April 14, 2021

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And We Know: The COMMS continue to DISCLOSE amazing FACTS! We WILL WIN! Pray!

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And We Know: The COMMS continue to DISCLOSE amazing FACTS! We WILL WIN! Pray!

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Wash you make you clean put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes, cease to do evil.

Learn to do well seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

Come now, and let us reason together saith the Lord.

The reason this is all happening is for the children. The demonic system controlled our minds for so many years. We are watching a movie play out and God is in control, we will win. Many comms prove this. Stay tuned. New studies show that by the time people reach their middle ages, the body often produces less than half the collagen it did in youth. collagen is the main building block in our skin making up 70 80% of it. This is why we get stacked sagging skin and wrinkles. As we age if we want to look younger, you must supplement collagen. That’s why I highly recommend health with oct.com. ageless multi collagen is a powerhouse of the right ingredients to improve your youthful appearance quickly and effectively. So go in that description box below health pathak.com today, please source Debra Saunders she’s Oh, there she is. Okay, so I’m going to this I want to take a moment to recognize that milestone in the briefing room today is her last day in the print pool and potentially her last day in the briefing room. Although you’re Of course, welcome back. And even though she’s leaving the White House press corps, and full time reporting, I know she’s going to be writing some columns, and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing from her quite frequently. So congratulations on covering the White House for four years, as many of you know that that is not for the faint of heart. So we’ll let’s start with your questions.

But I won’t be your last. Yeah, that’s right. That’s that’s fair. So I’m going to start with a housekeeping class. Okay. Well, we’ll just go to you it will go to your demo. Go ahead. Thank you so much.

This morning, I saw there was no Marina at the front and the front door during the 945 briefing. And I asked lower press lower press says we don’t have to have a word up front when the President is in the Oval Office. And I’ve been getting emails and questions ever since I found that full report is if there was if there was no marine out front, does that mean that the President is not in the Oval Office? The President was in the oval office this morning, working receiving the PDB and all the things that you’re aware of from the schedule, there hasn’t been a change of policy.

If there’s no marine there, that doesn’t mean anything. Again, I mean, I could certainly talk to them about the specific circumstances of this morning. But I can report to you that the President was in the Oval Office and the policy that’s long been in place continues to be in place. We’re fascinated by this. I have two quick Nevada. People are fascinated by this. Yes, they are. Where are the Marines at the White House. They’re supposed to be standing guard whenever the President’s there I’m going to show you how I dug through and tried to piece this together so you guys can see it. Here’s a view of the reporter so

and the beginning


well, there she is. She’s waving those hands around. She’s banging her hand on the chair. She’s very concerned because she’s always seen a marine out there for the past. I believe they said four years, if not 40 years, I don’t know four years.

She’s wondering what’s going on. So Could this be a play in the to slowly expose What’s going on? Or could she be serious and just be confused and not understand this movie that’s playing out? Well, just to show you how I do research, I went out and looked for different instances where we might see Marines, right, we normally see an opening doors, but, you know, let’s go back to the inauguration. We see Obama and bush as they turn around to go in the White House. You’ve got

The two Marines there, as you see President Trump enter with the previous president, you’ve got this marine saluting them as they enter there, you also had the 44, forcing the marine to hold an umbrella over him so he wouldn’t get wet. You remember that. And then if you haven’t seen it, there was a marine that greeted old Biden and Harris at the Pentagon. So they do exist around this, the strange folks that seem to be running a corporation or something. And then you go a step further, you remember when they entered the White House in that movie that they showed us? They turned around and they were wondering who was going to open the doors for them and the family came in and somebody finally opened the doors. They said, Oh, it’s because they get rid of the guy that runs the White House. But wherever the Marines, they’re, like we saw entering here, an engineer, you might say, Well, it’s because they didn’t have a turnover with President Trump. And that’s why the Marines didn’t show up at the doors to open up the White House, always a strange thing to me. But I always figured, you know, you read and read and folks send you information all the time and say, Oh, you’re off again. Lt. And, you know, this is not true. And this is this and this, I’m just letting you know, that, you know, there’s research that’s been done showing you where I’m looking for us, I took pictures, so you would see what I’m looking for. And then you see old Biden himself entering what seems like a helicopter and there’s a marine saluting him there, Staff Sergeant. And then you go a step further. And you’ll see that there’s actually a video I’m going to probably play for you in a second showing you what these there’s four that actually are selected to open that the hatch war, the white house there. I’m gonna show you that clip in a second. Remember that Michael Sandel even had the hatch open for him by a marine when he went in and out there last month to try to let President Trump know that the the the election was stolen. And so as I went further and tried to look for more imagery, the only image I could find with white house president or excuse me, and marine. And suppose it vice president of the corporation don’t think that’s really of our nation, right? We’ve talked about this and seen many videos out there was this little tiny picture you see right here, as it appears that somebody named come along or whatever that name is, is coming out of some door with a marine holding open on January 21. Right interesting. So listen to carefully what this this particular whitehouse.gov video plays for us concerning those Marines.

