After Holding Kyle Rittenhouse “in Jail for 87 Days”, Lin Wood’s Texas Non-Profit Will Receive Nearly $1 Million of Rittenhouse $2 Million Bail

After keeping Kyle Rittenhouse in jail for months, Lin Wood will receive nearly $1 million of Rittenhouse’s $2 million bail. 

MSN reports:

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s rifle will be dismantled at the Wisconsin state crime lab in April, and he will get to keep nearly $1 million of the crowd-funded bail that was posted to keep him out of jail during his homicide trial last year.

At a short hearing Friday, Judge Bruce Schroeder approved two deals. One, agreed to by Rittenhouse, was to let authorities destroy the rifle. The other was to divvy up his $2 million bail with actor Ricky Schroder and a Texas non-profit organization led by Atlanta lawyer Lin Wood.

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Under the agreement, $920,000 will be paid, in trust, to Richards & Dimmer, the Racine law firm that defended Rittenhouse. Another $925,000 will go to #FightBack Foundation. Schroder, who posed with Rittenhouse soon after he was released on bail, gets back $150,000 he contributed.

Rittenhouse said he wanted the gun back — along with the clothing he wore the night of the shootings — so that he could destroy it.

Rittenhouse did not attend Friday’s hearing, and his attorney Mark Richards would not say where Rittenhouse is living, but said he is getting ready to go back to college and is now interested in a possible legal career.

Young Rittenhouse, who was found innocent of murder, killed two men and injured another who was rioting in Wisconsin with other members of what looked to be BLM and Antifa.

Rittenhouse also knocked out Lin Wood when he provided off-the-cuff remarks to Tucker Carlson right after his innocent verdict about Lin Wood’s actions in his case.  The Blaze reported:

Kyle Rittenhouse said in an interview with Tucker Carlson that his former attorneys left him in prison in order to raise more money for themselves.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder charges related to his shooting of three rioters during a Black Lives Matter protest. In the interview with Carlson, he accuses pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood and John Pierce of having raised enough money to bail him out in September.

“I was in jail for 87 days,” explained Rittenhouse. “Lin Wood was raising money on my behalf, and he held me in jail for 87 days, disrespecting my wishes, put me on media interviews which I should never have done, which he said, ‘Oh, you’re going to go talk to the Washington Post,’ which was not a good idea, along with John Pierce. They said I was safer in jail instead of at home with my family.”

“Your lawyer said that?” asked Carlson.

“My lawyers said that,” Rittenhouse responded. “John Pierce and Lin Wood.”

He went on to accuse them of raising the money for their own personal benefit.

“But 87 days of not being with my family for defending myself and being taken advantage of, being used for a cause by these, by John Pierce and Lin Wood,” Rittenhouse said, “trying to raise money so they can take it for their own benefit, not trying to set me free.”

Now it looks like Lin Wood will be receiving nearly a million for his ‘work’ in raising money in the Rittenhouse case. 

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