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Charlie Ward + Friends: Trump, Underground Cities and the Coming Economic and Republic Restoration Worldwide

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Charlie Ward + Friends: Trump, Underground Cities and the Coming Economic and Republic Restoration Worldwide

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We were just talking before you came on Peter. It’s such a wonderful time to be alive and to be aware of what’s happening in the world.

There’s so much going on. And I was talking to somebody this morning. Because like Wim and like is that like all of us? We’re trying to establish the truth. Yeah. And even on social media, it’s been contaminated on every aspect. And so having people like yourself boots on the ground in Holland, I’ve got boots on the ground in Washington. I’ve got boots on the ground in New York, I’ve got boots on the ground in California. And they’re the people I trust, because the stuff that’s coming out

is all over the place. Yeah, one of the very, you have to, you have to understand code and messages, so that you understand what’s happening. And

I get worried when I get messages from the highest levels. Right now because he’s go right, because you got an audience, we’re going to

create a little scene over here. So we can do something over here. I don’t mind that I’ll be used just for fun. You can use me to create a diversion anytime as long as we get to the end goal. That doesn’t bother me. So the diversion this week has been the fact that from the 20th to the 30th.

So far, we’ve had eight days of darkness. In the White House. I posted that this morning on my Facebook channel to go to Chico which takes us to Saturday. Yeah. And the beauty of the last 10 days is that from the public persona.

It’ll Joey but Biden has managed to crash the American economy and the stock exchange, so it can all be blamed on him. Yeah, you’ve only been in charge for 10 days and you’ve done this

is the funny part what the funny part is? And I said that in a video that I’m made yesterday

the whole COVID bullshit. You know, when Trump was still in office,

they had all kinds of restrictions. More lockdowns everywhere. And suddenly, after this fake integration.

They all lifted up. Yeah, he wasn’t wearing masks. He was at the Lincoln Memorial with his team, not social distancing, no mask. And even Cloner was saying I say we have to open up the restaurants and everything and going back to it one day. Yeah, it’s no coincidence. It’s all a part of the plan. And that’s that’s done.

No, Trump has resigns, is also part of the plan. He played his role. And his next role is going to be much more important than he wrote before. And it’s all a part of the plan. And now the military is cleaning up the mess. I think the military is in total control right now without a shadow of a doubt. And when I speak to my people on the ground in Washington, DC,

they are very, very clear what’s going on because they’re under military control. The USA right now, today is under military control. 100%. There’s no question about that. When they when the girls on the ground in Washington have asked though the people in charge

there, their answer is they’re responding to their bosses, which is the military. Yeah, their response to the military leaders. We are in a transition period between the old cooperation system which is bankrupt, and the new nesara, just saara?

From samsara, samsara, patriot party transition, but I pointed out something that’s quite important, this is very important for Holland, that had Holland realized that the government had stolen the pension fund,

then you’d be in Civil War right now. Absolutely. Yeah. So the virus, the vaccine, the 5g, the riots, the alien invasion and perfect distraction, whilst they clean up the mess. And what will happen is in the last days, the Dutch will realize that their pension fund has gone because the country has gone bankrupt. And they’ll realize that government has stolen it. When when Charlie, sorry to interrupt you, when are they going to see that?

I can’t give you the date or the time, but it won’t be far away. Okay. And zero days, not far away, far away. But then there will be there will be an outcry. But it will be an outcry of pain.

Because of the fact that it’s gone and there’ll be the desperation. Sadly, there’ll be a few instant suicides that don’t look further through so that that’ll only last for a short period, before it’s announced that the new government than the GSR a government in Ireland will come in and replenish those funds. But they’re wait for the penny to drop in Holland, that the government has stolen the money.

De COVID all the way to Europe and the whole hallway. pockets to Yeah, the fact that the European Union’s been all the money’s gone from there. I mean,

until Trump came along, don’t you bank, we’re just printing money for fun. Yeah. To just to keep just to keep doing this European Central Bank, sorry.

We’re just printing money for to keep your bank afloat.

You know, that’s the price, you can’t express the pride that will be that we had have to be swallowed. When people realize that Deutsche Bank is completely bankrupt, you know, the bank, the bank of Germany. Deutsche Bank is broke. Yeah. And of course, they lost the First World War, they lost the Second World War, they couldn’t even win the Third World War, which had no fighting. It was just to do with money. And they usually print it all. So the embarrassment is, you know, you can’t even fight with your fish. You can’t even fight with your money. That will be a big, big pill to swallow. And that’s why Merkel stood down. Because it’s embarrassing. Now it’s got to the stage where she can’t defend it and she can’t go Can I need some more money? You need to bring me some more money. Yeah, I’m the House of Cards is coming tumbling down.

And the Dutch Of course, you can hold your heads up now and say I’m really Dutch. I’m not really a German anymore. Absolutely.

Not quite yet.

