June 23, 2021

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‘Boogaloo Boi’ Leader Who Aligns with Black Lives Matter Boasted About Organizing Armed Insurrection On US Capitol

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‘Boogaloo Boi’ Leader Who Aligns with Black Lives Matter Boasted About Organizing Armed Insurrection On US Capitol

By Alicia Powe
Published January 17, 2021 at 1:20pm

Contrary to allegations leveled by the political left and their allies in the mainstream media, anti-Trump groups primarily perpetrated insurrection on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

The Gateway Pundit has obtained archived tweets from Mike Dunn, leader of “Boogaloo Bois,” an anti-government, anti-Trump group whose adherents call for a revolution toppling the federal government

Dunn boasted on social media about his team being locked and loaded inside the Capitol during the riot.

Boogaloo Boi “teams have been activated in VA and we currently have 4 fireteams inside capitol and 7 more outside,” he wrote.

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Dunn and his team employed “fireteams”  inside the Capitol to taunt “tyrants” like Trump, Dunn explained.

“It’s to revel in the breach of security while mocking the defenses that protect tyrants…whether that be Trump or others,” he wrote.

Not only involved in the US Capitol assault, but an archived Parler post shows Dunn issued a statement on behalf of Boogaloo Bois claiming credit for the breach.

After Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed in the Capitol, Dunn argued “feds drew first blood years ago” and are “fair game now.”

While establishment Republicans and Democrats and the mainstream media continue to blame Trump and his supporters for violent riots at the Capitol,  they entirely ignored a Jan. 8 Reuters interview where he admitted “three or four groups of loyalists under his command helped storm the Capitol” and “embraced the moment to strike against the government.”

Asked whether boogaloos had planned to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6, he told the publication, “Just know there is more to come.”

The 22-year-old Boogaloo leader and Virginia resident bragged about “infiltrating” MAGA during the riot and scoffed at Trump supporters for adhering to the 6pm citywide curfew for the District of Columbia mandated on Jan 6.

“After MAGA and others stormed the capital building in a moment of anger (which was cool)…they retreated to hotels to comply with the Curfew. We obviously didn’t…stayed out in the streets until 12,” he tweeted on Jan. 7.

In response to another Twitter user, he claimed, “Those were infiltrators, not real MAGA,” Dunn gloated, “Yeh, we know.”

While a Google search of  the Boogaloo movement would have you believe the group is comprised of “far right,” “white supremacist” Trump supporters, the Boogaloo Bois are actually a far-left group aligned with Black Lives Matter in their disdain for Trump and Republicans.