We’re White House and CEOs White House centuries, and our main post is staying outside of the West Wing lobby represented president whenever he’s in the West Wing working

there’s four of us here we work 30 minute shifts, 30 minutes on 30 minutes off. Whenever the president gets in, we post as soon as he’s in the Oval Office or cities in the West Wing will post and we’ll be here to the Presidents done for the day.

So as you see there’s a video that plays I put it in the description box below if you want to watch the entire video but the he said the West Wing we’re always here even when the President we’re here till the President leaves the Office of course that reporter was fascinated because she’s never seen anything like it, you know, normally when the presidents in the White House. Where’s the Marines? Ah, another anomaly another one of those strange things well, also as a urine for some folks that you know, folks in Hollywood can make anything appear real. So this is from a movie I believe it was the two Pope’s and you take a green screen but that microphone up there, all you do is slide that on over and change the background. Another one here, they are coming out to a green screen, but change it to make it look like 1000s and 1000s of people are out there. Look at that green screen 2000 people. And you guys know that right? Most folks know green screens and how they work but just how much money is invested in Hollywood to pull off these type of

these types of shots. And now even more so if you go to Mandalorian and how they made it they don’t even use green screen they use this gigantic, realistic amazing screen using an iPad to make everything look real all around them. Look at that, from those small shot, zoom out and then make it look like they’re in this gigantic place. Right. So they use that to do anything they can even make people look like that.

They’re walking

out of the white house into a contraption that appears to be a helicopter that takes off. Are you following me? They can even make you look like you got out of a vehicle entered an airplane. But everything around it could be part of a green screen setup. you following me? Just let you know guys things are awful strange here recently National Guard Marines who controls the National Guard. Why was the National Guard recently activated in select cities within the United States? This is from our inter tailboard 16 plus one. Can the National Guard work in coordination with the Marines? You betcha. So many people said that they saw the Marines with the National Guard prior to Inauguration Day leading to migration. And even many reports are coming out that they’re seeing Marines doing some type of activity. Many people believe on the Intel side that it is digging out through the tunnels and rescuing those children that might be alive who have been trafficked. And they even have videos out there and I couldn’t I saw the videos but didn’t want to play it here because I’m not sure if those are really children but it does appear to be children. So anyway, disclosed TV said that it just in the Supreme Court refuses to review Pennsylvania election cases no standard before an election. So you guys probably know this by now that justice is Alito Gorsuch and Thomas dissent from the denial Amazing, right because clarence thomas nailed it. One wonders what the court waits for we failed to settle this dispute before the election and does provide clear rules. Now we again failed to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent. Way to go. Justice, Clarence Thomas, outstanding to hear from him we’re going to talk about this more in a moment we’re at an we know.com that’s where you can find us and we know.com you can there’s actually a place where you can put your email in to receive notifications when videos are sent out. There’s also donations button and also many of folks have been reaching out to Jamie and Angie, as they set up this store locally, are looking at quality and are talking to folks that are reaching out to them asking for different types of products and what have you.