There. We are nearly there because that is something that we discuss in the first time that I was in your place that since 1940, when he left it was no Elisabet that they fled to the parliament. We were still How do you say it a pro a pro, a pro province from the province of Germany, province of Germany. And,

and I can tell you, this is bombshell news for you. I think.

We had a guy in the Netherlands that

has to go to court for parking ticket tickets. He didn’t he didn’t sell he didn’t pay them. So he said because of this, that we are still part of Germany. I’m not going

your legal legal system is not doing

You know what the judge said? You’re perfectly right that he didn’t have to pay. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And this is no light. No, no, I believe that because of what happened with me in the Spanish courts. And also, I now know that the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in the United Kingdom have stopped calling in taxes. Because they’re being caught out. Now they’ve and now the problem is, is if you get somebody to pay illegally, they’re the ones committing the crime.

So now it’s becoming clearer and clearer and clearer. We’re gonna go through a wonderful period now of waking people up.

Yes, there’s going to be a lot of anger, a lot of hatred, a lot of frustration, etc. I understand that. Yeah.

And it will be our duty

to take them down to the coffee shop, smoke a bit stir and tell them what the truth is.

That this will be very, very soon very over, because I still I still think there’s going to be an emergency broadcasting. Yeah, I think so. And I think that’s needed. Yeah. To wake people up everywhere in the world. Yeah, this is where this becomes quite dangerous, because if you wake them up too quickly, you’re just gonna get a massive rebellion. It’s like waking a child up in bed too quickly in a hurry. Some kids will get up. I’m one of those kids that gets up in I’m a morning person. But my wife is Justin are not morning people that they need to get them up slowly. You get them up slowly. They’re happy, you get them up in a hurry. They’re as miserable as you could ever believe. But I love the mornings always have done.

For me. It’s just in my DNA. I like making money when people are asleep, I find it a big turn on. In business. I always wanted to be making money when everyone else was still asleep. I found that inspirational. I had an extra couple of hours on them in the morning when I was doing my papers when they were all sleeping. I was making money. And so I’m a morning person farming farming mentality come from that background of working early.

I was taking phone calls at nine o’clock last night. And I was actually in bed last night because after I’d done my round table, my eye was closed. still tired. You fell asleep? Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, it’s the we’re in a beautiful time right now. The waking up process will be tough for some people.

And it’s going to be it’s going to be a very interesting journey, especially, especially in the Netherlands, because your government was one of the first to step down and collapse. Absolutely. And that’s always nice when you can be the first to do something. Yeah. Because that means

they are still in control. They have more power now than they had before when they

because now they are in the midst. They call it a dimensional government. And

yeah, people are worried he’s worried like hell, what’s going on? Because

the one thing that you have to remember is that the wind with the laws of Holland is under right now

is the law of consent, whether you like it or not. when when when Donald Trump changes the laws back to constitutional law and common law,

that’s the law of the land. So when you’re saying that they’re in more control, that’s just what they’re saying. They’re in more control. They’re not in any more control. They’re just more vocal and more threatening and everything else, because they’re demanding you listen to them. But hang on. No, you’re under the law of consent. At this moment in time, we’re still under the law of the seas. And throughout the whole of Europe, the whole of the world maritime and Admiralty law. And in Spain civil law, they give it another name so that you can’t work out what the hell’s going on. But that’s, that’s fine. We know what we’re talking about. Because we’re all regarded as commodities, which is

when you study the structure of law, the highest law of the land is the look of the law, God’s law, the law of the land, common law, constitutional law, in England is the Magna Carta is the Constitution. That’s the highest level. So when you got somebody with a big mouth, that’s about four levels down goes, I’m the boss, I’m the boss. It really, You’re not the boss. No, no, no. And, of course, when you have what you have now, when a government stands down, you have what everyone knows is a void. And the first person to jump in that voice and say, I’m in charge.

That’s what people will do, but they can they can shout and scream as much as they like. The truth will come through in the end. This is what happens in the playground. When a bully gets taken out. Another kid comes and fills his shoes.


that doesn’t that doesn’t change the truth. And we need to stand up to what’s right and what’s wrong. And we’ll get can call conspiracy theorists, which that doesn’t bother me. I’ve been called a lot worse. I was called fat before. So being a conspiracy, there’s is a move up. Yeah. You’re making progress. I’m making a lot of progress. I’m climbing the ladder fast. Yeah. So when they call you all these things? No, all I’m trying to do is establish the truth. And if you don’t like the truth, that’s your problem. Not my problem. Yeah. I actually quite like the truth.

Do you think when?

When in America, America First, right. So America will start off with military? Yep. like it is today? Already? Already? And when will When will we see that in the Netherlands, you think? I think my gut feeling is is that when the emergency broadcast or when the information comes out?

The confessions, the videos that come out, when that starts to come out, then we’ll see a huge shift

in the public understanding of what’s happening.

