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We did not come this far to overcome this much and fight this, only to surrender our country back to the Dupre Washington.

Division is what they want but the fight to keep us together is getting stronger every day especially with what President Trump just unleashed. We will cover this general Flynn’s comments more border and vaccine passport mess. Through this report, folks are fighting standby you don’t want to miss this the keto diet is one of the quickest ways to achieve a younger looking appearance and burn fat. This diet has been shown time and time again studies to flatten stomach burn belly fat and give unparalleled anti aging benefits. That’s why I highly recommend my favorite keto powder, keto with och that’s keto with og.com. It has ingredients that actually give you the weight loss and anti aging benefits of of what you need today. 51% off go in that description box below keto with ahk.com

I’ve got to come over and see the fake news. And I’ll tell you what, we are winning so big, because we’re going along these corrupt politicians, fake news, the commies of the world, all of the bad things that went on. It’s called the swamp. And you know what happened? And you know what, I did a big favor. I caught the swamp, I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done that. But

I caught all of this

corruption that was going on. And nobody else could have done it. And if you look at Crooked Hillary Clinton, if you look at all of the different people, there was no transition because they came after me trying to do a coup. They came after me spying on my campaign. They started from the day I won, and even before I won from the day, I came down the escalator with our First Lady. They were a disaster. They were disgrace to our country. And we’ve caught them. We’ve caught them all. And we’ve caught them. We’ve caught them all. We’ve got it all on tape. We’ve caught them all. And by the way, you gave the idea for the Logan act against General Flynn. You better take a look at that because we caught you in a sense and President Obama was sitting in the office, he knew about it too. So don’t tell me about a free transition. I caught the swamp I caught him off.

He caught them all remember these things, folks, and we’re excited because he has not stopped. He’s been going on the media rogue range everywhere letting folks know what he thinks and what needs to be happening Pepe tequila put this out on gab President Trump caught them on the act, but to avoid civil unrest, he had to get off the stage and for us to see and not make it look political optics, but we know he is still there. Hold the line. Absolutely. So he’s started an amazing website. It is so amazing. 45 office.com and he released this letter statement by Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America, March 29 2021. President Donald J. Trump and Mrs. Melania Trump are pleased to announce the launch of 45 office.com the official website of the 45th President of the United States will allow individuals to submit correspondence scheduling requests and press inquiries for president Mrs. Trump president Mrs. Trump are continually strengthened by the enduring spirit of the American people. And they look forward to staying in touch. Well, somebody already got to sit down with President Trump and have a conversation about recent things going on.

How are you doing? How has it been down here? Well,

it’s been great. It’s Florida. It’s a beautiful state. It’s a well run state. We had a tremendous election result in Florida, as you know, despite millions and millions of dollars being spent against us and we had a big victory, I guess. unprecedent entered victory and as we did in many states and we should have had in all states but I guess that’s still in my opinion being looked at by a lot of people it was disgraceful what happened that was a third world country voting system. And it’s it’s a shame it’s an absolute shame but it’s being looked at by a lot of different people. But we had a fantastic election. You know, I say I ran twice. And we did better the second time by a lot by 12 million votes. And so but I love Florida it’s a it’s just a spectacular place. Yeah,

well, a well run state we would

amazing readies keep continues to say we won by 12 million votes. I think you won by more than that. That’s on right view net looks to be. I think that’s Laura Trump. But anyway, as we continue forward, they’re sure they got a lot of likes on that video. But you know, YouTube’s working on removing the public dislike count at the request of content creators? Hmm. I wonder what content creators are asking for that. And President Biden, or the guy that claims to be the president says he shares the sentiment of CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Lenski, who said earlier today that she senses impending doom when it comes to the Coronavirus Oh, he goes point 000 1% folks that are they’re not making it. I guess that you know, we’re in Doom because of these terrible things that she sees going on. So demonic Well, anyway, as they continue to go out there and do things they seem to be getting more dislikes than they really want. You know, President Biden delivers remarks on the COVID-19 response. And he gets 1500 dislikes 309 likes, he holds a formal press conference 12,000 dislikes 878 likes, folks, somebody complained, somebody said, Please get rid of the dislike. So YouTube said in response to create or feedback around well being targeted dislike campaigns, we’re testing a few new designs that don’t show the public the dislike count. If you’re part of this small experiment, you might spot one of these designs in the coming weeks. example below. Well, Brian got a bunch of likes on this particular video, just a reminder of who this bu y d and character really is. Let’s see.

