China using AI technology to IMPERSONATE U.S. voters, Microsoft confirms –

China using AI technology to IMPERSONATE U.S. voters, Microsoft confirms

Communist China is already interfering with the 2024 election by using artificial intelligence (AI) robots to impersonate American voters online while spreading political propaganda.

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As confirmed by tech giant Microsoft, a Chinese-controlled network of fake social media accounts is now posing as ordinary U.S. voters in an attempt to sway and steer the election outcome, presumably for Joe Biden, China’s lapdog.

Similar to past election manipulation operations launched by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, this latest AI-driven assault on democracy utilizes a technology called generative AI to “mimic U.S. voters” and produce social media content that is “more eye-catching than the awkward visuals used in previous campaigns by Chinese nation-state actors, which relied on digital drawings, stock photo collages, and other manual graphic designs.”

“These images are most likely created by something called diffusion-powered image generators that use A.I. to not only create compelling images but also learn to improve them over time,” Microsoft further claimed about China’s AI operation.

(Related: Last summer, Big Tech came up with a way to use AI for mind-reading – every person will eventually be given a social credit score in proportion to their AI-gauged loyalty to the government.)

Which country produces the worst, most convincing propaganda: China or America?

The primary focus of the China-run AI bot network is to launch “a broad campaign that largely focuses on politically divisive topics, such as gun violence, and denigrating U.S. political figures and symbols.”

One example presented by Microsoft was an AI-generated image of the Statue of Liberty holding an assault rifle along with the caption:

“Everything is being thrown away. THE GODDESS OF VIOLENCE.”

Another example was a Black Lives Matter (BLM) poster that is said to have been created by a “Chinese Communist Party-affiliated automated account” and “uploaded by an account impersonating a U.S. conservative voter seven hours later.”

Fortunately, the vast majority of these accounts are obviously fraudulent, according to reports. Chinese propaganda tends to be poorly disguised, much like how cheap Chinese knockoff products are typically quite obviously cheap garbage.

Still, there is a growing threat, Microsoft claims, of China-run AI bots taking over the internet and populating it with what the American deep state considers to be “fake news” or “propaganda.”

U.S. propaganda, including the kind that comes from both the “left” and the “right” on a daily basis via the “news,” tends to be much more persuasive than the Chinese kind. Microsoft is more concerned about China, though.

Generative AI, in case you are unfamiliar with the concept, learns over time how to become “smarter” and more persuasive. In other words, it might not be fooling too many people quite yet, but in time it may grow into an indiscernible propaganda campaign that controls American elections and American life at large, all from a computerized script.

Researchers say the Chinese influence networks are already getting much better at responding to human interaction. More and more, people are falling for these fake bot accounts, believing them to be real people with a legitimate opinion.

A spokesperson from Microsoft told Reuters that the many China-linked accounts “attempted to appear American by listing their public location as within the U.S., posting American political slogans, and sharing hashtags relating to domestic political issues.”

The top three subjects of Chinese hacking activity in 2023 include issues relating to “the South China Sea, the U.S. defense industrial base, and U.S. critical infrastructure.”

“Chinese troll farms are all over the internet playing every side to generate derision and divisiveness in America,” one commenter wrote, blaming China for all this country’s manufactured derision and divisiveness.

“They are the primary accounts posting racist comments as well.”

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