Charlie Ward on Current Events with Nicholas Veniamin 1-30-21

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi, guys, just to let you know, we’ve got a new brand new website, Dr. Charlie Ward comm where all our videos will be loaded over the next few weeks. And you’ll be able to view all of those without there’s no charge for watching any of those, we’ve moved them all onto our own platform. Because all the doctor ones which are very, very important, have been taken down, but it’s, so we’ve now got control over those. But every single video we post will be free to watch. That’s very important for you to know. The other thing is, is we’re getting a lot of an awful lot of people asking us about gold and silver. And I’ve always been an advocate of gold and silver. And myself, I’m not in a position to give financial advice I’m not qualified to do so I’m just going to tell you what I’ve personally done. I’ve personally bought gold and silver. And I’ve used a company that trust, which is shown below here. They’ve always looked after me well. And if you order from them more than 250 pounds worth, you get a free one ounce silver coin, which is very, very nice. It’s a nice little nice little gift. But this is not an endorsement. This is just what I have done personally. And it’s up to you. It’s your choice. As I said, I’m not qualified to give the advice or financial advice, but it’s just what I have done personally. And I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you enjoy watching more of my videos. Thank you.

Hello, everyone today welcome me and Charlie Woods Friday, weekly briefing. Just before we begin, subscribe to me and Charlie’s bitchute channels, YouTube channels and to the fissara We’re now both on telegram as well. We’ve got telegram channels. The links are below in the description. Follow us on there. And Charlie, how are you? What’s been happening? Yeah, I’m

good. This is the weekend, isn’t it this this weekend is is very important is as part of the show. Just for those who’ve joined because our numbers have gone up incredibly yours and mine, I want to just do a brief recap on on the journey as to where we are right now. And where we came from. It started seven years ago, in my in my case where I was talking to an ambassador, US Ambassador who I know very, very well still know him to this day. He He informed me seven years ago that they were going to shut down the world for a global financial reset. That was seven years ago now. I’d sort of dismissed it, I’ll be honest with you. And then three years ago, he said to me, oh, we’re getting very close. Now we’ve got Trump into power. We’ll be doing it very, very soon and never thought any more of it. And then in November 2019, he said to me, we’re going to do it next year, we’re going to shut down the world’s economy, we’re going to close the world’s economy. For a global financial reset, we’re going to introduce the quantum financial system. So that was the start of this journey. So back in March of this year, suddenly this virus appears. And everybody’s scared to death of this virus out of blue and and I got straight back in contact with him and said, Tim, you gonna shut down the world’s economy with a virus. And he said, Well, yeah, we’ll start off with a virus and then we’ll have a vaccine, and then we’ll have issues with 5g and then, right we’ll have some rights and we’ll have an alien invasion. This was back in February, March of this year, he told me this. And I started doing my videos when I was out having my walks along the seafront. And I do normally do a 10 k walk every single day. I haven’t done recently, but I’ve been too busy. That’s my excuse. And so I started telling people back in February, March of last year, what was happening that this was the virus the vaccine was all a smokescreen for the global financial reset. I was completely unaware at that stage. It was actually two financial resets in play. A good one and a bad one. The bad one was swab. Schwab the the New World Order Prince Charles all George Soros all that crowd. They wanted a global financial Reset where they took away money, everything was digital, and they completely controlled your life. And the vaccination that they would give you wouldn’t really technically be a vaccination legally, but they tell you it was. But it was to change your DNA so they can actually control your frequency with 5g. That was their plan. This was the corrupt evil plan. And Donald Trump and his team came along and hijack that, because they had a financial reset that was in favor of the people not in favor of the super rich. And he wanted the reset for the for the people so that we had control over our lives, and took back control of our lives instead of being little robots that were controlled by the deep state. So that was the start of this journey. And I’ve now done over 1000 videos, interviewed over 500 people, and tried to find out what the truth is about everything. We have some incredibly good contacts all over the world. They’re giving us valuable information on a daily basis, which I’m very, very grateful for. And now here we are today, nearly a year on from where we started completely in chaos for those people who don’t know what’s going on. But for me, I’m very, very peaceful, because I know what’s going on. But we’ve now got to this stage where 90% of the world believes that Biden is the president of America. Whereas I don’t believe that, for one minute, because of the research I’ve done, has had nothing to do with mainstream media or television. So I haven’t bought into their narrative. And we’re going to discuss in a moment about the impeachment, and that this will clarify why Biden isn’t in power. First of all, 10 days or nine days ago, the inauguration was a complete farce. I mean, you couldn’t have made it up. First of all, it didn’t happen in Washington. It happened in California, in Hollywood, at Castle Rock studios. And that’s not where innovations take place. Also, for the eagleeye, there was a number of things that kept changing in the cuts of the video. One of the most important things is it was done at the wrong time.

