ve been trafficking massively for millions of traffic kids, the sex trafficking, that all these horrible people who have been in leadership positions, maybe not every last one, but the people to top

dealing with that Carnage, dealing with a psychological trauma that the people who have had to engage these human beings that have been down there for generations, and used in a way that you couldn’t imagine those operations have been going on.

All of them are plausible. Again, I don’t have any upfront close and close and personal Intel, I did have this quote unquote, shadowy group reached out to me recently, I kind of threw a grenade in there pull the pan to see what would happen. Because I couldn’t really validate or vet this, somebody’s going to mention who they are. But they come from an ancient, right, who claimed to be somebody. But once I was attacked for having a bill gates on as a, as I follow Bill Gates on my

LinkedIn, which I never use ever, LinkedIn has been worthless to me forever. And I think I set it up 10 years ago, change it five years ago, probably clicked on something about Bill Gates Foundation before I knew he was a mass murderer.

Yeah, so I was attacked, and I dropped the hammer on this group person from this protective group, or whatever, whoever the hell they are. I don’t really give a shit at this point. And I was, wow, we really had high hopes for you, Mr. McKay.

You really present a different picture to your followers, I’m thinking well, your art, you got to be full of shit right there. Because they pretty much know that I call out any bullshit, I don’t care who it’s from. And I don’t mean to be this way. I hate being this way. But this nation can’t afford any more of this. We can’t afford it. We’re in a fight of our lives. So I have no patience. And I have no tolerance for any more of it. So any, any of that gets in front of me, I’m just gonna call it out. I don’t need friends, I need freedom. I do not need friends. I need freedom. I need people that love America around me. And I need people that are willing to do whatever it takes to free America from this cabal, they’ve given me and I thought, well, if you really, if you’re listening, I don’t really care. If you’re who you say you are, you’re not going to restrict the flow of information to anybody that people trust, you’re going to give me the Intel and let me correct where I may be wrong. And if you don’t, then that means you’re nobody, you’re worthless to me and you’re worthless to the people that follow this movement. I don’t give a shit. If you have something any you organizations out there have something you want to bring to help calm and settle the people and give us real Intel. Great, show up any cryptic bullshit, I don’t care. I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you folks that have that say you have that stuff. To me. It’s just another it’s another sham. It’s another ploy to try to throw us off the trail of what we’re doing here. My Intel comes from there. I don’t that’s where my Intel comes from.

And the Intel that I get from there sometimes is a feeling it may not be true, but at least I’ll tell you, I’ll be honest about it. I don’t know everything. But what I do know is you are part of now a massive miracle force that came up out of nowhere in four years that the world has never seen because Donald Trump kicked this hornet’s nest. And it brought a lot of us out, brought us alive. It brought us into a realm of using our brain again, using our logic, our common sense, taking the veil off and deciding we are going to come off the bench and we’re going to get on the firing line of life, we’re going to make our lives count. That’s what’s happened in four years. That alone is a miracle, because they had us they had us dead to rights and almost irretrievable. But we’re not there now. We now are in a position where they’re scared shitless more than they ever have been. They’ve been scared of you their entire existence. That’s why they have never allowed you never allowed you to know the truth about your power, about the power of your human consciousness about power that makes you genetic royalty among very advanced, highly intelligent, non terrestrial life that our military has been engaged with for decades, decades. We’re considered genetic royalty, every one of us. You don’t know that. Because they build a machine and a matrix in a circle the planet quarantined all of us in to this nightmare. Because if you ever discover who you really are, if just 1% of the population on this planet, discover who they really are.

It’s over, these criminals have nowhere to go, they cannot compete. That’s why they have laws to hamstring you. But they cheat him. And they stack the courts with federal judges, banking laws, criminal laws, civil laws, everything is built to keep you from winning against them, because they can’t compete against the will the spirit and the intelligence and the ascension properties of a human being they can’t. That’s why they have done what they’ve done. So as far as this operation, where we are in a stage of the game, here’s the way I see it, wherever they needed to be, in terms of critical or physical or psychological infrastructure of this entire plan was not in place. My opinion, I’ve had a number of people, people I immensely respect here, asking me, what do you want? And Vander Steele says to me, so what do you think is really happening here? I’m like, Wow, you really want me to tell you, these are people that, that I draw information from other people. And so like, here’s a way I see it.

When the inauguration came, we weren’t there.

The part of the plan or parts of the plan that need to be accomplished in place, before the big moves are made. And there’s a lot of moves being made. And I say, I don’t say just moves, I said big moves. Or I should say, visible moves that you can see every people that say Nothing’s going on. Again, anybody that says to me, nothing’s going on. I’m like, what’s the point? They’re still watching mainstream media. They say it’s not in mainstream media we’d be we’d be hearing about it by now. Okay.

