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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Everybody knows my family, our great country, and your president have been put through a terrible ordeal. By some very dishonest and corrupt people.

They have done everything possible

to destroy us. And by so doing very badly hurt our nation.

They know what they are doing is wrong. But they put themselves far ahead

of our great country.

Well, there’s been a lot of exposure in the trafficking networks throughout the world, talking about children. It appears that many are being dealt with behind the scenes, we will capture this and show the satanic playbook playing out again. Also, their mocking of conservatives and Christians continues will something biblical happen. This might be a difficult video for children to watch. So I would highly advise from them watching this one, let’s find out and shed some light on it today. Speaking of light, the people of Venezuela experienced a five day nationwide blackout when power goes out for extended periods of time, they are called black sky events, and they’re not localized. Each year, millions of Americans go without power due to downed power lines from storms. That’s why I recommend light bug, go in the description box below light click on that link, and you’ll get 20% off if you use my promo code, no 20.

Today, it is about when I read my motion for a motion for emergency review. They haven’t ruled on the Pennsylvania case yet. Why not? I don’t know what people have played. I don’t know who’s involved in the plane. But I believe to the core of my soul, that there are patriots in this government still. And I think they’re more patriots in there are traders. And now we got a lot of traders. So I believe that the people that are charged with the responsibility of making sure the laws of this country are carried out and enforced. I think they’re still going. And I think they’re going to make sure that right is right and the law is enforced. And when it is Donald Trump will be President of the United States for four more years. If we have street violence will defeat it. And if China makes the mistake of starting a war with us, or Iran makes that mistake and China gets involved, we will defeat them. Because our country always unites against a common thread. Whether it be difficult days, yes. Could there be possible loss of life? Yes. But America is always fought for freedom. And America. And while we may have a fake president who doesn’t want us to be free, but wants to give us to China, the American people, probably by now over 100 me. Never gonna let it happen. Somebody asked me right after this election force on November the third, what’s gonna happen? I said, I don’t know if the courts are going to deal with it. Maybe not the legislators, maybe not. Because we’ve been taken over by communism, without them firing a shot. So that’s why our systems seem to as an institution seem to have failed. But I said then, and I’ll say now, this country belongs to the people. God gave the people the power you didn’t give it to mitch mcconnell. He didn’t give it to Mike Pence. He didn’t give it to john roberts. He didn’t give it to any business. He didn’t give it to any piece of government. He gave it to the people.

He gave it to the people, again, like breaking up the interview that was recently done by Lynwood. And I put that in the description box below for those that want to listen to it in full. There have been many video clips that have dropped recently that we’re going to look into today that seem to relate to a lot of the information that’s been flowing out for the past three years, if not more, one of them was from Dan scavino. This one in particular

give you one message to hold in your hearts today. It’s this treat the word impossible. As nothing more than motivation, relish the opportunity tended to be an outsider. Because it’s the outsiders who change the world. And it’ll make a real and lasting difference. The more that a broken system tells you that you’re wrong, the more certain you should be, that you must keep pushing ahead, you must.

That’s a great message, keep pushing ahead, keep pushing forward. You know, when Dan scavino posts something, we always get a little excited, we want to know if there’s some meaning behind it deeper meaning behind the time that he posted it and the length of the video and there is we’re gonna look at that in a second dance convene also posted this video, I’ll show it to you.

