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And We Know 3-3-21: DISASTER coming to the DS! God WINS!

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And We Know 3-3-21: DISASTER coming to the DS! God WINS!

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Today, I’m issuing a new executive order that resends most of the earlier executive orders effective next Wednesday. All businesses of any type are allowed to open 100% that includes any type of entity in Texas. Also, I am ending the statewide mass mandate.

God bless Texas Are you starting to see some strange things lately Governor’s with no fear dems and media attacking each other fusions on the dim side and so much more. We will cover that and more. Well, more than 76,000 citizens in the Bay Area found themselves without power last month because of high winds from a previous night storm. That’s why I highly recommend the light bug. It’s pretty cool. And it’s super bright, solar power powered, ultra bright, portable light with it. You’ll never have to worry about blackouts again. Go to light bug for 20% off that’s using the promo code no 20 that’s lytbug.com it’s in the description box below.

I’m gonna be stripped of his emergency powers. New York lawmakers are already planning to punish andrew cuomo as he faces those sexual harassment allegations. Good to have you with us tonight. I’m Adam Cooper seen it’s been six days since Governor Cuomo last made a public appearance and for two days now he’s been silent as calls grow louder for him to resign in the wake of this scandal. Three women have now come forward to accuse the governor of sexual harassment. Two of them are former staffers and all of them say Cuomo acted inappropriately and abused his position of power. There’s a new photo of Cuomo with that third accuser. The New York Times published it. It shows 33 year old Anna rock and Governor Cuomo at a wedding in 2019. She says the governor asked to kiss her and grabbed her at one point. Chief investigative reporter Jonathan desus Live in the newsroom covering every angle this for us, john.

Yeah, Governor Cuomo silent for another day as the outcry over his behavior shows no sign of letting up even the wife of one of one of comos top staffers is speaking out siding with the latest alleged victim to step forward. And Gareth Rhodes sits alongside Governor Cuomo at many briefings. Cuomo officiated at roses wedding and it was at roses wedding in 2019 where guest Anna rook tells the New York Times that Cuomo improperly touched her bare lower back, tried to kiss her and then called her aggressive for apparently spurning has advanced now roses bride is speaking out calling Governor Cuomo his pattern of behavior completely unacceptable. Alexa Kissinger on Instagram added I’m so proud of Anna rook for sharing her story. sources close to state senate majority leader Andrea Stewart cousins say she is facing increasing pressure to call on Cuomo to step down, including from democrat Julia Salazar who says impeachment is an option. I

think the best outcome is for ultimately Governor Cuomo to resign

democratic Long Island Congresswoman Kathleen rice also says Cuomo needs to go.

Are you confused? Why Why do I ask that because not used to seeing folks like Cuomo who on the democrat side seemed to never get in trouble. They always seem to find a way to get rid of accusers when they’re in trouble.

