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3-3-21: Dr. Charlie Ward & Simon Parkes Round Table with Tom

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3-3-21: Dr. Charlie Ward & Simon Parkes Round Table with Tom

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Well, hi guys today again we’ve got Simon Parkes and Tom Sydney Bushnell and we’re going to be talking what’s going on right now on the numerology linked with it. Welcome, guys.

Hey, Charlie could see.

Hello, Charlie. Hello, Simon.

Gone Tom tech shows what numbers Okay, yeah.

So some things that I thought would be interesting for people to to know about and things that we could discuss with be this week this week could perhaps be, you know, very important week, a lot of us have realized that the fourth of March is the old constitution date. And we’re hoping that President Trump could perhaps be inaugurated on that day. Perhaps he’s still maybe it’s getting quite close. It looks like maybe it won’t be the case. But who knows? When I seven mentioned things more like April Fool’s Day, which makes sense in many ways as well. And maybe it would even be further who knows, we don’t we’re not privy to everything about the plan. But I did want to highlight some things. So the fourth of March, when you do the numbers on it, comes to Well, actually, let’s talk about let’s talk about the third, we’re talking about the third first. So the third is actually tomorrow. If you cast your minds back, a few months ago, President Trump came out into the to the blue, you know, in the press room, and said very, very quickly and succinctly, he said, the stock market is reached an all time high. And he said it’s reached 30,000. Now 30,000, he said was a sacred number. And when you do the numbers on that sacred number, sacred comes to 50, which is Donald, which is America. Number comes to 73, which is Egypt, Joseph, other things, but when you add them together, comes to 123123 comes to silver, and gold. So Silver’s 85, gold was 38, add them together, it comes to 123. And also, April Fool’s comes to a special figure as well, when it comes to that. So that’s an interesting one, but the sacred number. So the actual, the actual number of 202 202 also comes to tomorrow. Tomorrow is Wednesday, March 3, so March is 4330 is 59. Yet 43 plus 59. Together, that takes you to 102, which also is the worst for 1000, as in 30,000. And the word for 30 is 100. That’s the value for it, but that equals Wednesday. So Wednesday, March 3, comes to 202 comes to secret number. Another thing that it comes to is in the Back to the Future films which I always like to reference is in Back to the Future to Marty’s been playing with with dokin. Back in the past they have the sports Almanac sports comes to 88 which is Trump. And the future has changed they’ve changed the past and they say the future is changing. The picture of Marty’s father starts to change the newspaper headlines saying that his father’s alive he says my father’s alive. And doc is in his in his this time flying time machine DeLorean DeLorean comes to 74, which is Jesus, which is present Trump’s age would point 74, etc. London. He says it’s the ripple effect. Now the phrase, it’s the ripple effect also comes to 202 202. And there’s a big shift Well, there’s something happening in regards to the crypto ripple community, there’s a guy called Gary Gensler and his numbers come up to 131. He’s getting put in today with the SEC and he’s very pro crypto technology, etc, saying, you know, things may need to change. But at the end of Back to the Future, three, you remember the train has 131 on it. 131 has a few values. One study one comes to john F. Kennedy, also comes to Michael pompeyo, also comes to Steve Bannon, but also becomes to this new guy Gary Gensler and those that know more about ripple, etc. Think that he could be a real key part in perhaps things changing. He’s you know, he’s he’s Biden’s pick, but maybe he’s asleep or maybe he’s been set up by Trump for a long time. But it’s interesting the time of it. He he starts his position today. Tomorrow is the ripple effect or, or 30,000, but it’s also Wednesday, March 3, so perhaps it could be something with that. But then going forward to march 4, the fourth of March it comes to 185, which comes with Donald john Trump. That’s why I was thinking a few weeks ago that could perhaps be here. inauguration day because the numbers married up. But it also comes to stock market crash. So 185 comes to stock market crash, it also comes to world World Trade Center, it also comes to the City of London. So there was some interesting things I just wanted to point out. And we saw it in the papers last week was with Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods comes to 135. Everybody knows that Tiger Woods had a crash 135 comes to stock exchange.

Also Piers Morgan who was featured in the papers next to Tiger Woods, his value comes up 135 as well. Also interesting enough, Prince Philip, he’s in the papers a lot. And it looks like they’re setting up the you know, the narrative that he’ll pass soon I would have thought or something about him will happen. But again, his number comes to 135. So there’s, there’s a lot of these numbers marrying together and sitting on the board in, in close proximity with each other. So I thought be interesting to to point those things out. But both of you might have some extra thoughts and insight on on those things.

There’s a lot there’s a huge amount going on. I was on on on the phone this morning from very early on hubs for this morning. So till around six o’clock, talking to the team on the quantum financial system, and on the RV and on the global currency reset. They’re incredibly positive ever, the hard work is done. And it’s become very, very clear now that they’re waiting for the correct time. That now when we talk about the codes being in the system, we talk about the system being fully loaded. That is all done. The critical thing now is the timing. And this is where you come into providing us with numbers that can point out to timing because none of us know. I certainly don’t know, but I just know that they’re very, very happy behind the scenes. Yes. And they’re just waiting. And it’s not down to you. It’s not down to Simon or me. It’ll be God’s timing. And, you know, Simon with his connecting consciousness, when he’s got a group of people that can connect consciousness, that’s where we’ll get the information from, we won’t get it from the team. Yeah, because the information will come from God. So it’s the people that can connect that will and will get the closest idea as to what the exact timing will be.

