UNBELIEVABLE: Socialist Lula da Silva Receives Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro in Brazil – HE CONCEALED THE AIRPLANE’S INFORMATION TO EVADE TRACKING!

Photo by Ricardo Stuckert/Presidency

The socialist President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has overturned all the policies of former President Jair Bolsonaro that eased access to firearms in Brazil and led to a reduction in crime in the country. Lula’s dictatorial decision confirms his intention to control firearms among citizens in Brazil, as previously anticipated by TGP in May.

The new gun decree introduces new restrictions based on left-wing ideological criteria rather than technical aspects. The new law prevents civilians from acquiring firearms and prohibits citizens from buying .38, .40, .45, ACP, and 9mm caliber guns. Lula has also banned the purchase of semi-automatic firearms.

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Those who possess firearms with prohibited calibers will have to sell them to the State. Lula will establish a gun buyback program for the now-prohibited weapons.

Bolsonaro’s gun policy brought positive results for Brazil. Recently, data from the Brazilian Public Security Forum indicated a 2.4% reduction in the number of violent deaths in the country, dropping from 48.4 thousand victims to 47.5 thousand victims.

Despite the positive numbers, Lula has chosen an aggressive gun control policy. His favorable stance towards left-wing dictatorships in Venezuela and Nicaragua has raised concerns among citizens who own firearms, as they fear the dangers of totalitarianism with these gun control policies in Brazil.

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