So basically shows a panda, and it has 131 2021 date on it. Very interesting, the timing of this one, and the panda continues to roll around with that music playing. And there seems to be a direct tie in our Intel board on the keyboard with this panda video, the length and the time that it was actually put out, so we’re going to look at that real quick, and see if we can tie some things together. Right. So Donald Trump wins. You saw that in the dance Covino post, it was posted at 1:06am on February 1 from the Mara Lago club. Now, the video at 1:06am. That’s the one we just looked at with Donald Trump wins is 36 seconds long. And that takes us to the drop 106 and 36 screenos tweet is a motivational video with one of Trumps previous speeches voiced in it shows Chuck Schumer as a clown. And within it has the message that says Donald Trump wins we’re going to break that down a little bit more in a moment. And then we had the video at 1am. It’s 51 seconds long. And that is the one with the panda. And it actually relates to Q drop 100 1am and it’s 51 seconds. So we look at 51 also at the bottom of the video it says from Justin Hart. When you look at the original caption for this video from Justin it reads a little music behind the pandas. The panda reference Deep State uses panda symbols as a way of mocking the act of doing terrible things to children. I will not say that word when a child is done some terrible things to and I just don’t want to say these words their eyes swell up, causing them to become black. Their eyes actually turned black like pandas, they had a picture of it. I will not show you that picture. But I will show you a picture of Lady Gaga who wears panda eyes mocking it’s a pedophile slang for child done, you know, terrible things done to them. I don’t want to say that word. When a child is forcibly done bad things to the eyes swell up to black circles. They’re called panda eyes. And we know that lady gaga probably is not a female. And we know that lady gaga has actually said that and showed off the parts of the body that prove that even more so and we’ve seen those and I don’t want to get into details or give that person any more light than needs to be put on that demonic being right there. So the 106 drop what what does it mean? Remember 106 is the Donald Trump wins posting time. Nothing is a coincidence we are at war. s a cut the strings. They are scrambling for cover and using any means necessary out of their remaining power and control. Now remember, we thought Saa meant Saudi Arabia it could mean save America. God bless and there’s the picture of the chuck schumer portion where he is a clown in that video. Well done there. 51 seconds remember we looked at the 51 drop with the panda. Dear patriot we hear you we hear all Americans such as yourself. The time has come to take back our great land time is now Rest assured the president is backed by the absolute finest people. We’re talking about President Trump alive who are all dedicated to the eradication of evil and corruption. From the US world. find peace God is with us. God bless and be safe. The White House going a step further 36. Remember that drop when we looked at the 36 Donald Trump wins. There are few points that I saw that from this as military intelligence, no media, no leaks. You know, we don’t see

military intelligence leaking out to what they’re actually doing behind the scenes. Everyone’s curious, right? We all want to know what’s going on what dates they’re going to be doing things, how they’re going to be playing it out in detail. We’re so used to it for all these years that it’s been told to us. Remember, President Trump says we don’t give that information out. And then notice this focus on Flynn background and potential role. Right. Well, we know that when you go to Flynn, the release was put out that general officer assignments on January 25 2021, we talked about this in the past, Lieutenant General promotable Charles A Flynn, who is the brother of General Flynn, the one that is are the people’s general. Well, General, Charles A Flynn, Deputy Chief of Staff, g 357. US Army, Washington, DC to commanding general US Army Pacific, Fort shafter, Hawaii. What’s interesting is the 31 January 2018, drop that was given to us almost a two year Delta, you had day of days. Well, what’s interesting, you have the D in the brackets of in the brackets, and D in the brackets, that could be Department of Defense, d of days D of D, Department of Defense. It’s amazing how they know how these things play out so far ahead of time. And then I saw this part on 36. There’s simply no other way than to use the military. It’s that corrupt and dirty, please be safe and pray for those in harm’s way as they continually protect and serve our great country. So are these columns, the Panda, Donald Trump wins the timing, that it’s posted the length that they’re posted, to show us that we are receiving a message or message once again, from not only Dan scavino, but in a sense in a way that we continue to need and feed off this info that seems to be even more relevant today than it ever has been? Right? So we’re at and we By the way, I’m going to talk about this panda stuff a little bit further, there’s some more connections before we get there anyway, and we that’s where you can find us. If you go to and we and you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see where it says subscribe, you put your email, hit enter and you will receive notifications when videos are sent out. When I send those video announcements out on email, you’ll only see texts because now I’m being followed and watched and they won’t let me send out information through my email now. They’ll do anything to stop us. Anyway, we’ve got our merchandise there. A lot of folks have been going there grabbing that we thank you so much for that. And we is where you can find our Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku TV app. You can actually download it on your phone, you can watch it. gab is where you can find us gab TV me we you can find us on Facebook and Twitter bit shoot again, it takes me a while to get them up to bid shoot because sometimes I have to do it 5678 910 times before they finally let it play rumbles where I pretty much host a lot of the stuff that’s going on. And I ask that you subscribe to that. So those can go up even further now interesting because cnn put out a another piece discussing the Q anon movement they call it q anon even though it’s q that puts out in a nons are the ones that search and dig. And you couldn’t believe right that the viewers learned about Q. CNN even told their views about Joe AM’s YouTube channel and his video cued the plan to save the world. And I put the description that in the description box below you can click on that to watch that move them and show you a quick clip from the beginning of that video as a reminder of how amazing that video is from Joe M. So what happens right folks see this quote on the television q anon is a truth movement that encourages you to think for yourself. I want to encourage you to search for Joe am on YouTube. Interesting, right? interesting because then folks that are watching CNN, the communist news network will finally click and actually go look for this particular video. Right. Well, before we go there, Michael Flynn was with Veronica p walski. Who has casually sporting a Q hat Q and on bracelets any t shirt that says digital soldier. Pretty cool. Well, here’s a good reminder on We are the plan q