Very interested in showing you something I decoded just early this morning from yesterday, this back page headline, you can read that clearly.

referes care scared to give us a penalty.

Yes, that’s it. So that comes to 310 which comes to what you just mentioned, Charlie, it comes to the quantum financial system. 310 comes to the quantum financial system. And another reason I believe that 310 equals the quantum financial system is a biblical verse in malikai. Monaco 310 it talks about the windows of heaven being open to the people getting a blessing because they can’t receive it, you know, it’s too big to receive. And some things were that is Windows comes to Trumps from some 107 heaven comes to 55 which comes from Avaya. So you’ve got that connection with the numbers and the words but also, President Trump used to go to Yuma a lot for the wall. 310 is is sorry. Yuma is the fifth there’s a film 310 to human there’s actually been two of them. But he kept going down to the wall and pointing out the wall and what was happening there. But I always thought in my mind are humans 310 to Yuma 310 is malikai 310. And the quantum financial system comes to 310. The other thing I’ve just remembered is also in regards to 135 being Tiger Woods being Piers Morgan being principal at being Stock Exchange is also Wall Street. So when Tiger Woods put his car that we saw last week 135 a 135 Tiger Woods crashed 135 is also Stock Exchange and there’s also Wall Street so Wall Street Crash Stock Exchange crash etc. So they’re telling us things that are you know, linking things together though, or I believe you know, we’re coming soon. Another one as well is March Madness So March Madness is a sporting term in in America. It’s their college basketball season is the kind of the height of that and March Madness when you do the numbers comes to 118 which comes to the storm which comes to the blackout which comes to the silver searcher, but you know we’re going into March and perhaps it could be a mad month and you know, a month of madness, but the numbers again add up 118 which also comes to Perry plus Megan, which Simon and I spoke about just a week or so ago, comes to Tom plus Simon 118 is my cousin Paul is his date of birth that passed. And I’ve mentioned him before. So it’s interesting at the time that we’re, we’re moving into. And then there was some great comms that President Trump spoke about in his his address at sea pack. And Simon mentioned some of those in the start time, Simon. I got that, what did you get out of because I’m sure you got a different, but also very relevant code as well from it.

I don’t get the code. I was just told that the timing of the start was very important. Okay, the time that he’d been given to speak, he never had any intention speaking at that point. And they were filmed that they were going to run anyway. So I don’t know what the numbers mean. I was just in that it meant something and that’s why, you know, I want to hear from you. Okay.

It was one one hour. 17 minutes late, wasn’t it?

Yeah. Ha, ha, wow. One seven. Well, that’s good. Charlotte. So 117 comes to market crash. When you do the numbers, you had the words market crash comes to 117. had that piece in the paper a week or so ago with Megan and Harry that was plastered all over the all of the newspapers. But the one I think was the star started off saying publicity shy couple publicity comes to 117 again. But 117 equals market crash and if that’s the length of his actual speech, and I think that’s very telling, the time he started that was late. He was one hour, 17 minutes late, and that’s when he started. Okay, so

yeah, from when? Yeah. When he stills Yeah,

that that figure of 117 is a very, very potent or very important. Another thing about the start time, so I clocked it that he started because you saw the bright side, reference clock on the on the, you know, the corner of the screen, and it said it started at four, he started to physically speak at four minutes. Sorry, 450. So I looked at that, but Okay, 450. So four, plus 50 comes to 54, which comes to love. He spoke about Do you love me? No, we love you and all this stuff going through the speech. But also then it had PM, which comes to 29, which comes to Diana, and then he t i guess these eastern time, et comes to 25. But when you add all of them together, it comes to 101. away, it comes to Mr. Ed root, which was an optic about talking about JFK, back in September 11. When you and I did a piece on that, Charlie, Mr. Ed root also comes to our dear friend Jakob of kid 108 hoverboard from that to the future films, which is in that piece with the ripple effect as hoverboard comes to one away. But also I think for right now, it comes to full moon. I mean, Simon spoke a week or two ago about the half moon and significance of that full moon, it was a full moon, President Trump spoke to 108. So Full Moon comes to 108, which is that, when you add up the visual optics of the of the start time was 108, as well, which I thought was, you know, very deliberate on point again, you know, so he also mentioned some other things I noticed, he said at least twice. And he may have said it Other times, but he said at least twice loud and clear. And loud and clear, as we know, in military terms is a is a loud and clear signal as a five, five, or sometimes maybe a 25, or five times five or even five plus five is a 10. But 55 is like super loud and clear. And that’s what that is Dan scavino made reference to that many months ago and President Trump first came out with the first picture of the master and he did a great diagram of saying military terms loud and clear. You know, whether they’re on the case they’re doing the job, but he said it. He said loud and clear, at least twice in that speech on Sunday. So that was another pricking moment. I was like, Okay, he’s telling us is coming. Get ready. You Yes. So, yeah, there was I thought there was you know, a lot of a lot of good things that happened in in, in that speech.

is certainly was I didn’t watch it live. I watched it in the morning. And I found it completely fascinating. Because I first thing in the morning I had a response from a number of people that were concerned it wasn’t what they were expecting. I wasn’t expecting anything. I was just hoping for designs and I got bundles of them.

