BREAKING GEORGIA UPDATE: Ruby Freeman who Jammed Suspect Ballots Into Voting Machines Multiple Times on Election Night Is Subpoenaed

Yesterday we reported that Shaye Moss was subpoenaed in Georgia for her activities in the 2020 election in Fulton County. Now it’s her mother’s turn, Ruby Freeman.

Over the weekend it was reported that Ruby Freeman’s daughter Shaye Moss, who was also Ruby’s boss during the election counting process in Fulton County, Georgia, was subpoenaed:

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BREAKING: Ruby Freeman’s Daughter Election Supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss Is Subpoenaed for Deposition in Fulton County GA

Shaye Moss was famous for kicking everyone out of the room where votes were counted in Fulton County and telling observers to go home.  Then Shaye and others including Ralph Jones and her mother Ruby dragged hidden boxes of ballots out from underneath tables and started running them through the machines.  Ruby Freeman was caught on tape running the same stack of suspect ballots through the machines multiple times:

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Now tonight it’s mama’s turn. 

Ruby Freeman was subpoenaed and was served as is noted in the below tweet.

Like daughter, like mama. This story is not over yet!

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