I understood that with the new government in America, under the new constitution, going back to constitutional law, and the structure, that General Flynn would be the Secretary of State. And he will be visiting each country to transition them from the old system to the new.

So we need to see before we start jumping, when we’re gonna do when America leads the way and goes back to constitutional law,

which I think will happen. Let’s look at some facts in the current constitution of America.


inauguration happens on the fourth of March. That’s in their constitution. Yeah.

That’s one marker. The second marker is, is every country in the world financial year, starts on the first of April.

So they’re the two timelines that I look at and go, right. Okay. So are we gonna have an election on the fourth of March? Or is he gonna win by default? Technically, by law, he’ll win by default, because there was foreign interference. Absolutely.

But because of the because of the corporation being dissolved, there’s no corporation to be a president of.

So that’s why he’s created this new patriot Party, which I believe is the front, the front of nesara. That’s what I believe.

That makes a lot of sense. And that this part party has nominated Mike Pompeo as vice president.

Does that make sense? Yeah, that’s a little bit. General Flynn as Secretary of State, Charles Flynn, as head of the military, which is general Finn’s brother, I believe. Yeah.

And somebody else we will not name it will be a surprise. That’s right. And I like that surprise, as well. But at the moment on that one, where it’s all conspiracy theory until it becomes public.

Question. Rob knows, I was talking with Rob, and we did a roundtable we do that every Monday. And also with Peter, and he knows a lot about the dumps here in the Netherlands. That is a specialty. Can he say something about it? 100%. This is something we need to get out to the public. Because just before you say that, Rob, if you have an earthquake in your country, it’s not an earthquake, where they’re blowing up the dumps the deep underground military bases. And I have been down in a deep underground military base, and I know what they’re like. And I’ve written in my book about them, and I’ve published a picture of them as to what they look like your pictures of this dum

dum that I went into, yes. Okay. That’s cool.

Yeah, our world is we, we, we are at war at this moment, above the ground and under the ground. Right. And that’s, that’s a little bit confusing for a lot of people. But yeah, there are a lot underground facilities, I call them it’s not only military, but also ancient in that kind of stuff. And yeah, that that

A lot of evil under the ground that cannot live above the ground. And that’s that’s what really the story is, and

bots can see the lights, it happens on the grounds. And in a period of 1000s of yours, they build a lot of facilities underground. And they created a lot of tunnels, distribution systems under the ground to every country.

And the nicest part is that I heard from my sources that America is over already, almost clean about those underground facilities. Just that’s that’s a good news. And now they’re cleaning the rest of the worlds with with a great team of the Alliance. And that is not only military from the United States.

It’s very special people who are cleaning those facilities. But that’s

because it’s all heavy shit. And what is on the ground? You need special Have you set people to clean this up? And that that’s what’s happening right now. And yeah, to get a better with a very cool team, I’m

mapping the whole Netherlands or Belgium, maybe England,

about these facilities because they all show them where they are located. When you look in from above from Google Earth, for example, you’re seeing what’s under the ground because the symbols will be their downfall, the

our intelligence sets, and when your nice example is the the White House in America, when you look through the White House from above, you’re seeing an owl and it’s it’s it’s an awful place when you go coming to look inside.

What’s inside the grounds. Also the Vatican, also when you look from above the Vatican, also it’s an awful place. So yeah, in that fact

there are a lot of things going on above the grants bit the electoral fraud and

the chaos that is running out the the riots that’s above the ground, but also there’s a war going in the undercurrents. And when you’re seeing earthquakes it was Charlie’s said it’s not an earthquake, it’s

when it’s at five kilometres deep, or 10 or 30 kilometers that that’s really deep. It’s really you can you can imagine how did that is, but then

for now, a great percentage, it’s they cleaning up some shit under the surface. And that’s that’s that’s what the people need because your Sensei, you’re set in your previous broadcasting. So Charlie that that said, Satan has left the building, but he left the mess.

And that’s still there. And that’s that’s the nuts. That’s we have to clean up. I heard Rob I I heard today. Yesterday there was a big riot in in a town called rasa.

But there’s also tunnel system right in Grafton everywhere. They’re everywhere where the cleaning up from the tunnel system there yesterday because you they use the distraction of the riots to clean up the mess. Yeah, it’s can be I got off the plane of the Alliance. They don’t scold me, sir Rob. Every now coming to clean Brockton

to incidents it’s

it’s happening and

yeah, it can be. It can be.

I live I live in an area in the Netherlands for up for crying out loud where there are massive earthquakes. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. And we all we all blame shell or the Nam because of a natural gas. Yeah. Which is in the ground and everybody blamed the non shell. But now I heard it’s dumps well. Yeah, yeah.

