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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Tanzania’s president john magufuli, has dismissed the benefits of vaccines and said no knockdown is planned in his country, as God will protect the people from COVID-19 vaccines are not good, he said, adding that if they weren’t, quote, the white man would have brought vaccines for HIV and AIDS.

Tanzania’s free market craziness exposed with amazing connections to our real president, the attacks toward us heats up and more, it’s getting hotter. Speaking of heat, studies on space heaters are reported to cause 50% of all home fires, and 86% of home fire deaths, these heaters can quickly rise up to 300 degrees. And there’s numerous cases where kids end up burning themselves by touching it. When the space heaters are too close to combustible items are tipped over, it’s when they become deadly. If you want to heat your home, you should never get a conventional space heater, I recommend cold killer instead, go in that description box below the cold killer.com, the cold killer.com click on that today. So what I’ve just described to you will tell you, there’s a lot on the play a lot on the tape that wanted it to be and when I tried to give people information about timing, that probably was not the best decision on my part. But I wanted to be as honest as I could be. So people could be prepared and have some understanding and treat bill glass. I wanted to keep the hope alive tonight. Don’t lose the faith. If you don’t trust a human being astronauts. That’s not a bad idea, trust God.

Because in the end, God is the only entity that can be trusted. He’s Almighty God, man can fail. But I believe that men are doing God’s work, women are doing God’s work. And America is going to remain free as it was in the beginning. So it shall be in the end, I do not believe God is going to turn off the light in America that shines is the beacon for hope for freedom around the world. I think he’s gonna turn it on holiday.

Amen. And that’s a great reminder from Linwood. And like I said before, I’ve noticed in his interviews that he’s really been strong on his faith in our Savior. And he uses a lot of information that he’s gathered through the years of his experience lynnwood, to share with us, and it seems to be just pouring out of his life story. And he’s trying to help America, settle down just a little bit. And remember that God is in control. You guys know that this channel is called and we know it’s based off my favorite Bible verse, Romans 828. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord to those who are called according to His purpose.

It’s amazing how, since the inauguration, so much has changed. Many people have reached out to contact me to hold the faith, to stay strong to continue to put information out that I can find, regardless of how that that whole thing played out and felt. And I appreciate those letters that are pouring in through email and other avenues that you are reaching out to us on not only that, we’ve got some friends and those that are real close some that say it’s over. And we should just hang it up because the Antichrist is going to show up any day mark of the beast is coming. It’s the end doom and gloom and I’ve got others that send me notes saying hold the line. This is going to be amazing. And Hang in there. So there’s so many different opinions, so many folks even close to me that are trying to sway opinion in mind. But one thing that I’d like to listen to lenwood and read the scriptures and just be reminded that God is in control. And he’s not done with our country yet. This is just a brief clip to remind you of what we’re going to get into today. A global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class structure.

A country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. It’s a global pattern, right? Because this global power structure he talked about in his speeches, we’ve seen it in videos. And it seems to be just overnight dismantled. And a lot of folks are upset. On the money scheme side, we’re going to talk about that a little bit more. Just a quick little tiny clip, as I’ll show this whole thing later on. For you, I thought, What’s on your radar? Well, there are many enemies of the people in the American elite, almost too many to count. But if you were to put a gun to my head and force me to choose which specific area of American life most are concentrated, it probably wouldn’t surprise many of you to hear me say Wall Street. Yep. So we’re going to show this clip a little bit longer later, it’s actually 14 minutes long. But I’m not going to play the whole thing when we get there. I’m going to build up to you at the Foundation, I had to do a lot of reading and research to try to figure it out myself with this whole GameStop thing and the stock market. Very confusing for me to be honest.

So hopefully, we’ll be able to make some sense of it later. And some, it’s really interesting, because there’s a connection, or there seems to be a connection, a very interesting one with the timing of President Trump tweet in 2012. And when the Robin Hood, I believe

app was opened or cleared out and started, you’ll see something on that later on. I’ll show you two that that area later, will the Department of fence put on Instagram, this particular video clip and you can see this aircraft here and you zoom in? What does it say? It says nowhere to hide, and it’s got some aircraft flying around the earth and you got United States showing their global reach is on that aircraft in case you’re not watching. And then there’s the number 0045. What’s 45? That’s our president, our real president, President Donald J. Trump, why would Instagram Department of Defense, the official Department of Defense put something like that out on Instagram, other than to send us another.

