The Gateway Pundit Now Has a Show on Blessed News Network With Weekly Highlights | The Gateway Pundit

The official The Gateway Pundit TV show, that is leaving viewers always wanting more, is back with another weekly highlight!

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On the  9/11 to 9/15 show, Brian Lupo & Behizy have a remarkable set of episodes – and we have taken a highlight clip from each of them just for you!

The highly acclaimed show reviews the BEST Gateway articles everyday & is picking up steam on the Blessed News Network. Our readers have actually helped it become the #1 rated show on

This week your favorite hosts start off with the devastating recent new that political prisoner Jake Lang will be held in DC Gulag indefinitely, with his trial canceled for the third time in 985 days!

They also cover the Biden debacle currently unfolding – mutiny within the ranks of the Democrat party! The House Democrats have called out their 2024 presidential frontrunner in an official letter.

This episode is a MUST watch!

The week ends off with highlights from the tyrannical 2nd Amendment smashing gun grab that’s currently happening in Albuquerque New Mexico. Our Gateway Pundit readers that enjoy your gun rights – this coverage is vital for you!

Watch full episodes of The Gateway Pundit Recap Show on everyday at 6pm est LIVE!

Stay Blessed!

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