On mainstream media, mainstream media, I’m told that the first airing started 17 minutes early. And the last one of the four main ones have started four minutes after 12. In the Constitution, this is very, very clearly that when somebody is inaugurated to be a president, it’s done at 12 o’clock, and they have their hand on the Bible at one minute past 12. That’s in the Constitution. That did not happen. So that alone, I actually put out that I’d received the inauguration video 10 hours previously in Spain, and I’ve got worldwide knowledge. I’ve since found out that we’ve now believed that that the video that was sent to me about about the inauguration 10 hours before, was eight years before when he was inaugurated as Vice President Obama’s vice president. So somebody was being a bit playful, but what it did do was it got you the people to go out and ask questions. And that’s, that’s better than anything. Because the minute we started asking questions, we had everybody telling us the time lines were all wrong. And that’s all I want from people is to ask questions. I’m not the Messiah. I am just Charlie. And somebody sent me that. And it was brilliant because it poked everybody to check out to see if it was real. And that’s all I want to do. I just want to find out the truth. And if you’ve got the truth, and I have an open ears and an open heart to receive it. So when we started investigating the inauguration, so many things were wrong. Little things that were noticed with the Bible being upside down, which is a satanic thing. Then the firework display, we had three people on the ground in Washington. They didn’t see any fireworks. So even that was CGI. But as I said earlier, it was all filmed in Castle Rock studios in Hollywood. So now we come on to the inaugural sorry, into the impeachment, which is a fascinating subject because the mainstream media Why hasn’t the penny dropped? I just don’t get it because you can’t impeach somebody who’s not in office. And according to mainstream media, Donald Trump’s no longer the president according to them. So how are you going to embarrass Nancy Pelosi gonna impeach somebody who’s not in office? Just a thought. Not possible is it? So the mainstream media and the democrats have tried to steal the election which we we all know anybody with just tonight. A small amount of common sense knows the election was stolen. It was they tried to steal it anyway. And they tried to do a fake inauguration to tell the world that they were in power. Well, the reality is, is they’re not in power. In fact, the military don’t take any orders from them. They’re not allowed into the Pentagon. And I don’t even know if they’re allowed in the White House. But I don’t even know they’ve been to the White House, because there’s, they’re deeply embedded in Hollywood at the moment, pumping out propaganda and bullshit and lies. So I don’t know what I do know is he he faked his inauguration nine days ago. And the White House has been in darkness ever since. Nine days of darkness so far. Just saying I don’t know. Yeah, absolutely.

Absolutely. You know, when I was reading mainstream media, Charlie, they were saying that they want to impeach Donald Trump, who they apparently believe, who’s no longer president, no longer president. And because they want to stop him from becoming a president in the future if he was to run again. But then when you and I read the impeachment laws, what does it say?

It’s very, very clear. You can’t impeach somebody that’s not in the in the office of the president. But if you look at Donald Trump’s, which he published himself, the document that says, the former office of president or the former president, look at the logo above it. And you’ll find that it matches the logo of the Constitution. And what I’ve said right from day one, that this financial reset that were shut down for is to move us away from constitutional sorry, move us away from from maritime and Admiralty law back to constitutional and Commonwealth. And when you move us away from one law to another, you bring into play what’s written in nesara. And I’ve said that we’re moving into Massara and just IRA, whether it’s called that or not, it doesn’t make any difference to me. I’m not precious about the name. It’s just a, it’s a format. And that’s where we’re moving right now. And I said as a joke six months ago, he’ll probably call it the Trump’s are a party. But he hasn’t, what he’s called it is the Patriots party. So I suppose if, at this moment in time, he has stood down from the corporation because the corporation of the United States of America is bankrupt. You can find out the information about the bankruptcy Companies House in London, United States government Corporation was shut down its bankrupt has been declared bankrupt. And the people that have taken any assets that America had are the Chinese Communist Party and Saudi Arabia. That’s all documented, don’t take my word for it, do your own research. And if you want to know what assets the United States had, because that all the money had been laundered by the Deep State and the Cabal through the Federal Reserve, and through the banking systems, the corrupt banking systems, the only money that was actually left was the pension fund, the Federal pension fund, that’s gone. Not just in America worldwide, because the European Union is bankrupt, the United Kingdom is bankrupt. Because they the deep state, bankrupted the world because they wanted total control over you and I and Donald Trump came along and put a stop to it. And they’re not very happy about it. They put up one hell of a fight. Yeah. But we’re moving. We’re moving very, very nicely forward now. But the impeachment that they’re trying to put on him, that tells you that Pelosi knows he’s still the president. But he’s not the president of the corporation. And he’s not the president of the new new party yet, because it hasn’t. Well, it hasn’t been publicly acknowledged yet. There’ll be an inauguration to that party. I’m guessing on the fourth of March, I’m guessing because that’s in the Constitution. Yeah. Yeah.