I have. So I think it is but you’re living in the in the north of the Netherlands. And I think there will be some gateway under the ground through somewhere else to Norway, Sweden. That kind of stuff and

I heard also that from England to France, there’s an underground tunnel. So the two right, sorry, john Chow, you’ve been there are you heard about it? And I’ve heard about that. And I just feel sorry for all these refugees that came on a boat. They couldn’t have come in the drive they’d known.

Yeah, it’s bloody cold out there on the sea. They could have come through the tunnel. Nice and warm down there.

Today, maybe also some coffee, their coffee stuff. Oh, dear. Oh, yeah, that bad road. These tunnel systems are way deep. Right. They off? Yes. I’m sad. I’ve been down there. Do shoddy I don’t know. And there’s when you go into a lift, and you go for a few minutes down.

You just don’t know you don’t out fast the lift is going. You don’t know how far you’re going. It’s it seemed a long way. The only thing I did notice it was getting colder. So

that was that? That was for me. It was an amazing journey to

at the time I didn’t think much about I was 30 years old. 30 years ago. Yeah. But when I say it’s an underground city. Yeah, it’s it’s, I mean, it would blow your mind.

The one thing that would be I hope they’ve done is of the unused ones. I hope somebody has actually gone down and taken a video because people would love to know what is down there because it will blow your mind. I’ve seen it firsthand. And I’ve published a picture of my book of an underground dumb with I call them like little golf buggies. But they’re not like the golf course or their little buggies. But that I mean, there’s hundreds of the down roads going everywhere. It is like an underground city. And one of the underground cities that I’ve been talking to people about in Spain

is over 130 blocks long.

That’s how they’ve described it as it’s a blocks. So

the blocks in Europe I think are smaller than they are in America, the blocks in America considerably bigger. 130 blocks gives you an idea of the size of these places underground. Its enormous. Its enormous. And the the tunnels from from England, across Europe, to France to to Holland, and the ones from Spain across into Africa.

I was speaking to Jean to decode.

I’m sure he said there was something like eight or 10 huge tunnels from Gibraltar into Africa

that are five miles down. Yeah, but But okay, not people. Most people don’t believe this anyway. How is this tunnel? That How did the tunnels get there? Who made them? Who? What does it do? It’s interesting you say that? Because I asked that very same question.

And I’ve been told a number of different stories. I was told that they were built in Roman times, I was told they were built in the Victorian times.

How they were built, I don’t know who they will build with. I don’t know, because I’m pretty sure that whoever built them is going to keep them very low profile by the fact that they’re underground suggests they didn’t want anyone to know about them. Yeah, I can’t imagine they signed them.

Now, it’s what I have heard also from Jean in his in his talks is that it’s very simple to make them and you you you dig a hole in the ground to five kilometers deep, and you have

such such an economic explosion. And boom, you get a dump. And that’s a very simple understanding how dumps are created and how that’s

how that’s going to be okay, but that’s a dump but then you have a tunnel system and the tunnel system creates a lot a lot of debris, the debris has to be carried out somewhere. Obviously, somebody somewhere has seen a lot of debris coming above the ground or

nobody knows it’s an it’s really an underworld and most creatures people

living beings that are living there have never seen the daylights and they live there and stay there. And it’s it’s it’s an it’s a whole lot of things they all have built so far back in time. They didn’t have the communication systems we have today. The communication systems that they would have had in those days was some farmer seeing a truck go past with loads of chocolate

And loads of dirt in and that they there wasn’t the Inquisition that there is nowadays we’re very inquisitive nowadays, because we’ve got cameras. We’ve got videos, we’ve got some media and social media and those days.

I just don’t know. I don’t know, because they were built hundreds of years ago, that

was years ago, much older, and 1000s of years ago, but the one that I was in,

it looked like it was probably built two 300 years ago, maybe 500 years ago, I don’t know. But that is recently been painted on the inside. So it was all white. Yeah. But this one, as far as I was aware, I don’t know what it was used for. Because they said, Oh, it used to be used for signals, and storing and

storing weaponry during the war. That’s what I was told. Makes sense.

The, there are two different

facilities, the new ones and the old ones, the old Ancient Ones, there are the most dirtiest and

evil once and we have also newer facilities that may be used for for producing adrenal ground for transporting drugs to for tryouts and human trafficking because the, for rituals, also, also, the ancient ones are used for very nasty rituals, because we are living in an

pedophilia satanic world. And that that’s really is is not good. And it has to be cleaned up. And because there are much, much of the things that are happening is happening below the surface on the grants in on the current facilities. Okay, also tell me what you told me about

the from that I was really surprised because I live near Rotterdam. And from Rotterdam to


And what

Paris? There are, there are much facilities under the sea on the only the only oceans

and that kind of stuff. And there are external systems running from

they also have our high speed train.

Underground, you know, it’s and and they go big with with Mach 345. I don’t know. And that’s the factory

transporting system that you can be in America within an hour. And that’s not not a problem. And every country has dumps and tunnels African country. And it’s and yeah, there are done exist. tunneling systems from England to Europe, to Netherlands to Belgium to Spain, France everywhere, everywhere. Our thinking is coming out to the and also also from Sealand from Rotterdam. Every harbor is a

it’s an Yeah, spots, I think. But I was thinking about this, this is coming out very soon to the normal public.