I call it breadcrumb to keep us on our toes and researching and looking for the truth because many are confused. If you didn’t see this, James Goldston, stepping down as the top abc news executive. He says he’s stepping down after seven years as ABC News president. Interesting, right, we’ve got other folks stepping down. And also interesting is that DC will beef up security even more due to potentially quote potentially volatile events upcoming. The mayor says, That’s January 28. So they’re bringing in even more troops, what are they afraid of? Who’s really bringing in the troops? I mean, everybody’s confused. We’re all wondering what’s going on? Why so many troops in DC? Is it really the mayor? bows? It’s bringing them in? Is it to protect them from what they see coming for arrest? Is that possible? Or is it just, you know, things that are playing out in a different way than we can even imagine? Even more? So are the very big interest in the queue? drops?

Why so much gaslighting? Why can’t they stop talking about it? They be in the media. Why don’t they just leave them alone. And they call it q anon. But we know that now we’ve been as we learn more, there’s a keyboard and then there’s a nonce, those are anonymous. And so where do they put in the same type of remarks because they’re all receiving the same talking points to put out I was in public affairs for 20 plus years. And when you receive something from the headquarters, you just put it out in the newspaper that you’re in locally.

So anyway, they’re saying this some q anon supporters checked by reality seek a way out.

So CLE, Smith spent a year down the rabbit hole of Q anon devoting more and more time to research into discussing the conspiracy theory online. So they’re saying the same headline or words are being used on Huffington Post, fn talk, K, UTV hosted AP, it’s the same thing. They’re saying that we’ve lost our minds. We’re looking for help because we did this research and it’s not coming to fruition. However, what’s interesting is, we’re starting to see it become more and more alive. More things are connecting and the dots are connecting in deltas one year and two year deltas.

something even more interesting as we’re gonna get into later as this GameStop deal is playing out. One nation under God said was the ultimate Joker card played on for January 2021, which would add up to five, five eyes on

USC title for flag and seal seat of government and the states. They can present in that tagami on this, are we witnessing a royal flush seat of government. And so I’m going to pull this over and zoom in and bring it down so you can see it closer.

gov flag and seal seat of government. Chapter Three, permanent seat of government public of offices, same removal from seat of government. Well, interesting because on 73, there it says in case of prevalence of contagious or epidemic disease at the seat of government, the President may permit and direct the removal of any or all the public offices to such other place or places, as he shall deem most safe and convenient for conducting the public business.

Who has recently moved to a different office who do we believe is stepped to the side and has a shadow presidency, we’ve been talking about this we believe more and more of those that are keeping up with information that the military is in control, that those that feel they’re in control or not. And they are on there being

even more excitement is seems to be in the air as we feel this is playing out.

Even more so if you notice that Melissa Hochman was named the acting director of division enforcement, they feel like they’re in power. Well on those drops, right that they don’t want us looking at on those drops. We were asked December 4 2017, who is Melissa Hagmann, company title, date of promotion, focus on the date what events? Well, Melissa Harmon, who was recently named Acting Director of Division of Enforcement by this fake president, which happens to be the spouse of none other than Peter stroke,

in that, that’s something and it was already pointed out, Melissa Hartman on that board, and we’re starting to see pieces fall into place of these connections, these patterns of all of these folks as they’ve stepped into power. Now we’re allowed to see more and more just how much they try to put their folks into power so they can destroy our country. So Pam, Keith was caught here on Twitter. If we do not contain Trump by impeachment or indictment. In a few months, he will start to run a shadow government from Mar a Lago and at least a dozen governors will start to take their orders from him. Hmm, very interesting. Right. So we just talked about that. What if there’s a movement of the president to a different place because of the, you know, the terrible things that they’ve done the foreign interference in our country?