I think the word they use that he was the acting president or something else at the moment.

So here’s that so that apparently the they’ve signed the Patriot party. It’s been incorporated on the 22nd of June. January. Right. And it said President Trump on it, you know, and said that it will be a continuation from the old system, not this corrupt system. So he won’t be the 46th. President, he will be sorry. He won’t continue being the 45th. President. He will be the 19th. President

19. President of the Constitution. Yeah. The original Constitution.

Yeah. So very clearly, they’re trying. The impeachment law is only restricted in order for anyone to take action for any person that’s holding an office in government. So the fact that they’re pushing for this impeachment and they believe that they can enforce it onto our body only means that they acknowledged, you know, Donald Trump as a President

100% 100%. And the fact that they’ve turned the white house into a prison. Now, I can say, categorically that the new powerhouse of America will not be in Washington, DC. There will be a new center. I’m not allowed to say where it is, because I’m under an NDA, but I can assure you it won’t be in Washington DC.

Can I guess?

Yes, all day long.

I was good. That was my next one of my questions, actually, Charlie. Because when we look at I think it’s mera Lago right? Again, it’s my, it’s my, it’s only what I think because of the research that I’ve done, I can’t remember the woman that built it in the 1920s in, you know, in Mar a Lago, but it’s was purposely built for former presidents and also president current presidents who want to go on holiday and have like a, you know, a retreat or presidential retreat, and it has a bunker inside underneath it has a skiff and this was a deep state don’t like they know that Trump has a skiff there where he can have board meetings, very, very, you know, privately, and, you know, high secured, so where he can be planning, you know, with the military. And so, you know, it’s called the winter White House. I mean, what do you think? Do you think that’s a possibility? Charlie’s?

Look, it’s a beautiful resort. I personally, I personally think it will be somewhere else. But that said, let’s wait and see. I don’t know.

Right? Okay. Fair Play. No fair play. And now, very interestingly, Charlie, I heard that a little bird came and told me that a general spoke to you and confirmed that we are in the 10 days of darkness. Now, when we look at, you know, the situation right now, Trump’s gone, you know, we’ve got president, you know, I don’t even want to call him president, but we’ve got Biden as President. And this is a dark, because when you think about it, logically, this is the darkest time we’ve ever been in. And then when I heard that from you, I thought, wow, actually, that makes us? Do you want to tell us a bit more about that?

You know, with all the Intel we get you and I do an awful lot of research, to try and find out the truth. And the one thing, one of the things that happens is, when you’ve got a big following, you do get access to some very good people. But as with the art of war, they can often give you information to distract from what they’re really doing. And yes, I was told firsthand that we were in the 10 days of darkness from the 20th to the 30th. And that Saturday, would be a big day. That’s what I was told. We’ll have to wait and see if that is the truth, or whether it’s a distraction. I don’t know. But I’m very relaxed and very calm about it. And looking forward to Saturday, and I’m so relaxed about it. I’m playing golf on Saturday.

It’s amazing. Joining Trump. Well, that’s assignment. Did you see the video of yesterday that was circulating around when Trump was playing golf? And he was walking out? Did you see that? Yes. And the guy says to him, well done. Thank you for your services. And he says, we haven’t finished yet.

Yeah. We’ve only just started.

Yeah, confirmation, isn’t it? Yeah.

Everything’s there in plain sight. But when you’re taking down an enemy, that’s that evil, you have to be very, very careful. Because they’re dangerous. A battle is actually one I can assure you of that we’re just seeing the pantomime to allow people To wait.

Absolutely. I was gonna ask another question and I bloody forgot.

The goal put you off.

Now you just before you brought up the golf, I had something else in my mind and I went blank there.

Yeah, were these, the one of the most important things for everybody to understand is, at this moment in time, the United States of America is under military control. It is not under control of Trump or a bite, it’s under military control. The military will be in constant dialogue with certain people. But the military are in control.

