AOC Opponent Releases Ad Slamming the Socialist Democrat’s Hypocrisy

Tina Forte, a Bronx born New Yorker who is running to take on AOC in the 2022 elections is known to many for her unfiltered videos on social media slamming New York Democrats who have turned the Empire State into a crime-ridden cesspool of Marxism.

Of course, The Gateway Pundit has consistently reported on the insanity that has been occurring in not only NYC, but across New York state. Rampant hate crimes against Asian-Americans, attacks on our law enforcement officers, senseless and unregulated violence, bogus COVID mandates and lockdowns, and of course how pervert turned former Governor Andrew Cuomo lied about COVID related nursing home deaths (as he sexually assaulted female staffers). And, we can’t forget how AOC spinned many a tall tales claiming to fear for her life on January 6th, despite the fact that she wasn’t even in the capitol building. 

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While Forte certainly faces an uphill battle in her effort to unseat “Squad” member AOC, she has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across her digital media accounts and has been a fixture at anti-lockdown and medical choice protests over the past year.

Her ad highlights how AOC has been dubbed the “leading socialist superstar,” her penchant for routinely attacking Israel, also reminding voters how she compared US border security efforts to “Nazi Death Camps” during her infamous border visit which gave us the extremely cringeworthy photo op of her crying and clinging to the fence.

AOC’s open support for defunding police and her recent visit to the Free State of Florida, where she was caught partying maskless on several occasions, also make a cameo.

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Forte spoke to this GP journalist about AOC’s hypocrisy and why so many New Yorkers in her congressional district are fed up with the Democrats dictatorial approach to governing.

“AOC and her Socialist allies pushed draconian lockdowns, mandates, and school closures.  Violating our rights, ruining our economy, and harming the education of our students.

I’m sick of AOC’s hypocrisy, as we see her basking in Florida’s Republican freedom, frolicking maskless on vacation.  She should have fought for her constituents’ freedoms while Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio acted like dictators.

Things are changing in New York. The people have had enough. The change starts with firing AOC this fall.”

You can watch the ad below.

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