Have you ever wondered why we go to war or why you never seem to be able to get out of debt Why there’s poverty, division and crime? What if I told you there was a reason for it all? What if I told you it was done on purpose? What if I told you that those who were corrupting the world, poisoning our food and igniting conflict were themselves about to be permanently eradicated from the earth? You might think that an idealistic fantasy? Well, let me tell you a story. We acknowledge there are criminals, of course, they rob your house, they steal your phone, they can murder you, too, if they think they can get away with it. We have all experienced criminals in one way or another. Criminals, as we know are those who choose personal gain over the rights of others and have no regard for the law. But here’s where you need to expand your thinking. Criminals can also succeed in business and politics and can be elected as our leaders. If a criminal became the president, imagine what they could achieve. They could use the full weight of their executive power to commit much larger crimes and ensure they and their friends were enriched to the fullest extent possible. A criminal president could create alliances with other criminal presidents and then collaborate on more global criminal activities. Anything Goes drug running human trafficking, whatever makes the big bucks.

So global powers can communicate with each other and do more criminal activity. And he mentioned that, and I’m going to show you in a moment what’s going on and minimizar as their military took over because of voter fraud. I’m going to show you that in a moment. So it’s interesting because they actually have some ties with past presidents and secretaries of state right. So before going there, there’s some other interesting things that have been happening recently. Sophie Grammy nominated producer dead at 34 after tragic fall, reps say just a slip and a fall. Sophie Grammy 34 gone. Rapper fatally shot in Texas apartment believed to be Beyonce, his cousin we’re gonna talk about Beyonce in a moment and a lawsuit against her and many others that folks worship. They’re singing and they’re acting. Yep, that’s right. Beyonce is on a list of a lawsuit against her for crimes against children. step further. Former Clinton private I jack Palladino, gravely injured in robbery, January 30 2021. What about notable deaths this month and that would be in January, sweet and low magnate Donald tober Baron Benjamin de Rothschild Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson, nine Catholic Bishops la music producer Phil Spector, British billionaire David Barclay. Hillary Clinton’s Chinese friend Lily Lupo, remember she took her baby jumped out naked, killed herself in Access Manager Chris Murphy Nigerian billionaire bolu I can all look bad day. Pennsylvania State Senator Dave Arnold, CNN executive Chris Kramer, still magnate, billionaire Eric Sampson TV host larry king, baseball legend Hank Aaron. Here’s a list of political politicians and diplomats who have died in January 2021. Look at this long list. long list. I don’t have to read them all to just see the length of them all. That’s a lot of politicians and diplomats passing away in one month. They had Boulevard president others resigned following allegations the company mistreated women. It’s probably worse than that. Then you had the Sentra, CEO Mueller resigning Hmm. More resignations. And then we have this big shocking news right here. The Burmese military arrested the country’s leaders after credible evidence of widespread voter fraud. They became impossible to ignore. That’s right, minimize military took control of the country for at least a year and detained civilian leaders military TV says so who have military leaders, these military leaders, you know, took over or these politicians, you know who were their buddies? It looks like old Obi Wan himself was? Well, Obama himself was there and Hillary just holding hands with these folks and Obama getting a little kiss and Hillary big smile. And for those that are aware of minimizar or robinia Agusan was a ruthless and corrupt dictator. She is responsible for the murder and genocide of millions of innocent Muslims and has close ties with the deep state including Obama, Hillary and Soros. There’s panic in DC, as the Biden administration is alarmed and we’re gonna read the Biden’s response to this and condemn the arrests. They condemn the arrest. Where else have we seen compelling evidence of voter fraud and election fraud? And then the military taken over? Hmm

