HUGE WIN FOR GATEWAY PUNDIT AND AMERICA:  Court BLOCKS Biden Administration From Illegally Censoring Americans – Please Support TGP in Our Continued Attempts to Preserve Freedom in America

By Jim Hoft

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HUGE DEVELOPMENT in the Missouri and Louisiana (and Gateway Pundit) v. Biden First Amendment lawsuit challenging the government’s collusion with Big Tech to suppress the speech of millions of Americans.


Sources sent Gateway Pundit a copy of an unfiled legal document the Department of Justice’ (DOJ) appears to have leaked to friendly press.  The document is a draft Motion to Stay, to be filed at the U.S. Supreme Court.  The draft motion asks the Supreme Court to stay (halt) last week’s ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  There, the government had asked the Court of Appeals to reverse Judge Terry Doughty’s (United States District Court for the District of Louisiana) Preliminary Injunction (court order forcing government to stop), which ordered the Biden White House, the FBI, the DOJ, and scores of other government defendants to immediately cease censoring Americans’ speech on the internet.


Instead, the 5th Circuit tried to split the baby:  it upheld Judge Doughty’s courageous injunction, but only as to the White House, the CDC, the FBI, and the Surgeon General while letting the rest of the government defendants off the hook.

After the 5th Circuit’s ruling, there was some question and speculation as to what the government’s next course of action would be – there were numerous strategic legal options for them to pursue, with a possible Supreme Court challenge perhaps being the most direct path.

This leaked DOJ Motion to Stay indicates that the DOJ is going to try and reverse the portion of the injunction left in place by the 5th Circuit.  That is, the DOJ is going to try and stop the order (injunction) stopping the White House, CDC, FBI and Surgeon General from censoring speech, and overturn the 5th Circuit.

However, this also gives Gateway Pundit, Missouri, Louisiana, and the other plaintiffs in the case the opportunity to argue the whole 5th Circuit order – to ask the Supreme Court to issue an injunction against ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT DEFENDANTS TO IMMEDIATELY STOP COLLUDING WITH BIG TECH TO CENSOR SPEECH.

This is a huge development.  Generations of law students will read about this case.  The Supreme Court will have an opportunity to hold the line on the First Amendment in a decision that could and should set the tone for First Amendment law for the next 50 years. 

Please Pray for us. 

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