Same thing was confusing when we saw Weinstein go down and we saw Epstein and delaine Maxwell rested and Nexium, and so much more. And we talk about this all the time. It’s like how can anything ever happening to the enemy? How could they ever find out anything wrong with them? Because the media seems to be always in bed with the enemy and protect their own? What we’re starting to see those protections taken off, do you see that? I was reminded of of that from one of those that I follow on YouTube, I happen to have a dream where he’s reminded of josephat. And in that story in the Bible, you got where the enemy was actually given a state of confusion by God Himself, where they actually are set up where they destroy each other and that’s what I believe we’re going to be seen as the media going after their very own the dead the enemy going to fight amongst itself and who helps put that together God who is in control of everything. That’s right so even the Gateway Pundit has la teachers union pushing back on a plan for reopening schools due to structural racism. That’s right. The largest and most powerful teachers union in California rejected governor Gavin Newsome school reopening plan. Its leaders labeled it a recipe for propagating structural racism. So there’s more infighting going on with them? Well, I’ll tell you what’s not going down with the fighting is of course, we have the state of Texas, where the governor said no more masks mandate and open up those businesses. And we also saw Mississippi governor ending the mask mandate and social distancing requirements, all businesses can reopen at 100% capacity, starting tomorrow. And I’m sure the enemy does not like that I’ve seen many times in my research as part as you probably have seen it also, where they said that they wanted to they be in the globalists, were setting up a plan. And they’re still attempting that in other nations where they want a nother strain of the virus to just magically appear. They locked down the entire earth to force us all to stay home. And then when we stay home throughout the earth, we lose our job and we depend on the government for money. And then the next part, right, they put something in your hand and into your forehead or whatever. And they say, Well, look, you can have all of this. If you just scan your hand, get your little vaccine taken, you know, we’ll take care of you get your vaccine card and off you go. And I saw another video recently where they even show Israel where they’re putting on their tracking devices attached to their arm or their leg just like prisoners that aren’t allowed to leave home or a certain boundary. And that’s for a 14 day quarantine in Israel when you fly in. If you try to step out of that quarantine facility, they’ll come get you. Well, four states now fully open and maskless says Jen Ellis, it’s always just takes one person to stand up and do the right thing and others will follow be the leader this should have happened months ago. That’s right. And Candace Owens says to all the leftist crying because Texas and Mississippi have announced they will resume freedom Did you know that you are still welcome to stay in your home all day and double mask? You don’t need a government mandate to be a paranoid recluse? That’s right. Well, speaking of great leadership, something strange that was noticed after President Trump was done there in Florida, this massive, massive surrounding of forces around a previous president. Supposedly he’s a former president, and this is from dance Covino posting that video for everyone to see if you ever see anything like this for former president tell you I really wonder and there was even a picture that was being pushed around telegram showing that air force one seemed to be in Florida at the time, who was it for? Very interesting. And so even more, so we’d love to see stuff like this from President Trump. That’s right drawing looks like a queue in the air and pushing it forward. Loving it and we know.com is where you can find us. I’m going to take you to the site real quick and talk about it for a second. If you don’t mind. I’m proud of this site. It’s taken time for me to build it. I actually built it myself. And you can see that this is where we have our merchandise at the top brand new, you can go to N window.tv. By clicking on that red box here are different videos, I try to put up the top one or the very top. Here’s where you can actually put in your email. That’s right, and hit enter and you’ll receive notifications. When that arrives. I’ll be updating these pins and there’s an Angeleno pin that’s coming soon. Barry takes care of my pins for me, he’s doing a great job, and definitely love the stuff that he’s doing. And we’ve got this prophecy, School of prophets with Robert if you click on that and send him a message, you can sign up for that class. He teaches it and through a zoom call and it’s absolutely amazing. Here’s a an audio file, cast it all on May from some of the portions of his teaching, cast it all on me.

Deeper communion, inspired by Jesus. Cast all your cares upon me, for I do care for you. You are my people who love me and the father. My promise to you is as you cast your cares and troubles upon me in communion with me. They are in my hands. So pretty cool. You

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That’s something so they’re upset right the small mob of angry democrats they stormed the Georgia State Capitol furious over a voter id bill. Sorry, I didn’t mention that before please playing the video. But it’s very interesting. When I saw it, I actually couldn’t believe it. And then I said, well, I’ve got to go find this in the news source for this whole thing. That’s right. Georgia House passes GOP bill, and it is designed to bring confidence to our voters right Atlanta Republican lawmakers in Georgia muscled legislation through the statehouse on Monday that would roll back voting access over the objection of Democrats and civil rights groups gathered at the Capitol to protest. That’s right, the bill comes after record turnout led to democratic wins in Georgia’s presidential election in two US Senate run offs. House Bill 531 passed the lower legislative chamber by a vote of 97 to 72. It now goes to the State Senate for more debate. The far reaching bill would require a photo ID imagine that for absentee voting limit the amount of time voters have to request an absentee ballot, restrict where ballot drop boxes could be located and when they should be accessed or could be accessed and limit early voting hours on weekends among many other changes just small stuff, but you know, they get upset when they’re gonna have to prove that they’re actually having to legally vote and that might drive people like Jen Psaki crazy. Let’s see how she feels.

