April 14, 2021

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BREAKING! Intel Insider: It’s NOT Over! Trump STILL POTUS & The Re-Birth of Our Republic! MUST SEE!

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BREAKING! Intel Insider: It’s NOT Over! Trump STILL POTUS & The Re-Birth of Our Republic! MUST SEE!

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CALLING ALL PATRIOTS! You can NOT MISS this EPIC, GLORIOUS Interview where all of your fears will be washed away in less than 45 minutes! What is all the hype about?! Let me lay it all out for you right now, Patriots, because THESE are the questions that will be answered and the topics that will be covered:











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Red Pill 0:37
I’m really happy today to welcome Jim Pugh. He’s a life coach and instructor of business related courses. He’s a wealth of experience in the area of banking. And he’s affiliated with some of the groups that are currently involved in this amazing awakening and transition. So he also has 35 years of theological study and concepts in ancient scriptures and practical applications into today’s world underneath him. Jim, welcome to the show. And I’ll just kind of let you introduce yourself and go from here.

Guest 1:06
Oh, thanks for having me on. It was a great conversation this morning, which led to this but I am in a in a short nutshell, I’m, I’m a financial operation consultant, starting out in 1980. And through that, the consulting practices gave me the opportunity to travel the world. And in doing so, I was able to meet with some of the most intelligent, religious, spiritual human beings that I’ve ever met my life in all kinds of countries. I’ve lived in 13 countries and spent great adult time in there and, and through that time, all the way back to the 1980s. When I was trying to satisfy my own anger issues, from my childhood, I began to do a lot of theological studying and through the Scriptures, and in doing so, I started put those together in my travels and was able to, to grasp at the time, which I did not know until, I don’t know a couple of years ago, that really why I experienced that was culminating into that not only some books that I have written in books that I am writing, but also education that I’ve been bogged with, since about 2015. So it’s interesting to see all of this coming together and interesting to meet you and see how this works out.

Unknown Speaker 2:37
As we had a discussion this morning, you put some pieces together of what was going on in DC, and I’d like to ask you to kind of explain that structure of what we’re witnessing, and then how that all ties in here.

Unknown Speaker 2:49
Well, we’ll have to go back to, I guess, the original Constitution of 1776. And look at, look at the development of the Constitution from our founding fathers. One of the one of the first things in the Constitution, it says these are based upon God’s principles. And if if, if you don’t know what God’s principles are, then you really don’t understand what the constitution was based off of. So you can put the two together, and come out with a clear understanding of how this is supposed to be. So God is basically has its own constitution. And if we can look at look at that, that’s the 10 commandments. And he has all he has laws in the Old Testament laws in the New Testament, there’s actually 1050 laws in the New Testament, if you take out all of the duplications, you wind up with about 780 laws, that basically were the basis of which our founding fathers used to create the Constitution itself. So we have this flow through from a spirituality standpoint into what our governance was supposed to be. And, and one of the things that, that we need to understand in this is in that constitution, basically, God was not taken out of all right, matter of fact, God was at the center of it. So when we look at the amendments that were put in place, about the, the segregation of church and state, basically, what we have learned is that is that’s basically having our government out of our religion, religious, religious practices, but it never said that religion shouldn’t be shouldn’t be part of government. That was that’s a failed concept. Because religion has to be in government to hold it accountable, because the government is there to support the conditions by which God’s set to govern his people. tection in all the things that go into God’s principles, so understanding that concept and the fact that we can walk through from the original Constitution, all the way up to today, and looking at exactly what our founding fathers Put out your federalist papers and all kinds of things, that you can see what was intended to happen. Now, there’s a lot of things that happen along the way. And, and we can talk about wars or whatever. But let’s move right into 1871, which is where we’re at today. Basically, there was a, a resonant act that was passed in 1790, that created a new federal district that became the capital of the United States from the original capital, Philadelphia. And the lands were donated by Maryland and Virginia, the Capital Territory, included settlements that were already in the area that included the port of Georgia and Maryland and included the town of Alexandria and Virginia. And basically, they named the city in honor of President Washington and they call it Washington. So in, and that was done in 1791. So after, after that, in 1801, Congress passed an organic Act, which basically federalized that territory. So they’re basically the lands that came together in an ownership tool. And they titled it a federal district, and it was located east of the Potomac. And it was in the new new county of Washington. And basically, there’s where all the laws were letting a court consisted of seven, Justice of the Peace, they were appointed by the President. And they acted the laws of the land at that time on Maryland law of 1801. So we were still operating under the original framework of the 1776. Constitution. But what happened in in 1871, was the fact that basically, we were a country that was bankrupt. And Congress basically devise the scheme with the bankers who had loaned us the money. And in that scheme, they required certain things to happen.