Well, the bias news said the internet connectivity in minimizar fell to about 75% of ordinary levels amid possible coup and attack Yeah, look what they’re doing. It’s kind of sounds familiar about the you know, the stuff we’ve been talking about. You know, a lot of folks think the 10 days of darkness is when the White House went dark and sometimes I wonder if the 10 days of darkness will be when social media shuts everything down when the truth starts getting revealed out to the entire world. Everybody’s going to be wanting and longing to see all of the information that’s put out so again, as a reminder, there’s old Soros himself back to work and minimum RS capital, which means back it’s in he’s back at lungi. Right. So there he is with some of these leaders Secretary Clinton and met right with young son back in September December 2011. It’s right. dine with him had a great time. Well, the White House is freaking out with all this right. The spokesperson Jen Psaki remember her connections with all of the SEC folks trying to stop people from trading and making money. Anyway, the United States is alarmed by reports this is their release January 31. They’re alarmed by reports that the Burmese military has taken steps to undermine the country’s democratic transition, including the arrest of State Councilor on sung Suki and other civilian officials in Burma. President Biden, the fake President has been briefed by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, fake, we continue to affirm our strong support for Burma’s democratic institutions and in coordination with our regional partners urged the military, we’re telling the military and all other parties to adhere to democratic norms and the rule of law and to release those detained today you will do what we tell you to do military. The United States opposes any attempt to alter the outcome of recent elections. I’m sure you do. I’m sure you do. Yep. And old sock is flipping through those pages looking for some more words to tell that military you know, man, you guys better listen to us because we’re full of power. Ah, they say they’re monitoring the situation closely and stand with the people of Burma. I think the military stands with the people of Burma there. Fools of the Biden fake administration anyway. So going a step further, some more connections, right. We’re trying to see how this might all be connected. You had the panda you have the children. You have the leaders hanging out with the Clinton Foundation, folks. Yeah, she’s running foundation. Yeah. You got cirrhosis you got you know, we’re seeing all the ties with what seems to be the underlying foundation of the Saul trafficking. You know, just connect the dots. Connect them yourself. Right, because look at this, comfortably smug, said a pedophile democrat and a con man walk into a bar the bartender says hey, john, why because Maggie Astor said 21 men told me john Weaver a LinkedIn project co founder sent them inappropriate messages including explicit offers of professional help in exchange for sex. Love them them spoke on the record will Donald Trump Jr. jumped on the boards there and said the link of project should probably change their name to the pedophile project to better reflect their true values. What’s the big deal with Lincoln project I actually went to look them up and right when it did a search and Duck Duck go here’s what popped up. New Lincoln project video text Josh Holley for role in capital Ryan Lincoln project target sad Trump apologist representative Elise stefanik. Lincoln project Added Tax Trump as traitor. So it looks like Lincoln project loves to attack Trump supporters, those that support President Trump yet they’ve got some some issues there with their little mishaps, right? There are things that they don’t like the public to know.

