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Folks are joining together to fight back against mass and vaccines coms are loaded with a version two of President Trump’s office and Biden continued to red pill those who are not awake with ridiculous orders, it won’t take much to start an avalanche in the stock market or run on the banks and freezing the credit cards. The first thing you’ll see are food shortages. And that’s why you need to be prepared ahead of time with the food. That’s why we have my patriots applied to America’s leader in survival food that stays fresh for up to 25 years and proper storage, save 70 bucks off their popular four week food kit gives you 2000 plus calories a day go to prepare with an that’s prepare with me It’s in the description box below. Click on that to get your four week Kitt today. You know in April, supposedly it dies with a hotter weather. And that’s a beautiful day to look forward to, you know, the virus that we’re talking about having to do you know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April, we’re in great shape, I think when we get into April in the warmer weather that has a very negative effect on on that, and that type of a virus. So let’s see what happens. But I think it’s gonna work out fine. There’s been a rumor that, you know, very nice rumor that you go outside in the sun and you have heat and it does have an effect on other viruses. But now we get it from one of the great laboratories of the world, the virus. They’re working hard. Looks like by April, you know, in theory when it gets a little warmer and miraculously goes away. That’s, well, that was a joke coming out for Trevor Noah on the President of the United States. And it looks like the joke might be on them, we’ll see. But I noticed when he says this at the very end, watch his hand move. When he says April. He goes around of one year and then ends it in gone. I look at those columns. Very interesting when President Trump moves his hands, right. What do I mean by that? I mean, he says it’s out by April. Well, he says out by April and he moves it ahead to one year. He didn’t say out by this April, he just said out by April and boom, it’s gone. So why don’t we bring that up? Because the columns have been coming out. Quite interesting. from Johns Hopkins expert says COVID-19 pandemic could end by April and that was just released.

And what we’re witnessing is the collapse of the largest pre planned and coordinated propaganda event in modern day history. That was given to us on our Intel board in 2019. That’s a year before this pre planned event hit us in 2020. And now we’re being told by Johns Hopkins expert. The pandemic could end by April and who told us that President Trump he never said which April ditty because Trump said Coronavirus would end miraculously be gone by April.

Well, they made fun of them. And here we go. Mark t makary, who teaches the University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health said an opinion piece published in The Wall Street Journal on Friday that daily infections have declined by 77%. Since January.

Ah quote there’s reason to think the country is racing toward an extremely low level infection. Mercury wrote as more people have been infected, most of whom have mild or no symptoms, there are fewer Americans left to be infected at the current trajectory. I expect COVID will be mostly gone by April allowing Americans to resume normal life vaccinations and high number of us people of people who have already been infected in us more than 28 million could contribute to herd immunity in the spring makary said, herd immunity occurs when people enough people become immune to a virus in ending it spread. makary also said it would protect against new strains of the Coronavirus from spreading quote when the chain of the virus transmission has been broken in multiple places. It’s harder for it to spread. And that includes the new strains. He said.



Right, well, you know, they stopped doing the more test, which doesn’t, then you know, it says the daily infections haven’t declined have declined by 77%. Well, yeah, they decline when you stop testing as many people as you did when President Trump was in office, we already know they’re gonna play this game. And I believe as many others that maybe President Trump will end up coming back after this thing is all done.

And then they can’t revive it again at an attack. And hopefully those folks that when I say they can’t, the evil ones, hopefully they’ll be gone anyway.

So there we go. With that one, just thought we’d get that one out. And interesting that a group of people showed up to Trader Joe’s grocery store in Santa Cruz, California. And they proceeded to cause some very much needed epic chaos. We need more of these type of events in the future, we need to boycott these businesses for treating people this way, watch, I’m not gonna show the whole thing, just the beginning. And another section later on, here we go.

They all walk in without masks.

Watch what happens.

