Image: Activated charcoal found to accelerate the body’s elimination of deadly dioxins

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Is it possible to cleanse the body of persistent dioxins using simple activated charcoal supplements? A 2021 study published in The Journal of Toxicological Sciences seems to suggest so.

In the aftermath of the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment disaster, many are looking for answers to the dioxin release problem. And activated charcoal is one such answer that in tests was found to enhance excretion of dioxins from the body.

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Researchers from Japan and Thailand looked at the effects of alginate-coated activated charcoal on mice exposed to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, or TCDD. Since standard activated charcoal can cause constipation, deficiency of fat-soluble nutrients, and hypocholesterolemia when ingested long-term, researchers used the alginate-coated variety, known as Health Carbon (HC), which was developed to minimize these side effects.

Upon ingestion of the alginate-coated activate charcoal, the contaminated mice excreted much more TCDD than they did without the supplement, which was administered daily to the mice for 16 days following a single intraperitoneal administration of TCDD.

“Both HC and unmodified AC at 3% or more significantly increased fecal excretion of TCDD in comparison with the control basal diet,” the study explains. “Consistent with this, TCDD radioactivity in the liver-a major TCDD storage organ-was markedly decreased by HC at concentrations of 3% and 10%.”

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If you’re going to take activated charcoal, use the alginate-coated Health Carbon kind

Be warned that unmodified activated charcoal consumed at 10 percent or more resulted in significant body weight reduction. When consumed at 20 percent or more, unmodified activated charcoal caused hypocholesterolemia in the mice.


“In contrast, HC caused weight gain reduction only at a concentration of 20%, and there was no evidence of hypocholesterolemia at any dietary HC concentration,” the study notes. “HC not only retains the ability of AC to enhance fecal excretion of TCDD but also reduces some of the side effects of AC.”

Another study published in the journal Environmental Research that same year further found that modified activated carbon enhances the adsorption of dioxins.

It turns out that activated carbon is commonly used to remove dioxins from flue gas via adsorption, helping to keep these poisons from escaping into the environment. Even when used commercially, activated carbon helps to bind dioxins to an intended target for flushing and removal from a system.

Modifying activated carbon with urea, the study further found, optimizes the pore structure of the activated carbon while incorporating nitrogen into it. This allows for improved adsorption and subsequent elimination.

“Dr. Sircus’ baking soda for dioxin detox seems to be way more efficient,” wrote one commenter at Natural News about another method for dioxin removal that is perhaps even more effective than activated charcoal.

“The military always cleans up their nuclear and other boo-boos with sodium bicarbonate. It wouldn’t hurt to check on Dr. Simoncini as well. Sea salt and baking soda enema is simply unbeatable, with immediate relief, good for indefinite use.”

Another person blasted Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine “for his stupidity in having those toxic chemicals burnt” in the first place.

“Of course, on the other hand, he’s as corrupt as Household and the others on trial now for bribery.”

Another person wrote that all this dioxin release is an intentional part of implementing a New World Order government.

“Connect the dots and a picture starts to come to life,” this person explained. “Cryptocurrencies, vaccines, wars, open borders, never-ending money printing, and Ol’ Joe is showing us he’s buying into the world government group. This is not going to end well.”

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