Even more in headlines are galane Maxwell evidence revealed 100 girls came to Epstein mansion while she was his pimp. She ordered underage girls to kiss and dance for Epstein. She took the victim’s passports and used different things to do evil nasty stuff to those girls. Interesting, right? How this is all leaking out. And I mentioned this before and I’ve talked about it with others. Is there a way that you can wake folks up without coming at them directly with information to make them sound crazy, right? Just in conversations when I’m having with folks and walking around or dealing with folks, that’s They’ll mention me. I can’t wait to take these masks off. Right? And I’ll say, yeah, you know, it’s interesting that I just noticed in the news that the PCR tests are false positives and the World Health Organization released that and they go Really? like yeah, you know what else I noticed that hydroxychloroquine Facebook had to apologize because it’s actually the American Journal for medicine, I believe said that, that you know, hydroxychloroquine works. So man, we got something that actually killed this virus, like, they’re like, really? Like, yeah, look at it’s in the, it’s in the news. And that’s really weird, because they want to force us to wear more than one mask. And I think he’s backtracking on that one. It’s really weird, right, that we would all continue to be in a shutdown. But man, great, great news seems to come out so I think we’re gonna be able to travel soon. And they’re like, really, so as you put point that information out you can lead to other topics, which sometimes leads if they’re more interested in why Trump is not liked so much by the mainstream media and and these folks in politics. And I tell them the root issue is when President Trump walked in that white house and he signed that executive order crimes against humanity. They knew they were all guilty. And they hate him for it because he’s the one person that can take them down. So interesting, right is you look at the filed on August 21 2020. District Court in New York, we were told to look at New York, from the keyboards. Look at this. United States Southern District case file plaintiffs statement on the case the plaintiff against to Harvey Weinstein and the plane of john doe, got john doe and Jane Doe. You got Tracy Latham, David Latham and Charlene Latham going against Harvey Weinstein, who else is there Miramax Walt Disney Company is the defendant Def Jam Recordings defendant Universal Music Group defendant here’s one Bianchi, Beyonce g Knowles defendant, Kanye West defendant, Dwayne Carter defendant. And what’s in this thing? Well, you go step further and I put this in the description box below. You can click it read it yourself. Plaintiff Charlene Latham filed this complaint on her own behalf on behalf of her parents. David G. Latham and Tracy Latham. Right. And their other children and grandchildren. 35 named defendants include those folks that I just read, including Gillan Maxwell and Robert Kelly. David Boies. You guys know these names Viacom, Sony, who the 1953 trusts, I mean, Jeffrey, they are all part of the estate on Jeffrey Epstein’s area. Right. And what were they doing engaging in decades of human trafficking, the plaintiff accuses the named defendants and hundreds of unidentified defendants that said that they are sociopathic criminal enterprise engage in decades of human trafficking sexual assaults, various abuses, including financial and economic exploitation drugging for abduction, and taking plaintiffs and plaintiffs john and Jane Doe hostage. harassment, extortion, physical torture, revenge targeting. They said that they drugged them abuse had trade secrets. They used it for economic opportunities. He followed this folks I know right innocent before proven guilty. But isn’t it interesting how this is all fallen into place? And here’s a screenshot. It was updated January 31. For you to look at in the description box below. going a step further. What do we hear this logical thinking required 45 issues immediate withdrawal that’s President Trump out of Syria. Q has spent the past two years preparing us for this RDS states that bases are used to traffic everything from gold guns, drugs and little children. new national security law makes child sex trafficking directly enforceable by the military.

That’s right so the financing got cut off a military trip troops were withdrawn. Right they were using the military to help them traffic. It’s all coming out lots of steel and diamonds nothing to stop what’s coming disclosure to follow. First Contact after and there’s a reminder In this quick video, I forgotten what the second question was.

Mr. Secretary is it policy of the US government to reward companies that traffic and women and little girls

to the many hundreds of 1000s if not millions of blessed souls out there who are utterly devoid of hope and to a suffering at the hands of ritualistic abuse and trafficking, please know that the cavalry has arrived.

Even conservative estimates include that some 20 million And people around the world, including right here in the United States are trapped in human trafficking situations, terrible circumstances of exploitation, including so many young girls and boys, who are victims of unthinkable tragedy of child sex trafficking.

On the 15th of June 2017, the international tribunal for natural justice delivered a press release, officially announcing the judicial commission of inquiry into human trafficking and child sex abuse.

I accepted a role as a commissioner and then later also as Chief Counsel for the judicial commission because I have realized that pedophilia, child rape, child torture, child murder, and child body harvesting is not only the glue that holds the deep state together, it’s also its Achilles heel.

In many, if not most cases, factions within governments, militaries and the trust agencies in our world themselves are deeply complicit in this evil enterprise, and they know it. And more than this, they know that we know it.

You know, there’s an old saying in Washington that the cover up is worse than the crime. But in this case, both parts of it are disturbing allegations of prostitution, and pedophilia. It involves a secret network of the highest office holders in the land, past and current members of parliament, cabinet ministers, judges, diplomats, these investigations were whitewashed, quashed all together, and that those orders came from high up. So evil child predators acted with complete impunity, hiding behind the facade of respectability.

That no longer

is one of the biggest problems here, when it comes to the human trafficking, just the vast majority of people simply aren’t aware of the extent of the problem. Yeah, unfortunately, it’s quite astonishing and depressing how few people still know so little about modern day slavery.

