3.16.21 Scott McKay: Attack on KZ Mafia Leadership Intensifies

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We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government. Laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is the right it is the duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

The world is waking up and this is the tipping point. Ladies and gentlemen patriots street fighters out there welcome to tonight’s episode, sorry, it took me a little bit of time to get this out to you. I honestly had not a single minute to get even a show. At least the thumbnail set up get the link out like I tried to across social media just had one of those days today, the nonstop since we get got awake all good stuff, a lot of stuff happening. Your movement is drawing. Still a lot of attention. A lot of people you guys were the topic of conversation today in a show that I did with Dave Snedeker and Kiersten W. Great show, by the way, I’m actually going to get a copy of that show. I’m going to get it up on the channel. Because I want you folks to be able to have that probably get it to you by by tomorrow, because we’re going to do another show together next week. And I’ll tell you why we’re going to do that. But a week from tomorrow, actually week from tomorrow, we’re going to do a live stream with Dave Snedeker and Kiersten W. She was dropping bomb loads of Intel today. That was stuff I have not heard. And I think you get Kiersten on a roll. She’ll just start unloading a bunch of stuff. Some of it ties together with the current conversation. Some of it doesn’t, but it doesn’t matter. You’re like holy mary mother, God, are you kidding me? I didn’t hear that. I didn’t know about that. But she gets a lot of great Intel. And today, being on Dave show called indoctrination, you’ll get an introduction to him.

You know, like me, he’s been down these rabbit holes for a lot of years. And we talked about how Doesn’t it feel nice after all these years of people just kind of pushing back on on us or like avoiding the conversation, we might get into all that kind of stuff. You know, kind of makes you feel bad at times. But now all of a sudden, the world wants to know what we’ve learned over over the course of time, and it became time not wasted. So I found that to be an interesting point wouldn’t have mattered, I would have done it anyways, it wasn’t doing it for people to say, Hey, we love that and you get your approval. To me, it’s just that I had I needed to know. So that was a great experience today with those guys, you’ll get a chance to meet him both in a live stream next week. So if you’re brand new to this channel, my name is Scott McKay. I’m the host of the tipping point on revolution radio. It’s kind of that it was that move that I made in my life that actually opened up the the opportunity to be here with you and create the Patriot Street Fighter revolution where now all of us around the country in the world patriots worldwide are now part of this growing revolution. We see that we know that because we watch these these fun t shirts that we make this and today is patriot Street Fighter. This is Naval Air Support. You can’t really see this f 18 Super Hornet on the shirt. It’s kind of darkened out we’re gonna get that fixed but so today we’re honoring Naval Air Support naval personnel that are you know, running their military missions to to keep us safe yesterday, the day before, I think was that was artillery support. We got our finest people in America. There are veterans are patriots out there. The warfighters everybody involved from coast guard right on down to right down to all the other branches that serve our country. And that’s Ron’s way of he’s former Navy That’s what a is in given respect to all of our warfighters. And people that keep us free. So we see these t shirts that are flying out the door, out, you know, that are getting ordered. And the biggest one or the save the kids building blocks, spelling blocks, with more information going to become coming out more tunnel maps and all these things that are alerting people to the real reality of the world we live in. And that is that we have, we have things that are going on in this world that are and not only unjust, completely inhumane to the most precious resource and asset we have in that are the kids of the world. So anyway, so this all got started. To the point where it’s now morphing into quite a machine of information, you folks are doing a great job, bringing more people to the conversation. The best way to follow me if you really need to know minute by minute what’s happening in terms of where we land on a day like today, I just tell people get connected to me on telegram. It’s not in this video yet, because I just threw this up. But after we’re done, I’ll put in the description, all of the links to stay connected to me. And this movement, in case this channel comes down, okay, now I have been negligent in getting these videos and livestreams off of this channel. And I’m giving them an opportunity to take them down themselves and hit us with strikes Buddhists out and then also take our channel away, which they’ve done eight times so far. However, the good news is patriot street fighters absolutely, unequivocally will not be defeated, they will not go away. Because within 10 days, you know, we went I think we’re about 132,000 subscribers when they nuke this less than two weeks ago, you guys are now about 61,000 subscribers back. Imagine if they hadn’t taken us down, we would have a million plus subscribers, probably 2 million if they hadn’t started kicking us off the channels kept taking our channels down because they don’t want the world to learn the truth of what we know. But it doesn’t matter. Because what you have done folks out there, you’ve taught other YouTube personalities that are bringing information out to the world, that you don’t leave the battlefield. You don’t say well, they’re going to keep doing this, I’m

going to go you know,

here there,

we’ll you know, we’ll

eventually get a platform where more safe and protected. But this one, I’m not leaving. I’m not allowing them to take this battleground from me not from you. And we’ll just keep bringing more channels, go ahead and take them down. We’re gonna keep coming back and keep coming back. And what you’re doing is you’re teaching America to fight again you’re teaching them to fight again.

