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Guest post by Angela Cruson

Attention Ohio: We need signatures and volunteers to get signatures for a May 2023 ballot petition. (Deadline: November 30, 2022) Below is the petition that has been approved by the Ohio AG. You can get more info at www.medicalright2refuse.com.

I am a registered nurse with 30 years of healthcare experience, (20 as a nurse). I have been unemployed since November 2021 due to the COVID mandates. I have had test-proven antibodies since October 2020 and have had multiple Covid patients since then without being reinfected.

Natural immunity is science and should not be dismissed. Actually, the CDC has recently come to that conclusion, but it’s a little too late. Since the damage to my livelihood and millions of others has already been done.

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I am a resident of Ohio, and I am licensed in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. Easily, I could “apply” for a religious exemption, since I am a Christian and I pray to God daily for His guidance. However, I feel that this is discrimination and medical segregation. Especially, since patients…including children, are being removed from donor lists due to their vaccine status or the status of their donor even if their donor is a family member.

Additionally, if an unvaccinated person is in an accident and was a donor, it is my understanding, that they would not accept the donor’s organs as viable. This is unacceptable, therefore I am taking a stand for myself and as a patient advocate.

I have lost more than $100K in wages, but some things are more important than money. I did go to DC a met with Jim Jordan to discuss my concerns since he is my representative for District 4 here in Ohio. He seemed to be in agreement, however, he is outnumbered in the house by politicians that are more concerned about getting their “kickbacks” than the lives of Americans.

I am involved here in Ohio attempting to get signatures for the “Right to Refuse” ballot initiative to amend our Ohio Constitution. My husband and I have been living on our minimal savings which is running out quickly. My career options from this point are truly limited. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I would also welcome anyone to contact me on Facebook at Healthcare Freedom Advocates or Angela Cruson Shirk.

What is the Medical Right to Refuse Amendment?

  • The Medical Right to Refuse is an Ohio Ballot Initiative intended to amend the Ohio Constitution to guarantee that Ohioans retain their right to direct their own healthcare decisions as to what medication they put into their bodies.

What does it take to get an Initiative on the Ballot in Ohio?

  • Ohio is one of several states that require a certain number of signatures to accompany the initial petition filing. The signatures of at least 1,000 qualified electors are required. Along with signatures, proponents must file a copy of the proposed measure and a summary of that measure with the Ohio Attorney General. They must also designate a committee of three to five people to represent the petitioners. After a petition has been approved, the committee may proceed with collecting additional signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. In Ohio, signatures for citizen-initiated measures must come from 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties. In 2022, 442,958 signatures are required for initiated constitutional amendments. Our initiative team intends to collect a lot more than this amount because some signatures will be invalidated when inspected for validity.

The Constitutional Amendment would read:

Section 22: Medical Right to Refuse

(A) An individual’s right to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine, prophylactic, pharmaceutical, or medical device shall be absolute.

(B) No law, rule, regulation, person, employer, entity, or healthcare provider shall require, mandate, or coerce any person to receive or use a medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine, prophylactic, pharmaceutical, or medical device nor shall they discriminate against the individual who exercises this right.

(C) No other provision of the Ohio Constitution shall impair or limit the rights contained herein.

If you would like to help us get the “Medical Right to Refuse” Ohio Constitutional Amendment on the ballot:

  1. Please use our sign up form below to indicate your interest and we will reach out asap with further information.

  2. Consider helping collect signatures for the next phase of this process. As soon as the Ballot Board gives us our next approval, we’ll reach out to those who signed up below and provide a signature collection packet with instructions!

  3. Continue to watch this website for further updates!

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