AWFUL: Pelosi and Schumer Brag About Ambushing Trump on CNN: ‘She Set Him Up So I Could Go in for the Kill’



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CNN hosted Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for a dinner and joint interview at Hunan Dynasty.

And yes, it was as cringey and creepy as it sounds.  It was also disturbing to watch two of the architects of evil gloat and giggle over their treatment of President Trump.

CNN reporter Jamie Gangel led the conversation.

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“I want to talk about how the two of you navigated working with former President Trump.”

With a chilling giggle, Schumer replied:

“We had a good time.”


“Was there a strategy when you went into a meeting? Was there a good cop/bad cop?”


“So I’m thinking, ‘How is he going to begin?’ Is he going to quote the Constitution, American history, [a] poet, the Bible?”

Mocking Trump, Pelosi continued:

“‘You know, I won the popular vote.’ And I said, ‘Mr. President, that’s just not true.’”

Speaking of the first government shutdown, Schumer gleefully shared:

“We sort of set him up, instinctively. We didn’t plan this.”

Pelosi gushed:

“Chuck was masterful. He was masterful.”


“She set him up so I could go in for the kill.”

Watch the full clip below.  Preferably on an empty stomach.


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