Trump-Endorsed Candidate For Secretary of State Mark Finchem Leads in The Polls – New Ads Showcase Finchem’s Courage When The 2020 Election Was Rigged & Stolen (VIDEO)

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Arizona Representative Mark Finchem is running for the Secretary of State position in the state.  Finchem wants to fix the corrupt election processes and systems that enabled bad actors like the current Secretary of State to steal the 2020 Election. 

Far-left NBC reported on Finchem’s win earlier this month –

Mark Finchem, a prominent 2020 election denier and an Arizona state legislator, has won the Republican secretary of state primary, NBC News projects.

With 99% percent of the expected vote in, Finchem, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, had 40% of the vote. State Rep. Shawnna Bolick, another 2020 election denier, had 19% of the vote, while businessman Beau Lane got 25%.

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With his win, Finchem, who continues to falsely [?] claim that President Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election in the state, gets one step closer to being the top elections official in Arizona, a crucial swing state where efforts by Trump allies to overturn the last presidential election have persisted in the years since the race.

NBC and any other media outlet that says that the 2020 Election was appropriately certified with the mountains of fraud identified to date are either ignorant or lying.

Mark Fenchem knows this.  This is why he is running for office in Arizona, so he can make elections free and fair in his state.

This morning TGP reported on a potential action that Fenchem can take when he wins the 2022 Election.

Key to Preventing Fraud in Maricopa County Is to Demand “Total Ballots Cast” Number ON ELECTION NIGHT

This is a great idea and is something that should be done everywhere on election night.  It prevents ballots from being added to the election results after the election.  In addition, Fenchem wants to ensure that all voters who voted are recorded and maintained in a secure manner.  This will prevent bad actors from adding people to the election that didn’t vote.

Finchem says he wants all poll pads on election night printed and signed by election workers that show who all voted in the election.   These documents should then be maintained by the Secretary of State’s office.  This will prevent individuals who didn’t vote from being associated with a fraudulent vote.

March Fenchem wants to clean up Arizona’s elections and based on his efforts to date, he will. 

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