Pam, Keith seems to see something going on. Right? We’ve need to get rid of them. Titanium and peach. I thought from what I’ve been seeing that you can’t impeach somebody unless they’re actually in power.

So they’re gonna try this impeachment deal on somebody who is still in power.

Right? Is that what it seems like?

So he will claim he is the legitimate presidents as she sees something because she knows something. Hmm.

And so she wants something done now. It’s interesting how this is playing out how we’re watching it happen before eyes, these little beat bits and pieces, these crumbs these bread crumbs are falling into place. And we’re we’re connecting dots folks, just dots Melissa Hagmann. Peter stroke, married Peter stroke we know is demonic. Pam Keith see something might be going on with President Trump and Mar a Lago. We might be seeing 73 of this.

This United States Code 2018 edition flag and seal seat of government GameStop game over?

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I’m just trying to get the video to play and get uploaded. If you go to rumble, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. When you go to the videos. We’re up to 120 130 subscribers. So thank you for that. Very interesting because Kevin McCarthy

had a meeting with President Trump. And he put a little note on Facebook, he said House Republicans in the Trump administration achieved historic. And remember, just again, great meeting with President Trump today called on the president good House Republicans of the Trump administration achieve historic results for all Americans, we were able to do this because we listened to and understood the concerns of our fellow citizens that had long been ignored. As a result, House Republicans defied the experts and the media by expanding our growing coalition across the country. For the sake of our country, the radical democrat agenda must be stopped. And united conservative movement will strengthen the bonds of our citizens and uphold the freedoms of our country that was founded on so interesting, right. What I didn’t like about this picture.

And the rhetoric that’s put together by him is a couple of questions on Twitter. One is how in the world are you going to win as House Republicans when every single thing is rigged anyway against you, and they pick and choose who they want in power? Right. Second thing is, I don’t think very many people are going to be given to the Republican Party anymore, based on their trader, behavior, and by most of them against our president who, from the political reporter here in the bottom left, and putting Trump base is growing stronger since he left the office.

impeachment would only empower him. So political even sees the writing on the wall. They messed with the wrong guy. And we feel and I feel that he is in still in control, and the military is controlling our nation, he stepped to the side, get some rest.

Let them do their thing. And our hope and prayer is that he steps back and now when I say hope and prayer, a lot of folks have been sending me messages saying, you know, it’s the end give up.

There’s videos out there saying that it was all hogwash. And the Bible says, we’re in the last days, and the mark of the beast is coming soon. And we’ve all been set up. And they say that prophets are False Prophet saying that everything’s going to be great Kumbaya moments after, you know, President Trump steps back in right. And they’re, they’re expect just a wonderful world, and everybody’s going to be happy and singing in the streets. And, you know, joy, joy, happy, happy, and I just, I am so tired of that. That type of rhetoric.

And in it, it just disgusts me that if you go back in the Old Testament, how many times have we seen that type of play? One of them in that I remember is, you know, let’s not go on the promised land because 2 million people said, there’s giants in the land, right? spies go into wealth to say, No, no, everything’s great other 10 other say, No, there’s giants and too many people cry out and say, let’s not go we’re scared.

What happened to them? Will they end up one around 40 years before they came back?

That’s just one of many stories. And it’s just disheartening that that basically the claim is they know the dates better than these dates that we’ve been. Everybody’s trying to set dates on the end. Everybody’s trying to set dates on when they feel like maybe President Trump could step back into power after military is done.

Nobody knows the future.

Only God knows the future.

He couldn’t show up probably for another two or 300 years. People were crying out when Hitler was in power. He was the Antichrist, right? If you go back and your scriptures folks that read the Bible, even in Paul’s time, they were asking when is Jesus coming back?

So, speaking of evil, we feel like the the this whole the whole thing was set up so that you can see that those that voted for this corrupt demonic presence. We don’t know who he really is.