And so anyways, you see this, it’s amazing because it’s in the description box below. If you go to and we know.com You can also find all of these products pretty cool and we know.tv You can find us Roku Fire TV and Apple TV sign up for that gab TV gab. Me we YouTube, Twitter, bitch shoot and rumble it’s all in the description box below you can find us and all of those low keishon. So continued further on with this discussion on what’s going on, we can see that the military is the only way.

It’s amazing how the Intel board at the highest levels of 16 plus one happened to know that the military be the only way it doesn’t matter Supreme Court they can do all they want keep pushing and shoving and trying to disclose this information. But it just seems like the law and order is playing out perfectly. And then eventually we’re going to see a military stand up. Possibly just not sure how this is rolling out. Many folks are guessing dates times how it’s going to happen. Nobody seems to really know. But there are folks at the highest level sharing with other youtubers other folks putting out information. Scott McKay even said that the President signed something in 2019. I believe the President or somebody signed it stating that the President has control the military 60 days after the inauguration, the previous President continues to control the military 60 days after so we know who’s running the military now. President Trump said we will win on November 10 2020. He said that? And has the President made a statement assertion that didn’t end up being proven? Correct? Never. He’s always right. He always proves this correct. So we know from his letter, the Office of Donald J. Trump, you’ve seen that seal? That national security Security Act seal is digging that went up slow disclosure to let us know that he is in charge and that the US Corporation has been dissolved bankrupt. And he is still we believe many of us that he’s still the President of

the United States in another form. So the statement on the continuing political persecution of President Donald J Trump was released February 22 2021. And this is his response to all that’s going on because they’re asking for him to reveal his tax records. Now they’re after him even more with another witch hunt. And he explains that in this letter, we’re gonna go that over

That letter detail here in a moment. But the very bottom, we want to point out that he says I will fight on just as I have for the last five years, even before I was successfully elected, despite all the election crimes that were committed against me. And what’s he say again, we will win, that we’re going to continue further with that in a moment. But I figured we’d take a detour here for a moment just to show you some memes that are being put out, I believe this is a meme, not a real commercial. Remember, when Coca Cola said to be less white, well, folks are already jumping on board to put out some information for us to you know, have a little laugh at

be less white Coca Cola, and that’s something folks how they come up with these funny memes to just let us know, you know exactly what’s going on. Because we know Coca Cola is now doing training, trying to tell folks that are white to be less white, but you know, whatever their products are, they have Powerade Aquarius minute made sprite, Vitamin Water Dasani and more. And Candace Owens happened to chime in on that when she says if a corporate company sent around a training kit, instructing black people to help out to be less black, the world would implode and lawsuits would follow. We know that for sure. So she said, I generally hope that these employees Sue Coca Cola for blatant racism and discrimination. So interesting, right? how that plays out. And even more Did you see this, you want to get real mad, they’re doing this to children, they’re making them earn air. So if you look at this piece of paper right here, it says I am earning my mask break. And then you have 9:30am written and 11am. So you can just keep doing great deeds, and eventually that should take the mask off, get a little air, you know, because you earned it. And also you have a sign out there somewhere in the public. brainwash now comes in five new colors. That’s right. If you’re brainwashed, you can get five new colors with that mask right there. Put that thing on so you can lose your oxygen and continue to become more and more sick as your immune system shuts down. Because, you know, they know what the science is. They really don’t they just want to control us all. So here’s a word from the president who said they put together the greatest field ever assembled. The Republicans remember 17 plus me 17 plus me Do you guys remember that? And so we all jumped on board with that very excited, right? 16 plus one the 17. He mentioned plus me so we know the plus sign represents the president united states and even more so when you look at his letter that he put out recently we said we would talk about this. It’s amazing because March 1 2019, we’ve got a two year Delta leading up to 2021. What is he mentioned in his letter witch hunt and seeking tax returns Well, what was told to us two years prior finances and witch hunt. They match perfectly. So we know March 1 is right around the corner. We look forward to those dates as they pop up even more so in his letter. It was broken down perfectly February 22 2021. Right. But if you go back two years to February 22 2019. They’re there are words in the paragraph that match exactly with that Intel drop. What are those? Well, the first one this investigation is a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in the history of our country whether it was never ending $32 million dollar Moeller hoax, which is already investigated everything that could possibly be investigated. And so when you go over here to the left, it matches what happened to the molar hype. What happened to the molar will take down president united states threats and was molar the insurance policy, aka blockade designed to limit restrict the president united states ability to enforce the law. It matches Two years later, to the day. Another paragraph so now for more than two years from President Trump, from his letter, New York City has been looking at almost every transaction I’ve ever done, see there after his tax returns, right? So if you go to the Intel board, it says right here that s d ny New York opening private investigation for the sole purpose of finding a crime evidence to support evidence presented. Does sdny report to ag bar watch the news opening new investigations into the finance boy they already knew two years ago and that’s something the future proves the fast past. So including that letters, another