Only this point, then we’re only talking about this by the human trafficking what they are doing underground for creatures there.

Because I’ve heard that also that term unlock is not verified. But it is what I’ve heard that he have built up a team a special team to to kill those creatures, and they are not doing that with normal normal weapons. And yet they had some special special app to kill them. Can you imagine that? This is going to the public. And this is true about shocking. This is for the whole world. Yeah. What do you think about this body? I was just going to be because I was thinking people will be sick to the stomach. Yeah.


I was told very early on about this, that there would only be a very small percentage of the truth coming out to the public. Because they wouldn’t be able to stomach it. And that I understand. But they also made a point that for those people that were interested that there would be places that they could find it.

But I know that when I first when I first started investigating it, I stopped.

Yeah, I’ve seen I’ve seen some pictures from children.

Yeah, I’ve spoken to I’ve actually spoken to people. I’ve got recordings of people who’ve been into the DME they’ve been first responders

and that I found that very distressing.

In between being a father and a grandfather and having lost a firstborn son, I found that very, very distressing and very hard to handle.

And there’ll be a lot of people out there that

won’t be able to handle it.

So the less we know about it, the better

for those, but there are some people that will want to know, more over there want the people that were involved in it exposed, and they want justice. Absolutely. And that will be happened. And when you mentioned that millions of women and children are missing every year, millions, that it has to stop. And that it’s it’s not a good thing. It’s not just that has to stop at costs, it has to stop. But we have to hold the mainstream media accountable for not only publishing it. And the central banks. Also though,

those two combined, it’s what I’m reporting now, the central banks, they are from the Rothschilds and the mainstream media are hand in hand and they have created all the wars in the last 100 years. They created bullshit what we are in right now.

I really think and I was talking to everyone that is working in the mainstream media right now. is involved in it. Yeah.

They have to sign an NDA that if you want to make good money, okay. But you have to sign if you’re not going to bring out what’s really going on this net. I think, in my opinion, everybody should go on trial in the world court. Very soon. There will be I think that they are all complicit in the whole scheme. Sure, everybody. And what what what what I saw that General Flynn was messaging in the end of December, that Trump has needed 30 more days. Did you see the video? Yes. Yeah. And that said, That’s ending in up to three days. Exactly. Right.

Exactly. Right. Exactly. Right. And

through my opinion, it’s it’s can be zero day. Yeah.

I think I think we’re this weekend. We will, we’ll see.

It depends.

Depends when the emergency broadcast comes out because the mainstream media he’s exposing them right now as we’re talking right now. They’re being exposed for not publishing arrests that have happened. I know firsthand have happened because I’ve been in contact with people in Washington DC, who

pointed out there have been a serious amount of arrests the fact that the mainstream media have not published anything makes them complicit

on a piece of algorithmic the video I put it up put that one on my I said it’s not the one that I sent you john with all the capital yeah all right. Yeah.

Okay in the stock stock markets will go down hopefully

it’s already going down. It’s dropping like a bomb Yeah. Thanks, Uncle Joe.

He’s crashed the economy. Exactly. Um, interestingly enough

the people that have in California by the way in California they’re people that have seen

close up close and personal screens have Biden on the television screen not in real life nobody’s seen him in real life now

if you know the hologram know what I was trying to establish Is he a clone is your body double

told me that his face is is made of rubber and it’s an actor underneath it because they said we’re Biden. He’s actually got a wrinkly face and that with the so somebody’s gone in very very close. And they said no, this isn’t even this isn’t even a clone. This is just a guy wearing a rubber mask the

same as in Mission Impossible if you don’t watch the movie that’s how it works. Yeah, that’s what’s also really Yeah, yeah. They said that the face is rubber This is not skin. Yeah. Okay. But stock marks going down it plays exactly the the scenario the New World Order once and great degrade we said the W e f is health is having their their

ceremonials right now.

So, stock market will go down.


Also in the coming year. Yeah, cryptocurrency will crash because of the fact that unless it’s backed by gold, and then it will be tied to the price of gold.

I have heard john and I’m not a financial expert, but I’ve heard

Bitcoin related to child trafficking and FGM. From China, that all goes down. Is that correct? I’ve heard it will go to zero. I’ve heard that. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Yeah, and I’m not a financial advisor, I’m certainly not qualified to give

addictions, the predictions are that that it’s going to be very different than Bitcoin is now. $30,000 an hour or something like that. But it will go down to 1000s, or something like that? I don’t know. But that’s what I’ve heard. But again, I don’t know what none of it, none of it, I don’t know firsthand. We just want to pick up the pieces from every single person trying to get clarity. But if you’re gonna bring if what I said is eight months ago, that when they bring in the new crypto currencies, there’ll be a new one for America, for Russia, for China, for India. And they’ll all be backed by precious metals. The minute they come into play, if they’re backed by precious metals, first of all, I said, I want one from China. But if they’re all great back to precious metals, the difference between Russia, China, India, and America makes no difference at all, because the price of metal is the same worldwide. Yeah. Precious metals. JOHN, yes, yes, you heard something about, because this is awfully quiet right now from the GCI.