So they continue to walk around and shop grab items, and they are going to head to the counter to place their money because they’re not going to want them to actually use the cash register. We’re going to show that here in a few moments. But it’s interesting because when we walk in without masks on, notice the mask folks have no problem getting right in your face. They have no problem grabbing you pointing their finger at you yelling at you. Because they feel like they have the right and they’re empowered to do nothing but assault you

and they have masked on so what are they afraid of? Obviously, they’re afraid of something No, they’re given power now and the deep state is empowered them including others to make them feel like they have a right to get in your face. point fingers, grab your camera and tell you you can’t shop there.

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have been doing this for many years working with a local printer found drove around and worked until they found the right one. And now orders are coming in Thank you so much. So exciting folks to see the support come in this way especially for someone there’s a folks Jamie and Andrea working so hard to get this thing going and they are excited Thank you so much. And we is where you can find us on television for Roku Fire TV and Apple TV you can go to gab gab TV hasn’t been working lately. For me me we’ve got Facebook and Twitter where you can also find us and bit shoot. I’ve been able to get videos up quickly on bit shoot recently for some reason it’s working great. And rumble also is where we send most folks Thank you for subscribing there now back to this video. I’m gonna start with that hand and you can see as they get to the cash register what happens that’s my camera. That’s assault.

Okay, so take your money back take your money that’s mine.

Okay, guys.

So yeah,

I mean,

you don’t get along.

Get along.

will get your money.

My money on account.

Go get your money.

Go your money.

Serve you if you guys want to leave with that, there’s


Yep, there they are just screaming and yelling, the demonic personalities, I could see it in the eyes. And I know it talks about this, sometimes some folks might be offended by it. But I honestly believe these folks are empowered by some other spiritual force other than good. And there’s certain hate filled in those eyes, right? They’re reaching for the camera, feeling empowered to assault, grab people’s food, screaming, yell at them, and basically enjoying the power that they have. At this current time.

They called us conspiracy theorists for exposing an elite pedophile Island, then the mainstream media reported on Epstein Island. They called us conspiracy theorists for suggesting that Cuomo purposely sent the elderly to their deaths. Now the mainstream media is reporting on it. Notice the pattern.

And then on this meme on the right, please make it stop.

So much fear over this. Suppose ID virus

and yet they’re dancing at the hospitals.

So much fear that 99.9 or 99.2% are surviving.

So much fear

that they have to stick people with whatever’s going inside the body for folks begging for it because they’re tired. And then they’re told to keep their masks on. So poke yourself, keep your mask on and keep your distance no hugging, no love, no support, no smiling. Nothing.

And here we are, it’s been a year ran to this pandemic.

Tired, everybody’s tired and want to see it in. And I tell you, this is one way to do it. Right? It’s to stand together with each other. And if you watch this entire video, they actually continually say that they love the people. We’re not here to hurt you. We’d love you. We’re trying to teach you.

It’s going a step further. Did you know that for those under age 25, there have been a total of 2062 virus related deaths in the United States out of a population of 100 million people. This is quite literally a survival rate of 99.9998%.

And there it is. There’s the stats, you can look at it yourself. Updated February 17 2021. That’s right. So you look at all these ages, you add up the numbers that they have on this chart. And exactly what Carl Becker said.

folks aren’t really passing away from the survey.

We noticed the numbers of heart attacks gone.

Heart disease gone.

What else has gone the flu is gone. You catch a cold now it’s virus, car accident, gone, you’re got the virus.

Here’s a real virus right here, not the same person. If you choose to lie to yourself, then that’s on you. If you look closely, there’s two different signatures. And two completely different faces. Remember, we keep hearing that this is a movie. This is pantomime that they’re only doing this so that

they’re allowing those that think that Biden is a great person, the democrats are amazing and voted for him. They’re waking up. Hopefully, they’re waking up and catching on that something doesn’t seem right. Why does he keep getting rid of why is he killing jobs? Why is he killing the pipeline? Why is he increasing the gas prices? Why is he getting us back involved in places where we’re you know, supposed supposedly at? They’re our enemies and supporting them Iran, China.

