Image: Big tech platforms betray America, help lead Haitian migrants to U.S. so they can break our laws and enter illegally

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One of these days we’ll have the right congressional make-up and president, and the big tech giants are going to pay, legally, for all of the things they have done to try and destroy the very country that enabled them to become tech behemoths in the first place.

And boy, are we waiting for that day.

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In the meantime, however, because our Congress is replete with feckless hacks and the White House is occupied by a brain-dead elderly man, the tech giants will continue getting away with harming our nation.

Case in point: The current border-migrant crisis involving mostly Haitians, thousands of whom gathered under the international bridge near Del Rio, Texas, and set up a large encampment.

In the days before the crisis came to a head, we learn, the social media giants were actually assisting those migrants in their journey to violate the sovereignty of the most powerful nation on the planet with impunity, and at the invitation of that same elderly man in the Oval Office.

“Social media tools provided by Facebook, YouTube and platforms like WhatsApp are enabling migrants seeking to cross the Mexico border into the United States to navigate their way before leading others to follow,” Breitbart News noted last week, citing a report by The Associated Press.

The AP went on to note:

Del Rio is just one example of how technology that has put a smartphone in the hands of nearly every migrant is transforming migration flows, according to advocates. Migrants often monitor the news and share information on routes. The most popular platform is WhatsApp, which connects 2 billion people worldwide. …

Last week, in a Facebook group for Haitians in Chile with 26,000 members, one member posted specific instructions on routes through Mexico. It included paths to avoid and recommended certain bus companies.

“Good luck and be careful,” said the post, written in Haitian Creole.

Now mind you, these same platforms claim to be concerned about their being used for other “illegal activity” or even activity that is legal and constitutional, such as planning a Trump supporter rally, and as such have taken down posts and banned certain groups.

But when it comes to aiding and abetting illegal immigration, drug smuggling that is killing Americans, and making it easier for terrorists to infiltrate our country, the social media giants are hands-off, when their CEOs should be indicted.

“A confluence of factors caused the sudden sharp increase at the Texas town of about 35,000 residents. Interviews with dozens of Haitian migrants, immigration attorneys and advocates reveal a phenomenon produced partly by confusion over the Biden administration’s policies after authorities recently extended protections for the more than 100,000 Haitians living in the United States,” the AP continued.

“It also reflects the power of Facebook, YouTube and platforms like WhatsApp, which migrants use to share information that can get distorted as it speeds through immigrant communities, directing migration flows,” the report continued.

At the same time, Biden regime officials like Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have been sending out mixed signals, telling migrants not to come.

Mayorkas noted this week that “we are very concerned that Haitians who are taking the irregular migration path are receiving misinformation that the border is open. I want to make sure it is known that this is not the way to come to the United States.”

And yet, Mayorkas, at the direction of Biden’s handlers, has refused to actually allow the immigration agencies he controls to do their jobs and enforce immigration laws, leading to the invasion of migrants we have seen since January after Biden reversed all of President Trump’s border enforcement orders.

Big tech is leading the demise of the country that birthed those platforms. It’s time they were held accountable.

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