portion the new phenomenon of headhunting prosecutors and a G’s attorney generals who tried to take down their political opponents using the law as a weapon is a threat to the very foundation of our liberty. And that matches the very drop two years prior attack on political opponents who are actively conducting leading investigations into the president for XYZ charges. See, he mentioned in his letter, it was already listed two years prior to the day amazing the timing right. And also it says that’s fascism, not justice. And that is exactly what they are trying to do with respect to me, except that the people of our country won’t stand for it. That’s right, because two years ago, it says, if you have the support of the American people, patriots, what advantage does that present? It’s a huge advantage when folks wake up and realize just how many we have. In our country that support the president. I’ve said this many times, many others that said 80% of America, I believe, voted for President Trump and we’re looking forward to getting him back. So new studies show that by the time people reach their middle ages, the body often produces less than half the collagen it did in youth. collagen is the main building block in our skin making up 78% of it. This is why we get sagging skin and wrinkles as we age. If you want to look younger, you must supplement collagen you can go to health with oct.com. That’s ageless multi collagen, it powerhouse of the right ingredients to improve your youthful appearance quickly and effectively that you can get 51% off today with health with och.com. Now going a step further, did you guys know that Mike pump fails last 13 tweets in a row all have word matches to the exact same drops on the Intel board. That’s right. For 4545. It has this it’s statistically impossible for it to be a coincidence. All these key words, what are they God,

mainstream generation America standing and corrupt? We’re living in biblical times children of light versus the children of darkness united against the invisible enemy of all, humanity. That’s exactly right. So amazing how we’re going to continue to get comms to encourage us to move forward. Now check this video out as we continue property in places other than Washington, DC Portland, for instance, Seattle. Do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other federal property as acts of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism? Well, Senator, my own definition and just about the same as the statutory definition is the use of violence or threats of violence, an attempt to disrupt democratic processes. So an attack on a

courthouse while in operation, trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases that plainly is domestic


domestic terrorism, an attack simply on a government property at night or any other kind of circumstances is a clear crime and a serious one and should be punished. I don’t mean, I don’t know enough about the facts of example you’re talking about, but that’s where I draw the line when it one is. Both are criminal.

But one is a core attack on our democratic institutions. Yep. So there you go. You know, it’s one thing to attack, you know, the Capitol while they’re all there. But you know, nighttime in Portland burning them down, shooting lasers in police eyes, and, you know, desecrating those government buildings. And it’s a crime, but it’s not the same as

what happened January 6, so just two different types of things. Yeah, these guys have lost their mind. Also, with that capital, they’re going to use it possibly to stop or do the speech for Joe. Bu YDN. speech to the joint session of Congress. Right, folks have been wondering,

is there a state of the union address come, you know, used to that? Is it going to be a movie production? Is it going to be something strange for us? Right? So they said that, according to resources from Wikipedia, we don’t trust them very much, but just you know, a thought right here, right, they put this out. That will give us first public address before joint session of the United States Congress on a date to be announced. They don’t even have a date.

It normally happens at 9pm. Eastern Standard Time for an hour.

That’s right. So you know what might happen they put down here due to the ongoing covid 19 pandemic, and the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol the storming we already know that was an Tifa. We already know that it was staged. So additional security and health measures are being coordinated by the sergeant of arms, the United States House of Representatives and the attending physician.