One of these things is not like the one of these things doesn’t be known. Can you tell which thing is that? Like? I miss this sound?

Well, we got the real Joe and the fake. Joe, somebody just doesn’t seem to be fitting the bill perfectly. One of my favorite ways of looking at this is just look at that ear one is unattached and the other one is attached. These folks just can’t figure it out. Probably should have taken them some plastic surgery on the right there and disconnected that ear lobe. Oh, well, well, amazing. Because my son was talking to me about this saying that Nike sued to drain the blood from Little nos. X is Satan shoes. Yep, that’s the truth. They came out and they sued them. There’s the record of it right here. I’m going to show it to you. Nike corporated plaintiff versus mischief product studio Incorporated. Very interesting. And he was telling me that one of the guys a big guy on YouTube, I guess a young kid that they watch, bought a pair, put a video out showing that he had one of the pairs and he had so many dislikes that he took the video down and he got rid of the shoes immediately. And he didn’t understand why people didn’t like them. Very interesting. So anyway, Governor Christie norm if you didn’t know, he posted something about it said our kids are being told that this kind of product is not only Okay, it’s exclusive. But do you know what’s more exclusive, their God given eternal soul? We are in a fight for the soul of our nation. We need to fight hard and we need to fight smart. We have to win Well, he responded back in to the governor. Of course with his demonic beings inside of him. Needs prayer needs to have an exorcism for sure. And what does she puts posted a verse, what good will it be for someone to gain the whole world yet forfeit their soul? Matthew 1626. And so also a quick reminder, remember we talked about everybody getting off the plane when somebody was told two kids needed to get off because they didn’t have masks. Here’s just a short clip of the proof from that.

yep so anyway it just interesting to have video proof of that of pokes getting up and starting to walk off the plane because they’re sick to their stomachs of what the way people are being treated i hear even heard somebody said this reminds me of the way nazis were going to talk about that in show a video clip of somebody from that error in a moment so and we know.com is where you can find us i share with this every video just so you remember and we know.com that’s where you can subscribe to our email list you can also get these patriot pins you see those bad boys there they’re really cool and also donations can go there that’s in the description box below too and i told you before you guys have been amazing go into the store and it’s in the description box and it’s also been amazing because when they list certain things like the hats they’re gone so quick and they have to reorder to get supplies and thank you so much for that support angie and jamie are just beside themselves as to amazing roku fire tv apple tv is where you can find us and we know.tv is where you can get that you can also find us on gab gab tv we’re on me we bit shoot we’re trying to figure it out and think it’s getting better rumble also facebook’s gone twitter’s still there thank you for all of your support and so anyway scott jenson a doctor he talked about the immunity passports about them being immoral and wanted to share that with you

i am dr scott johnson here getting to be the end of the day and i had quite a few nervous patients say they’re nervous about this concept of an immunity passport i would remind you stupid is as stupid does says forrest gump your couple documents this one is from the blood bank saying that i got the antibodies they want and they asked me what i come back and give blood again at my plasma so they can use it to help people with code this is another one that says that i’ve got the antibodies i have had antibodies tested half dozen times positive positive positive positive ever since september but the cdc comes out today and talks about new privileges for those who’ve been vaccinated but in the axials x ios article i read it didn’t comment on how about new privileges for those people who have had the disease recovered an immunity passport really is anti american at another level it’s immoral moral is sort of doing the right thing the right thing in many countries is freedom and the ability to express yourself so the immoral thing would be the thing against the right thing you can’t express yourself you can’t be free if you have an immunity passport set of regulations and restrictions in place you are telling people that if they don’t do this thing then they don’t get to do this this and this it’s a mandate it’s a defect of many and if you had the disease like i did why in the world would i want to get a vaccine why are you pushing so hard that i should you really want to jab me that much so this is shaky ground if you’re going to talk about an immunity passport we’ve got to be very very careful

very very careful so i put that in description box below to watch that full video amazing when he gives his point of view i love it and also governor ron de santos slams the biden regimes vaccine passport plant announces he will be taking executive action against it man we need to move to florida they’re going to tell you what an amazing fighter that guy is and found this picture on the right this guy’s wearing a gas masks he says today no masks no entry tomorrow no vaccine no job someday soon no microchip no rights then it seemed like that’s how it’s all playing out another person fighting for us marjorie taylor green says that a vaccine passport is biden’s mark of the beast wants