It’s a good reminder as these folks are watching and they’re seeing and feeling the pain that this guy’s inflicted on others, of those that voted for him are starting to change their mind. Let’s see just a little bit little clip here of what’s happening with who this Biden guy really is. Because if you look here, you know, look at the ear lobes. See the ear lobes from the past Biden how they kind of dip down and go up, they’re kind of small go down, they have it like a little low hanging down, see hanging down. And then the bottom Who’s this his lobe is connected. Did he have surgery and connected

His ear lobe to his face. Many people are starting to wake up and see who are these different Biden’s that are in front of us have to be ready after we hit the ground hit after hit the goal of 100 million shots and 100 days now that means fewer than 100 million people getting totally vaccinated means 100 shots. And that means somewhere between 16, maybe less, maybe more million people will have that because it requires two shots will soon be able to confirm the purchase of an additional 100 billion doses. That’s 100 million more doses of Pfizer and 100 million more doses of maternal from 400 million order to 600 million. This is enough vaccine to fully vaccinate 300 Americans, we want to make it look that I want to be P and B enough to fully vaccinate 300 Americans to beat this pandemic 300 million Americans.

So obviously, something seems to be going on with them. Some folks claim that they’re these are clones. Others say their body doubles. They’re trying to read and they have no idea what they’re doing. They’re just actors. And they bring them in to play a role. And again, just another close up picture. You see there’s the ear lobes of a past Biden. And then today’s Biden he’s got it connected completely different ear. Now I could go further and show y’all a lot more stuff, but not in this video today. Now,

I’m gonna joke around a little bit about this because it seemed like right after I put out a video saying that let’s just give Biden the benefit of the doubt. You know, maybe he’ll get on Marine One One of these days. It’s like the next day, right after I say it. What is he doing? He walks up and walks into Marine One himself. There he goes, walking right in folks, boy,

you know that I put out that the inauguration, they have upside down Bible. Everybody tells me No, that was the past inauguration because of the dress that his wife was wearing.

Who I just found out was his babysitter back in the day when his wife passed away. And I found out a lot more about that, but I’m not going to share it today.

Just insert interesting information coming up more and more. And then I said let’s check the federal registry later and see if these are actual, you know, orders that he signed in their, you know, executive orders their executive actions. And I told you they weren’t blank sheets of paper, everybody’s starting to realize that it’s not they weren’t. And they end up on the federal registry A few days later. It’s like, you know, just keep that in 1000. So on. One of the things that I try to do even more as you know, I try to have a little humor in all of this because we are under severe stress. And I tell you, Terrance Williams hit this on the spot before we get into the meat of today’s video. vaccination centers when they get stood up across the country to the White House support that request.

I did ask her team about this. You or someone else may have asked about this the other day, and I think I have something on it here. One moment.

Thanks for your patience. Lots to say about COVID Oh.



let me let me talk to our team about it.


this is what voted for. These people don’t know what the hell?

Oh, my goodness. So this is Miss. I’m gonna circle back. They circle back and you’ve got nothing to say. Yep. So he hits it on nails. You know, she’s always saying circle back circle back circle back and still doesn’t have an answer to these folks. What in the world is going on? Even more? So did you see that the lights are still going out. Some are claiming, oh, they went out during the President Trump sign but folks, it’s just an odd thing because they’re very, it’s very dark. They usually leave some spotlights on to light that and it’s just every night.

It’s a reminder from the board as we continue to go to the Intel board. Should the lights go out? Please No, we are in control. Do not panic. We are prepared and assets are in place. God bless. I must go for good at this point.

And so it just seems very dark folks are missing hearing from President Trump. He is not the Savior. We have our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reminded by Lynn wood that God is who we depend on. But I tell you

things are very, very dark. Right? Who’s really in control now? So it’s in control of his land in Tanzania. Check this out.