I like the fact that Biden was shot in December. I like the fact that he lost The White House. There was that other 60 nificant things

he said, he referred to by him as the chief executive.

Yes, he did. Yeah, I like that. Air Force One was at Orlando, which was also very interesting as to who’s it who’s actually using the planes. When I was talking to people behind the scenes, I’ve said this the whole way through that the military are currently in control in America right now. But they’re communicating for the want of a better word with one of two people, and their surname doesn’t begin with B.

Now, another thing that, if you remember his when he started off, he said, something along the lines of Thank you, and great to be here. But when you get to kind of first gave the men there could have been columns in that as well. But second or third line in he said, he just said a lot of things going on. And then he proceeded to, and I saw that as I had, there’s something there. But I did the numbers on that. So a lot of things. So a lot, it comes to 47, which john atomic silver of is 21. And things is 77, which is Christ, which is power, just hertz. But you add them together a lot of things, comes to 145 numerology, which again, I thought was was very interesting. And you said about two other people. Anyway, I’ll put this out for thought. If you finish the phrase, it’s going on, a lot of things going on. Going on comes to 81, which comes to tower comes to Tiffany, we add those together comes to 226226 consists of 132, who is Princess Diana, plus john john, which is 94. So if you add 132 plus 94 226, which is a lot of things going on. So it’s interesting that those things came up, you know, you did the reference on numerology, plus, Princess Diana, perhaps and, and john john. So again, I thought that was interesting, right off the bat, you know, to lead to lead in with that, with that, with those numbers, I thought was really interesting and powerful.

But perhaps could say is that, you know, we know that the good guys didn’t crash Tiger Woods car, that bad guys that did it, and both sides are playing the numbers game. I know. And ideally, one would hope that the good guys we’re going to try and prevent a crash. However, if the dark side haven’t pulled out of the top end of the of the stock market, then you know, there may well have to be a crash to clean things out. We genuinely don’t know. But both sides are playing and the bad side have done that. I remember years ago when there’s a bus with with children that tragically crashed and caught fire. And that was a sacrifice. So the bad side of do all the bad things and the good side, yes. Do images or they’ll say words. And I do think that, you know, it’s imminent, simply because three months ago, seems a lifetime ago and this place. But three months ago, I was told that we should expect something between the fourth Of March 2021 and the ninth of April. Right. That was three months ago. So right off point was the fourth of March to run to the ninth of April. Now, I wasn’t told what would happen in this timeframe nor exactly when but that was the timescale I had to look at. Hmm,

that’s very interesting. Those those those dates sign because I remember when we spoke last time, you you mentioned for the first time I think and when we spoke, you mentioned fourth of April, and you had some thoughts about that. Obviously, that’s Easter Sunday. Any any other additional thoughts for insight into fourth of April, what you understand that?

Look, you know, some of us do believe in God. And some of us, you know, don’t believe in a man in a chair floating in the clouds for Lord sake. But I do think that the choosing of President Trump wasn’t just a group of men sitting around a table pulling some cards out, I think it was a lot more spiritual than that. It was I agree. And there are two ways you could look at it, it could actually be an affront to God, for somebody to come back on a religious date. Because it might seem as challenging God. On the other hand, it might be seen as appointed by God. So again, I haven’t got an opinion. All I can tell you is that those people who who will make these decisions, probably the Joint Chiefs. Those were the dates they were working with three months ago now, who knows may have changed now. But certainly everything that we’re seeing is is moving towards this part. Why thing, just to let you know is that the team around Biden have declared that Biden probably won’t come to the big meeting in Britain in June. So that just about Biden hasn’t been out of the country hasn’t had any visits with any foreign governments. And the first foreign government he was supposed to meet was Britain in June at the big meeting in Cornwall, and his team announced late last night that probably he wouldn’t come to it. So that’s again, very interesting.

His interest Cornwall, because calm will come to the 98, which comes to independent. So that’s interesting. That’s interesting. I didn’t even know they were meeting there. But that’s

Jonathan. Sorry, Tom. Boris Johnson wanted to be in Cornwall. So that’s where it’s actually set. Now, it’s not a virtual meeting. I think the leaders of the world are coming there. And basically, saying their bind might be going on that thought was really interesting, because that’s just that’s June.

Yeah, yeah. What’s your thoughts on this guy’s something I thought about, and then the numbers came up for it. So 172 comes to hyperinflation. And there’s a few numbers that have been popping up with that in the papers and other other sources. One thing I’m thinking perhaps, maybe a possibility, as if, because President Trump spoke about energy prices going up. And if something like hyperinflation happened due to the suppression of the economy with the lockdowns if someone’s giving it sound like I’m not an economist, but it seems to make sense what this lady was saying from Northern Ireland. That is quite doom and gloom. She’s saying hyperinflation is imminent. Let’s suppress everyone through the lockdowns. And when the when that’s lifted, it will, it will change things and it will, it will trigger hyperinflation. She felt and it made sense. And then I was like, Well, if that is in the cards, that’s all part of it. Perhaps if that did happen, that would be an elegant way for the White House to pump in the gold. So it’s the the fiat currency goes out of control, then perhaps we’re able to marry it up with actual real gold backs. I mean, I don’t know, what’s your thoughts on that there was something that came up? And then I thought maybe that’s the right way to do it.