But to follow us okay, if you’re new, you can follow you can connect with me at patriots rise up calm, it’ll be in you know that in the information when I get it up there. And all the videos go to rumble after I’m done here they go to rumble and I put the the rolling ticker tape in there. So it puts a website links in air patriots rise up calm. Also, Scott mckay.us is very easy to remember. You can go there, learn about our mission here, get connected to our current YouTube channel, you know that you can get over and see the videos that may be up there, you’re connected to rumble which gets our videos up there. Bit shoot has all of our work up there my buddy Chris Walsh, former Marine Patriot, doing all this work on his own accord, working for freedom, getting them up on bit shooting YouTube, or I mean bit shooting brighty on all this stuff’s going there. If you want to support the cause, donate to the mission great. We don’t monetize this channel. Nothing wrong with monetizing channel for advertising dollars. That’s fantastic. But I made a decision, my channel wasn’t gonna be monetized my information is always free. The only contention I have is with these dimestore douchebags who pretend they’re me and get my information, get our videos, put them up on our channel, monetize the life out of them, but they don’t put their own mug or their own title or their channel up. They steal ours. And I was very adamant on this. I’m not going to monetize my channel. But you take my videos and you put them up on yours. And if YouTube is willing to pay you advertising money to do it. Fantastic. Make the money I don’t want any of it. get the information out. This is a mission. Okay? This is a mission not a money machine a mission. Go out there spread the word. So the only thing I ask for is do not violate the Trademark Logo. Okay, don’t violate the Trademark Logo. don’t violate these things that I consider that don’t belong to you. Take my material, put it on your channel, call yourself by your handle your name. There’s some knucklehead out there. That’s now a wise guy. This is a dimestore douchebag This is a scumbag. This is somebody who’s now working against our mission to free the children. Because now they take the channel they put it up patriot Street Fighter nine again. Same thing. You guys are on original. You don’t have the balls to do the right thing but that’s okay. We know you’re out there. You’re not part of this mission. So when you take my material, and you monetize it, which I said is okay, but then you pretend you’re me. And I’m getting, I’m having people reach out to me that I’m watching your videos. Now, it’s not even worth watching, because you got 20 advertisements in a video now, and that’s not, I gotta explain to him, that’s a dimestore douchebag. That’s a scumbag. That’s a person with no integrity or honor. And that’s, that’s the kind of person that’s led this country to the edge of the precipice to the edge of the abyss. That’s not me, that’s not my people. That’s not my, my followers and my listeners, that’s not us. That’s them that I consider them the enemy, because they have no integrity, they have no moral code with which they operate their life on. And so again, has nothing to do with me, because I do not monetize my channel. Okay, even if I could, if I could dial back, if I could throttle back here, I can make a fortune. Believe me, I finally figured I’ve learned from other people, what it would mean that if I told you how much money I’d make a month from advertising, you would think I was dumber than an outhouse rat for not doing it. But that’s the advantage I have. I don’t need the money. Well, in the literal sense that we all need money, yes. But I don’t need the money to be happy. I need the mission. And I need the kids to be freed up period, end of story. I have no price tag I never have in my life. There’s no price tag for me, never has been. So I either believe, or I don’t. And if I don’t, there’s no dollar sign you can put in front of my face. And anybody that knows me, they’ll tell you the same thing. That guy doesn’t have a price tag. That’s why I can’t be compromised with money can be compromised with money. I’m willing for you to have it. I want you to get it. I want you to take YouTube, take their money, put it in your bank account, do good with it. Use my information, somebody get money out of these suckers. It just can’t be me. But don’t violate the trademark. Don’t pretend you’re me. Don’t put my picture up there. Look, I’m flattered. I said last night. I’m flattered. I bought, it’s an honor. Trust me. Nobody wanted to hear me for decades. Now you don’t mind. Just want to hear me. You want to take my stuff and make you me? I’m flattered. Just don’t make yourself me if you’re not conducting yourself the way I conduct myself. So having said that, with that being said, that’s the way you like it. With that being said,