These folks are also changing rapidly by face here. You’ll see Zuckerberg on the top left big smile, bigger nose, wider nose.

More hair. No, I lost my hair. But you know, he’s looking awful different here when he goes throughout the years and then you got hunter Biden. He looks one way here and then he’s got a wider nose, stranger smile and giant forehead there. And then we talked about old Michael down here.

Michael seems to change too. And it seems like anytime somebody is taken out, supposedly that’s what we keep hearing that they just replaced them with body doubles, or who knows what else. People keep saying clones, well, if they have the technology to make people look real, and we just don’t want to hear it.

Well, let’s go further with this nice, amazing piece right here, purple over the top part of this canvas. We’re just going to spread that COVID everywhere. It’s just all over the place, and it’s killing us record numbers. Even though the stats Don’t say that, even though the CDC can’t get their head out of the RAS and they don’t seem to know what the hell is going on. But, you know, we should by all means close the entire country, ruin millions of lives and small businesses, all because the perception of the MSM wants us to think that we’re all gonna die COVID oops, I think we got a little of the COVID on May. Look at that. I’m okay. I mean, I, I kind of had a 99% chance of surviving it. But hey, let’s close the entire country. Let’s bankrupt millions of American businesses. Let’s fearmonger All because of that. 1% that consists of

mainly Democrats. Congratulations. You’re stupid.

That’s pretty cool. That’s at john Burke on Tick Tock. He keeps putting these videos together where he’s doing these babies, and I’m actually loving it. Well, new studies show that by the time people reach their middle ages, the body often produces less than half the collagen it did in the youth. collagen is the main building block in our skin making up 70 80% of it. This is why we get sagging skin and wrinkles as we age. If you want to look younger, you must supplement collagen. Go to health with it’s in the description box below. And click on that link and you’ll get your ageless multi collagen in a powerhouse of the right ingredients to improve your youthful appearance quickly and effectively. That’s health with now another part that happened was an Ozzy open crowds booing the vaccine rollout. Comment check the sale ceremony for the Australian Open men’s final has been marred by booing tennis Australia president Jayne hrdlicka was forced to pause during her speech last night when she mentioned the rollout of the COVID vaccine. She thanked the Victorian Government for ensuring the tournament continued despite a hotel quarantine issue and snapped locked down in Victoria.

It’s been a time of heartfelt challenge. It’s been a time of deep loss and extraordinary sacrifice for everyone. And with vaccinations, on the way rolling out in many countries around the world. It’s now a time for optimism and hope for the future.

That is awesome. And then here’s we’re gonna go to the middle here. We catch some more of it.

There are many other people today that enabled this great notch to take place in the last couple of weeks. The top of that this is a Victorian Government without even we could not have done this.

Yep, that’s what you get. You want to run these, these vaccines? Through right and everybody’s waking up right when you hear that many folks coming together. And booing you know that folks are catching the true information. They’re realizing what’s going on. And they’ve had enough. So anyway, Steve Cortez put out a picture, visiting the most exceptional president of my lifetime. What is really interesting about this picture, and we’re going to discuss it here in a moment. Just wanted to go to the original photo so you can see it, we’re going to zoom in.

What do you see

below President Trump’s and

look at this, it looks like a heart. But we’re going to expose it because you see these got two little dots of light. Let’s see if I can zoom in a little bit more. There’s President Trump Levy, President Trump.

Alright, we’ll go in a little more. And you can see the dots going Hear hear all the way around and then he’s got dots that cut across through the center to his finger. Now we’re going to zoom in a little bit more second, but I’m going to talk about that in a moment. Notice also he’s wearing a yellow tie.

And there’s yellow all around them also interesting, right? Well, you know that signal flag Quebec, called the yellow jack is a simple yellow flag that was historically used to signal quarantine.

