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When Elon Musk took the helm of Twitter, the American people expected the platform to uphold the constitutional right of free speech like never before. Though Musk has taken major steps forward by revealing the hellacious amount of censorship by the previous Twitter regime, he is still failing to follow through with his promises. Lately Musk has failed to recognize and remove opponents to free speech that are in major leadership positions.

With the 2024 election looming on the horizon, Musk has begun searching for individuals to serve on a threat disruption team. According to X, the now rebranded name for Musk’s Twitter, they are seeking applications that are “passionate about protecting users from global disinformation” and “helping people find credible information online.” But who is leading the search for this tactical censorship team? None other than Aaron Rodericks, a modern age double-agent. Despite Rodericks having convinced X executives that he can help the platform be a bastion of free speech, his social media actions say otherwise.

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On X, Rodericks often retweets

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