Unknown Speaker 7:40
And basically, what happened was, because of the three legged stool is I’ve used it in several analogies were in play. You had the Vatican church who actually ruled the world, you had the City of London at that time, who was the money source of the world. And United States, when they joined this three legged stool, they became the third leg in 1871. And over time, we’ve, we’ve been positioned as the police state. So we’re the we’re the enforcement arm of what is called what is basically told us to do from the Vatican. Now the Vatican has its own structure to we can get into that in a moment. But what happened in 1871 was, is that basically, our freedom is amended. And we had, we had a second constitution that came into play. And that constitution was based upon one of the criteria set by the bankers that we had to accomplish, to basically have our debt call at that time to be forgiven. Now, it’s never been forgiven, because basically what happened was, is the Vatican church opened up a corporation in Puerto Rico. And that Corporation became what is now known as Washington DC. So basically, they took the the district, the federal district that had been culminated underneath the 1790. Organic Act and then in seventh in 1801, made it a district, they took all of that and they put that into this corporation.

Unknown Speaker 9:42
And that made then the the governance of this area, have been have the shape of its own government. So and look at it this way. District of Columbia at that time became a city state. It had its own allies, it could act its own laws. It could do whatever it wanted to without the approval of the citizenry that is contained underneath the original Constitution of 1776. So the fact what happened was is the corporation came into effect. The City of London forgave the debt call at that time, but put us into bankruptcy so that basically we’re in slaved all the way from that point until today. And the Congress at that point in time, put that district inside that Corporation making that district then a foreign country ownership. And then the governing laws that they established underneath the constitution that they put in place as part of the bylaws of this corporation became the constitution by which they were going to rule that 10 miles square. Now, that is all of their rulership that they had at the time. But if we go forward in time, and go to Roosevelt days when they enacted the Social Security Act, and they forced Social Security upon all of the citizenry of the original Constitution of 1776, we became a assets of that Corporation. And they enslaved us by leveraging our ability of generating revenue, to repay the debt to the bankers, that were part of this corporation. So the outcome of that madness that the United States government, basically were controlled by a board of directors, that board of directors was consisted of the bankers and the members of the hierarchical order of the Catholic Church that and they basically put in motion at that time, the ability to do a number of events over over history that we we can talk about, but in essence, that was the framework. So what we see today is, is basically in Washington, DC is a foreign country. It’s owned by a foreign country, the people who are going to work in Washington, DC are paid by a foreign country, think about that all of our tax dollars go directly to the Vatican banking system cartel, they don’t go to the US Treasury, US Treasury has to borrow money. So those cycle of debt continues to go. And what the people that are in Washington DC are actually employees of a corporation owned by a foreign entity governing sovereign soil of the United States of America.

Unknown Speaker 13:15
This is very interesting. So how do you see the issue then with Joe Biden, in the way you’re describing it? What we’re witnessing there is, at least in an interim, there, potentially could be two presidents. Would that be fair?

Unknown Speaker 13:29
Yeah. Okay. So let’s go, let’s go back in in a period of time, let’s go back and look at the other executive orders and what what would happen along the way to get us where we’re at today. So in March of 2020, and I think you have the exact day, march of 2020. Basically, Trump enacted a national emergency and in from that national emergency, FEMA took charge over the emergency. Now, let’s take that through its its process steps, and then we’ll come back. So when famous enacted, basically, they have 10 regions that they set up. And underneath that those regions, basically, they set up a structure, an organizational structure that allows them to manage those regions as a governmental entity over those regions. The governors, and all of the territory underneath that region basically is responsive to FEMA. And if you look at the FEMA laws, is basically they have the ability to to basically become a government but government, a true government, and they have the ability to eliminate due process they have ability to arrest People without due process, they are the they have the right to set up a court system, they have the right to fund things that needed to be funded. They have all of these things that they can do, just like our government can do, but they do not have to have the approval from any governmental authority Congress. Congress didn’t have to prove it said it didn’t have to prove it president at the NEC brewing, even though the president is in the loop, basically, by having FEMA over they have have, by de facto, the main governance criteria over those territories, those six those 10 regions, until the national emergency is lifted, and that national emergency has not been lifted. So in March of 2020, by the enacting of the national emergency, and FEMA taking in charge, the Trent the governmental authority over the corporation side of things was transferred to FEMA, and they assumed the duties of the government at that time. Now, why do I say this? Well, you take it up to July 4, July the fourth in Trump’s fate at Mount Rushmore, he signified that we the people had got back our government. That was very interesting, now not saying exact words that he used. But in essence, that’s what he said. And right after that, you would find the launius tweet saying the same thing. That was a signal that said, guys, we’ve just moved to the Republic. And from that point forward, if you look at what’s happened, and knowing the fact that basically we’re fixing to hit the ground running, and we don’t have to transition from a corporation to a republic, there’s be no waiting period, there’ll be no major transition period. It is it’s it’s my premise that basically on that day, Trump, and the military became the governing body over the Republic. And at that point in time, we had two governments.