I heard that the banks were notified on the 26th. All right, about the global currency reset. That’s what I heard.

Again, the mainstream media have not said a word about it. And because all the top people in the banks are under NDA, nobody, it’s very, very hard to get information. But one of the I think it was the the Lynwood or one of the generals put out that the banks were notified on the 26th of the of the revaluation reset. But what they didn’t say as to what date it was going to be

all those always talking about 2472 hours time period zero, I thought I understand. But what what will be the role of the bank in this whole

currency reset revaluation? Because what what, what will be the role of the banks in the future anyway? Well, during the during the next 10 years, let’s say,

certainly, with with the with the global financial reset that I was involved in the quantum financial system, different to the New World Order.

Davos crew,

the Davos crew, and the New World Order wanted pure digital currency. So no cash, no notes, were Donald Trump’s reset, you’ve got notes and coins, as well as cryptocurrency blockchain technology.

So for the next 10 years, there will still be cash available for people. But from a point of view of banking, it’ll be a whole lot easier. So the banks will be needed for cash and for other things, but

they won’t, there won’t be they won’t be needed on the scale that we’ve needed them in the past, because most of us will be able to transact each other on phones, iPads, whatever, your computers, what have you. And we won’t have the issues that we’ve had. Up until now. I don’t know the full details. But what I do know is the part that I’m involved in is, is making sure that the currencies around the world are backed by those providing the the backing for those currencies. But the operating system itself, I don’t know.

I’ve said right, from day one, I think 50% of the banks next year will go bankrupt. And the ones that will be go bankrupt are the ones that and the reason they’ll go bankrupt is is because of the simple fact that they’ve committed massive, massive fraud and money laundering for a very long time. And when that comes to light, they will be taken apart. And in my humble opinion, I think Deutsche Bank will be at the front of the queue.

Because what I what I understand is that they have been bankrupt for a couple of years, I think, yeah, two or three years and that they be backed up by China. Yes.

China that China actually bailed them out from going out of business, on Trump’s advice from what I understand or his team’s advice, but on the understanding that when they said when they said pull the plug, they would pull the plug. And when China wants to pull the plug on that a little bit, it’s all down to timing.

And so Has everything been because one thing that the team behind the scenes doesn’t want to be accused of is dictatorship. And this is why what they’re doing is allowing them to hang themselves with their own system and their own ropes. Yeah, everybody’s seeing it right now. But I seen some democrats that voted for Biden, that they are with their hands in their hair is I have already have any hair and they say

What the hell have we done that this guy is Luna Luna Tikka becoming a lunatic in one hour week? Yeah.

He was.

Already but but I mean, I mean right now for the democrats that they have

been like, oh, pantomime. This is all pantomime. Yeah, it’s all the rage show, the greatest show on earth, the greatest show on earth. And for those people who are awake to it, it’s a wonderful thing to watch. It’s so much fun. Yeah. For awake people. It’s It’s It’s fun. But for the sleepers, it’s, it’s going to be I don’t know.

I don’t know what’s going on. They will be awake. And I don’t I don’t blame them. Because most people you know, we are doing this full time. Sure. Most most people are going up to their work, they wake up at five, they go to the work come back. And like me, but I did when I was still working in the in the in the system. I went to my gym to some training, come back, make dinner with my wife go have some some physical and in front of us, and then we go back to bed. Sure, oh, you have no time to invest. So I don’t blame anybody. No, no, no blaming is not a good thing. But I have a question also a jolly bit because I have some information from different sources that there was in the 11th of January or something like that, a meeting with Donald Trump and some generals about something. Can you talk to us about something told us about it or not?

Remind me which which thing you’re not.

Jc gay, did something with remote viewing other Intel information also confirmed it that there was

an integration Inauguration Day on the 11th of January with some generals in the New Republic. I that. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Because from a legal standpoint, just from a legal standpoint, Donald Trump clarified the fact that if there was any foreign interference into the election, the election would be deemed null and void, and he will win. By default. They had all the information of that on the sixth, sixth of January, they had all of that. Yeah, they have mountains of it.

But from a public persona point of view, that’s not in the public domain yet as to what what’s happened. But it’s very, very clear.

