Aggressive BLM Activists Block Minneapolis City Council Member’s Car, Force Her to Sign Statement Saying Rioter’s Charges Will Be Dropped (VIDEO)

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A vehicle Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins was in was blocked by Black Lives Matter extremists until she agreed to sign a statement agreeing that rioters would not be charged.

The media has completely ignored this incident, which many are describing as a hostage situation.

“If this weren’t comical, it would be pathetic that not 1 mainstream #MNmedia outlet reported on a sitting #Mpls city council member being held hostage for 2 hours & coerced to sign a statement agreeing to terrorists demands before being allowed to leave,” CrimeWatch Minneapolis tweeted with a link to the livestream.

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The full confrontation begins around the 4:30 mark:

Eventually, Jenkins signed the statement as tension between the BLM mob and the white woman driving began to escalate.

Jenkins is a Black Lives Matter activist herself, but that did not stop the mob from berating her for not doing enough to comply with their demands.

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