Image: Brannon Howse shares tips on how Americans can SURVIVE a nuclear attack

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“Worldview Report” host Brannon House shared several survival tips for Americans in case the United States experiences a nuclear attack.

He mentioned these tips during the Feb. 8 edition of his program. According to Howse, the American people can survive the old way of warfare using nuclear weapons. He then played a clip featuring Shane Conner of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness.

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Conner, the founder of the KI4U radiological laboratory, said there is no need for billions of dollars to create fallout shelters. What is needed, however, is educating people about nuclear disaster preparedness. These include teaching them about ducking and covering after a nuclear explosion and going into a shelter.

According to Conner, the “duck and cover” strategy was extremely effective, especially after the atomic flash. For those indoors, staying away from a window after seeing the flash and going under a desk or table is much better than being seriously injured by flying glass shards.

The disaster preparedness advocate continued that after doing the duck and cover, the more dangerous fallout that produces so much radioactive energy still remains. A person who sees the dust must hunker down to avoid the radioactive energy. (Related: Dr. Lee Merritt discusses how to survive a nuclear blast on Merritt Medical Hour – Brighteon.TV.)

For those with basements in their homes, Conner advised the use of dirt-filled cardboard boxes piled around the basement walls to address the radiation from outside. He also suggested having a mattress or something to sleep in the basement following the first seven hours or more after the fallout.


Howse added to what Conner said about hunkering down. This “hunkering down” time allows people to seek shelter at the soonest, especially those with basements in their homes.

Americans are not open to hearing about nuclear disaster preparedness

Conner lamented that many people do not believe it is possible to survive a nuclear attack. While Americans aren’t ignorant of the effects of a nuclear weapons, they are close-minded about how to protect themselves.

“I find out that they look at nukes like a lot of people do as some asteroid hitting Earth that killed all the dinosaurs. In other words, there is no surviving it. They’ve prepared for everything you could think of, except for nukes. They are in the same camp as the general public. It is that pervasive.”

According to Conner, those who have a closed mind are not open to hearing about nuclear disaster preparedness and won’t be seeking it out as well.

Howse then asked why the Biden administration is not focusing on nuclear disaster preparedness, given that China and Russia have threatened nuclear war.

“We have a responsibility to prepare the American people for the threats we’re facing that are very serious. But of course, they have created serious threats. They created serious threats. We are weak. We have weak, feckless, corrupt leaders. We are a nation that is collapsing morally,” he said.

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