For anybody that knows anything about what’s going on, first of all, the corporation of the United States of America no longer exists. Exactly. So if you if you have a Dutch company that’s been declared bankrupt and been bankrupt, and you appoint a new chairman to a bankrupt company, not a lot of point really, it’s an empty box. And you can you imagine Joe Biden is the new CEO from a comp from a company that is bankrupt, he goes bankrupt. And he’s doing these executive orders for a bankrupt company. That’s fraud. Yeah, that’s what I’ve also seen this then Donald Trump, he is using now a new seal. Did you see it? That’s correct. It’s the old one of the Constitution. That’s correct. And I thought, Oh, my God, this this is it’s not a coincidence. It’s not a coincidence is the sale of the original Constitution. Secondly, he’s gone back to the original Constitution. And as I’ve said, the whole way through this. Yeah. When you go back to the old constitution, you go back to constitutional law. Absolutely. One by default, he will have been inaugurated to the old constitution as the new patriot party,

as the leader of that, yeah. And this will become public very, very soon. But he’s already the president of the New patriot party. Yeah. Mike Pompeo is the vice president of the New patriot party.

General Flynn is the news. No is

the Secretary of State Secretary of State and then you Maybe, yeah, you got one of the Kennedys, john, john kennedy, one of the junior ones. He’s also a member of that one as well. Yeah.

Everybody is making a fool out of me because I posted this to get people’s attention, you will get to see all the comments that I got. I said you might see wait and see exactly what no, when, when you may have these are the conspiracy theories, but we haven’t seen them in real life yet. These are the things that are a little bit of fun for us in a time of a difficult time. Let’s be real about it’s difficult time because we won’t be

able to see them say it for themselves. Yeah, these are a little bit of fun that women I have them.

We’re looking forward to see if it’s true or not. We just don’t know. Because we haven’t seen him in person. Whether I’ve talked to him in person or not, I don’t know, I’ve talked to somebody that I’ve been told could could be him. I’ve done that. I don’t know.

We’ll have to wait and see.

He said he is a fairly well, yes.

But let’s wait and see the most exciting part is now.

We all know as as children growing up, the journey is always far more fun than the destination. And we’re on the journey right now. And we’re going through a bit of a rocky path, and people are throwing rocks at us.

And a lot of a lot of a lot of us from our own eyesight has jumped out of the ship

out of the car started throwing rocks at us, actually. Yeah, accidentally.

Last week, yeah, yeah. Yeah. But don’t panic, don’t panic. Everything is under control. Everything is under control. Yeah. And I’m still incredibly peaceful.

Just knowing that we’re clear. And we’re, you know, with Rob’s insight there that it’s so valuable, because these are huge pieces in the puzzle. Yeah, of destruct of destroying what’s evil to take us through from darkness from dark to light. That’s, that’s our, that’s the way that we are. And when I see the timeline, and timelines can always be changed or going different. And also what what I was, was told that at the 20th of January, there will the there would be some arrests going on, but they didn’t. And what I’ve heard is that there was some some events, and they saved 10s of millions of lives with it with not going to arrest and not going to do the things they want to do. And I thought oh, so.

And that did this, this is when timelines are changing. And it can always be better. I know that Donald Trump and his team is following the Constitution. And the Constitution is leading the

street stream

in the whole timeline. And the fourth of March is also some critical marking points. Because it is and I think the military is going to do a very good job behind the scenes. Yeah. And we’re gonna see turmoil in the streets of Holland, England, Spain, we’re gonna see turmoil, but

we already have a couple of days and it’s quiet now. And I think that will be it because those people that loot were looted take off heavy penalties. Okay. Also the Romeo’s.

Yeah, I’ve got a big I’ve got a picture from an air from a police car that it went also with the riots. It’s so obvious. It is. Yeah, it is. It’s very, very obvious. And

the most important thing for everybody who’s watching this in Holland, Belgium, and the rest of the world is just stay calm. Everything is under control. This is pantomime. The war is one. This is to try and wake up the people that are still fast asleep. For those that are awake, sit back and enjoy the show. It’s one hell of a show. It’s the greatest show on earth.

Pleasure to be alive and be able to commentate on one of the greatest. Well, it is the greatest time in human history. Yeah, we have five of the most the best Avengers movie ever.

And we have it Johnny, what a What a privilege and what an honor. Hey, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So one more question before before you want to go. Can you tell us when we can expect the methods I have. I have some information that will be three, four or five months?

Well, from my Intel, I’m sure Rob’s got some as well. My Intel is they’ve been using them a lot for the for children under the ground since the children underground. They had a number of issues. I’ll tell you that right now. And it was mainly to do with getting electricity down that far.

The electricity to manage but they’ve been incredibly successful.

Yeah, I got a question from a woman that had a highly disabled child. And yeah, she was asking me this question. I said, Yeah, I can ask a few people but I’m not quite sure exactly. When everything has been revealed they will. They will come out extremely quickly when the revelation is made.

And that will be one of the biggest

Ace cards for when we start the revelation.

From my Intel sources, they say summer of this year. That’s the timeline for me now.