Unknown Speaker 17:20
So right now, what we’re faced here is a I’m going to use the term kabuki theater, because literally the people and maybe this explains the importance of the Trump base standing up and voting in mass, the people that stand with President Trump, which is 80 million plus at this point against a government that has only authority by perception and illusion of control. Is that fair enough?

Unknown Speaker 17:43
Sure. That’s absolutely true. And and basically, the people of the United States need to understand that if they don’t stand with Trump, then they’re slaves to a corporate entity. And that’s, that’s why they’re gonna be treated so. So people need to awaken to the fact that what Trump and the military did on July 4, was to give the US citizenry, the right of sovereignty, what God gave us to begin with, and what our founding fathers ensured that we had in the original Constitution. So we have this corporate government that was rolling on, at the same time that Donald Trump and the military started in July 4. And it has to be true, because if you look at all this stuff, processing, there’s transition documents that have been signed and so forth, that will allow this transfer to take place. But it was going to take place under the opposite of the great reset had not Trump been there. But all of the activities to bring the organic constitution of 1776 up to a current day working model, all of that activity has taken place from July 4, until sometime right before the election, unlimited didn’t put in place. So all of the transition lies of bringing that corporation that the constitution current, and all of the laws of governance and all the lies of a financial stuff and, you know, diplomacy and all of the things that you need. That has happened since 1717 1871, under the treason Corporation needed to come over to the Republic, to allow us to be able to hit the ground with all eight cylinders when this change happened and that that’s what happened from July 4 to right before the election.

Unknown Speaker 19:59
So the problem that A lot of people have at this point when we talk about people needing to wake up. And we have this sort of dual sense of governance right now is that those that occupy the District of Columbia, as the illegal ruling body, essentially control a large percentage of the legal system through lawyers and judges. So what is what in your opinion is going to have to happen for this to be cleared up so that the sovereign state of the United States actually truly reclaims its power based on a legal and due process?

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Okay, so let’s go back to the District of Washington, DC, what is housed on that District of Washington DC, is you have the White House, you have the Capitol building, which houses the Congress in the Senate, and you have the Supreme Court, all of which are paid on are employees of this corporation, run by a board of directors of a foreign power. So in order, and if you take it one step further, the federal court system is all put in place that are basically governed by and paid from the corporation. So the Supreme Court has districts that they every justice operates over the federal court system in that district, and those federal judges in those district report up through the Supreme Court. But all of the all of them are employees of this foreign entity. So when you look at our justice system, it is focused on the conditions that are set by this corporate entity, as it relates to the outcome of the lies that they’re going to ruling, not basically common law that we thought under the original Constitution, it was done it was it was put in place. The fact that basically, all of the US citizenry would be governed through the courts using maritime law. And basically, in a nutshell, maritime laws, basically, like put allows a judge to do whatever the hell they want to do. There is basically no rules that are on the bench that could be could be consistent from one judge to another. Why do you have Why do we are not surprised by looking at the election, court rulings from one state to another are putting into effect the changes from the legislature of the states by the courts, because the courts have jurisdiction to make those decision underneath the corporation that they are paid and employees for? So when we look at what has to take place, we have to have a cleaning of the house, Washington DC, which includes the White House, Congress Senate, and the Supreme Court, and the federal judges that are located all over the United States. And the only way that we could have law and order in the United States while that activity is going to take place is for FEMA to step in underneath their rules of governance because they have the ability to build court systems and allow them to the to when this starts, they would put in their court system to affect the rule of law based upon common law as defined by the original Constitution of 1776. Along with that, you have the military side that basically deals with military, active military issues. And the military by mo j says that they can’t they they try crimes of treason, sedition, and crimes against humanity. So, as those court cases come out of all this, and it’s those types of court cases, they will fall into the military justice system. But if you look at the crimes on pedophilia and child sex trafficking, and drug money laundering and drugs and all the other stuff that they have in sealed indictments, they have to have a court system that manages this under the rule of law, not the rule. of the corporation wise. And I think that is going to come up through the FEMA court system that is going to be established alongside with a military court that allows us to now have a complete blanket over the United States. Focus on what Trump has been preaching all the time. Blah, blah.

