Image: #Bitcoin2023 Conference: RFK Jr. tells audience he became a Bitcoiner after seeing what Canada did to the truckers

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If ever there was a real-life example of the need for a decentralized currency that is not controlled by private central bankers, it was the headline-grabbing Freedom Convoy trucker protests that took place in Canada during the contrived Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.”

This is the essence of what presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had to say in a historic keynote he delivered at the recent packed-out #Bitcoin2023 Conference in Miami, Fla.

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RFK Jr. told the standing-room-only crowd huddled in the Satoshi Nakamoto hall that he became a believer in Bitcoin after seeing the Justin Trudeau regime persecute Canadian truckers by invoking the Emergency Act, which was basically a declaration of martial law, allowing the victims to have their bank accounts seized.

“The trucker demonstration was peaceful,” RFK Jr. said, adding that freedom of money is just as important as freedom of speech.

“Guess what? The government always has a good excuse to take away your rights,” he further explained, continuing that COVID, which just so happened to be “the latest thing” at the time, was as good an excuse as any for Trudeau to punish the truckers in the name of promoting the “greater good.”

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Today’s Bitcoiners embrace same ethos, impulses as America’s founding fathers

Before COVID, it was the “war on terror” that the government used as an excuse to trample the Constitution. Then it became COVID. Now it is the alleged threat of “climate change” and “global warming” that the powers that be will use to strip We the People of even more of our rights.


“Utopia will come when the government can exercise total control over the population,” RFK Jr. revealed about the playbook and how it works.

Since those who control the money supply also control pretty much everything else – this is the whole point of the fiat currency Ponzi scheme run by the Federal Reserve – RFK Jr. says he is committed to steering the country into something better.

“As president, your right to own Bitcoin shall be inviolable,” he said, explaining his ideas for self-custody and people running their own nodes. “The government has no right to be inside your wallet.”

While cryptocurrency miners could do a better job of utilizing clean, renewable energy for their rigs, the Bitcoin industry is actually well ahead of the curve in this regard, especially compared to the “greenwashing” going on with Wall Street.

Even if Bitcoin relies heavily on energy, RFK Jr. says this should never be used as a pretext to try to suppress it as some have done to try to steer people back into centralized fiat – and this coming from an avowed environmentalist who has spent his entire career promoting conservationism.

Bitcoin exists as a threat to the current “age of turnkey totalitarianism,” RFK Jr. went on to declare, even going so far as to compare today’s Bitcoiners to the original framers of the United States Constitution in terms of their ethos and impulses.

RFK Jr.’s words stand in stark contrast to those of Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and the rest of her “anti-crypto army” who have been working overtime to keep as many Americans away from Bitcoin as possible.

At the conclusion of his speech, RFK Jr. commented that he will be the first presidential candidate in history to accept campaign donations in Bitcoin, and over its new Lightning network. For this, he was given a standing ovation by the room.

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