Yeah, I was told June this year, and then I was told, yeah, but I was also told that they was hoping to get them out at the end of January. Because

we’re, we’re now into that that period of time now.

I think I think they’re, they’re imminent, because I know that they’ve all been rolled out. I know that.

And we’ll just have to wait and see.

The med beds, the machines?

How did it go? when when when the virus started in America, they were they had to have ventilators. They were the ventilators that would transfer that that’s absolutely great feature. They were they were coded as ventilators that Donald Trump moved out. Now it makes sense.

It’s coded messages.

Yeah. Okay.

I have one question. off topic. Well, I have not it’s not off topic. There are some, obviously there are a lot of rumors around going around now since the inauguration and everything.

And the things that haven’t been discussed most is Jared. Jared Kushner,

yes, needs to get out of state out of publicity from both sides.

I was asked about him very, very early on because there was there was in the media, they were saying that he was a Zionist family, etc.

One thing that I was assured by people on the inside, that he had 100% respect for Donald Trump and he had his back and Donald Trump respected him No, and, and he has been absolutely crucial

in the negotiation between Israel and the Middle East.

And he done Donald Trump has a huge amount of faith in him. And he can rely on him. That’s what I was told. Yeah. Good. Good. The only reason I’m asking, I noticed stories that he seems to, there is not not much publicity, either side, right? The conspiracy side or mainstream media? nobody’s talking about it? Nobody. That’s a good thing.

For us to plug, Peter.

I’m getting these questions, right. So I don’t know, maybe just sit back and watch, which will be the next country to have a peace agreement with Israel.

Just wait and see. And the work is going on. With every single country in the Middle East to be at peace with Israel, every single one is currently working toward that. And he’s a very, very important part in that.

I’ve seen I’ve seen in the past that Mike Pompeo has laying out the whole groundwork for all those speed peace deals, and also from I’ve seen flying with the Air Force two, also with several countries, also in the in the European countries, also in the Netherlands. And then that’s why I’m connecting the dots. And when I see that, Miko pay is also coming coming to be in the whole structure of the Trump team. Yeah, I know the drill. And when I heard that General Flynn was also the Netherlands who spoke to some people I think we because he’s not going to be here for a picnic. And then the groundwork is already done. Yeah. I Pompeo by Flynn, and we have to sit back and trust the plan and all the things that are happening now. With all the riots. It can be also a pantomime, also a smokescreen for Yeah. The whole situation to turn around. Yeah, no. machale to wrap things up, I think. Yep. We will see military come in also Indianapolis. You think? Right. Yeah, I think so. I think we’ll see that in our review. Okay. And then, but and then we then we will have a period of transition guided by the military. Guided by poem by General Flynn. All right. And Have you any idea how long this transition will take?

I think it will be completed within the next 20 years.

I have heard and video

Will you be making videos for the night? No, no.

I heard and I really love this guy. He said that already in the world court in The Hague, all the arrest warrants are there. And for all there there will be this also from Europe. Yes.

That’s very true. But I’m being very, a bit naughty there. But the reality is, is that the danger of getting caught on timelines is we’ve been let down in the past on timelines and people hang their whole hope on a timeline. Yeah, explanations.

The reason the reason I asked him because I think it will take maybe a year up to a year to create even to be able to create something new find a new way of governance, because the old system is gone. It has to be gone. And yeah, but but I, I think, I hope somebody thought about this, how to have outcome, okay. That’s where General Flynn comes in, because he’s gonna come in and manage it for every single country. And they already they’ve already established people in every country in the world, who are going to do it for each country.

It’s the Netherlands. Yeah, I know, also,

they’ve already done that. But you have nothing to fear. Okay, but people, people ask, you know, how do I do? Yeah. And people now and people don’t know, in the Netherlands, trying to decide who to vote for in March, there will be no fucking exactly right. There won’t be. And if there is, it is futile, at the moment, it’s just just for now. But it’s a very, very short period, you don’t need to worry about that. And what we’ve been through recently, or whoever you vote for in the future, you want to know that they’re going to represent you as a people, not their party? Not all the bullshit we’ve gone through for the last I don’t know how many years, you’re gonna represent the people stand up for the people’s rights and stand up for the Constitution of each country.

Yeah, it’s We are now in a transition period, and how long it’s going to take beat up. No, that’s it’s a transition period. And I think a lot a lot of will be cleared up in the summer. Yeah. I think that the bulk of it will be done between March and April. That’s what I think of it. And then then we’ll then once people start to realize, work its way through the rest of the year, your IPS, it will take years for the penny to sink in. But that’s where we all come in. As to helping people and guiding people.

We have to first get rid of it of the shit and then we can build it up to it’s something you. Perfect.

Well, gentlemen, thank you very, very much. And we’ll do this again, because it’s so constructive and the people need it right now. Yeah.

All right. Let’s go. Thank you. Cheers, guys.