ALEX JONES TRIAL EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Reconciles with Sandy Hook Parents After His Testimony – Who Are Immediately Whisked Away by Their Attorneys — VIDEO

The political persecution of Alex Jones continued on Tuesday in an Austin, Texas Court.

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Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of a child murdered by a madman during the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting testified earlier in the day against Alex Jones.

Heslin and Lewis won a default judgement against Alex Jones earlier this year. Their attorneys asked the Austin jury for a $150 million award.

Earlier today Jones accused radical Judge Maya Guerra Gamblein of running a show trial — which it is. Gamblein takes every opportunity to lecture and berate Jones publicly. She also slapped a gag order on Alex so he is not able to defend himself from the fake news reports.

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It’s all about punishing Alex Jones.

Attorney Mike Cernovich calls this the most rigged case he has ever read about in his life.

In this clip — Alex is seen apologizing to Sandy Hook family members after the hearing today. The leftist attorney jumped in, scolded Alex Jones, and then whisks the family members away.

This was after the attorneys were allegedly caught editing tapes for the trial. You can hear Alex complain about selective editing in the clip below.

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