Tanzania’s president john magufuli has dismissed the benefit

Facts of vaccines and said no lockdown is planned in his country, as God will protect the people from COVID-19. Now, we played this in the beginning, but it’s just interesting that there are folks standing up against these globalist elites. And we’re seeing what on the on this front right what’s going on. We saw that 440,000 Americans are dead that’s what they claim. I believe that most of those deaths are just what they claimed they were you know, oh, here comes a motorcycle accident. Did he breathe good? Give them a test real quick even though he’s gone up the test said he’s positive COVID Okay, let’s that is COVID then the hospital gets money. I still believable that Facebook and American Journal of Medicine admit their stand on hydroxychloroquine was wrong. These people should be prosecuted. So folks, what did Dr. semaan Gold Simone gold try to tell us face You know, they tried to tell us hydroxychloroquine works. We had a doctor in Texas adamant about it. We had the American frontline doctors constantly reminding us that it works.

And they kept shutting them down off social media off videos shutting down their channels because they didn’t want President Trump to receive you know, the ability to shut down the virus completely with the simple pill that’s very cheap. They could actually stop this virus thing that Oh, by the way, the flu seems to be gone. The cold symptoms are gone. But you know, we’ve got this thing called

Coronavirus. You guys know, I don’t need to belabor the fact but then you know, then the demonic have to continue to show their their strength. Here’s what old Cuomo said about deaths.

A third of all deaths in this nation are from nursing homes.

New York State we’re only about 28% only. But we’re below the national average in number of deaths in nursing homes. But who cares? 3328 died in a hospital died in a nursing home. They died.

Who cares? They die. That’s what he said. Who cares?

He doesn’t care.

Well, somebody said My friend is a nurse. And this was the directive they received she refused to do this good on her What is it COVID-19 can be put on the death certificate on clinical balance of probabilities without testing. So just writes COVID-19 you have to test when they die, just just write it down.

So Joe Biden signs executive order banning the term China virus.

Guessing China will like this.

And you remember this when old Fauci this demonic figure possessed by legions of demons. Remember this part? Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks. You’re sure of it, because people are listening really closely to this. And right now, people should not be worried there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better. And it might even block a droplet. But it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is yet but this puppet masters called him and said hold on a second buddy forgot to read the talking points. Now he buckled down said Yeah, we got to wear a mask. And then he started wearing masks. And then now he’s telling everybody where to

then it’ll turn out to be three, and four, and five. Folks, the more you breathe through that mask your you know, the better you are going to feel right? no oxygen at all.

Anyways, so this thing’s been going on with the stock market. And you’ve seen it You’ve probably heard about it. It was confusing to me. Very confusing. I didn’t quite understand it other than it seemed like somebody had figured out how to manipulate the markets the way that these rich elites do. And they use the markets to make all their money but they don’t like the little guys with very little money. They don’t want them getting rich. And when they figured out their schemes, they being the little guys figured out the schemes of the elite. The Elite got ticked off. Check this out. I said what’s on your radar? Well, there are many enemies of the people in the American elite, almost too many to count. But if you were to put a gun to my head and force me to choose which specific area of American life most are concentrated, it probably wouldn’t surprise many of you to hear me say Wall Street and among Wall Street. It is the hedge funders and within the hedge funders. It is specific, deep set of people known as the short sellers. For years short sellers have colluded amongst themselves use the media and more to manipulate markets and specific stocks by forcing massive runs on well meaning companies also they can make billions on the flip side. None of this has anything to do with creating value, making money in a good fashion or anything of production. It is simply leeching off the American financial system to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