Just like when we start telling you that the elite on the planet, were child trafficking, pedophiles, who torture them for adrenochrome, their fountain of youth and then kill them cannibalize them. You mean that kind of they would have told us this by now. And you said these people are crazy. Guess what? Now we all know, same point, same point.


I see it is imperative that everything that needs to be accomplished before we cross that threshold

is going to be accomplished before we cross the threshold. Doesn’t matter whether it happened with a Donald Trump inauguration that day, which is many of us believe he was inaugurated, why the hell did you get a 21 gun salute on his departure party and then gets on Air Force One. And two weeks ago, we see him down in Palm in mera Lago in the beast, the the

vehicle that carries the president, the real president,

why do we see Biden in these pieces of shit SUVs? And on a plane Air Force to or lesser than that was smoky, and it’s Come on people. So what is the military truly in control of the most important levers of power? That’s what they’re in control of all this other stuff going on? Yes. Are there these certain lock downs that are happening among these criminal governors like here in Nevada? Of course there are there are some things that they’re going to continue to do? Of course there are, why is it allowed them to do it? My question is, why do you keep folks keep saying why? why did why do they keep allowing them to do it? Why do they keep allowing them to do this? I just want to say, What are you talking about? Why are you allowing them to do it? Why are you allowing these criminals to do this? Listen,

I’m not here to stir up trouble. I’m not well, that’s probably not true, I guess I am. But

until everybody in a unified voice says no more, says no, no, it has to be unified. He he can’t have one or two brave people that make a stand in are overpowered. Because this scared or the weak, refused to step in front and join.

That’s what heroes have to deal with. stepping in front take an action to try to instigate the population to make a move just like the founding fathers, not one citizen outside of the 52 had the courage to sign that document.

What would you think? If you were asked today to sign your death warrant in defense of freedom? What would you do?

Would you sign it? Most would say Heck, yeah, I’ll sign it. When it comes right down to it. Would you sign it knowing it’s a death warrant? If you lose?

Most people, there was 3% of the population of this country that were actually supporting the founding fathers to go to war against the most powerful nation the world had ever seen. In Defense of their freedom. 3% and what did they do? They raised an army and they live through hell on earth.

For a lot of you to sit here, and watch your freedom being taken away, because you refuse to stand up, because you say, I’ve got too much to lose.

The other price

is you have everything to lose. Because if people choose not to fight now, thinking that they will avoid the fight, once they defeat the fighters, because there aren’t enough numbers, believe me, they’re coming for you. Inevitably, and eventually they’re coming for you.

That’s like paying the cannibals to eat you last, you’re going to get gone no matter what. At some point, we collectively have to stand up and say no more. No more. I’m stunned at how lockdown This place is here. I’m stunned for an insane, insane



all I can tell you folks is I have an incredible amount of faith in all of you. I saw a very powerful, very powerful meeting of minds this weekend. And I can tell you, that the firepower that has come out of this meeting, which Ron and I have now kind of titled it the digital Continental Congress of the New Republic of the restored Republic, the first line of defense that we built in a digital world in formulating a collective unified game plan, to go on full information attack on this enemy, to bring as many people into this battle as humanly possible. So we can get people out of their slumber and stand up and say, no more. No fork in more we’re done with this.

We’re gonna keep hitting the people until they wake up until they determine they determined today have something worth fighting for that they realize that there’s a sense of pride that comes from standing up and saying, I’m going to fight for my family’s freedom, I am not going to let this happen. I’m not going to lose another business. I’m not going to lose my house. I’m not going to lose everything I’ve worked for. because me and my buddies are going to say no more. No more. When we stand together, nobody can tell us what to do. Nobody, they don’t have the numbers. And the enforcers that they send after us, believe me, in this country, when they see the will of the people rise? What do you think they’re gonna do? The same thing they did in France and Germany and everywhere else. The police put down their shields and stepped on the other side. Because these people came out 57 weekends in a row in the yellow vest protests. And the media wouldn’t cover it anywhere. But they came every weekend, because they’re waiting for Americans to stand up and join the fight.

Do you think that they think that they can win that fight by themselves and he’s countries around the world?

Where is the firepower on this planet? It’s right here. It’s the United States of America. It’s the US military. That’s why they recruit us to do all the fighting worldwide. For the criminal bankers. They’re waiting for us to come to the rescue the same country that has sent soldiers into onto their battlefields to their rescue. That’s what they expect from us. They expect us to stand and they expect us not just a fight for them to fight for ourselves.

That’s what it’s going to take. So those of you who want this to end now or sooner, get into the fight, get into the fight. This is the fight.

I guess this weekend’s had an impact on me, because of what I had to endure

or put up with.


all I can say, Now or Never, has never been more true in our world than right now. Then right now.