there is some interesting information that has come out. And actually somebody sent this to me today. And I wish I could remember who did. But when I did send it, and I looked at it, I’m like, this is perfect. This is exactly what I need to share with the audience tonight. Because this is relevant information. Now, I will say distinctly and directly. This is not a guy that I always follow I have followed for a long time. But I don’t always agree with this guy who wrote this article. And it’s Benjamin Fulford, I can’t I can’t tell where he lands at times. I know Robert, David Steele, has a lot of respect for him. And I have enormous, enormous respect for RDS, because he’s another guy with brass balls, and he’ll take on any scumbag that’s part of the Cabal, he’s not afraid. And he speaks his mind. Nobody rolls him. Nobody rolls over this guy. They’ll get rolled hard if they try to roll him. But I know he follows Ben. And I think Ben’s come out with some great information over the years. But the thing that I don’t understand is why they always had a time sequence say that they’re from past, you know, past events that have happened. But then sometimes, I mean, look, quite honestly, he basically, in my opinion, thought Donald Trump was one of the football players. I mean, I kind of got turned off and look up, maybe interview him sometime, because the guy is incredible. You know what he’s done in his life to have the connections he does and gets the Intel that he gets at great risk. But I couldn’t understand why he would sometimes say Trump is you know, part of the Cabal and whatever. But so he comes out with an article that I’m going to read it to you, that supports what I’ve been saying, just like my I gotta come up with a name for this group that sends me some really interesting Intel, I got to spend more time deciphering. But I call them the the eight to say it’s a bloodline organization. That’s a very, very long term old organization, but I call them I just want to call them the protectors. That’s all I can say the protectors. But some of the information I just talked about the other day is relevant to this and I’ve been saying this Khazarian Mafia, their new face, their new paint job is the CCP is China. That was an excellent infiltration operation that’s been underway for a long time. And that now is really making a move to take that take us all down. So here’s what this report says. Which is encouraging and it says the hunt It’s called attack on Khazarian. mafia leadership intensifies. The Hunt is now zeroing in on kazarian mob leaders, such as members of the Habsburg family and their henchmen like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic fascists, Mossad and other sources say they also agree that crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been executed for war crimes, including the mass murder attack on Japan’s nuclear power station in Fukushima on March 11 2011. Now, I’m gonna I’m gonna segue here, because I’ve said this before, Benjamin Netanyahu was one of my heroes. I’ve been to an event where he’s speaking, and I’ve literally set within 1010 to 12 feet of Benny Netanyahu. I had a different viewpoint of who I thought that Benny Netanyahu was. I have a different viewpoint today because the things that I’ve learned so based on how these people are all controlled I learned enough about him to realize this is not the good guy now I know friends of mine that are Jewish go to Israel to visit they think they’re gonna still think he’s great. I don’t really care what they think all I want is the truth. And if they’re criminals that are that are these criminals in East positions of power that are really wrecking humanity? I don’t care who they are. My dad will tell you I don’t care if it’s my father hang them if he’s one of those guys Hang on. We can’t have this


no the generals not going to be that guy as you know, every time I get on here pop they’re not really concerned whether I’m here or not pot they’re always saying where’s the general call the general is a general on so he’s on. So anyways, now Fukushima, right, this tsunami hits Fukushima folks, that was a staged attack. That wasn’t natural occurrence. That was a staged attack. This is what they do. This is a chaos a create, Indonesia, whatever, they set off these nukes on call and fault lines out in the ocean deep to create this, this this havoc, for tsunamis to come in and create this damage. You have to get your head around the fact that these people want to and need to, and when they can are going to perpetuate hell on earth. This is their modus operandi. It’s what it is, it’s what they do.


to understand just how historic these developments are, we need to go back to when Moses received the 10 commandments from God. It is a first four of these commandments, that are the problem. They are Colin, I am the Lord thy God. Take no other gods before me. Make no graven images or likenesses, do not take the Lord’s name in vain. Now, this God is the one who demands payments in gold, silver, aroma, oil, sheep skins, dyed red, etc. In reality, it is a group that hid its system of totalitarianism behind a concept of God is what I’m describing because every mafia The reason they demand that no graven images or likenesses be made of them, now God, our God, but of them is that they did not want people to find out God was just a bunch of humans, then the wizards behind the curtain. In other words, secrecy is essential to their system of governance. This is not to deny the existence of a divine spark or divine creator or what we call God. It is just to assert that the western monotheistic gods, Allah, Yahweh, a god, etc. are camouflage for groups of humans, slavers, they have a secret leader known as Pindar, who is their absolute ruler for playing the role of God. I still remember these people telling me there is no God, we’re God. That’s what they say. When they first asked me, Ben Fulford, to join them in their genocidal plans. Remember, the world religion comes from Latin, Re legati, which is ra that Elijah care or to rebind into a single bundle of fast fashion II. Hence, the word fascism. The present day leadership of these fastest totalitarians is trying to desperately stay in power now by using their fake pandemic, to force people to take the gene altering vaccines that will call the week as zombie apocalypse and further domesticate this or survivors. I’m going to read this again. The present day leadership of these fastest totalitarians, which is a Khazarian. mafia is trying desperately to stay in power now by using their fake pandemic to force people to take gene altering vaccines that will call the week. See you ll in a zombie apocalypse and further domesticate the survivors. As one of their top henchmen, Henry Kissinger once said, The goal is to make it as impossible for the common people to oppose them, as it is for a sheep to oppose a farmer. Unfortunately for them, these would be masters of the human animal farm, never envisioned that their guard dogs, the military, and intelligence agencies of the West would turn against them. That is exactly what is now happening, as we shall see below. For example, last week, we received a detailed report from German intelligence about exactly who and where the leaders of this fastest group are in a in the one hour audio recording at the link below, which I can’t I won’t play. Mike McKibben, of leader technologies and his group of researchers have done a deep dive into the history and the lineage of the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab. And his masters, the real reporting full of actionable intelligence based on months of research, going through paper archives, etc. And it’s, it’s there’s a link here, just for the heck of it. I’m going to click that link on just to see how much information is there. Looks like. Yeah, it looks like I would need to subscribe to it, which I likely will. But let me jump back to where we are here.