I want to make it clear today that my administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. People don’t know enough about it. And we’re going to talk about it and we’re going to bring it out into the open.

The goal of the commission is to achieve won’t leaders and governments of the world consistently failed to do shan’t the full light of truth on the full nature and extent of the human trafficking and child sex abuse pandemic.

So there you go. We’re seeing it all play out right before our eyes, folks. You know, 31, January 2018. We were told Freedom Day, freedom underscore and then we had the queue and we look at these deltas Delta meaning one or two year Delta two years now for this one, to January 31. Will the freedom be happening? Soon, we’re hearing a lot about Super Bowl we’re hearing about puppy show, for the Super Bowl. And after the Super Bowl, things could be unfolding bright before us. And that’s something we hope for as we continue to go through information and we see how this is all playing out. We are being made fun of more and more every day. Many have given up on this battle. They said we’re in the end, I mentioned this in my last video, where they say that’s it. Just you know, antichrist is going to show up any day. We’re gonna get the mark of the beast and it’s all done and it’s over with. I like to believe that everything that we’re doing and we’ve seen President Trump do that God has put him in place that God has a plan like Linwood says that there’s going to be a final harvest of revival of people throughout the earth after this unfolds. Can the enemy be taken down once again as it has been so many times in the Bible where God receives the glory for it all? If you guys didn’t notice, you know that Mike lindahl pillow man was taken off of social media for life, he was taken out of bed bath and beyond, and some other department stores yet after he was taken down many people went to his website now his website can’t even handle all the people going into ordering. That’s how much support he gets. That’s the way you guys are with us. When you sent something, you you feel something you know that that support needs to be given to those that are hurt very difficult. Well, Saturday Night Live went out once again, and they ran a disgusting hit piece on Mike lyndale they mocked him for his previous drug addiction and his support for Donald Trump. I was reminded by Robert the other day, the one man who answers all the Facebook messages for me. He’s been in ministry for more than 40 years, I believe, and prays for me often, directly when needed the most. And reminded me that vision they had the other day that this is almost like Samson. The mocking from the enemy, the Philistines, the the evil ones that rip apart Donald Trump rip apart, Mike Lindale, President Donald Trump, Mike lyndale, and others laughing at us, making fun of us, doing all they can to destroy them took the eyes out of them where he took his strength away by shaving his head. And yet, after all that mocking they bring them into the temple to laugh at them even more in front of their demonic gods. And then Samson called to the Lord saying, and judges 1628

Oh Lord God,

remember me. I pray just this once Oh, God, that I may be with one blow. take vengeance on the Philistines for my two eyes. If it’s just for anything, as much as it would break our heart, right, we don’t rejoice in those evil ones, when they’re taken down, that’s given to us in Scripture, but we are looking and seeing and feeling something that is running deep into our bones after many years of watching our president being just pushed around, shoved around, beat up. And that’s a reflection on us, the people. And so what happens when we talk about biblical we have different ways of thinking biblical. This is what we hope happens in one swift moment. They are taken down and we can have biblical once again happen before our very eyes.

But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Now that anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Let’s pray. Father in heaven, we come to you again in these very dark days. Just seeking you for the only piece that we can have which comes from you. We ask that you give us a vision to see the things you have before us plane before us. We asked for swift judgment on those that have destroyed and given so much hate and torture to not only our president to all of us, we look to you because we know the scripture says Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Father, we enter February hoping, hoping that everything that we’ve been told and that it will just play out soon. We ask that you give us the ability to even pray for those who are hurting now. lost jobs. lost hope. We certainly need you now more than ever and President Trump we ask that you continue to use him as he’s behind the scenes. We know we feel it. We sense that Something is going on, that this plan that was put together that would play out before our very eyes that biblical would be something we would say and rejoice. And we can say once again that God receives the glory, for what you’ve done for those that you’ve placed in power to finally, release us from the slavery that we’re under. For it’s in Jesus name we pray, amen. If you liked this video, please hit the like button and share sharing gets around the algorithms. Well, algorithms used to shut us down but we know we’ve got rumble we’ve got a bit shoot, they’re doing pretty good for us. So also Apple TV. Thank you for the great comments below. Thank you for going to M and finding our information there and our donations that come in from there. It’s so amazing. For now this lt with them. We know signing

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