I don’t know. Yeah, it’s also very dangerous way to do things because ordinary people suffer. And if you’re a white hat, that’s the last thing you want. And I hope that when the time comes, you just switch off your system. But what what I am detecting is that a lot of people in the know, are pulling their money out of the stock market, we’re talking vast amounts of money being pulled out now. And also, Lloyds Bank have announced a massive reduction in any banker earning earning 1 million pounds salary or more an HSBC are cutting their office space by 40%. So I think the main key banks know what’s in the pipeline. I wouldn’t want to see hyperinflation, because I look back to what happened in Germany between the wars. Inflation sort of destroyed all the the ordinary people and yet the the landowning people made on it. So again, I think that from an economic point of view, it is possibility. I think she’s right. But I honestly don’t think that the guys who have spent so long to get things right would allow that. I mean, Charlie, what’s your view? You’re the money, man.

I am, but I’m under a military NDA. And I was trying to think what I can and can’t say,

scratch your nose and wink,

exactly. What can I say? Now, number one, the new financial system is fully fully fully up and running, ready to go. The information that you’ve just given there is pretty accurate. on virtually every count. There is a lot going on right now. Yes, the stock market will crash. That’s why people are taking funds out of it.

They know that people in the top Charlie they know the score, don’t they?

Because they do of course they do they know what’s going on but this is all part of the process. For the normal human being who’s just got a little bit in there, what they’ll actually gain in the bigger picture will far outweigh what they’ve lost in the short term. For them, you know, the stock exchanges or posh boys casino. Let’s get real about it. That’s what it is. And I’ve never ever been a gambler. I’ve never casinos I’ve had the odd flutter just like we’ve been to Vegas a few times and I’ll have a little flatter just for the fun. And if I when I walk away and they hate me, they absolutely hate me. I was offered a free upgrade of rooms and come back to the table. I said no, no, no paid for the trip or pay for this. I paid for that. Just by by winning one time a large, reasonable amount of money. I think run about three and a half $1,000 which I thought was a decent amount for 100 for $100 gamble. And that I was happy with that. But they were like, No, no, you can come back here anytime. So there’s a stock exchange is an upmarket version of a casino. That I’ve always found it hard enough to earn it, let alone just gambling.

Yeah, let’s just do it. Same here. I’ve never done it. Well, not in a casino, maybe a free bet online on a football club. I’ve never done either. I rather I guess take Gamble’s in, venturing forward, you did it once. Did you say so? Never once? No, yeah,

no, no, I just three ways that the energy attached to money at the moment. Once it’s all changed, then money will be neutral.

I think that’s probably one of the biggest things I’ve learned about myself is I’ve never really had a love of money. I’ve liked like, like nice things. Yes, I admit that. But and and the people who’ve been obsessed by money, I’ve never really got on with, I’ve always learned that if I work hard enough. Money takes care of itself. And that’s all on this journey. That’s why I’ve given the responsibility of the money to my wife, I said, you deal with it. I don’t I have no interest in it. My interest in is establishing truth. And not not having a focus on that. So it’s done her an awful lot of good and sent me a lot of good that because I fought with her and with Leann with Jimmy, for three months not to monetize, because I just wanted to work. And so focus on the truth. Yeah.

It’s amazing, because, you know, I never once monetized. My, I never put any adverts on and everyone was saying to me, Oh, no, you should do it, you should do it, you can make money on that. And I thought I’d understand how the Babylonian spell works. That was the last thing I wanted. Sure. And then people were saying, look, you know, you could do what so many other American people do. Which is, you know, you you can let the first couple of minutes of your updates go free, and then people have got to pay for it. And that’s about that’s just what the elite do. You know, so that I’ve really have a hope understood how money not just controls individuals, but it controls information. And yeah, that’s what’s gonna be stuck. And I think the three of us here today, actually fully understand that trap. That money is and and it’s got to be cleaned. Now. Money is great commodity. Don’t Don’t get me wrong. Money is a great commodity. But but it needs to be neutral.

It’s Yeah, at the moment is a necessary it’s a necessary evil for the want of a better word.

Do we have the map? Sorry? Sorry. No, no, no, please. No, I

was just, you know, the, the end of there’s a lot of people out there financially, who are suffering and they’re having a difficult time. And I’ve said it a few times, this is like giving birth, this is the contraction period, period, it’s a little bit painful. I say a little bit painful. There’s women out there that would disagree. They say it’s very painful. But I’ve never had those sort of pains. I’ve had the pains of being married four times. And apparently that doesn’t compare. So we’re coming into it, we’re coming into a wonderful period, which will be just like the birth of a new child, you know, we it’s a wonderful, wonderful time we’re coming into, and we just want to embrace it and enjoy, enjoy. What we’re going through right now, for those people who are awake. Just take away your fear and just sit back and just know, Martin Guinness, I think mentioned it yesterday that, you know, the war is one we and we just need the timing of everything. That’s in God’s hands. It’s not in our hands.

Yeah. Somebody else’s watch.

It was Hong Kong for much longer, though. I mean, if we won’t be at the situation we have, I mean, forget MBAs and all that. Just look at the common sense aspect. Yeah, can’t go on. Because basically, the United States is in limbo. Limbo from all the other foreign potentates of the world. The big corporations that companies don’t quite know what to invest, when to invest if they don’t know whether they should do this or do that. Now, that worked for a few weeks, but it can’t go on for months, because actually, he The United States will go into a nosedive. So I believe something positive is gonna happen soon.