The takeaway from all the information presented is that the royal families of Europe including Queen Elizabeth, the Hapsburgs, the Spanish Royals, etc, believe they are descendants of Jesus Christ. They believe it is their God given destiny, to rule humanity from Jerusalem. The chief instrument of their rule is the Bank for International Settlements be is and control the creation and distribution of currency, as well as control of most transnational corporations. What do we see these people have been doing for decades now? Exactly that this group puts together big long term plans such as a war on terror, and a COVID-19 pandemic, to hurt the sheeple with they then distribute currency created out of thin air to their henchmen to bribe politicians. What do I always say? media figures etc. to impose their plans and carry out insider trading based on these plans, which as we know, you have Kelly lafleur you have Roy Blunt, and whatever these these other force three scumbags. There’s two to three other scumbags who made a ton of money off their big pharma stocks when a learned ahead of time, about COVID-19 insider trading. That’s how they all get rich, because they’re scumbags. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that before, but I don’t want to let that get by without people realizing that they are scumbags.


The insider trading of airline stocks prior to 911. Good example, same thing. Isn’t it amazing? How it’s always just a coincidence. But these passwords never go down. They never go to jail, never go to jail. In recent years, tyrants have been fighting amongst themselves over who would get the job of Messiah in their plan fastest New World Order that British Royals were pushing for Prince William to play the role. The Italian p3 fascists are promoting an individual by the name of Marco dimauro, who is apparently a charismatic Italian with stigmata. There were other would be dictators, including the executed top Nazi george bush senior leader, the Fourth Reich I might add in if I have yet to mention it, taken down by the military as the largest drug runner and human trafficker that we’ve probably ever known of in this country. I don’t know if ever mentioned that I want to make sure I got that out too. So and, and, okay, a descendant of David Rockefeller, going by the moniker supreme Rockefeller. So the Muslims were also looking for someone to play the role of Mahdi or Messiah to usher in the New Age. What all these people failed to realize is that the rest of the world is waking up and is not going to go along with their plans and let themselves be enslaved. Thank goodness. The collapse other COVID-19 pandemic is a very good example of how their ability to hurt humanity is falling apart. This plan was rushed into implementation prematurely in late 2019. After they realized the Asian nations, we’re no longer going to finance them. Most importantly, their original attempt to cause mass deaths with 5g electromagnetic attacks, and then blame it on Coronavirus has been neutralized which we’ve heard. That’s why Trump had the CEO of Huawei. arrested in Canada. They’ve also unhitched American technologies from them, etc. As a reminder, take a look at this detailed presentation showing how the initial outbreak of the Coronavirus deep dovetailed almost exactly with the start of 5g networks around the world. And again, I’m gonna go ahead and hit that link. Just to take a snapshot look to see if I can explain it. Well take a little time to load and I’m not really patient. So what happened was that the 5g networks were almost immediately shut down, which is why the mortality rate for this so called viruses now the same as the general populations mortality rate before the pandemic. And these factors folks and these figures, they are not debatable and they are irrefutable. The data is out there by the very agencies that put this bullshit on us as a massive lie including the CDC. So they’re also more and more whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork for example, last week at doctor at a kk k er Hospital in Japan called to say that also called COVID-19 cases in Japan, were located at KKR hospitals and that all the patients he saw were victims of an electromagnetic attack, not a virus. Below, you can read a report from a Canadian whistleblower ER doctor describing the medical crimes of the Justin Castro regime that happens to refer to Castro’s son, the illegitimate son of Castro, which is the Canadian Prime Minister or the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. See these people trade out their kids, folks. It’s not like you and I, they trade out their kids, to insert them into families, so that they may be useful at some point in the future. And if they’re useful to them on whatever level they’ll be useful to them, they hand them off, just like the Obamas received two children from the doctor couple up there in Seattle handed the kids over, because they needed a cover story. Because Big Mike couldn’t push any of those things out.

Not with the anatomical apparatus that he carries with him. So same with Justin Trudeau. Same with George Bush. The Bush family’s real name is Sharif s h e r f f, they’re Nazis from the German faction, they changed the name he was actually he was actually handed off to the to the to the Bush family by from the share family as it goes. It’s everything about these people folks, is a fraud and a facade. This is how they got us they were very, very good. That’s how the Khazarian Mafia works call them Nazis calm CCP. It’s the exact same faction of people. So and it continues action is being taken. For example, a gentleman by the name of Alexander fetter with federal wits, posted a comment on our site that read in part quote, from 1989 to 2005, the USA f US Air Force the US Marine Corps, US Army and US Navy all deployed 5g frequency systems, aiming them at any public area or intentionally irradiating any military civilian person with these weapons would have resulted in a general court martial, and a life sentence at Fort Leavenworth military prison. In some cases, capital punishment would have been administered for doing what these people would set up to do with 5g. EMI six took note of this comment and forwarded it to their counterparts in the Pentagon and other world military agencies. The call has now been put out to hunt down and arrest all m r n a vaccine pusher 5g promoters, etc, as we’re criminals, so, as we said before, everybody who is pushing these vaccines, which we know there are three versions of them, and a couple, these are killers. I got the statistics that came today, the killers. What do you think it’s going to happen when they bring it all down? These people that were forced to take vaccines by hospital administrators, Big Pharma, other people, corporate heads, what do you think’s going to happen to their heads, they’re going to be held liable. Because if they’re at the top, they know, they can’t claim that they didn’t know because they’re in on it. France, French intelligence responded with a message that read in part, quote, the death penalty has been pronounced against all those promoting worldwide genocide and fraudulent vaccine based genetic engineering, which is what it is, the heads of Pfizer and AstraZeneca are being hunted by special forces. The same is true of international bankers using fraudulent high frequency trading programs powered by supercomputers. The message pointed the finger of blame at the Vatican and the French VRI police unit. They also pointed out that Biden was not the President and did not have the support of the Pentagon, which we know but telling you this for weeks. The day after we got this message this news came out, quote, a fire at a French cloud services firm has disrupted millions of websites, knocking out government agencies, portals, banks, shops, news websites and taking out a chunk of the FR web space according to internet monitors. Another sign the bad guys are losing is that Monsanto has been found guilty of chemical poisoning. This is a foretaste of what is going to happen to the vaccine companies we know Monsanto. Again, Monsanto, interestingly enough,