Yeah. That’s what I was gonna ask you, is, that’s why I have a pen. Because I have to write things down when we’re talking. I don’t like interrupting people. So I need to be writing things down, because by the time they finish, I might forget. So now with the White House, we’ve seen the White House. And you know, there’s been a blackout for a good few days, we’ve seen the live stream. We’ve seen it also other live streams showing that there’s lots of cars and coaches and buses. Did you? Can you tell us more about that? What’s with what may be going on there as well?

I don’t know, is the honest answer. But we’ve got people on the ground, we’ve got boots. I’ve got three contacts on the ground that I’ve asked to investigate. And I’m sure they’ll come back to me with information. I was expecting to get it last night. It didn’t happen. So there’s no point making stuff up. I’ll wait until they come back to me with the truth.

Yes. And how about the the list of dead people?

Well, that’s very interesting, isn’t it? Suddenly, in the 10 days that are nine days of Trump, that Biden has claimed to be in power, a huge list that you and I have received of people who’ve had heart attacks or died suddenly. It’s not just one or two very, very prominent people from governments all around the world. We were told that this weekend, his suicide weekend. So let’s wait and see what that means. I don’t know what that means. Let’s wait and see.

That list that we received, I actually googled about 10 names, and they were all dead. They never specified they’re the coolest. But when I I made sure I check the dates. Yeah. And I can confirm that these are politicians from all around the world in Australia as well. Yeah, in the UK, and in the US and all around. And it’s happening. You know, we don’t know what the cause is, but so many of them have died. Sorry,

I know what the cause was

going and tell us how COVID-19

obvious and why you don’t need to do a post mortem or anything. COVID-19. Now we find nobody asked any questions.

Exactly. Forget the code doesn’t exist anymore. Charlie, he doesn’t exist. So Trump has created a small little hole, and the Congress and everyone has all they’ve all gone in it. Yep.

Every single time he’s dug a hole. They’ve all jumped in with both feet and taken all their friends with them. I mean, you couldn’t write the script any better. It’s been it’s been played the plan. I was told to trust the plan. Personally, verbally. Yeah, trust the plan. They’re under. Everything’s under control.

Now, when, when I said that, I forgot to ask something. Actually, it was actually about General Flynn. I just remembered. Now. I saw a video on the 31st of December by General Flynn. And he said, I wish Donald Trump would just say it as it is, but he did in his own way in his own style. Now, what General Flynn was referring to was, Why doesn’t Donald Trump help the people that he’s building up public opinion, he needs 30 days to build a public opinion. But General Flynn didn’t specify as to whether the 30 days was from the day from December 31 to January, the end of January, or 30 days meaning from the inauguration to the 20th of February. Now, so something seems to be you know, going to happen around around that timeline, because Trump is building up public opinion. Have you heard anything like that, Charlie,

and anything to do with timelines I try and avoid because I know the destination. I just don’t know the journey all the time. We’re just Pick out timelines. And the danger of that is it breaks people’s spirit. But it flushes out the plastic patriots. Definitely that’s a good thing. There’s been a few of those around which you and I know. But no, don’t don’t focus on the timelines focus on the end, the end goal, the destination, we know we’re going to get there. This is pantomime The battle is already won. just become stay out of harm’s way. And thank God that Trump is leading us forward. How shall I say?

I know I think it’s amazing. I think it’s a miracle. And it’s, I can’t wait to see the results. And you know that the truth comes out that everything, the pandemic, you know, the pandemic scams, Executive Order, by the way that he signed on the fifth of January, which means there’s going to be an investigation and some form of disclosure coming soon. Yep. Everything has timing. Everything is done. This

is that’s the most important thing you and I don’t know the timescale. And it’s dangerous to second guess it because it’s being managed to an absolute tee.

Like we said last time, there’s probably only 10 less than 10 people that actually know the timeline. And probably they don’t even know exactly because there’s so many variables, so many options, but we can only out of curiosity and because we’re passionate about this, and we want the good of humanity. We’re so eager to guess.

Yeah, you know, there is one person who you can contact that does know the exact time and that’s God. So if you get in contact with him, I’m sure he will tell you.

I truly Well listen, it was beautiful to catch up with you again. And for everyone that’s listening. Share this video with your family and friends. And subscribe to our YouTube channels on our telegrams on bitch shoot, the links are below in the description. I will catch up with you guys again next Friday. Okay, thank you so much, Charlie. It was a it was lovely.

Thank you, everybody. Bye bye.

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