So she’ll probably be, you know, getting back to you with those questions. And then she fumbles with their hair all the time and just constantly just can’t figure out how to answer any questions. Another person can’t figure things out Jo b y

de finale. Excuse me, for now. And what am I doing here? I’m going to lose track here. And Mayor Turner, my family spent a lot of time here in Houston, by the way, at Hey, john, Eddie, how are you? Buddy? I didn’t see you there. I could be known for as President, I would be the end the president who endured his era and cancer as we know it.

As I said, it is painful to watch. That’s the man they call the leader of the free world. But again,

he’s in Texas, because for Democrats,

Texas is the Holy Grail.

He’s in Texas. And man, his views are dropping right, there’s Biden’s views in one month versus Trump’s views in one hour. And how many of you get a month ago see inauguration of the 46th president has 989,000 views on the White House YouTube site, and there’s 90,000 dislikes going on there. And? Well, let’s see. On the right side, President Trump live at the sea pack 2021 he’s got 3.3 million views streamed one hour ago, and he has 159,000 likes. Oh, man. You know, I was seeing some evidence that they were even trying to manipulate those numbers. What were the real amount of views wonder if there is 20 Maybe 30 million and they use their algorithms to cut those numbers down. There’s no telling what those snakes at YouTube are up to. Those guys are simply evil. So we go even more so to views to the rough night for the leftist in Hollywood for the Golden Globes, they dropped 60% in viewership over the previous year, six 0%, not 16 60% only 5.4 million from one report tuned into the leftist festival. That’s right. But things were better for President Trump. Over 8,158,000 people watch President Trump on YouTube delivered the speech at C pack Sunday. And how did he do that? Well, it’s a combination of right side broadcasting routers or Reuters. Sorry, ABC News, the hill, ABC, Australia, the independent Fox Sky News news now. Wow, what a combo and several more YouTube and rebel channels carried President Trump’s speech and full on Sunday, Trump still draws the largest numbers in history to his events. Pretty interesting, right? And speaking of events with President Trump, we know that that was not really Trump supporters that stormed the building. We know that we proved it in one of my videos. And after I proved it, YouTube took me off because they couldn’t stand the truth. And here’s what all Christopher rea had to say when he was asked about that

investigation so far. Do you have any evidence that the capital attack was organized by quote fake Trump protesters?

We have not seen evidence of that at this stage. Certainly.

Thank you. Senator Grassley.

Yeah, there’s the liars, they just, they just love line and they belong to the father of lies. His name is Satan, the father of lies and he is of his father, the devil, and I am not going to even hold back on that ones. And also the report conversations that Pelosi had with the sergeant at arms about National Guard presence factored into the blender of decision making that led to January 6. incident it looks like certain arms might be turned against her. We shall see but days before January 6, former Capitol Police Chief Stephen sun told Congress there was a high risk of possible violence. And he wasn’t talking about where that violence was coming from, but he knew something was up well after Pelosi for son to resign. Following the January 6, mayhem he wrote her a letter explaining exactly what went wrong. The House and Senate sergeant at arms were forced to resign. So until the post that house Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving was concerned with the optics of declaring emergency ahead of the protest and rejected a National Guard presence. Now, NPR reported he says senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stinger recommended that he informally request the guard to be ready in case it was needed to maintain security. Hmm. Man is something else. So these folks are seem to be turning on each other. Christopher Ray’s a liar. We see the numbers for President Trump going up. And we see that he seems to be with a huge entourage down in Florida as if he is still the president. We hope that you know and pray that there’s a miracle and that it happens sooner rather than later that he enters back into the limelight as the true leader of the United States of America under the real constitution. Right. So if you guys didn’t catch this, going into the plan demick look what happens when folks were told in I believe is Africa, a country in Africa that they were fixing to force them to get the vaccine at the school.

In Africa this morning, these children jumping out of the school window and running away because the company gave him the vaccine, they bypassed to white schools and come straight to the black kids schools. And everybody has to take this vaccine before they go home. They have to make it mandatory. So they farmed out to the surrounding jumping to the windows and running on because within the news release sure you are destined to need to kill out 3 billion people. So they want to start with the black people. So when they came to the school to give them the vaccine, they jump out the window numbers running.

