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21 Days of Prayer


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MY PRAYER: Father,

I humbly come before You today on behalf

Of multiplied millions of God-fearing American patriots—

Honorable men and women who have been disenfranchised

By those who are depraved, by those who loathe Your name.

Despising righteousness, they have championed wrong,

Calling it right, maligning those who oppose them.

In their greed and lust for power, they intend to destroy

What generations of honorable Americans have labored

To build, just to rule over the rubble that remains.


In their devious hearts, they have betrayed this land,

Choosing thirty pieces of silver over honor and justice.

In their malice, they have dealt harshly with Your children,

Making them pay a heavy price for refusing to comply,

While capriciously and contemptibly refusing to be held

Accountable for their multitude of crimes against the people.

In their arrogance, they believe their corruption and perversions

Will never end, but they are wrong. Their days are numbered.


Father, to rid our land of these miscreants, we need Your help.

In Your omnipotence, You have the power and authority

To confound the faux wisdom of these despicable criminals.

Do not allow them to have dominion over us any longer.

Foil their schemes and plots. Utterly confound their misconduct

And lawbreaking. Expose them for who they really are

So that the world will marvel at what You have done for the USA.

We ask this for ourselves, for our children and for future generations

Of Americans, in Your name and that of our Precious Savior,



—Jack Watts

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Stand Firm Against Progressivism Knowing profound change must occur, if we are to survive as the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is clear that a group of patriotic Christians and others of faith must be strong enough, committed enough and determined enough to make a stand. Only then can the course of American history be altered, precisely like it was in the Revolutionary era.What is needed, however, isn’t simply a renewal in patriotism. Our need is more fundamental than this. If we want change that will last, if we want our core values to be restored, if we want our way of life to flourish once again, we are the ones who will need to change—not the Progressives. Being degenerate by nature, most of them are incapable of changing—not for the better anyway.This is not true for us. If we change, America will change. If we don’t, the Children of Darkness will secure their victory and the United States we have known will cease to exist. To survive and once again thrive, we must embrace the fact that Christ placed us in this position. It is for such a time as this that we have been groomed. It is up to us, ordinary people, to stand strong for the USA. Nothing less than a renewed commitment to godliness will accomplish the goal we desire. This is why Retaking the USA: From Darkness and Depravity has been written. If you read the book, it will change you forever—no doubt about it.

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