how this company continues to buy up the assets that it does, I think buyer, Bayer now just bought Monsanto that is killing us with food with crop spray. And now we got Bayer drug company, picking those guys up. They’re setting us up for the kill box on all four sides. I mean, they’re leaving nothing to chance. And now that it’s actually happening, and they’ve done this stuff with impunity, because we’ve been asleep they’ve done it at will they tell us what to believe we’ve always just believed that we let them get away with murder. No wonder they enslaved Sometimes I wish I was one of them. And I could have taken over the Western Hemisphere in about three or four years by myself like people are this easy. They’re still wearing masks for God’s sakes in Texas. So I’m talking about how could they not how could evil people not say this is going to be a cakewalk. I’ll have this wrapped up before breakfast. Anyways, Monsanto got hammered for 200 million by somebody who was you know, got tear, it’s not going to help them they’re going to die from Roundup. And other sign the bad guys are losing or I mean that I read also last week, far right Bolivian politician, Janine and as was arrested on March 13, on charges of terrorism and sedition for her role in the 2019 military coup that was aimed at stealing Bolivia’s lithium supplies for the Khazarian Mafia, to German politicians have since had to resign for profiting from facemask. Do you see what I’m saying? These people are forking scumbags in the political class all over the world. It’s everywhere. There are countless similar reports coming out at a furious pace, showing that the fastest control network in the West is collapsing. Perhaps that’s why we were contacted last week by Federal Reserve Board officials offering triple digit returns in Fiat dollars. If we could get them access to some dragon family money, of course, they were told to run. So dragon family money are these ancient family’s wealth. The dragon families like the Manchu Ching Dynasty family I talked about yesterday. This isn’t government money. This is dynastic money, extremely large, large volumes of precious metals and diamonds, silver, all this kind of stuff that they’ve had. That’s they’ve been, it’s been parked on the sidelines for humanity for a very long time. I told you they they they liquidated or turned over four and a half trillion over a year ago the Manchu family to kick nesara into gear the implementation of it. So now it also says that’s why the Vatican is now bankrupt. And here’s an article Vatican lowen reserves to cover deficit. They’re seeking donations. Got a segue here for one second.

Here’s the thing I don’t think it’s a bad thing, necessarily. And I know a lot of people are gonna get pissed off. And a religious word I said that. But I say this.

I personally don’t believe God ever said we need to give 10% of what we make to the church. If all that money, which is massive, was actually effective, spreading Christ’s message on the planet, in bringing in our salvation, explain to me why this world has turned out what it is now. This is not to say that our clergy are preachers, you know, your, your preachers in your churches, all that they’re, they’re in on this, they were simply taught a construct that through the guilt method, you need to put up you need to give 10% If you don’t, you’re made to feel guilty. I know one guy from the area that I live came from. His wife was devout. She took their $25,000 savings out, put it in the coffers of the church. He blew her head off, and then himself. terrible situation. What did that lead to? So they made us believe that somehow we could buy our salvation into heaven, right? Just like these televangelists, scum of the earth, scum of the earth. You see these Jimmy Swaggart and all these the scum of the earth on television, telling you getting these people who are older people that you know, send in whatever you got just the dollar, whatever. sucking the lifeblood out of these people. While they’re flying around on multiple jets, Jesse do plantas john hagy these are big powerful icons, right? How much of that? Are they given to the people for real? Everybody loves Joel olsteen? Down here, right? What do I see what I remember guys, a couple Lamborghinis, a flood. And you have a large segment of the black population in that area down there. And that the church is like somewhat on a know where there’s floodwaters around that you could get right up to the church. Refuse to open it for these human beings. Why? Because they might wreck the place, destroy it, get mud everywhere. What more do you need to know? I know what I’m saying here and I know what I’m taking on. What more do you need to know? Because I beg to differ that when you come to those gates or you face Christ Himself, and you’ve got all that wealth, all that wealth, these massive mansions, multiple jets Lamborghinis, and there’s a guy, there are people every time I get go out on the street, that are laying here in the street in the boiling baking son are freezing their ass offs, or they’re walking around with with with blankets and carrying their shit everywhere they go. You tell me how that money serves humanity. I’m not all i’m not against people having wealth and material blessings at all. But when you are claiming that wealth, it’s coming from the graces of people, and you’re doing nothing to help anybody.