So it’s interesting, right? These folks are she’s reportedly saying that they’re jumping out of the school because they’re scared to death of the vaccine and what it’s going to do and I tell you what we’re going to talk about that in a moment about these vaccines. Dublin Ireland has an anti Coronavirus lockdown protest

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we wonderful we had 330 million people just get on the streets in one day and say we’ve had enough and rip the masks off. So man, I just love that. So here’s some just the vaccine ingredients on the CDC website. That’s right, you can go straight to the CDC website and get this information. I put in the description box below for you to see it. You see that link down there? cdc.gov forward slash vaccines forward slash pubs, forward slash pink book downloads, appendices? yada yada. So what do we have in some of these? I’ve been mentioned it before. We have formaldehyde, highly toxic, systematic poisoning, carcinogen. This is in some of the vaccines that they stick in to our children. Yep. And we’ve got another toxic chemical and carcinogen. It’s corrosive chemical. We I can’t pronounce this one but it says it will cause damage to the liver. aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate and aluminum salts. That’s right. We got thimerosal I believe it’s Mercury is a neurotoxin. Let’s see what else we have. We’ve got another one called fetal bovine serum. It’s a harvested from bovine cow fetuses taken from pregnant cows before slaughter, human diploid fibroblasts cells aborted fetal cells. That’s right in some of those vaccines foreign DNA has the ability to interact with our own. We got the African green monkey kidney cells can carry with the sb 40 cancer causing virus that has already tainted about 30 million Americans. What about acetone? It can cause kidney liver and nerve damage. ecola Yes, you read that one right. DNA from porcine or Porky Pig Coronavirus. type one human embryonic lung cell cultures from aborted fetuses. You can be all these ingredients on the CDC website. Like I mentioned before, you can go in the description box below and read those wonderful ingredients that they love to pump in our body. Starting from the moment that were born. Good luck with that one, right. So anyway, more stuff on the plan. demick no kneeling wills defeated England in the Six Nations rugby tournament to claim the competition’s prized triple crown. That’s right, the no kneeling wills they got rewarded, I think by up above saying way to go. And they whipped them and that was outstanding. To see that happening. These guys need to get off their knees and start waking up so others that you know, they thought that they had it made well 37 arrested during the multi agency operation March 2 2021. That’s right. And we had a former main da hopeful arrested on sex crime charges in Florida. Also a suspect lineup. Human Trafficking prostitution sting took place in Port Arthur Nike us head resigns following reports about son sneaker reselling business. Ex France leaders are cozy, convicted of corruption sentenced to jail pair arrested in West Hartford kidnapping case well there’s nothing happening is there folks? Well Sherwin Williams CEO resigned. So here we go. Some more CO CEOs 71% say Cuomo should be impeached. If probe binds he hit nursing home deaths. raining rose CEO receives record nition That’s right so hellscream haunted house owner arrested for alleged child sex crime in the mid 2000s. That’s right in Colorado Springs. Union County Sheriff one arrested one wanted in Lutrell community assault, kidnapping investigation. And there’s more ex Barcelona President bartomeu. Among those arrested in club raids, we have a former West feliciana Parish Sheriff’s deputy arrested on 50 counts of possessing child pornography and we’ve got Modesto music band teacher arrested on suspicion of molesting student under 18. We have a Birmingham man arrested on multiple charges of child pornography. Carroll County man arrested on an aggravated criminal sexual abuse charges. Williamson County man arrested on child sex exploitation Good Samaritan Hospital CEO resigned following COVID-19 vaccine scandal, a former center coach arrested on sex charges and that’s wha lB 10 I believe that’s the channel that I grew up in Albany, Georgia, so much more going on what else as we look into the columns, we had Donald Trump Jr. Post the Biden presidency is an unmitigated and it’s not even through month two and he had an intentional grammatical mistake there. Watch my thoughts on fox and friends he said this morning that was posted at 6:52pm and he re spelled it and said on mitigating Did disaster he put disaster as he re posted that at 8:17pm? Obviously wanting us to pay attention to that. There has to be a reason to timestamp 652 and 817 might mean something right? Well, when he did that tweet with the mistake and he had the corrected word disaster in in is the key word 652. On the timestamp matches the drop 652 from the Intel boards, reread the executive orders and put it together. And then when he posted at 8:17pm what do