Unknown Speaker 25:25
Jim, I do have another question for you in this. And it’s related to this big change, because this is a massive change, and pulling from your wealth of experience on Wall Street and banking. There’s a lot of people very deeply concerned about the stability of their money at this point in time, whether they’re going to lose things just they should take their money out. And this isn’t investment advice was trying to grab a perspective on what you think is going to happen here on that sort of economic front.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
Well, everybody’s talked about going back to an asset backed currency on a worldwide basis. I think probably, to answer your question, with sufficient detail that your audience can understand, we need to look at the United States system. Basically, we have two currencies. We have what’s called the US dollar, which is basically a treasury note that basically the citizenry of the United States, gets from its bank. And then we have what’s called the Petro dollar. the petrodollar is the is US currency as well. And that currency was used by the central bankers to put forth their agenda on a worldwide basis of control. And they use the petrodollar to settle all trade transactions between all countries. So if you look at it, if, if Mexico bought something from the United States, they paid in Mexican dollars, unless they had Petro dollars in their Treasury, but they paid in mech Mexican dollars to a to the bank of International Settlements, the Bank of International Settlements converted those to Petro dollars, and pay the United States and pet Petro dollars and kept the ledger of trade transactions for countries one country to another, but it was all based upon the Petro dollar. So nobody could buy goods from any other country unless Petro dollars taking the same example, if Mexico bought something from the UK, they that UK got paid in Petro dollars. That was the ability for the bankers to actually levy control on countries because it was the Petro dollars that got them goods and services into their country. So if they wanted to sanction them, or they wanted to clamp down on their economic structure or whatever, all they had to do was influence the Petro dollar. So when you look at that, and you see that basically, all of the US sanctions that have happened over time have been directed by the Federal Reserve, or the City of London. So when we put a before Trump, of course, when we put a sanction on a country, we did that at the direction of the bankers approved by the Vatican, to put a degree of control on that country because they were, it’s like children, they were they were going astray. And they need to be brought back into the path. And that’s what the sanction system was used for. Now, Trump didn’t Trump that use that system, but he used it for a different manner. He used it to actually control those countries for the benefit of the United States citizenry. He didn’t, he didn’t use it for the control and benefit for the bankers. Okay. If you go back to when Trump actually took office, he did a series of trips. The first trip was Saudi Arabia. Then he went to Israel, and then he went to the Vatican. And then later on, he went to England, all of those were strategic moves. Because what he had to do was to get he had to get control over those countries and what he did because what he did was leverage documents of disclosure of the crimes that they had they had done. So he says, either you get on board now, or I’m going to release this now and we’re just gonna blow this thing up. Okay, so Saudi Arabia came in the keys. Israel gave him the keys, went to the Vatican. And he presented stacks and stacks and stacks of paper to the Pope. And the Pope, they gave the pope 24 hours, the pope acquiesced, and basically gave him the keys. And then he went to London, City of London, Queen. And you can see the symbolic nature of this, because he’s the first man who ever walked in front of the queen.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
So you could see the changes occur along the way. If you look at the financial system, and understand, basically, the control mechanism was the Petro dollar. And the US dollar was for in country. Now we can look at every other country, there’s 209 countries, every country has their own currency except Europe, and they have the Euro dollars. And, and some even those countries have their own currency like, like UK. But what they have is that’s an in country currency. All right, and we as citizenry, if we go abroad, we can take our US currency and trans, you know, get it translated into their currency to use their dollars while we’re visiting their land. But on the international basis, where all of the banking is done, it’s done through the Petro dollars. So what Trump had to do to get control over the central bank system is he had to effectuate control over the Petro dollars. And if you look back in time, over the last year, in November of 2019, there was a dry up of Petro dollars, the money presses had stopped. So basically, he began to squeeze the banking system. And there is a, there’s financial transactions and might be another thing you want to get into later. But there’s a financial tracks transaction that the bankers do to generate money, which controls the liquidity of the banks. And that’s called trade for those that are in the financial world. But what he did was is he shut off all payments that were that were generated from that trade and would not allow the US dollar to be used. So in effect, what he did was he dried up the banking system, every country out there, if you looked at it on the solvency scale, is bankrupt. So in drying up the currency, he then was able to take control over the central bank. And at some point on the timeline of Trump’s presidency, he actually folded the Federal Reserve into the US Treasury. And I and that also supports the reason why you had the two government system because if when the US Treasury, when the Fed rate put in the Treasury, it means that he’s bringing it into the republic so that they can get it set up, awaiting its new currency, there was a lot of activity that had to go on. So when we look at assets of individuals, we need to know that it regardless of what country you’re in, you’re going to be issued money. That is a one to one to what you have, you’re not going to lose anything because the value of your in country dollar, it’s valued at $1. Today, it’s going to be valued at $1. Tomorrow, when they flip the switch to go to any whatever the asset backed currency is going to be called. Worried effects is on the international basis. Basically, the US dollar is not the control dollar anymore. So therefore every country has to set up an exchange rate one to another. And that’s what’s taken a lot of the process in getting this new system online is because every bank was set those settling to the US Petro dollar and they had one rate now every country has to has to settle between itself and that country. So all there’s now 209 rates times 209. Okay, because every country could could settle between each country themselves. So all of that had to be set up and economically evaluated, and rates put in place and all that stuff. And that’s been going on for some time and testing the system and making sure it worked. Okay, the new system came out was used internationally on trade. It’s been in process for a while. It was not you it’s not been used at the individual level with inside of the country. But the banks in the United States and the world are now all tied to the new system, waiting the new currency to come out. So, in a in your home country, there’ll be no devaluation of currency. The valuation of the currency will be based upon the asset value of the country