This month. 100%.

Yeah, I agree.

I’ve been told that. You You had the force. I was told by the sixth of April. Something big would happen then. I’ve also been told that it’s mental March. Yeah.

You mentioned March Madness much. Yeah. Something goes well, all in that area guys. You and I spoke Simon about the number to one nine, which came up in one of those Megan and Harry papers. And I did some more numbers on I was thinking perhaps it was February 19. You know, anyway, I looked at it further, but it points to some perhaps possible locations, one of them being World Trade Center, sorry, One World Trade Center, I should say. So, one is 34 djt. But the new name of that single building that you should read the two World Trade Center, but now it’s just the one One World Trade Center. So 34 Plus, one a five, Donald john Trump comes to 219. But it also comes to the Mount of Olives. And something that I’ve been thinking about the Mount of Olives is a biblical feature. It’s a bit, you know, this the end of what the sign of the times, but um, something that I thought in regards to all of that is, do you remember with Steve Bannon, when he did that piece on the water in New York in the right in front of the Statue of Liberty, and it’s there, they declared the independence of China, you know, the New Republic, and they talked about peace on earth for 1000 years. So that’s a direct reference to the millennium, you know, this Age of Aquarius, this Trump Linden, whatever you want to call it, the New Age, the golden age, and that was right there. And I’ve been thinking for a long, long time. I know that right now, New York is in a mess, but it’s such a significant place. And it’s, it has a power there even you know, and that’s why they’re good and great and bad things happening there is President Trump’s home, I just think there’s going to be a lot of things around that when we kind of see the real amazing things. But in reference to see Bannon and China, again, that assignment, you were talking about the Chinese elders and King Solomon’s Mines, and I was thinking, perhaps, the way that the good people are trying to the new Chinese Republic, if they’re the ones funding the Zim, that we’ve heard about, and they’re focusing there, in new in New York, in front of the Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty is, is, you know, a symbol of freedom of liberty. And I just wanted if there was a connection between the two, and also the Mount of Olives, and perhaps two places, symbolically and physically and maybe timeline have a have a connection, ie the Mount of Olives, and also One World Trade Center, reversing what happened back in 2001. But it was so interesting that Steve Bannon, because we’re told that 2001 When that happened, that’s when they wanted to do the reverse, reset, but it was stopped. But now they’ve got these objects of Steve Bannon on a, you know, a water platform with this guy, gentleman from China talking about the new Chinese Republic, and they’re the ones that we’ve heard and Simon was talking about that as well in regards to the wealth of the Chinese elders and King Solomon’s Mines. And I just thought there’s an interesting connection with that. And another thing in terms of dates, another one that is interesting is the word 14th. So 14th, take it th at the end. 14th comes to 132. Again, which comes to Princess Diana. President Trump is born on the 14th of June 14. And talking of April, excuse me, April 1 is a Thursday, Thursday. I keep seeing down the you know the calendar line. Thursday looks like a storm day. Perhaps it’s the beginning or an end of a storm. Thursday is Thor, god of thunder god of storms, Thor comes to 61 comes to casino as well. We’ve mentioned casinos. But the interesting part of that is it comes to first light. So first is 72. Light is April. Right. She’s confirming it or he’s


But first first April or April 1 comes to first light, perhaps after this March Madness, the storm 118 March Madness and also comes to redeeming Zim comes to one to eight first light, April 1. So I just thought those things were were interesting. And the other thing about Princess Diana 132 is you and I spoke about the assignment. resurrection comes to 165 operation warp speed actually comes to 20. So again, that was what I had to correct but when you add those together, resurrection plus operation Wall Street, it comes to 385 which is a nice blend of 38 which is silver 85 is is a sorry. So 38 is gold. 85 is silver, which is a perfect blend of the two again, which does point to again, silver and gold which is April Fool’s 123. So again, I thought that was an interesting one. Yeah. And what the how to go about it. Yeah, well, there

has been across the planet, it’s very interesting is that secret operations under the Temple Mount to discover an original building. And the last year of Obama’s reign a, another part of in Great Britain. Stonehenge was fun. Yeah, underneath him, but a bomber was actually brought over and given a personal tour now, you know, that’s not normal. You don’t normally get world leaders coming over unless there’s something massively significant and, and Trump has been very careful with Israel. You know, he’s he’s, he’s handled it with kid gloves, really, because there’s a lot of sad about that place. And so this business with with, it’s not King Solomon’s Mines. Tom, it’s

sorry, King Solomon’s temple, I should have said, yeah.

Yeah, the temple. You see, when when King Solomon started to collect all the wealth, he it was the very first sovereign fund. People don’t know that it doesn’t say that in the Bible. And he was collecting it for his people. And his people weren’t just the Israelites or the Jews, because remember, they were most mostly from from Egypt. But they were for anybody who came under his dominion or under his control, and that money or Reserve was, was literally a sovereign fund. And of course, we know that there was wars and all the rest of it, and that, that money, but the energy with it went to different parts of the globe and built now that is the important thing. That’s why the Bank of England and others are placed on these very powerful energy lines. Because you know, it will, it will actually make things multiply and grow. And so the point is that maybe what’s happening now, is that all roads lead to Rome. And Solomon’s money is now coming back into what we loosely call a sovereign fund for all the people, but not to be handed out on the corner of the street to be squandered, but to actually be used to change the world for good forever. So I’m quite tickled. Because Solomon’s money, or those about 672 BC, is now on its way back into the very very original concept that King Solomon had for his people. And I think that that’s why I’m so blessed to be on the earth. This time around.

