What Are They Hiding? Biden Administration Shuts Down Trump Administration’s Investigation Into the Origins of the China Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Over the past half month, there was a sudden change in the reporting related to the China coronavirus.  Dr. Fauci’s emails were released and the Biden Admin and the medical leadership in the government suddenly were willing to explore the narrative that the coronavirus was made in a lab.

We now know why.  

Adam Housley tweeted that he is being told the increased pressure on the scientific community to be open to and to review the theory that the China coronavirus was made in a laboratory in recent days is due to a defector with intimate knowledge bringing intel to the US that the coronavirus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

Corrupt FBI Director Wray didn’t know right away because lower-level FBI Agents wanted to make sure they got all they needed before telling him.  Note those in the FBI do not trust Director Wray so they kept this from him as long as possible.

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Adam Housley broke the news last night in a series of tweets:

Housley’s sources claim COVID-19 was released in August 2019 in China:

China allowed the coronavirus to spread so that the economic impact and overall impact wouldn’t just be on China:

China took strong measures within the country to stop the spread but did little to nothing to stop flights leaving Wuhan internationally:

Also, China had tried to produce variants so they could suggest that the China coronavirus came from bats naturally.  The current belief is that COVID-19 escaped accidentally:

To summarize, the US has a Chinese defector who has information on Wuhan and COVID-19:

And a final reminder from Housely that many of us [especially us at TGP] have been reporting on this since March 2020:

This is why the Obama-Biden gang is suddenly interested in the narrative that the coronavirus came from a lab. This comes after more than a year of Fauci and others attempting to tie it to a natural event and protect China.  It’s because they all got busted.

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