For select group of the financial elite, and for years they’ve run the table. Until now were the first populist uprising and finance just toppled a few select Wall Street Titans, which is ushering in what I hope is a new era of democratized finance. Now, before I begin, I want to make clear I do not condone short selling, buying stocks, gamification, or speculation. In fact, I mostly think it’s bad for everyone. And you should in no way construed this segment as financial advice. So let’s get to our tale. It starts with GameStop Yes, you heard me right. GameStop, that store that you probably haven’t been to in like a decade. Now the story of GameStop and its recent market actions is itself a tale of corruption within the Wall Street elite, and how a band of mostly young underemployed and spiteful millennials banded together to make them pay a real price. For the first time in decades, major Wall Street institutions like Melvin capital, which is managed by Gabe Plotkin took out huge short positions on GameStop stock, they were joined by analysts like Andrew left of Citron research, and taking the public position that GameStop stock would go down. Now, this is a classic Wall Street maneuver, you take a short position, you and many others in the financial incircle all say publicly, the stock is gonna go down, which causes people who care about what they do to sell, the stock goes down, they make a lot of money. Well, now they’ve been literally doing this for years. But then a merry band of people on Reddit, they took notice on the subreddit, it’s called Wall Street bets. It has 2.2 million traders, and they said, You know what, hold on a second, a user in April 2020 took notice that 84% of all GameStop stock at the time was held in short, a massive bet for no discernible reason that Reddit user implored others to buy the stock and to instruct their own brokers not to allow their shares to be lent toward short positions of short sellers. This alone caused the stock to soar by nearly 50% in a single day, which is Bloomberg knows was the biggest gain in 18 years of the company history. But this is where things get really crazy. Slowly, other redditors began to realize that by banding together, they could do two things. First, that their power in numbers combined with the power of trading platforms like Robin Hood, could enable them to act together. And to that by pushing the stock up collectively, they could make more money and screw over major heavy hitters on Wall Street. To be clear, this is all speculative, and gambling, and it’s bad. But a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money. But if this entire thing is a scheme, and it’s all made up anyways, then why shouldn’t the little guys make some of the money instead of the Titans. And that’s what’s happened here. Soon. GameStop stock was up in I popping 11 100%. Right now as I’m giving this monologue, the stock trades around $280 a share less than two weeks ago, it was 20. A few redditors got rich, a few more are definitely going to get scammed. But what’s really beautiful is who lost out. Melvin capital, who is backed by some of the biggest guys on Wall Street needed a $2.575 billion cash injection yesterday, after losing billions on the stock. They declined a full 15% in just the first few weeks of the year. That’s right. A bunch of people on Reddit with Robin Hood accounts delivered a body blow to one of the biggest speculators on the street. You just love to see it. But apparently, I’m the only guy in media who does like to see it. Because over on the financial news channels, they are losing their minds. In fact, it’s actually don’t watch too much financial news. I saw Jim Cramer of all people who’s making sense after an analyst on CNBC accused redditors of possible illegal collusion, and then suggested with a straight face, it might be foreign powers at work, manipulating our markets. I’m serious. Take a listen. What kind of tasted I have? We like stock? We like the stock? I mean, that’s, that’s the government Ryan Cohen got it. He got 15% in $8. He’s on the board. We like the stuff How is that bad? Or do you think that they’re concentrating and doing some sort of manipulation? If they say they’re like the stock? Well, I don’t know if they’re concentrated because I don’t have subpoena power. And I can’t really go out

and argue, I don’t even know if they’re four hours at work here behind

something in the water with these people. They have to blame Russia when something happens that they don’t like. But what really you just witnessed is that when regular people do what the billionaires do, then they start crying about crimes. They want the SEC involved. They want to know if it’s illegal when the little guy does what they do in a less highbrow version and without a suit on. That’s what’s at play here. So pretty interesting, right? As we played this out, you saw this one part where

It mentions Citadel right? You saw Citadel in that particular briefing that he was given it some of it’s confusing I understand but just thought I’d show somebody seems to make sense of it all. Well, who happens to be at Citadel LLC none other than Jeffrey Saki? Saki sound familiar the PSA Kate. I married to Gregory mature, a deputy finance director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Well, Jeffrey Sakhi has last name is the same as who Gen saqi

Gen. sankeys. Brother works at. He works Where? Again, there he is, on the far right. You see this. So at the press conference, Jen Psaki, the one that’s the press secretary winner,

when asked about the stock market, and Robin Hood GameStop, which we’re gonna you know, we just heard about, Jen responded and said they would take care of it. Hmm. Well, you’ve got Melissa HOD, Hodgman as the new director at the SEC remember, she’s the wife of Peter stroke. And then you have Jin’s brother working at Citadel LLC. Do you see the picture? It’s getting a lot clearer. They’re all connected. And so what’s the amazing thing about all this is we’re gonna find out there might be a connection with President Trump and some others well, are the same people that can get trading stopped in the middle of a trading day, the same people they can get vote counting stopped in the middle of an election night. That’s from Roger Thornhill. Great point.