Yeah, the numbers as well on King Solomon Simon so King Solomon comes to Solomon it comes to 103 which comes to September, which comes to Princess which comes to JFK, one is age. King Solomon King is 41. We’re in the year 2021. So 20 plus 21. is king. You have the king, the year of alien, the year of good the year of USA, your tsp the year fund your key but when you do King Solomon, it comes to 144 which comes to digital soldier, and also his one of the names he went by was Jedediah and Jedediah comes to 50 which comes to Donald, which comes to America. Also, it makes me think of Jedi Return of the Jedi Star Wars etc. You know, the return of Jedi?

no coincidence on that. Exactly.

Exactly. There’s not. And the other thing about the mount so you’ve got done with the rock. You’ve got that as another feature in Israel but don’t with the rock comes to 138 which comes to revaluation which comes to Donald Trump. And I just discovered yesterday, and the American Dream also comes to 138 which is Donald, Donald Trump 138. Again, revaluation. So is littered with all these amazing things that are in our mind and psyche already. And the other thing I was going to say about one three to the word 14 or Princess Diana, and resurrection. So 165 equals resurrection 165 it also equals Simon, Simon bad parts that we mentioned last time. So 165 also comes to Westminster, which is you know, the borough that I’m in and then I got thinking of Westminster. The other thing about that is Christ bloodline bloodline comes to 88, which is Trump, Christ to 77. So Christ, a bloodline comes to 165, which is resurrection, which is also Westminster. And then I got to thinking, Okay, Princess Diana, she was her service of funeral service was in Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey, when you add them together comes 200. Another way to say 200 would be to spell out the word so two comes to 58, which is nothing Ira which is x RP, which is Ivanka, which is start, which is Robin from Batman and Robin 100. When you spell the word 100 comes to 74, which is Jesus, which is Messiah, which is London.

How old is Trump?

And exactly as President Trump’s age 75. Yeah, yeah, a 74. So when you do the numbers on that, when you get them, you do to say the word 258 plus 74. You add those together again, it comes to 132, which comes to Princess Diana. So I was like, That’s very interesting. She was very, you know, her service was there at Westminster Abbey. She was the 14th. She was my first real kind of one of the dongba but very significant markers in terms of cue because her burial service at Westminster Abbey started at nine or eight in the morning, nine plus eight is 17. Which is cute. When you do the excuse me when you do the numbers on the word 17 109 comes to comes to Dinah Spencer, again comes to Zapruder it comes to my channel cyclop comes to 17. So there’s a lot of things with that I thought was interesting resurrection. We spoke about it 165 Christ, bloodline, Westminster Westminster Abbey, you do the full numbers on it. And it comes to Princess Diana, which comes to 14th. So I think perhaps, March 14, April 14, could be again, very significant, you know, so yeah,

I think it’s important to say at this stage when I first started studying numerology, Tom idemia on the on the journey, if you like, but I was told very, very clearly by one of the people at the top, that they were going to use numerology against the deep state and cabal because they’ve used it against us all of our lives. And that’s what has spooked them out is the fact that the good guys were using their own tools against them. And they that’s what made them very, very uncomfortable.


it’s why it’s why people are d platformed. Off YouTube for mentioning q or anything to do with Q.


Yes, very much. So. Yeah, very much. So.

I’m looking forward to the day, guys, when when I get a little letter from YouTube saying we’re dreadfully sorry.

Yeah, I’ll go algorithm was wrong.

They get a postcard when you go on holiday whenever we used to go on holiday. And it said, wish you were here. So I’m waiting for my YouTube postcard to say Wish you were here. So one day when there’s a bit of a change at the top and you know, the rules or regulations are rewritten or the the standards change, then maybe we’ll all be invited back. What do you think?

Well, I think I think so Simon, I’d like that, for sure.

I actually need Facebook to because I’m useless at remembering my children’s birthdays. very necessary part of remembering whose birthdays are where you know what

YouTube’s useful for now. All the good guys are off it now. or nearly all off it. You know what YouTube’s good for Russian car crashes, and adverts every 15 seconds, which makes you absolutely sick of it. Or music videos. That’s all YouTube is good for now, because all of the debate all of the inside stuff is moved completely off. And so what you’ve got is it is it is a total dumbed down media entertainment service, which is solely in need of quality information coming back and until, until there’s a big change. I’m not saying all these executives have got to be sacked or fired. But I think it’s good to happen as the operating rules have got to be changed so that we have freedom of speech. And that’s so important. And I remember President Trump saying that, although the election fraud was one of the biggest things, he said, probably what’s happened to the media is even bigger. Yes, it is lots of free speech. So I mean, he gets it he knows.

