Image: CDC and FDA despise safe remedies for Covid-19, but Ohio judge orders highly effective anti-parasitic drug intervention despite all the regulatory agency lies and suppression

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Judge Gregory Howard of Butler County, Ohio just showed the entire world there is sometimes still justice in medicine. Despite the CDC’s dire warnings about the anti-parasite drug that’s often used for animals, Judge Howard has decided to save Jeffrey Smith’s life, a man in the ICU at the West Chester Hospital who’s nearly lost the battle against Covid-19. After nearly choking to death on a respirator for three weeks, which only worsens the breathing passageway inflammation and the doctor’s all know it, Jeffrey Smith’s body was shutting down.

On top of that, Smith had been given Remdesivir also, at doctor’s direction, a drug that is known to decimate vital human organs, like the kidneys. So Judge Howard ordered the drug Ivermectin be prescribed for Mr. Smith for 3 weeks of treatment and then reevaluate his health. Since the order was brought down, Americans are rushing to farm supply stores and pet stores around the country, and the goons and ghouls at the CDC are throwing fits in their ‘plandemic’ planning room.

CDC and FDA falsely claim Ivermectin causes heart attacks, while putting warning signs on the Covid vaccines about myocarditis and blood clots

The hypocrisy is deafening. The CDC and FDA literally rush Covid vaccines to market, only to find out that the trillions of spike proteins decimate the vascular system by clogging arteries, veins and capillaries, causing the heart to work overtime just to circulate oxygen and nutrients to the body. So the CDC health advisors warn the world not to dare take Ivermectin for Covid because Ivermectin might make you feel nauseous to the point where you vomit.

Other patients are known to get diarrhea from Ivermectin too, so the CDC and FDA believe that an upset stomach and a case of the runs is much more dangerous than getting blood-clotting vaccines, catching Covid-19 because of the vaccines, then being prescribed Remdesivir that causes acute kidney failure, and finally having a tube shoved down your trachea (windpipe) that destroys the epithelial tissue that’s already severely inflamed due to the Covid vaccines. That’s why choking to death is an adverse event caused by going to US hospitals for Covid-19 “treatments.”

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Per the court case and complaint, the patient was prescribed Ivermectin by his own physician, but the hospital refused to administer it

The patient’s wife even signed a full release so the hospital would have no liability for administering his physician-prescribed Ivermectin. Still, the hospitals in America are much more afraid of someone feeling nauseous from their medicine that works, than getting blood clots and myocarditis from “emergency use only” vaccines and kidney failure from lab-concocted pharmaceuticals.

How sad that it takes a court order from a judge to use medicine for Covid that’s proven to work safely, while the CDC pushes dirty, deadly vaccines by handing out free donuts, beer and tickets to the ball game, if you agree to get the blood-clotting, spike protein bioweapon jab.

In Japan, where the medical establishment tries to heal Covid patients with known treatments that are safe and actually work, the Tokyo Medical Association chairman announced last week that Ivermectin is therapeutic and quite effective at stopping Covid, so he has now recommended ALL DOCTORS in Japan immediately begin prescribing it.

Multiple studies show Ivermectin is effective for beating back sickness associated with Covid-19. Just take a look at India and certain African nations where doctors have widely prescribed Ivermectin and saved countless lives.

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