Well, Wall Street’s line in short selling was created to provide liquidity in the markets. The reality is it’s used to destroy promising companies that threaten the status quo companies as well as provide a living for folks who steal money. short selling is legal, naked short selling is illegal. But the SEC has demonstrated they don’t know the difference. The SEC run by Hodgman, the wife of Peter stroke

Hmm. Well, Wall Street’s lid is legalized gambling on the economy of the world and has become corrupted with an internal fixed system sanctioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission. So Robin Hood insider information. Interesting. This guy says I worked for Robin Hood, don’t kill me. Low Level technical comp sciences. I forgot to cover that up.

Okay. Major finance. side, guess what we overheard today, Vladimir? Yes, founder, Vladimir. And the C suite, received calls from Sequoia Capital in the white house calls from the White House that pressured into doing into closing the trading on GMA, etc. So the White House Calls because they see all these little guys making a bunch of money. It’s a stock trading.

So file reports on the SEC stage, guys, I guarantee you the same took place at E trade and others. If I wasn’t scared to be out of work in a pandemic, I’d quit. I’m disgusted, we all need to rise up. This is as bad as it gets when we talk about how the rich get one set of rules. And the rest of us get screwed over and over and over again. And then we’re left to bail them out and pick up the tab for the trillion dollar tax breaks.

Who and so then this part right here is what I couldn’t wait to get to 35 minutes in I’m sorry. It took a while to get to this part. Wall Street bets. If you go to Reddit, they noticed this. The Wall Street bets group that is currently in the limelight was created on January 31 2012. Well, on January 31 2012, Donald Trump tweeted out, quote, banks need to start lending again. Otherwise the economy will continue its downturn. This is why we bailed the banks out.

Well, was it a coincidence that the company Wall Street bets that did all this also was created on January 31 2012. The same time that President Trump put that tweet out?

like Don Jr. said Donald Trump Jr. saying the Wall Street bets guy looked like a young Donald Trump and asked us if we thought it was a coincidence.

There are no coincidences. Is it a coincidence that Donald Trump created a tweet on the same day that

Wall Street bets came together and that’s the one that took down Wall Street and has them scared to death and upset and demanding investigations to protect the elite. Oh my goodness gracious. Gregory mannarino said everything is rigged and manipulated Google salvaged Robin Hood’s one star rating by deleting nearly 100,000 negative reviews so so Robin Hood got all these negative reviews because they shut down their trading because they didn’t like the little guys going in there and making all this money shut them down the White House Calls sec Chairman connected to Peter struck says no no stop it stop it make a call don’t don’t let them make any money. It’s connected all to the press secretary.

You see this folks how it’s playing out and then Google says no no get rid of those negative reviews so they jump in as you know they’re part of the demonic family. And then graphics comm Tina tune tune said nice shot right here’s that picture Sheriff Citadel, there’s the sheriff Citadel. Remember we talked about Citadel the connection right there Citadel, Saki

got his hand on the shoulder of Robin Hood, who shoots the target to traders, tra D Rs, not trade tours, the traders, they don’t want to making the money.

Well, again, I apologize for taking so long in this video. It does take some time to put these together. But I do want to close with something that I believe is very important some of the things that we deal with.

And I wanted to share with you again I’ve done this in a video long time ago that one of my favorite stories and books that I read to happen to deal with William Wilberforce who lived 1759 to 1833, a politician. He was an English politician who became the voice of the abolition movement in Parliament. He was a slightly built man about five foot three in height, I’m about the same height and suffered from bouts of bad health. He was born in hole into a rich merchant family as a child whilst living with his uncle in London. He was taken to hear john Newton’s john Newton preach. Now if you guys don’t know john Newton, he’s the one that wrote Amazing Grace. He wrote that because john Newton was a slave ship owner. He got saved became a pastor. He wrote Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me.