Yes. So you hit on and you hit on another nail there. So I did a I did the decode on this may be I think on the same evening as President Trump’s speech. But YouTube, the phrase that they use to use, maybe they still do is broadcast yourself that was kind of this sub titled Broadcast Yourself. So the numbers on broadcast yourself, actually come to 204 and 204 was mentioned a couple times in the newspapers. But I think it’s significant because broadcast comes to 83 which comes to Mt which comes to election comes to prayer comes to faithful also comes to cabezo jimco visa with sound of freedom. And yourself. The word yourself comes to 121 which comes to the fourth it President Trump the fourth child comes to 120 when it comes to Revelation 121 comes to Golden Jubilee and add them together, you get to 204. That comes to Kennedy’s plus Trumps, it also comes to crypto plus currency because Kennedy’s comes to 97, which is crypto currency comes to 107, which is Trump’s. And another thing that just popped into my mind when I thought that I wanted to mention is President Trump’s TV show The Apprentice that comes to 33 plus 107. apprentice comes to 107, which is Trump’s, which is gone. So which is currency. And when you do the numbers, the apprentice comes to 107, which, sorry, the apprentice comes to 140, which comes to the Trumps, it comes to Simon parks, and it comes to Tom numbers. So yeah, I just thought those were fun. Well, you know,

well, that’s all very exciting. And Thanks, Tom for explaining it. Because I knew there was an I did say, you know, there was lots of stuff dropped in, but I don’t get the handle on the numbers, like you do know that the bad guys have been using it for Well, before Babylon. And so it is rather nice that it’s been put back their way now

isn’t addressed that that’s one of the most exciting things for me that their own weapons are being used against them. And they’re being they’re exposing themselves rather than being exposed?


All the way down. They’re doing themselves.


Well, one of the other things before we go really was that I honestly don’t think that the good guys have any intention to let whoever’s behind Biden damage America, I know that politically, there’s a there’s a useful debate here. And in his one and a half hour speech, or one hour, 34 minutes, whatever it was, he did say, look, you know, prices of gas going up. And of course, that’s an American term for fueling the car. We wouldn’t say that in Britain. But he was saying that all those prices are going to go up. And I think that’s a political thing about saying to people, that’s what you’re going to get, but actually don’t think that that hardship is going to get and what he didn’t mention, and I wish he had mentioned was how drug prices in the US are starting to shoot up. Because what Trump did was he held the cartels with the medicines prices low. Now I understand from my own members in America that now you know, diabetes medicine, which was maybe at about $50, a shot is now like, three $400. Now, they’re not not everyone’s got a medical plan that will pay for that. So you know, I don’t think the good guys are going to let this go on for much longer, because ordinary American people are suffering or they will suffer really badly. I mean, Texas, for instance, took Biden or his team days before they would announce an emergency, which releases funds to the state had that pin been California, or New York either have announced it immediately. But because it was Texas, that is for him so hard, he really dragged it out. Now there’s a difference. You know, and I remember When, when, you know, Ray or not Reagan, Bush was in power. And some of the southern states were hit with that terrible flooding, because they were black people. And because they were down in that part of the world, they didn’t get any help for ages and ages. And this is what we’ve got to get away from this playing of politics. Because somebody, you don’t like somebody. And you know, that’s so dreadful. And so I don’t just want a money change. I want a complete dynamic change of the values that we have on this planet. Otherwise, it’s pointless, you know, if we change the money system, guys, but the structure of all the organizations is the same. We don’t really have freedom. So for me, it’s a financial freedom, and it’s a freedom of the valuation of humanity. And if we can get the two together, then I think we’ll have a real change on this earth.

I agree with Simon, you said something then as well, at that point, that just it just did. So President Trump also said one of the markers he said was he talks about something being 1.5 million, and he said it in the speech and I did the numbers on that. 1.5 million, so one is 34. Point Well, 34 is DJ t point is 74. President Trump’s age five is 42 comes to the new million comes to 84 which is Sunday, Arizona, but you add them together. And that comes to 234 which comes to King Solomon’s Temple again, so I thought that was nice that he

just is no way. Is that a coincidence? Now that I take my hat off to these people with Trump who sit behind and say right Well, we’ve done all the calculations, and you need to throw these words in. I mean, that’s so fantastic, isn’t it? That’s why this this chat today was a three, this is so important, because there’ll be a lot of people who knew something special happened, but didn’t really get it. And that’s why it’s so vital to get this information out. Because otherwise all the good guys who spend all this time doing all this neurology stuff, is it for naught Haha, it’s for nothing if we don’t pass that out. So that’s why I was really keen to be involved in this because it’s a way of passing the information. Now, a lot of people are getting really upset. And Charlie, you said this, and, you know, what do they expect they wanted Trump to stand there and say on Tuesday, the tanks are going to go down the street. That is not what is going to happen. But that’s what people were at that level now where, you know, so many people want that. But America is a is supposed to be a democracy in the true sense of the word. Yeah, whilst I will just say this, so Charlie, you gotta keep your mouth shut. But what I will say is that, I think the good guys, I’ve got no problem in removing the bad guys. But I don’t think the good guys have the right to put a president in, I think only the people have the right to put a president in. And so there is probably, that’s the most delicate part. See, in Great Britain, we don’t have a constitution, we don’t really have a bill of rights, we don’t have a republic. So to British people, this sacred thing we don’t get because we don’t have it, we have a Magna Carta, but that’s just told to schoolchildren as a piece of parchment with some interesting writing on it. But to the American psyche, these are absolute cherished things, and not not not for like reasons to people do things, you know, likely will they do it. So I just say to the audience, perhaps just try and understand that the dynamics, and the repercussions of even the smallest decisions are monumental. And that is why it’s not progressing at a speed that so many people want. Can you comment at all, Charlie on that? Anything?