So, they are saying that, you know, it could be different, you know, invited gifts being present in the chamber of the house that, you know, a little bit different than a typical state of the union or joint session. That’s right. So where could these folks be if they’re not there, they could say, well, we’re trying to do social distancing, and wear masks and, folks, they always have excuses for trying to keep the public from knowing what’s really going on. They are really stupid and they think that we are but I tell you what we’re figuring them out. The speech We are looking forward to is President Trump speaking at sea pack and the first public appearance after leaving office. He’s scheduled to speak on Sunday, February 28, the last day of the conference, his speech will focus on the future of the Republican Party. That’s right. And the conservative movement he also looks, you know, for the 45th president to take on BYD and disastrous amnesty and border policy. What a movie we are watching for sure. So who’s really in control? Well, seems like the world is falling apart of evil folks, they’re all getting taken down that normally doesn’t happen when you’ve got a Democrat in office and just seems really strange that these things around the world folks are falling like crazy you get the Italian Ambassador killed in Congo kid not kidnap attempt. attempt. You got four members of former BJP state president’s family dying by suicide. in Rajasthan. You got sex human trafficking sting. That’s two arrests in Anderson. That’s right. You got the Honda CEO Hachi go stepping down and you got union unit quits less than two weeks into the job. Tyco CEO Michael Powell announced his resignation demdaco announced the CEO David caskey. Retirement after two years just two years and he just steps down quilt museum CEO stepping down after nearly a decade. Then you got a movie coming out documentary showing that Woody Allen alleged sexual abuse of young adoptive daughter that’s been slowly rolled out this type of stuff from Hollywood. Steve Schmidt’s no longer an msnbc contributor a source tells Vanity Fair Russian citizen arrested in Moscow over suspicion of trees and you got Hadassah CEO stepping down. Medical alley CEO stepping down free Hill mining CEO resigns. Mahoning Valley Human Trafficking Task Force got another one of 14 year old that William ice kidnapped from North Carolina was recovered in Arkansas last night. So somebody else was grabbed for human trafficking Malaysia arrests, 11 suspects for hacking government sites. Then you’ve got new jersey man sentenced for transporting women to Virginia for prostitution. Very interesting how this is all playing out. Folks are getting arrested and you know what? It’s all about our children. We showed that we talked about that. And more in folks, you know, it is good. There are folks good things happening for children. They’re being taught well by parents. And this was an amazing clip showing this little girl and what she had to say to the public so brave.

Everybody knows.


think don’t work.

Lots and lots and

lots of water.

The most important thing for you

or healthy for you.

is not good for you.

Exercise is also good because it makes you strong and gives you energy

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is great for you because it gets lots of vitamin D into your body.

A lot for listening to me speak.

But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Now that anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray heavenly Father, we come to you now just thankful once again for what you’re doing for us and through us, through our country and many countries on this earth, we come to you boldly to your throne asking you once again, to protect our president to allow this to play out the way that we are hearing about it. Or we know that you have a plan that you already are declared the winner. We look forward to what is going to be in front of us in the next month or two maybe year. Lord, would you please continue to increase our faith in you. And we know that you are the only one that received the glory when all of this plays out, according to the plan.

Thank you so much for protection of our own families each and every day, we ask that you would open up our eyes to see the work that you are doing on this earth for so many for such a time as this. We are grateful for it’s in Jesus name we pray, amen. If you like this video, you know like or Rumble, you can share this too. It really helps to share folks and thank you so much for the great comments below and the emails that are pouring in. You guys are so good to us. And also for going to the store Jamie and Angie so excited. They read messages they’re they’re looking at the product requests and more. It’s so amazing to just see the so much support on the earth for patriots, those that are out there. Just trying to put out information to help us move along with hope as we see this play out. Thank you so much for the donations also. We are so grateful folks. For now. This is lt with Dan Marino, signing out.

Wash you make you clean put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes, cease to do evil.

Learn to do well. Seek judgment. relieve the oppressed, Judge of the fatherless, plead for the widow.

Come now. Let us reason together. saith the LORD