you to be required to have something called a COVID passport and this this would mandate your ability to be able to travel your ability to be able to go to events your ability to be able to buy and sell and i asked the question earlier today is this something like biden’s mark of the beast because that is really disturbing and not good oh if you’re going to come in to the football game or the baseball game or the concert you need your vaccine Passport because we’re trying to do a good job to keep everyone safe. This is what the Biden administration is trying to talk to these private companies into doing. Well, let’s say analyze that. You see, it’s still the same thing. It’s still fascism or communism, whatever you want to call it, but it’s in it’s coming from private companies. So I have a term for that. I call it corporate communism, corporate

communism until you want to broader he said, How long before we’re here with this vaccine passport. And she’s showing a picture of children and adults who were marked with numbers and letters to identify who they are. Dr. Simone gold said when business businesses mandate experimental injections, boycott those businesses that want to violate your medical privacy and rights. They will lose billions. You have to boycott them. When these businesses mandate experimental injections, they’ll lose billions when Americans stand up together and say my body my choice sound familiar? That’s a term you hear. Demand your state and house reps signed the vaccine Bill of Rights. So Pepe legs matter on telegram, put this video clip out the 93 year old Holocaust survivor on masks Please listen very carefully.

Survivor beauty, thank you very much. I am in fact a survivor of the Holocaust. And the first thing I have to tell you even that nobody told us it was done for our own good. We all knew what was happening. And when I think today when I see people knots, I think of the yellow star which gave everybody liberty to aggressively to to insult me to call me a carrier of disease to spit on me Even I love you. I would like to tell you that this is worse. It is more insidious. It concerns more people. It is it is there is a hypocrisy in the public narrative that is absolutely unbearable to say that we are doing this to protect the old I would love to die in a state that gives me freedom, then live.

I have already outstayed my welcome by many years, and my life expectancy is probably not great. But I would gladly exchange as for the lives and livelihoods and happiness of generations that come after me to live their lives as I have been. To have mass to see people defiled their children this mask is is something totally unbearable to me.

unbearable to her to have children forced to wear masks straight from someone has experienced the worst anyone could ever endure. While a new invention has come onto the market that is helping to relieve pain using patches relax the pain uses patches to help relieve pain anywhere in your body within seconds. This isn’t some product that is going to take decades until it’s released it’s available now and already has 1000s of happy users just take that patch put it where the pain is and instantly takes that pain away go to relax the pain calm that’s relaxed, the pain calm. Click the link below to get patches today for 50% off interesting is the Biden border crisis. Approximately 40% of the airport traffic this morning at Texas McAllen international appear to be migrants headed within the United States. They are carrying boarding passes and paperwork that indicates they do not speak English. That’s right. So when they’re there, they’re carrying this paperwork please help me I do not speak English. What plan do I need? Thank you for your help. Now, keep in mind while places like New York are signing vaccine passports into law, these illegal immigrants can fly into and across the United States without COVID testing or illegal Id let that sink in let it sink in for sure another another thing that’s interesting is cbs even evening news actually covering the crisis at the border and i wonder why they’re putting so much effort into showing what’s going on down there interesting crisis on the border tonight more than 18,000 migrant children are in us custody

today reporters were allowed inside a crowded facility in donna texas that was set up to handle the overflow of children we have more now from cbs is maria va how

inside this processing facility run by border patrol plastic pods have become an overcrowded purgatory for migrants waiting to seek asylum

he says he does not have the adequate beds to be able to take on all of these kids

there are roughly 4100 people here 17 times what the facility was built to hold more than half our unaccompanied children they all sleep on the floor some with max and others with foil blankets

i’m a father i don’t want to see that as a border patrol agent i didn’t sign up for this are you worried that this will get worse

of course

of course i am pool factors are attracting more migrants to the south texas border we’re deputy chief role of these predicts overall a record breaking year

based upon what we’ve already apprehended and looking at what’s remaining in the fiscal year that we will have approximately about a million apprehensions or encounters this year

jacqueline pet has crossed the river this morning with her two month old baby despite the dangers of do it out of necessity otherwise we wouldn’t come here she says she left what amala to find a job in the united states and will likely end up at the donna facility this is where the smallest children stay somehow they crossed into the us alone now awaiting their fate in a tiny space never met for children

and maria joins us now you’re inside today you were also there a few weeks ago how has it changed

we know two weeks ago there were two tents here run by border patrol but today this is a massive construction site we counted at least six new tents going up and sources tell us they do belong to health and human services and we’re being told also that they could open up a temporary shelter here very soon nora

