BREAKING – SABOTAGE! Two Communications Lines (GSM-R) Cut in Germany – Rail Services in Northern Germany Suspended

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Two communication cables were cut at two different locations in Germany on Saturday. Sabotage is likely.

This forced long-distance rail services to be suspended entirely on Saturday in northern Germany.

TRENDING: Major Explosion Destroys Europe’s Longest Bridge Connecting Crimea and Russia (VIDEO)

The attack came after the Russian Nord Stream Pipelines, 1 and 2, were damaged last week in a massive explosion, that shut down the gas pipelines to Germany and Europe.

So far, no one has taken responsibility for the attack. The blasts put Germany’s economy in further turmoil as winter approaches and gas supplies are limited.

Via the German news reporter at Der Spiegel-

The radio system GSM-R has been disabled.

Obvviously, someone is trying to draw Germany into a war with Russia.

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