64% of DC Residents Would Find Trump Guilty Before a Trial Even Begins - Only 8% Would Find Him Innocent - How is This Fair? | The Gateway Pundit

Nearly two-thirds of Washington DC residents would find President Trump guilty before his trial ever begins. How is this a jury of his peers? How is this fair?

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It is impossible for a conservative American to get a fair trial in Washington DC or most failed far left cities today.

They are going to jail Donald Trump and demand you accept it as “justice.”

Emerson College Polling released this poll on Monday.

A new Emerson College Polling survey in the nation’s capital asked D.C. residents if they would vote to find former President Donald Trump guilty in the trial over Trump’s efforts to subvert results of the 2020 election. A majority, 64%, of residents would vote to find Trump guilty, while 8% would find him innocent with 28% unsure.

Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling, said, “Perception of Trump’s guilt varies by gender: 75% of women would vote to find Trump guilty compared to 54% of men. Men are more likely to find the former president innocent at 12%, compared to 4% of women.”

  • Democratic voters find Trump guilty 69% to 5%. Independents share a similar attitude: 53% think Trump is guilty and 14% innocent.
  • Republicans are more split: 36% think Trump is guilty, 35% innocent and 30% unsure.

Regardless of their own opinion about the verdict, 57% expect the jury to find him guilty, while 10% expect the jury to find Trump innocent. A third (33%) are unsure.

DC leftists celebrate Trump’s inauguration by torching cars, bashing windows, and rioting. No one was sent to prison for 22 years.
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