And I’ve talked in the past to a number of you retired flag officers who have reached out to me, there will come a time here in the very near future where we are going to make those conversations happen. Because even outside of Navy SEALs, this country now needs leadership to teach people how to think properly again. And there’s no better group of people in this country to step forward and start getting in the game of leadership teaching and development with the principles that you people have learned in a structured environment on a battlefield, because that’s when it counted. Because if you did not exercise those principles of leadership and training, you died. This isn’t leadership and training so I can make a bunch of money or I can build a team

If people so we can make a bunch of money. This is the kind of leadership that saves the nation. This is the kind of leadership that rebuilds a nation.

So you’re going to be called again,

only this time,

it’s not going to be for the bankers.

It’s gonna be for why you became a soldier in the first place in defense of the Constitution of the United States, not in defense of Donald Trump, not in defense of Biden, or every scumbag criminal the whole way back through history. It was never about that. It’s about the defense of a document that guarantees the freedom of every person in this country. And hopefully, if we do it right, spread around the world,

you’re going to be called again, your job was never to go overseas, and fighting these foreign lands under under the facade of the non reality of defense of freedom. It was for these criminal bankers, and the Bush’s and all these other scumbags that have used our soldiers as cannon fodder for money. Go back through history, when you’re retrained, you’re gonna see it’s always been for money.

Now, guess what, many of you are going to take the skill sets and training and I’m talking right down to the private. Those of you who are the general quarters, people, on any battlefield, the same training you had is going to be called, because we’re going to take over the political structure in communities in the areas from these dipshits, who are incompetent, or they’re irresponsible, or their criminal right down to the school board, who do nothing good for the nation, or their communities, or their school district.

We need leaders to step up. And when there isn’t a leader to step up, there’s a vacuum of power that sucks in the worst people who are self interested to do only what’s good for them, not what’s good for all of us.

So, I’m going to go ahead and cut this little bit short, you guys are used to an hour. But what I will say to this is that we have a great place now. We now know where we’re going with this mission. And it’s going to evolve on a bigger playing field. And you can tell you’ve got the right people in this space. The truth is out here. The people that have online channels that are bringing you the news, the truth, how we see these things playing out.

We are all on a good paint, we’re on the right page. Now we’re all on one page. And I can tell you, I mean I

I couldn’t sleep the two nights I was here just because of enthusiasm. I mean, I really I’ve got to find a way to go to sleep for like a month. I never want to stay open. So I’m going to go ahead and cut a short tonight.

And it’s actually a long time anyways, it’s 53 minutes here. And I want to get ready to go on revolution radio. You folks know it’s revolution dot radio, okay, HTTP, colon slash slash revolution dot radio. I’m in studio beyond the tipping point.

I think what I’m going to do

is, once I’m done with this, and we’re done for the night, I’m going to go ahead and hit a live stream. Again, a brand new one after I shut this down. With no camera, you’re just going to be able to hear my sound because some of you may not be able to get on there because when you all come rushing in you crash the servers since they had a pack on the cloud based servers for revolution radio, we’ve been operating on the old servers and kind of thumbnailing that thing together. So

just in case you can’t actually get on Listen here you can come right back to here. patriot Street Fighter three because yours truly won an appeal against YouTube. I filed an appeal on the bullshit reason they took us down on his channel. We went down and told his channel we’re back over here now. So I filed an appeal and we won Can you believe? It sounds like what? You’re kidding. It’s why we’re here. shut this down. I’ll go ahead and hit another live boom, no advertisement, just boom. It’s live no camera and you can still listen in to the show that we’re going to be broadcasting here in about five minutes. Great, great, great. interviewee tonight, you’re going to love to listen to Scott Bennett.

Then you’re going to hear how corrupt these scumbags are in government, and why people like him are coming to the table to bring the force against the political class so we can take it over and do what’s necessary to regain our nation and get humanity to the glory that it’s always deserved. So again, I love all of you for what you’ve done in this movement. There were people you’ve recruited so many people around the world and 40 plus countries 40 countries now I think, and it’s all because you You people are doing an amazing job of spreading information. So keep up the great work and we’ll be back here again tomorrow night.

Same bat time same bat channel, and hopefully have some sleep by that folks. Thanks. Signing off.

By the way, the generals here he’s been here the whole time. Papa’s here. He didn’t know he was famous I told my sister look at some of these messages right here make sure you show this to pop he needs to know he’s famous. You hear that pop?

Yep, got the T shirt right

I said you got the T shirt right.

Says general McKay on it. You don’t have that yet.

All right, one of the girls has it on its way so

you’ll get a chance to see it I I have folks send me a picture with a general general McKay on there. They’re getting a T shirt before you get one.

All right, folks, signing off. jumped over to revolution radio. Just sit tight right here. We’ll come right back and livestream this without a camera. See?




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