Image: Biden demands U.S. taxpayers hand over billions more for Ukraine after staging ‘Russian’ missile attack that killed two in Poland

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(Natural News)
It’s unfortunate that Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine several months ago, but it is a conflict that, honestly, was none of America’s business.

And yet, for some reason, our Congress and the Biden regime — led by the same president whose son made a fortune as a board member of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma — are spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars helping Ukraine fight against Russian forces.

Worse, Ukrainian leaders and operatives have been trying hard to draw the U.S. and NATO into the conflict, staging ‘incidents’ and then blaming them on invading Russian forces. In fact, one ploy almost worked this week, and that’s largely thanks to our disgraceful, corrupt ‘mainstream media.’

On Tuesday, reports claimed that a “Russian missile” landed in Poland, a NATO member, which killed two people and led the government in Warsaw to demand a reaction from the security alliance. At minimum, Polish officials wanted NATO to convene to discuss the incident; at most, Warsaw was considering pushing Article V, the provision of the NATO treaty that called for all member countries to come to the aid of any member who is attacked.

It would have meant World War III.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was one of those who pushed for NATO to respond, but thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and it was revealed that, in fact, a Russian-made missile was fired by a Ukrainian air defense battery that landed in Poland.

But even after Zelenskyy & Co. tried to goad America into a major war against the world’s largest nuclear power, installed President Joe Biden had the gall to demand that Congress cough up billions more for Ukraine.


“President Joe Biden is asking Congress to provide more than $37 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine, a massive infusion of cash that could help support the nation as Russian forces suffer battlefield losses in their nine-month-old invasion,” Reuters reported late in the day.

Biden addressed the situation from Bali, Indonesia, where he was making a fool of himself because his mind is gone.

“Our empathy — sympathy goes out to — apparently, two people were killed. And then we’re going to collectively determine our next step as we investigate and proceed. There was total unanimity among the folks at the table,” he claimed.

“And we also discussed the latest series of Russian missile attacks, which are continuing the brutality and inhumanity that they’ve demonstrated throughout this war against Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructures. And they’ve been totally unconscionable, what they’re doing. Totally unconscionable,” he said.

“And the moment when the world came together at the G20 to urge de-escalation, Russia continues to — has chosen to escalate in Ukraine, while we’re meeting. I mean, there were scores and scores of attack — missile attacks into western Ukraine. We support Ukraine fully in this moment, and we have — we have since the start of this conflict. And we’re going to continue to do whatever it takes to give them the capacity to defend themselves,” he added.

Even though the regime knows that Ukraine was responsible for the incident, Kyiv should get more money. Oh, and the White House nevertheless blamed the incident on Russia anyway.

“We have seen nothing that contradicts President Duda’s preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in Poland. We will continue to assess and share any new information transparently as it becomes available. We will also continue to stay in close touch with the Ukrainians regarding any information they have to fill out the picture,” said National Security Council Spokesperson Adrienne Watson.

“That said, whatever the final conclusions may be, it is clear that the party ultimately responsible for this tragic incident is Russia, which launched a barrage of missiles on Ukraine specifically intended to target civilian infrastructure. Ukraine had — and has — every right to defend itself,” she added.

The Washington Uniparty won’t be satisfied until American men and women are dying for Ukraine.

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