interesting right so they’re showing that and of course if it was you know trump then president trump they’d say that they’re always putting kids in cages of course they’re not attacking anything that has to do with the byd and they just talk about what’s going on obama had immigration detention centers and of course the byd n has migrant child facilities yeah just this little child facility you know children that just happened to cross the border all by themselves very interesting right well on that note helen and shared that major school district to begin in person teaching for illegal immigrant children while local kids are still stuck at home this is going to be in san diego they’re going to make sure that illegal immigrant children get in person teaching and learning

and all the locals

are you know stills dan at home just you know lawn it through while they get all these things handed to them and somebody else talking about children in school and happened to be this mental i don’t know she’s just really awkward person see if we can guess who it is

or people are seeing that yeah affordable childcare is a big deal more parents are seeing the value of educators when they say we’re not paying them nearly enough

yeah i think that’s a leader of something from somewhere yeah then remember meeting any leaders of corporations or businesses or anything that acted or behave like a child but anyway so now that you’ve got all of this fear and people are fighting back against corona you know what do they try to do they make a call you know that for rear fear of the coronas going down well we got to switch back to racism sure enough what do they do they go on the attack and say well now we’re gonna switch it to asians you know change it up a little bit and andy node said here’s a graphic video of an assault on the on an older asian woman by not a white person like they say in you know atlanta but black male suspect in new york city words the outcry about this particular thing watch this video it is sickening she walks across this guy kicks her in the stomach kicks her in the head kicks her in the head again and kicks her in the head again steps over her and notice this guy in the store they’re both watching to two pretty big guys they’re watching they walk over and they help her out note they shut the door just close the door right there right in front of us no outcry no anything so ryan savant subhadra said when the attack happened in atlanta the aap repeatedly referenced the race of the attacker who was white in this case the ap does not mention the race of the attacker who is not white yeah so the ap said the new york city police department says an elderly asian american woman was attacked by a man who punched and kicked her while hurling anti asian statements in front of witnesses who seemingly stood by and alf at southern boy 954 said hey cnn tweeted this to them another white man beat in an asian you better report and there he is right there clear as day we got pictures and everything of this guy you can see him walking close up so the face and they call it a the the victim is currently hospitalized with swelling to the face pain in the left leg you think she’s got a little bit of swelling you think so here’s the suspect yeah not much made out about it you know just just another day right so when they tried to talk to liberals we the media had to a little clip that they showed where they tried to talk about all of this these issues where they bring up racism and watch this guy with the checkmate

dominant narrative and america is white people are evil white people suck we should be ashamed of ourselves and i

don’t think we should be ashamed of ourselves i think that we should take responsibility for the system that we’ve created the best system in the world we do not have the best system who

has a better system

there are

many european countries that have are much better off oh

you mean like the european countries with a higher density of whites like northern europe

and that’s one way to phrase it i guess

you don’t mean turkey no you don’t mean eastern europe with the communists so the only time you can come up with a system that’s better than america it’s a country that’s more white than america i don’t understand

munchie just mumbling through breath because she realize right about here she’s thinking it through ups boy got me grit the teeth and where’s those liberal talking points now how are you going to defend yourself oh boy did he definitely definitely she walked right into that trap for sure so as we start continuing to share the truth we all have a play in this folks i just had my neighbor come over the other day mentioned something about taking a shot i shared the truth the best that i could with him about things that i had researched and noticed and we had a great talk no fighting just shared once again my thing is always 99.97 or nine 8% people are alive why push so hard to put something into our body it doesn’t make sense and so as we talked it through we then change the subject and talk about family and and other things that was interesting so as you have somebody shared this with me american 417 for american for 1776 in response to the late late latest video check this out

arms wide open hashtag break the divide very good video clip thank you so much for sharing that with me it was amazing to watch him glad to share that with everyone else and also somebody who’s continuing to fight for all of us and continuing to tell the digital soldiers those in their communities and more to Continue to the fight actually had a dream, where I met General Flynn and turned to him and asked him if a couple of questions and the dream ended real quick, but it was really cool to just be able to feel like I was right there with him as outstanding,