we see? He says, Who do you think the is leaking the information? take a wild guess. Isn’t that something? Well, let’s go a step further. The keyword disaster shows up in only 417 drops for Intel drops. Andrew Cuomo executive order. There’s one Hmm, interesting tie right where we’re seeing with Cuomo, second one Haiti. Third one hunters become the hunted regarding Haiti. Now remember, these are the executive orders they want us to read. These are the ones he’s referring to. And number four, only the cue drops signed by Donald J. Trump has disasters in it. Well, there’s a coincidence right that comos Executive Order correlates back to Don Jr. timestamps 652 in which the drop says to reread the executive orders. Put it together. It’s coincidence right that disastrous comos now in the Daily News, let’s go step further. Look at this coincidence that Don Jr. Keyword disaster also links back to Haiti and coincidentally, Vernon Jordan died today. Who was best friends with Bill Clinton whose foundation paid for child sex trafficking in Haiti. Wow, nother mazing connection. Well, the other connection here disaster will Don Jr. comms also refer back to the only cue drops signed by his father Donald J. Trump. Is that a coincidence? If you go through that, and you look at all of these words disaster that are highlighted. It is amazing that this one right here September 1 2018. That was posted. This paragraph right here this month, I encourage all Americans to take the opportunity to ensure they have an emergency response plan in place and ready to be properly executed emergencies and disaster. disasters test the resilience and strength of families, communities and our nation. It is impossible to avoid every challenge and threat, but we can and must prepare for them. By doing so we can help protect our communities and save lives. Outstanding. This comes from Donald J. Trump, as he posted to the 17th letter board for us all and go into step further. Check this out. Vernon Jordan, civil rights leader in close ally Bill Clinton dies, right? Right here. You notice that connection with this drop right here. Haiti. disaster is in that one. What disaster in that quote, child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners who are three, four or five or six times their age, their madam sells them tells me that many of their customers are Western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters, the more you know, and on the bottom of that drop hunters become the hunted. The more you know who’s being hunted. We just looked at all these a lot of books being hunted. Right? The hunters become the hunted what happened to Vernon Jones? We’ll never know. But we’ve got our hunches. Right, as we continue to see that if the enemy knew the plans of the good guys, then they’d be able to escape, that there’s no escape. Nothing’s going to stop what’s coming. We know that we are seeing it. It is amazing, as we see from the beginning to Governor’s saying that’s it, no more masks. We got four states now on board with that. Let’s see some more. We’ve got the dems turning on each other. We got President Trump seemingly being protected as if he’s the president of the United States. And we are continually told by many that have Intel that we are watching a movie designed to wake up the masses. Well, is it time for the trump card? At what stage in the game? Do you play the trump card?

But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Not that anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Let’s pray. Father in heaven, we come to you now we just thank you once again for amazing information that pours in for communication that allows us to have our eyes opened to see that plans that seemingly just fit together without coincidence. Certainly amazing, Lord, as we know that you’re in control and that you can just like the stories in Scripture, you can take the end Enemy and make them confused and war against each other. And we know that you can do all things that we just hope for all these things to come to light of the enemy being exposed that allow us to have one huge revival of our nation, and that many would come to know you as their personal Savior. We ask for continued protection of our families protection of our president and his family, those that are on the frontlines in this battle, this war that we’re seeing, oh, Lord, please let them see the mighty angels that you have surrounding them with the fire Chariots of Fire, just unloading into everything that is going on. We are so thankful for who you are and what you’ve done for us thus far. For us in Jesus name we pray, amen. If you like this video, please hit the like button and share and then hit the rumble button two guys, you’re so good to us. You’re so thankful for all the great comments below in the emails that we receive. Thank you so much for going to our store once again and and grabbing those products. It is just an amazing journey that we’re on together with that and also for the donations that come in. We are truly truly thankful. And thank you so much for now. This is lt with Dan Marino, signing out