Biden administration no longer serving, protecting and defending the Constitution, American people – Brighteon.TV –

On the Frontlines: Biden administration no longer serving, protecting and defending the Constitution, American people – Brighteon.TV

The Joe Biden administration has failed to serve, protect and defend the United States Constitution and the American people.

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“If you follow the actions of the administration, not their words but their actual actions of what they’re doing, it is very clear that they are no longer serving and protecting and defending the Constitution, nor the people of this sovereign country called America,” host Christie Hutcherson said during the September 10 episode of “On the Frontlines” on Brighteon.TV.

Hutcherson added that the rogue Biden government has purposefully, intelligibly and methodically carried out what they are doing at the southern border. She went on to say that it is not just about migration and people coming for a better way of life. (Related: Roger Stone: Open border policy will DESTABILIZE America – Brighteon.TV.)

“It is more nefarious than that. And I really hope that you wake up and understand what truly is at risk. And that is the very freedom and liberty and the free air that you actually breathe here in the United States of America,” Hutcherson said.

The founder and president of Women Fighting for America (WFFA) stated that it is now time to take action against the “enemies at the gate,” alluding to bad actors like the globalist groups United Nations and World Economic Forum that are trying to bring down America.

According to Hutcherson, it has been over about 15 to 20 years ago since China and Russia infiltrated South America. The geopolitical security expert added that Iran followed suit 12 years ago, gaining a foothold through its relationship with Venezuela.

She said Nicolas Maduro, the long-time president of Venezuela, made an agreement after meeting with the President and Ayatollah of Iran. Tehran uses Venezuela’s airport in Caracas as the entry point into America, she added.

Terrorists are infiltrating the caravans of immigrants entering America’s southern border

The WFFA founder mentioned that Iran has flown its Revolutionary Guard along with Hezbollah members to Venezuela. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that now has massive strongholds in Central and South America.

She revealed that upon arriving in Venezuela, these known terrorists from Iran were given legitimate paperwork and passports stating they were Venezuelan citizens, not Iranian citizens. These terrorists have infiltrated the caravans of immigrants who are ending up at the southern border and getting into America.

“These terrorists are infiltrating America’s southern border, disguised as Venezuelan citizens,” she said.

Hutcherson also revealed that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has been smuggling weaponry systems, which include highly sophisticated military-grade drones, into warehouses and other undisclosed locations in Bolivia.

She added that Iranian airplane pilots are flying numerous missions into Central and South America, carrying in highly sophisticated cyber intelligence equipment as well as picking up highly trained Venezuelan cyber intelligence operatives.

According to Hutcherson, Hezbollah has been working for decades with transnational criminal organizations in Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Bolivia. She also said that Hezbollah has a huge influence on the drug trade and the weapons trade all over Europe, Africa, Central and South America and the United States.

Iran seeks to boost its influence in Central and South America by strengthening and expanding its relationships with defense industries within the Latin American continent. Hutcherson mentioned that Iran is already working with Bolivia to house military-grade equipment, which would further bolster the former’s presence in Central and South America.

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