Image: Charges dropped for hundreds of looters as left-wing DAs issue “get out of jail free” cards to anarchists

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(Natural News)
On Wednesday, “President” Joe Biden blamed guns, fantasy ‘white supremacists,’ MAGA ‘terrorists,’ and everything right-wing for the rise in crime, violence, and mayhem in America’s largest cities, all of which are run by members of his own party and have been for decades.

But one of the little-mentioned hard-core realities that he refused to own up to, as usual, is this: His party’s extreme left-wing anti-police, pro-criminal agenda is directly responsible for creating nightmarish, hellish scenarios on city streets, where people can now be dragged out of their cars and shot in plain sight of hundreds of witnesses.

And then told they had it coming.

If you doubt any of this, NBC News detailed why crime has ratcheted up all over the country without really saying the words:

In late May and early June 2020, looters smashed storefronts in the Bronx and Manhattan boroughs of New York City.

Many were caught on tape, some with their faces visible. Others even posted their own videos of their actions those nights on social media. Hundreds were arrested.

But a review of NYPD data by the investigative team at WNBC, the NBC owned station in New York, shows that a large percentage of the cases — particularly in the Bronx — were dismissed, and that many convictions were for counts like trespassing that carry no jail time.

“I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side,” noted Jessica Betancourt, owner of an eyeglass shop that was destroyed by BLM thugs in the Bronx last year.

Data show that 118 people were arrested in the Bronx after every night of looting and rioting, the worst of which took place in early June. But according to the NYPD, the Bronx district attorney — a vehement leftist — as well as the courts in the city have dismissed a majority of those cases, or 73 thus far.

“Eighteen cases remain open and there have been 19 convictions for mostly lesser counts like trespassing, counts which carry no jail time,” NBC News reported.

Betancourt, who is also president of a local merchants association, said those numbers are “disgusting” (we have a few stronger words to describe it). She also says that local business owners like her are angry and frustrated that more people are not being charged with more serious crimes, many of which occurred in the upscale Manhattan region of Soho.

Law enforcement officers are bearing the brunt of this grotesquely irresponsible behavior on the part of DAs and court officers, all of whom have sworn an oath to uphold the law. But since they’re not, the dregs of society — the cruelest, most soulless, most depraved — are no longer being kept at bay and have figured out they are essentially free to resort to their most base, violent behavior without suffering any consequences.

And the end result here will be nothing short of deadly and catastrophic.

“My closest friends are either in law enforcement or either active or retired members of some of the most elite military forces in America.  And from our greatest warriors to our everyday citizens… I can tell you the underlying fear that so many are thinking about – and that’s the seemingly inevitable collapse of society if we don’t make some monumental changes,” writes Kyle Reyes, the national spokesman for Law Enforcement today.

“As a Christian, I believe we are in the middle of some serious spiritual warfare.  But you don’t have to be a Christian to understand that the very soul of America is under attack right now.  And the rapid erosion of the Thin Blue Line has us sitting on a powder keg,” he said.

Reyes, as a businessman, travels all over the country and is seeing what’s going on first-hand. He hears from cops and citizens alike on a daily basis; he understands what is happening and is trying to sound the alarm.

The dearth of actual enforcement of our laws is leading to an awful place most Americans don’t want to be but have no idea is just around the corner. Brace yourselves. And get ready; because the collapse of police will be the first casualty.

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