DeSantis Blasts Media Over Waukesha Attack: Suspect Had ‘Anti-White Animus,’ ‘Was An Intentional Act’ (VIDEO)

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As reported earlier… On Friday, GoFundMe announced that they would not give the $10 million to the freedom-fighting Canadian truckers that was raised for them on the GoFundMe fundraising platform.

In their statement to the truckers, GoFundMe called the peaceful protest an “occupation” and claimed the protest included “acts of violence” and “other unlawful activity.”

In their public statement, GoFundMe also explained that they would not automatically refund the donors. Instead, they said they would allow the truckers to keep the $1 million they collected earlier in the week, and the remaining $9 million would be donated to groups GoFundMe considers “credible,” and “established.”

GoFundme later this morning announced they will now give the donations back to their donors. But they are still canceling the Freedom Convoy fundraiser.

That’s when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stepped in.

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On Saturday morning Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he will launch an investigation into GoFundMe following their attempt to commandeer donations and give them to charities.

UPDATE– The Georgia AG will also investigate GoFundme.

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