Well, it made a great impression on Wilberforce. And he returned home and soon became part of fashionable society attending theater races. Now, one of the things that I liked about Wilberforce was he’s when he was in politics, he went to john Newton in a movie called Amazing Grace. That was put out, I believe, 2007.

And in that movie, and the book that I read, he was struggling because he thought he was going to quit politics and go off to become a pastor, because he loved scripture so much.

William Wilberforce was told, basically, in a nutshell, you were called to this time to be a politician.

He worked all the way to the time that he almost passed away to the few days before he passed away, where he finally

after all of the years, staying in politics, finally, finally, slavery was abolished, because of him sticking to it.

And so I highly recommend this movie.

Amazing Grace.

So I’m not gonna play this whole thing. But you can see through the pictures and the senate cinematography, it is a wonderful, put together movie showing us the struggles of William Wilberforce. great actors in this movie, highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. And it really gives you just an idea of the struggles that he went through. You know, is this my calling?

Am I supposed to be doing this? Maybe I’m supposed to be a full time pastor. I’m just gonna leave politics and I’ll be done with this because nobody, nothing seems to work.

And so you see him there, the actor that played Wilberforce, one of my favorite parts of the books was, was that it showed that he loved his family so much, he would go home and play with the kids all the time wrestling with them, take them outside, and he just loved his family.

Interesting, right. And so as I’ve had several that are trying to tell me to stop making these videos from close friends, saying, you know, it’s time to just stop, just go strictly to Scripture. You don’t need to share

profits that, you know, are gone now, because there’s no such thing as having profits anymore. Because that it’s not biblical or, you know, LTE or going off the deep end sharing other people’s stuff, don’t go to the keyboard anymore. That’s a psyop. Don’t do this. But there’s so many voices coming at me left and right, folks.

But and I don’t share very much from my side. But

it just felt it was important to let you know, that we’re all called to a certain purpose on this earth when we, when I believe when God created us in the womb, he knew us before we were formed in the womb.

Many of us have been in different journeys. Many of you have supported this ministry that you’re calling you support people, many are prayer warriors. Many are those that lead flocks in buildings with crosses on them.

Many lead local, city, in politics, states in politics.

And we’re all called in different areas of our life to do different things. And I just feel when I sit down and put this together, we’re putting information of what’s going on in the world. information of what we felt has been happening in the past three to four years. Information about a president we know that God is assigned at that moment to protect us and show us and bring revival to the world. And Linwood even says, to have a time where we will be able to share with so many people and gather so many more. Now find a revival before the return of Christ, we believe those that are into scripture, so I’m only hoping that my feeling and it has been always bring hope to those that are hurting. Five, I begged the Lord through prayer Lord, even though I’m hurting sometimes, even though I seem to lose hope, good to just give me a glimmer of hope there today. And my hope is in Christ alone. I get it. You know, the calling is to produce something to show you guys what I believe the Lord is leading us to do.

And my hope and prayers that you guys are growing through this hole. Thank you so much for your support.

And that’s it for that.

But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Now that anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray Father in heaven, we come to you now just thank you once again, for all that you’ve done for us up to this day. You have protected us, you’ve kept us with family and friends, a growing number of people just loving on each other through very difficult times. We thank you so much for President Trump and what you’re doing through him. And we certainly hope as we’ve seen these past few years that what the plan that’s been put together will finally in some way some fashion be put together to brain brain revival throughout the not only United States, but the whole world, to wake up to the truth,

to have a final moment of crushing the enemy so that we can have freedom like we’ve seen in Scripture in the Old Testament where nations are saved

for sometimes 70 years of just just wonderful time together. In growth we know the enemy will continue to fight we know in your word that even in the end when you sit on your throne that the enemy will attack after 1000 years. So we we do come to you we ask for protection the president president Trump and all of those around him. We thank you for what you’ve done for us each day.

Jesus name I pray amen. If you like this video, please hit the like button share and rumble it if that’s what you’d like to do. Please don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for putting the comments below for us for going to our merchandise shop.

For Teespring it’s in the description box below are and we know.com Thank you for the donations been so kind to us. For now. This is lt with them. We know signing


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