Again, this isn’t just about me. This is just how I see it. When I was in the Harley Davidson dealership two days ago. And here’s this black lady, right? She’s sweeping up the whole place cleaning, nobody’s paying attention to her. She’s got her bandana on, you know, probably doesn’t make a lot of money doesn’t look real healthy, nice lady. So I observer. And so I get up. And I walk over. And I always notice these people. People should be thanking this woman for sweeping under their feet. Right? And this is what she does. She’s treated as as a person that’s not important to this establish not just this and I’m not picking on a dealership. I’m gonna tell you which one it was. But the simple reality is, How come these people are noticeable? How come? And I’ve said this to many janitors or people in bathrooms. I always say you know what, thank you for doing a job that nobody thinks about or gives a shit about until it’s not done. Right, say to him all the time. So I walked over to her. I couldn’t find her. somebody pointed out there. She so walked over, she had no idea why I was coming. So I reached down in my chaps in my pocket, and I pulled out a bill. I said, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you doing a job that nobody thinks about or cares about until it’s not done. I hand her $100 bill. She don’t know what to say. I said, That’s for you. I was that wasn’t my money in the first place. I was supposed to give it to you. For what reason? I’m telling you this for a reason. Because these people have a hell of a lot more money than I do. And if I’m willing to notice the unnoticeable in society, and walk them say, you know what, I had this in my pocket. Yeah, could I use it myself? Of course I could have but guess what does doesn’t belong to me anyways, it was given to me by a donor here, donations, guess what I’m doing? Making myself feel better. I had an ulterior motive, right? There’s only one reason I did that. I was very selfish. And that’s the way it is. I was very selfish. What did I want to do? I want to tell you this. Now I just wanted to came out to me to share it. I did it for a selfish reason. I wanted to walk away that day and walk away with his personal pat on the back. Damn, do I feel good. I made that lady’s whole day. Nobody’s ever probably done it in their life. But I feel good, because I’m the one that got to do that. And you know who really did that? You did, because you people donate money to this cause and allow me to go over there. And let this lady know that she counts that she’s important. Okay, that’s what’s critical. That’s what we have to get back to. Anyways, I’m getting way off track here. But now, so the Vatican is now seeking more donations Are you shitting me, the Vatican, who would give these horrible people a single penny, after what we have seen, that they’ve done to people all over the world, that they’ve wrecked this world, that they’ve allowed this stuff to go on? For how long? This child rape and all this stuff that these horrible people have known forever, and now they want more money. Anyways, sorry, I don’t have I don’t have a big enough pipeline to swallow the bullshit anymore. If this religious order really cared about the people, they would not have 150 miles of gold bullion 40 meters high 60 meters wide in these tunnels underneath the Vatican headed towards Jerusalem. While people are starving and suffering, you tell me what that’s about the religious order. Anyways, the money they produce is now only accepted in the United States. Which is why the M one modern money supply, which took 224 years to reach 4 trillion by early 2020. has now risen to over 20 trillion. And then there’s the link and I’m not going to get into that. Where does all the money go? One place is na sa not a space agency

where it appears to be hiding large scale embezzlement again, at NASA, another fraudulent organization. So this lower space orbit stuff that we see makes us think we’re making progress when the real stuff is happening. a much higher level. It is produced and obviously fake CG Mars landing. Okay, of course, I’ve covered that before. Now it’s expensive new space telescopes. Now it says it’s expensive new space telescope can be stolen by pirates. The situation is reached the point where mainstream economists like Michigan State economics professor Mark Skidmore says quote, the entire accounting system of the federal government is fraudulent. It’s just keeps coming and coming and common. The situation will only worsen as oil resources controlled by the Khazarian Mafia are systematically attacked throughout the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and Syria. Israel’s only ally, in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, has asked Netanyahu to come over and sign a protective agreement known as the Abraham agreement, only to cancel the visit. for the fourth time, various excuses were given for the cancellation. But the real reason that y’all who cannot go as he’s no longer as is that he is no longer on this earth. I told folks a long time ago. He was Khazarian Mafia Central. He was the one that commanded the attack on 911 overheard commanding that operation that people were involved in in things that he said about the United States allegedly from these people said that the reason that they do that they’re doing this the United States because we can, because they can take these hits these financial hits, and they’ll come back and we’ll keep doing it over and over and over. They absolutely hate. A man who pretends he loves this country hates the United States because we refuse to be enslaved. That’s why they hate us. I know it’s gonna shock a lot of people. But guess what, I don’t really care at all. As you can tell. I used to worship this guy not worship that revere this guy too. That is why Netanyahu is not appearing in public despite an ongoing general election campaign instead, according to my saws, propaganda site, Debka, which I used to follow and thought it was legitimate. I was wrong in a lot of things. Netanyahu promotes himself with a video camera man who follows and records his ongoing encounters in one corner of the country after another live on Facebook. In other words, like Joe Biden, he exists only via mask wearing deep fake doubles, and is now digital CG ghost. By the way, here’s the latest confirmation that the White House remains empty even as seen at CNN, the crime News Network pretends that by the Biden administration, I added that the Biden administration actually exists. And then there’s a bit shoot video. Of course Biden has yet to hold a press conference or meet with another world leader. Also in a clear sign of the good guys are winning. We received a call On March 11 2021, from us Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral James C aquilino, where he read the following statement. We would like to apologize to the Japanese people for our failure to protect them from the terrorist attack on Fukushima that occurred 10 years ago today, we promised to be more vigilant in the future to ensure that such an attack never happens again. They made it to be a natural occurring tsunami. It wasn’t it was an attack by Israel, the kazarian the Bolshevik outpost Khazarian Mafia faction run by Netanyahu on Japan.