Yeah, there weren’t? The one thing I can say is, is you have to look at what what, what’s actually going on in America right now. And what’s actually going on is the military are in control 100%, and that the United States Corporation was dissolved in 2018. So the Supreme Court have no legal standing. They have a visual standing and optic. But from a legal perspective, they know that they don’t have the authority that they have, because they’re working for a corporation that has been declared bankrupt. And the official receivers will be saying you can’t you can’t, you can’t do this. And so if you listen very carefully to what the supreme court saying they can’t hear this case. No, that’s what they’re saying. And they’re being very truthful. They can’t they have no authority. But the Trump’s team are having to go through that process. To take it to the military tribunals, otherwise, they’ll point the finger and go, you’ve missed out the supreme courts. And Charlie, would you would you

agree with me that the executive orders that are written over the past few years actually put the military in the role of receiver? Yes, yes. But that may not be clear to a lot of the audience. So

these are these are all very critical executive orders to and what it what it does, is it gives back power to the people because the military are there for two things, to defend the constitution, and the people of the United States of America. They’re not there to protect the president.

True, true, or that in fact, they’re the only organization that swear in the true sense of the word that allegiance to it. You see here in Great Britain, the military swear allegiance to the monarch, correct king or the queen, they don’t even swear allegiance the Prime Minister. So this is again for Americans to understand who watch your shows that you know, we don’t have that, you know, the even the police men and police women in Britain swearing allegiance to the queen. You know, it’s it’s a completely different ballgame. And that’s why a prime minister in Britain will never have the either the moral understanding or or strength or physical strength that the President in United States of true president has, because you can’t actually call in Britain on the military or the police to actually uphold the law. Only the Queen can do it. I

mean, that that’s the when you when you consider now that the Queen currently has no standing any longer. The police in the military in the United Kingdom are acting as free spirits at the moment because they don’t have a boss. They’re the The sovereign household is no longer and if you believe for one minute they’re still decorating. decorating Buckingham Palace. I suggest you booked in to see the nearest brain surgeon

in San Diego, isn’t she? Is she in San Diego? Is that where she’s gone? Charlie? I one of the other houses in? Yeah, she’s

probably in a Travelodge somewhere.

Or a royal Travelodge

doesn’t arrest? Yes. Exactly. Exactly. Um,

Simon, just before going, you said something. Um, you mentioned Ronald Reagan. And he was made reference to in President Trump’s been one of the good guys, wasn’t he? Yeah, he was. So some things came to me in regards to that. And I put them out. I can’t prove it other than my hypothesis for the numbers. But so when you do, Ronald, so ronald reagan comes to 130, which comes to the Kennedys. Okay. his middle name is Wilson, which comes to 92, which is numbers, which is also Manhattan. And I still think and believe that Manhattan is a big piece on this board when we see everything. And for that you add all those together. So 92 plus 130, comes to two to two, which is a really great number two to two. And we we’ve been told to follow the tos and also the great film Point Break, which comes to 111, which comes to New York features and actor Patrick Swayze. And there’s also the other film, he was in his dirty dancing. And I’ve said for a while that that’s a cue film. There’s even a reference in there where they say follow the tos. He’s teaching the girl to dance. And he says sort of the two follow the twos. The 222 comes up a lot, which is a super potent number, but it’s Ronald Wilson Reagan. And there’s a piece in Point Break the other film with Patrick Swayze in and there’s a part where he’s wearing a mask of wearing the mask of Ronald Reagan. Now, the numbers on Patrick Swayze Patrick comes to 78, which also comes to Kennedy. Swayze comes to 99, which is patriot. So, what Patrick Swayze or Kennedy patriot? He’s wearing a mask. Yeah. And there’s a part where you see it, and he doesn’t get killed by by Keanu Reeves. And he lets him go. But he’s wearing the mask and I was thinking Hang on. Could it be you know, with all this thing with, with good guys, bad guys, clones doubles, when it’s protection, all these families etc. I wonder if ronald reagan perhaps was maybe very closely connected to the Kennedys. That’s what those optics on the numbers and on the film points of I’ll just put that out and let people think about it. But that was something I thought was very interesting. And as you said, he was one of the good guys. So basically, it was kind of Kennedy. Reagan, and, and President Trump. I’ve also heard some positive things about Nixon, but I don’t know enough about it. But um, I thought that was interesting in terms of the numbers on the other thing as well, you mentioned this, Charlie about how they brought everything down. And I thought about the whole thing with the Vatican, the head of the beast, who take the head off the beast. So the numbers for Vatican City come to one to seven, which also comes to the ace of spades. So when President Trump did it back then took the head off the beast, the ace of spades, you can’t get a more powerful card on the deck than the ace of spades. And I thought, Wow, that was you know, I thought that was pretty incredible.

I agree. Brilliant. I’ve got to go guys. Same here. Yeah. Thanks ever so much for organizing that you too. It’s been brilliant.

Cheers. Great to see you guys.

Thanks, Johnny.