I would just tell your audience that we are at a massive or major transition point in the United States of America, we are either transitioning in to continue down one path of a experiment in democracy and a constitutional republic. Or we’re, we’re diverging toward really a sort of a Marxist socialism system in our country if we’re not careful. And I think a lot of people feel that a lot of people see that I get that many places when I go around the country. So you know, civics one on one or civics lessons in in elementary school are probably not even taught these days, social studies in the what, what is the foundation of this country? What makes it right? But people have to return. Like I said, Go read the constitution doesn’t take that long, everybody’s online, everybody’s got a phone that they can Google, right, go read, it takes about 30 minutes, and understand how you must get involved. And that is Seth just said, Go get involved, you know, in your school committees, in your school in these town councils, or parish councils or, you know, your your county level organizations that are making decisions about our children, and about what they’re teaching our children in our schools. I mean, so anyway, I just people, like I say, you know, standing in line is fine for a vote to go vote. And and I encourage everybody to go stand in line and vote. But this sitting around and talking will not solve the problem, people must now stand and do and that do is a decision. And that decision is, in my own way with my own capabilities, my own talents, my own skills, I’m going to get involved. So I’m involved. And I’m involved in my way. And part of that is to speak to you today Jason to the misfit nation, and to tell all these people, look, hey, I’m a lifelong, I was a lifelong Democrat. People don’t even know that lifelong Democrat. Whoa, like, Holy mackerel, right? Maybe that’s why I said that to set. But, but I’m, what I’m telling you is that is that I can learn. And I know what I know. And I want I want people to treat me like they like to be treated right? Not assessed on this really ugly, vindictive way. And so I’m going to go out and about, I’m going to, I’m going to try to push this message of getting involved in communities, because it is really the people at the local level. That’s what this country is about. It’s not about the federal institutions, even though they want total control, they want state level of control over our lives. And we can’t, we can’t have that that’s not our system of government. So until that changes, we need to fight for that system of government,

we need to fight for that system of government. He is exactly right. And I encourage everyone to get involved somehow, some way. I brought this up in some of my interviews that I’ve done recently, about how I’d spent sometimes seven days a week in the local church just involved in Bible studies, and talking to people constantly about scripture, and men’s Bible study and Wednesday nights and Thursday nights visitation, we do all this stuff, which is very important. But one of the things that kept me away from was getting involved locally in the school system that my children were attending, in their meetings in the local government and more. So I wish I would have invited my time better now with this wake up call. Understanding the constitution even more, it’s important to divide my time, properly, between the things that are important for all of us, and I hope that you’re encouraged by General Flynn. Even more in this we’re learning a lot. We’re not hanging out at the movie theaters like we used to going out all the time we’re we’ve been stuck at home and been able to, to watch many video productions. Many folks putting out truth that we just never knew about before. And he talked about a great awakening. We’re definitely awake, especially recently as this fight continues for the election. It is not over is not over. Many people are stating that they see President Trump back in office by the summer. We certainly hope so. My hopes are up for that also. But we don’t want to get overwhelmed because we don’t know the dates. We don’t know time we’re not sure we’re not really sure exactly how this is all going to play out or the timing of it all. But we know something is really strange and awkward going on. It just doesn’t all add up the way that they the mainstream media wants us to believe. So here’s a deleted tweet from President Trump. We need to keep it alive on six January 2021. These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly and unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love, and in peace. Remember, this day for ever.

But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Now that anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Let’s pray heavenly Father, thank you so much for what you’ve done for us. Thank you for watching over everyone on this earth and opening our eyes to the truth we ask that even more will be exposed about how our eyes have been blinded by the enemy. I’m thinking of the science that we were taught about the earth, I’m thinking about the things that we’ve been told about our history. They’re being exposed Little by little, and we just ask that you would open up our eyes to continue to see the truth that is all laid out from your love letter to us from the scriptures. We thank you for your for the Bible. We thank You for Your Son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins, and rose from the grave Three days later, and is now sitting on the right hand of the Father and we just thank you so much for your gift to us the greatest free gift of life. We ask for continued protection for our family for those around the earth as we continue to see each day things unfold. Please protect us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. If you liked this video, please hit the like button and subscribe also, if you haven’t subscribed, subscriptions used to go up really fast in when it used to be on the other platform. But anyway, thank you for the great comments that you guys continue to put below for sending the letters, emails and also for going to the store. So encouraging for Angie Jamie if you someday I like I said before I’ll share the story. It is so amazing how God has used Teespring kicking us off to encourage Angie and Jamie and just changing their lives dramatically. You guys are so good to them and so good to us. Thank you so much for the donations also. For now. This is lt with them. We know signing out. We did not

come this far to overcome this much and fight this hard only to surrender our country back to the Dupre Washington swamp.