We have confirmed from both the CIA and NSA that most of the leaders of this terrorist attack including former Jesuit Secretary General Peter Han’s, Colvin, Bach, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were executed for their roles in the attack other perpetrators such as Baron dice interviewed dried. A few more dominoes like Justin Castro, or you people across the board are known as Justin Trudeau, the pedo in Canada, and Angela Merkel, Hitler’s daughter, I might add in Germany have yet to fall, but it’s only a matter of time. And I’ve been saying this for months as well. The military now needs to occupy the headquarters of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. As soon as possible and hunt down their executives put to put an end to all the deep fakes in CGS we see on our ubiquitous screens. Finally, corporate media needs a complete overhaul over the years. I’ve watched my journalistic colleagues be murdered, fired retired until only lackeys remained. These lackeys need to be fired or locked up. It’s time to bring the truth back into our public discourse. Remember, the truth will set us free. So when I looked this over today, I thought, well, if you want to know and again, Benjamin Fulford, he’s, I don’t know if all his work that I’ve seen out there, folks, has not been other people, you know, doing what they do to me, because a lot of it comes in a computer voice when you hear it’s always this Asian woman or something. It’s hard to understand. And it’s always in a car. It’s no videos, cartoon form, but you hear the audio. But from my point of view, he’s validating the things that I’ve talked about for quite some time now. And especially since I did this video last year on the Khazarian Mafia, and it really was based on Gordon Duff’s research that I dug deeply into, and I did a whole radio show on it. I know people are gonna ask me, where is it, it’s somewhere on somewhere on bitch shoot, rumble and brighty on. But I walked through this. And again, I got more information that came from my column that I hate calling them protectors that’s just somewhat demeaning to these to this, you know, level of Intel provider, but it’s, believe me, it’s far above my paygrade for what they’re providing me. I guess they just believe I’ll tell the truth. And I’m doing it for the right reason. But I talked about this yesterday, and the day before, and they brought this up. They referred to exactly what I said. I’m going to try to see what I can read quickly again, okay, I talked about last night, the CCP, China, Chinese Communist Party are in fact the kazarian banking elites. I said this last night, that took over on 12th of February 1912. About the same time the Federal Reserve came into power into play, who made sure the Manchu Shang dynasty of China was no more and effectively came to an end after 268 years. With the abdication of Emperor I think it’s poor p you why I don’t know how to pronounce it. No disrespect, in favor of the Republic of China, the new khazaria because area basically was this country that was Georgia where Georgia is in, in, in that region of the world. And I talked about 1962 after two generations of 50 years of one child policy in China, the Khazarian banking elites infiltrated all the bloodlines, aspiring bloodlines took over the longest standing dynasty society the planet ever seen, which is Manju is JFK is assassinated. Basically, you’re too later. And then it goes on to mention other people that that I can’t discuss. But, again, we have conducted significant surveillance, counter surveillance and research how corrupt zerion oligarchs are because they’re a mafia seem to have planned this crime against all of humanity, talked about event to a one, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins University, Rockefeller Foundation, all these crime syndicates and it just doesn’t stop. So now you know that as I see it here, I get I do get some information that comes in this fashion that basically says yeah, it’s Kind of what’s happening. It’s validating what i what i think and what I feel that comes at me. So that’s where we are. We are winning. This is a scripted movie.

