BREAKING: Buffalo Bills Player Makes Tackle, Stands Up and Then Collapses – Ambulance Carts Him Off Field – GAME SUSPENDED! (VIDEO)

Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin just collapsed on the field and now the NFL teams are wondering if he survived. 

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Moments ago Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin was carted off the field in the Monday Night Football game after dropping backward on the field after making a tackle.

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Currently, Buffalo star safety Damar Hamlin was on the field in the game. He made a tackle and then stood up. The 24-year-old star then fell backwards on his back. At first there was concerns that he was injured. Then there were concerns that there was a head injury. Then there were concerns whether he was going to make it.

Those watching the game couldn’t believe what was happening.

An ambulance then came and eventually took him off the field.

The players were staring and crying and openly weeping.

We don’t know if he is alive or not at this time.

The game has been suspended.

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