It stands for cue. That’s right. So the yellow flag contagion yellow flag is a simple yellow flag that was historically used to signal quarantine. It stands for cue that so then we have this with more columns that lead all they’re all going to blend together with that particular picture of President Trump with that what appeared to be a heart, but we’ll share more in a second. So dance Covino placed this video pretty cool. That’s you two beautiful day. Well, it’s interesting is the Lockheed YouTube’s nickname, Dragon lady is an American single jet engine, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. And it was operated by the United States Air Force. It’s operated by the US Air Force and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Hmm, we’ll stand by let’s see how this is all going to connect. Well, if you rotate the picture, So first, we get the YouTube it’s used to be controlled by the CIA.

You flip that picture over a President Trump’s hand with the heart. And what does it look like? It looks like a sphere. So let’s draw that out real or spear? Sorry. Let’s draw that out and do the

and then look at this diamond shape here. What does that look like?


It looks like a spear, Office of Strategic Services logo. You got the yellow and you got that? That shape there. Interesting because September 20 1945, it was dissolved. It was sued the superseding agencies Central Intelligence Agency 13,000 estimated folks. So Trump’s photo at a heart around the left hand flip the photo. It’s a symbol of the US Special Operations Command. It’s the unified combat combatant command charged with overseeing the various Special Operations component commands of the army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force of the US Armed Forces, right. So the Office of Strategic Services had the same logo,

and was dissolved in 1945. The OSS functions included the use of propaganda, subversion and post war planning. It was a predecessor CIA. So we know that what media assets are from the CIA, or our farm CIA born? Well, we know communist news network is Obama’s family was linked to the CIA question, Mark. You betcha. Trump destroying the CIA, via the military. So he’s using the military,

destroying what is once known as the CIA who ran everything right. They had they controlled the YouTube plane for spying, and everything and they’re dissolved. And then you go step further, you have his hand flipped over. And you’ve got this communication to us that the military is in control, destroying them into 1000 pieces is what we’re hoping. And then you have the picture of anderson cooper as a child.

What media assets are foreign born? We know that he is part of the CIA. He was bred there even talked about beat receiving training there by slipping up propaganda, subversion and post war planning. That’s right. So then you had more information drop as Prince Philip seems to be not feeling well. So who does Soros take orders from? He takes orders from P Prince Philip.

That’s right. So Prince Philip seems to be taken down. And then if that is happening, then old GS is going to be stepping down. And then you got? Well, that’s what we hope. And then you go a step further. And you start seeing the two used a lot, which is the version two of the Trump administration. How do we see that? Donald Trump Jr. said it’s amazing what you can do with a level playing field I have two videos trending with number one and number two, and he holds up two fingers. Don Jr. Holding up to can also be version two. And then we can have, we hope to see that soon. So you’ve got the

the yellow tie

the queue, you’ve got the YouTube playing used to be controlled by the CIA. You’ve got intelligence gathering. And then you’ve got the Office of Strategic Services which was dissolved. What media assets are farm born from the CIA. We got Special Operations Command now in charge, right? CIA is taken out great information there. And if that if they’re taken out then Prince Philip’s not feeling so good. Supposedly, some folks believe that he’s

already gone. And who answers to him? Well, he’s not going to get anything from him anymore. Soros isn’t getting anything from Philip anymore, right? So then you go a step further. You had Mike Pompei on the same day, February 21, the same day that Don jr dropped his stuff. And he dropped First Samuel to to there’s double meanings there. The first one,

he mentions god, there’s no one holy like the Lord, there’s no one beside you, there is no light rock like our God, God wins. First Samuel, two, two, you can look at our drops. And you’ll notice that in each one of these one to two,

and then you’ve got one, two plus two equals four, you look at each one of those as you add them up, and HRC old Hillary is in all of them.