Unknown Speaker 35:07
who is issuing that currency to the asset value of the current country that basically the exchange is taking place. And that’s where you’ll see value changes. One other thing that happened in the banking system is if you recall, when Trump came into office, he began immediately begin telling corporations to repatriate your dollars from offshore accounts. And he gave him tax breaks to do that. And the premise of that was he wanted to get all of the US dollars inside the United States that were legitimate dollars, so that people didn’t lose any of their money of devaluation. Because when the when the switch is flipped any of the US currency that are in banks only valued on a one to one basis, if you’re inside the country. And this, it also then supported the fact that there would be no currency that flowed into the new system that was generated from fraudulent or illegal activities. There’s printing presses in, in Japan and in Philippines or whatever. And the federal reserve the the central bank, when they need to print money, they just turn the presses on and they printed money. No longer can that happen. And so what is what’s going to happen when the when the new system comes online, is that all that I’m speaking now from the US and other countries have their own rules, all US currency that is outside of the United States, of the fiat currency, will be almost devalued to zero. And anything that is not already in the banking system will not be allowed to be brought into the banking system. And it’s going to be destroyed. So Trump did two things. One is he said, fraudulent guys, that you print your printing presses, you’re not going to get new money, guys that you did illegal stuff that you can’t show provenance of how you generated the money legally, you’re not going to get any money. Guys, if you don’t repatriate your dollars inside the united states that he gave him two years to do it. And if you don’t do it, you’re forewarn your value of the fiat currency, and those banks outside of the United States gonna be worthless. So what he is done by clamping down in the banks, by controlling the petrodollar controlling the output of the Petro dollar through the banking system on trade, squeezing the ability to generate money, and now controlling the US dollars, he has cleaned the banking system up and prevented the extortion of the US taxpayer payer, because when we go to an asset back system, it’s truly on the assets. And it’s our assets. It’s our sovereign assets. It’s not, and we were not going to be responsible to a banker to Vatican church or the City of London, to provide them our dollars, any tax dollars that we would then pay after the new system are going to go into our Treasury to support the growth and the well being a United States citizen.

Unknown Speaker 38:39
Your wealth of knowledge and you’re filling in so many blanks for people and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Would you mind if we close with a prayer? No, please do. Heavenly Father, we are blessed this night in this day to have Jim with us to share with us some amazing insights into what is unfolding before us to really appreciate the magnitude of this change, to give us temperance and grace in these moments that seem so stressful and in moments also so dark, we’re given the insight Lord, to truly see where darkness was, there is now light and we’re simply blessed in this time to be here to witness such an amazing transformation to completely be freed as a people to return to our sovereign right, and to return to the gifts that you gave us as your children. And so we are blessed we are we continue to look to you for strength humbled by all that is given and we say these things in Christ’s holy name, amen.

Unknown Speaker 39:37
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