I believe the other side, the black hat side is a script. I think there’s two scripts in play. I think there’s a script, that’s really actually, the white hats have their script that they’re carrying this movie out. The black hats have, they’re the ones that have a gun to their head that are being forced to commit suicide, in their own way, by playing out their role on a 16 year plan destroy America, which was intercepted by military intelligence. And there’s also a script being played out to fool the other guys, the enemy that still exists the enemy that can still create chaos in this world, because there are some people who have to look like they still are the enemy who truly aren’t like infiltrating the infiltrators, because they don’t only have to sell us on the truth and wake us up. They get a sell the liars on lies, hopefully they buy into it, so they can be trapped by operations that will eventually bring them down. So that’s how I see all these things playing out just my opinion. And hell yeah, Hiram Broadbent. You know it. I saw that. Thank you. Scott is a fork in badass. I’m telling you, folks that fork in line has gone it’s gone viral. It’s gone over the world. I think they’re now saying it in like in like Middle Eastern languages. And I think French is translated for can into France good how they say it sounds pretty sexy. How they say forking, but they all get it, they’re making up their own. kind of funny, that came out of my mouth one day, I want to drop that F bomb so bad. And it just came out. Like I was like, go fork yourself. And that was early on. Like last fall, I was like, go for it yourself. I got away with it. Sorry, about last night, I had to have those two of the real bombs drop out of me. To my friends who are devout Christians, you might have kids around you have sensitive ears. That when I apologize for that’s how pissed off that just this this disgrace of a police officer, or peace officer made me I’m still not over it, I’m still not over it. I’m glad A lot of you people supported that to that. I don’t care who you are. They’re trying to take us out. That’s what this operation is with this mask bullshit. They’re trying to take us out not just health wise, they’re trying to take this away from us. So we can’t see each other smile, we can’t see their facial expression communication, we can’t see the grins and the nice energy that comes from our faces. Be just like you can’t see the Taliban having their women walk around like you have no idea, the beauty and the soul that’s looking out through that cloth, who may be smiling you whatever every one of them look like your enemy, when they’re in public in the United States walking around like this, with this stuff over their head, the head job or whatever, or walking around like this, you think the worst because of what you know about them in the Middle East that other people have done. And this is all you see, you’re taking this element of communication from us. That’s the problem, right? And that’s what these people are trying to do to break this bond. This energetic communication and connection we have with each other. So we respect each other, we love each other, we defend each other. We we want to know each other. They’re trying to break our power. Because we are genetic royalty. The satanist might have the DNA we do. But it’s long been corrupted by chance, or by will. And that’s what they’re trying to do to us. We can’t let them and I don’t care if this guy doesn’t even know any better. This disgrace of a peace officer, the fact that he could have handled that differently. This was a guy that had to show that he’s the man, I’m gonna put her to the ground.

I don’t care how delicate You did it, what would I have done? Listen, man, I got a really tough job to do.

And I’m in a tough spot. This is the quote unquote, private property. But this is kind of where they are with this. And they’re expecting me. They are and so is my command expecting me to handle this situation. So is there any other way you could handle this? Like maybe have somebody else that has access to your bank account come in and withdraw that money? Could you do a wire transfer to some other bank and you know, whatever to handle this business? because it puts everybody including me in a bad spot. You seem like a really nice lady. How hard is that? How hard is that? Because the guy that dealt with me at the south point Hotel in Las Vegas. He could clearly he said me he goes you know what, Scott? I can tell you’re a really smart guy and I can tell you’re saying tell you’re really intelligent. And I also can tell you a really nice guy, I hate this shit. He said I don’t believe in this either. But this is my responsibility. You know, my my and rightly so. My my Supervisors watching me, what did I do? What did I do? I came to a point of respect and understanding, no disrespect to me anyway. But he said, I can bring a supervisor, I can bring your supervisor, that’s the one that said, I think I like all we need to mask and a shield. That’s like, wow. So he could have handled that differently. But he was the king shit cop, and I’m the guy here that can drop the hammer and enforce this law, which is bullshit. And I’m going to do this to this 65 year old lady. So anyways, with that being said, we are pretty much at time. And sorry, I didn’t get this information out very early. But we made it a couple minutes late. So appreciate all the things you guys do. Again, you guys just keep putting donations to this machine. And we’re gonna do some other things technology wise to you know, finally get an email system in place where boom it automatically now it’s not there yet, I got to go do some research. I’m gonna go visit somebody this week and look at some different things that we can employ. So this stuff just becomes somewhat automated. All these other things that we need to get done to professionally run this is patriot Street Fighter revolution that you guys deserve some working on now. But thanks for thanks for all the things that you folks do spreading the word getting the channel loaded back up again, getting back on both channels being being prepared, ready for wanting to go down, jump to the other spreading the word donations come in. The support you give me I’m honored I’m honored every day in my life. The best part the best time I’ve ever had in my life regardless of how little sleep I get. Just hanging out for you people’s The best thing that’s ever happened in my whole life, believe me, it is it is my is my world. Not to mention the fact that I get to see the general the general is finally excited about something in life. He sees his country’s gonna gonna make it because I know over his over the course of his life, his souls being ripped apart, watching his country be ripped apart thinking they’re gonna they’re gonna take it all down. Now I can see it in his eyes. He’s like, it’s about time. Damn right. We’re gonna keep this country nobody’s taking this country down. They may get closer, they won’t get close, but they may make a hell of an effort, but isn’t going to come with us without a serious fork and ass beating on all these scumbags as we course correct and take our country back take the world back from these people. So that’s enough for tonight. I will be we’ll see it tomorrow night. Remember next weekend or next week, a week. From tomorrow. We’re going to have john or de Snedeker had an interview with him and Kiersten today, there’s going to be a great show the three of us are going to come back. He’s very deep in his knowledge. And you know, Kiersten gets all kinds of amazing Intel. And she is she says Scott, I’m the I’m the female version of you. I’m tough. How take on anybody, and I’m not a dude. So we’ll do that next Wednesday. We got a few more people coming out that we’re going to get on the show to get it organized a couple things in the schedule but great to have you folks love you gonna sign off and everybody have a great night till tomorrow. Hold the fork in line. Still there, pop


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