May 5, 2021

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And We Know: Some investments growing 300%?? you don’t want to miss this one!

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And We Know: Some investments growing 300%?? you don’t want to miss this one!

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Cause basically a, a rise in what they call them the real yield, and that’s going to cause the price of gold silver to skyrocket. Also, crypto will respond that way as well.

Hello, everybody. This is lt with and we know we’ve got Bob, the founder and president of trade genius Academy with us again. Great to see Bob. Hey, great.

Thanks for having me.

Yeah, this is great love having interviews with the especially another marine. We always like bring that up. You know, just a little show off there on the show. We enjoy that been doing some great work that trade genius and looking forward to talking about that today.

Yeah, far away.

Yep. Well, guys, real quick, just want to bring up the bob was an executive for two fortune 500 companies in the financial services industry for 25 years, he focused on business development, and mergers and acquisitions. Bob has been trading since 1991. And in 2008, Bob started his first trading service with his private group of friends, he became so popular, he decided to take it public and turn it into a business center, and enter trade genius in 2015. His strength is that he’s able to see around the corners, position his trades into the right markets and sectors. And he’s been doing a great job there. For the past five years, he’s been able to track a 65% overall win record in the market. I love reading that it is amazing to see all the things that you’ve been doing. Oh, thank

you. Thanks for the intro.

Yeah. Well, I wanted to talk about some of the things that we saw on the news recently, one of them is about gold. It looks like it hit a two week high in the news, and they’ve been talking about that ahead of something called a federal, I guess it was a Fed decision. Do you have anything on that?

Yeah, the Fed decisions actually, tomorrow, the 17th of March, I’m not sure exactly when this will go out. But yeah, a lot of times, especially now, this fed meeting is probably one of the most significant fed meetings in a long, long time, because what’s happening in the market is because of the the policies that are being undertaken by the by the administration, and the economic contraction caused by the pandemic response, we have a situation now where they’re flooding the economy with a lot of cash. And that’s actually being converted into inflation. And on top of that, we have a climatic issue with the with the with the grand solar minimum, that’s starting to compress some of the growing seasons. And you don’t it doesn’t take a genius to look outside and see how much snow they had last winter in the southern hemisphere. And how much snow is on the ground here where the mid March and and the northern hemisphere is is stacked. I mean, the middle of the country just getting hit with another multi foot. What do you call it a snow Blizzard, right then once in the northeast, so all that is pushing up prices of various that we don’t want to see going up food prices are going up. energy prices are going up because of the green new deal and also the unforced errors that we’re putting in place in the Middle East. So so there’s a lot of pressure on the market. So interest rates have been rising. And so the Federal Reserve is now a decision make, do they save the stock market? Or do they save the bond market, and each of those have implications on what’s gonna happen with with stocks. In addition to that, over the next four weeks, people have to pull money out of the markets for paying their annual taxes. Right. So it’s very pivotal. And that’s a long way of me saying that gold has been waiting patiently for this meeting for a long time, because they cap interest rates, which a lot of people think they’re going to do, either in this meeting or the meeting in June is going to cause basically a a A rising what they call them the real yield. And that’s going to cause the price of gold and silver to skyrocket. Also, crypto will respond that way as well.

Right. And that brings me right into the next one that I’ve been we talked about before, starting this show is a lot of folks who are feeling like they missed the boat on cryptocurrency and they don’t want to really invest in it at all. anything on that?

Yeah, you know, so let’s just say that you you think Bitcoin is too expensive. First of all, it’s a return on investment opportunity. So you, you don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin you can go down I think, is eight decimal places of beyond the zero. And so you can just buy what you need to buy, because you’re looking to really preserve wealth. But let’s say you don’t want to do that there are crypto miners that are publicly traded right now, where you can actually buy stocks and companies like Mara and Riot and grow. And Btw, there’s one or two other ones, where you can leverage them creating Bitcoin, and aetherium out of their own mining operations. And they’re holding the coin. So by owning them, you’re owning the coins by proxy. And they have a little bit more leverage, meaning that you’ll earn more as a percent of you know, Bitcoin goes up 100% diesel, but 120 or 130%. So there’s opportunities there too. We trade those, I trade genius, we’re very active in that part of the market, right? directly trading crypto currencies as well.

Last time, we talked, I believe we we mentioned Bitcoin now it went past $50,000 per coin in just notice that it went up to 61,000 plus dollars a coin. How does all this work? I mean, it’s pretty amazing to see these numbers fluctuate. I mean, it’s $10,000 in a month.

Yeah. So what’s happening is it’s basically a, it’s an antidote for the Fiat system. So there’s a lot of, you know, individuals, but now more and more companies are realizing that look at my money that sits in in cash. I’m losing every single day to inflation. And so right now, it is a bit of a gold rush, if you pardon the expression for crypto because they’re realizing that there’s a finite amount, and it’s rising to its rightful valuation worldwide. And that really, they’re looking at the balance sheets of the all the central banks around the world. And they keep printing and they’re printing at an aggressive level now, you know, to stay away from debt deflation. And so it just helps cryptocurrencies continue, continue to rise. And yeah, we broke out the all new highs just last week, this last weekend, piped in to pull back a little bit because of the liquidity being sucked out of the markets for for taxes. But you know, I would say within two or three weeks we’ll be we’ll be battling again towards new highs and in the kryptos. And it’s not going to end it’s really it ends when the Federal Reserve’s around the world collapse, right. So then gold, silver, energy names like in uranium, fertilizer named for food production, of certain food companies are all going to do extremely well, because they’re protection against the basically the wanted spending of politicians trying to buy their way into power.