So there’s a connection with intelligence.

Gathering you two beautiful day, you two intelligence gathering armed forces under gain control, the military is destroying everything that they have. And deemed And do we have a Trump admin version, administration version two showing up? Well, we know that God wins and he’s in control of this all. And by the way, HRC is on her way out. That’s what that story sounds like to me. And while they’re at that, you’ve got old Biden himself. They’re showing everybody through their screens and media that Europe applies applauds the Biden’s pro central banks and surrender of America first policies and g7 speech. So back on Friday said he will continue a pro global central banks and pro war policies, which he already did since three decades. For him the interest of the private central banks is more important than the wealth of American people.

Oh, he’s gonna use NATO that is controlled by the central banks to destroy any country that is not following the central bank rules. So then further, Joe Biden in Friday, rejected the America first policies that started no wars in brought about Middle East peace agreements, objectives that had not been achieved for decades. And Biden’s g7 speech through praise from foreign nations as Biden gave exactly the speech that many Europeans wanted to hear in America that Pat’s you on the shoulders that doesn’t criticize or demand Germany’s influential central bank’s own dare Spiegel magazine wrote, of course. So all this is playing out perfectly. The more that Biden spouts his mouth and give speeches like this, and shares information that most of us believe it doesn’t really occur any way. And if it does, it’s all designed to wake up those that are lost. And pretty soon What we’re hoping is they’ll miss this man right here. Here’s a reminder of what a great man he is.

Not to miss that guys.

Miss the hugs to being able to look at each other in the eyes, see the nose, the mouth,

give a hug and just let folks know that you care.

Now seems like a long time ago, we’re able to do things like this. And oh, by the way, while I’m thinking about, you know, Biden never showed up really to Texas too late after their deep freeze. And what does the mainstream media do? They gave him a pass and said, you know, it’s good that he wasn’t there right away, just kind of let it play out.

We’re always protecting them.

So we hope and we pray that the information we receive that President Trump will step back in with dreams and folks talking that it will happen sooner rather than later.

Most of us are scared to project any dates.

We’re even more leery to throw out next week, next month, next two months, next three months, next six months.

All we know is that God is in control no matter what we must trust. Yeah.

So that double meaning comes up with that drop from Mike Pompeo remember First Samuel

to two.

Right here. If you look at it, it was posted at 10:14am. And we know 1014 at the very bottom. After all these pictures of the demonic things that you see here from that Epstein Island.

There’s no one holy like the Lord. There’s no one beside you. There is no rock like our God. First Samuel two, two

But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Now that anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Let’s pray. Father in heaven, we come to you now just thanking you for all the things that you’ve done for us. We thank you so much for continuing to allow us to see each other work together to show folks that we love them in these stores, and that we’re only trying to wake them up and show them that they’re being deceived. We lift up those folks at traders, Trader Joe’s that were angry and filled with anger and we hope that you would just show them that there was no anger there that was there was a lot of love and that they would even realize in their deep down in their hearts that they were wrong for treating customers like that.

We hope to see some more good come out of all of this. We hope to see President Trump back soon very soon. Please protect his family, the leadership around him Please help this plan to come together sooner rather than later. You know our bodies you know our minds, you know how tired everyone is.

And Lord, we just we’re just begging you please, please step down and stop this. As soon as you can. Please protect our families. And please allow us to open up our eyes once again take these masks off and travel and see family.

We missed them so much for now.

We lift these things in Jesus name. Amen. If you like this video, please hit the like button and rumble rumble definitely helps out. If you share sharing gets around those that don’t want that helps our numbers go up. Thank you for the great comments below we so appreciate that. And also for going to our new store. It’s so exciting. Now the orders are coming in and we were just you know when you do it locally have to buy you know boxes and boxes of gear and then you hope that people order so you can get the boxes out the door. So you guys have been wonderful there and thank you for the donations.

So for now, this is lt with them. We know signing out


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