Right. Right. Amazing. And I noticed, I think last time we talked that you said, I believe he said that we’re looking at $300,000 a Bitcoin possibly at the end of this year, is that correct?

Yeah, that’s, that’s what they’re saying in terms of what they call the stock and flow metrics that they have that that is, that is the, the range in which they, they think it’s going to hit by the end of 2021. Just remember, they thought it would only get to 28,000 by the end of 2020. So that I had a schedule. But look, I’ll take a double okay. Out of that, I’m not going to complain. But there really is the direction that’s important. I’m always afraid to put those big numbers out there to people just can’t wrap their head around it, right? No, because they don’t see the insidiousness of the inflation. They can’t see the bowl claim the Bitcoin all bitcoins doing is really does make any purchasing power. And what you’re really seeing in the rise of Bitcoin is you’re seeing the loss of purchasing power in your own theI. You know, the United States, you don’t see it as much as but if you lived in Turkey, or Argentina or Venezuela, yeah. For any country of that ilk, you know, their purchasing power has collapsed, but if all your wealth was in Bitcoin, you’re still in good shape and More and more countries are going to experience that kind of world. And people are going to want to hold something that’s

going to maintain its value. That’s amazing. Yeah, cuz I was thinking, thinking it through, if you actually put 100 bucks into bitcoin right now and just say that that prediction came true from those folks stating 300,000, that’s five times your money that could be, you know, 500 bucks, in my mind, at the end of this year, that’s pretty strange investment to get into for, where you watch your money grow five times within, you know, nine months.

And look, it’s it’s doable, you know, right now, uranium is on a surge. And, you know, we we’ve been buying uranium, talking about uranium with our subscribers, since last fall, and they’re already up 300%. And the shortage is just beginning. So, you know, last February, and it went up 800%, silver miners in 2010, to 2011 went up 700%. So, they’re definitely big money out there, you just have to get in the right sectors, and in some cases, just hold on. And all Bitcoin is is reflecting, it’s the fastest reflection of what’s going on, because it’s, it’s the least able to be suppressed by the money changers. Right? Right. So there’s no mechanism for them to short it. So it’s very expensive for them to try. And it’s very painful, they lose some most of them don’t. So you’re seeing a really a more accurate picture of the inflation that these policymakers are imposing upon the citizens of the world. And it’s, it’s absolutely a crime. And I think there’ll be held to account at some point. But right now, we need to do is not only survive, but we need to thrive. And and, you know, you do that by being in those sectors and trading those sectors and, and basically outperforming the inflation that’s coming.

Yeah, pretty amazing. And, and when you talk about helping folks, with these numbers, these 300% 500% numbers should thrown out, you actually have training for folks, is that correct?

Yes. So we do, we do essentially four things for people. One is that we, we do train them, they can get pure training if they want, but we also train them as part of the service, how to use our system. So we have classrooms already set up is self paced online, three, four minutes, each class gets you up to speed on how our system works. And in addition to that, you’re in our chat room, so that you can communicate with us like you and I are communicating right now. But via typing. And you can ask any question on any stock that we’re crypto that work, you know, we’re dealing with or that you may be interested in, in addition to that, we have the indicators that we put together for our algorithm, and it literally will show you by himself. And and you get actually access to that as as a subscriber. So you could trade things that were trading or you can trade things that were not trading, once you learn the system, the rules are in place. And you can go ahead and create your own alerts and create your own scenarios and trade your own stocks. And the last thing that we do is we actually will provide one or two trades a day. So we’ll put them out there, we’ll say, Hey, this is coming up on our system, we’re throwing them out there. So some people like just like to trade the signals, some people like to trade the signals, and also, to trade things that we’re not trading, and so on and so forth. So it works out really well. And, you know, we, we help people nearly every day make money in the market, because it allows the markets going down in a fairly aggressive manner. You know, it, there’s always opportunities every day to find a trade that will work for a couple days. And then we know we’re going to bear market, you just flip the switch and there’s opportunities to buy things that will actually go up in value as the market goes down.

So that’s, that’s amazing. And so and this month, you’ve got some some promotions going on. Correct?

We do. So we always put the promotion together for you and for your listeners. So if you go to trade like a genius comm or trade genius Academy comm you can select one of seven bundles that are pre discounted 65% off, you have to take advantage of them by Saturday, I guess the 20th and, and they’re very well. They’re reasonably priced. So that you know, you can immediately start taking advantage of getting return on that investment with us. But if you don’t like the bundles, you can just pick and choose anything else in the store, if you will, and you get 45% off via the promo code March. And that’s how you can reach us and you Call it the chat email with us where we’ll be available to either get you right away or we’ll contact you back.

That’s amazing. Well, thank you for those promotions that’s in the description box below. You can click the link. Very easy to find. And Bob has been a great interview. I’m always excited to get on learn more from me, I’m growing even more of my own portfolio, and I really appreciate it, what you’re not doing to support everyone out there.

Great. Well, thanks for having me.