Image: “Co-morbidities” are the ultimate excuse for vaccine-induced death of the immune-compromised masses in America

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By now it’s rather obvious that Fauci is guilty of funding the design of a virus that could jump from animals to humans and attack the lungs specifically. This is especially dangerous for humans with immune system deficits already, including anyone fighting chronic inflammation, severe allergies, asthma, COPD, diabetes, ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement), cancer, heart disease, dementia or obesity. Then the vaccine has been designed to insert/grow billions of toxic spike proteins in the vascular system, clogging it and straining the heart, brain and cleansing organs, possibly for life. So now one can see the real reason Covid-19 was designed to kill mainly the immune-compromised is that obesity, cancer, diabetes and dementia are easy excuses for the vaccine-induced deaths.

Every vaccine-induced death from Covid jabs chalked up as “co-morbidity”

If you get a Covid vaccine, become deathly ill and go to the hospital, with or without Covid, and you die, any pre-existing medical condition on your record is good enough to count your death as death by Covid or co-morbidity. Plus, those pre-existing conditions can be physical or psychological. In fact, 94 percent of Covid deaths involve people with other diseases and disorders. Then, you’re blood is also tested at the hospital using fraudulent, nearly always false-positive Covid PCR tests.

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Very few people die from Covid alone. Most are weak already and can’t take the blood clots from the vaccines and the breathing tube shoved down their windpipe, while on medications that cripple the kidneys (Remdesivir).

Make no mistake, this is population cleansing, also known as eugenics, focused on the weak, the immuno-compromised, who suffer from diseases that mostly stem from chronic consumption of bad food, prescription chemical medicines, and toxin-laced gene therapy jabs.

At least 3 million Americans are taking blood thinners right now, so how do their bodies react to Covid jabs that fill the vascular system with clotting spike prions?

Ten percent of Americans over 75 years of age are prescribed and taking blood thinners right now. The Covid jabs are proving to cause chronic inflammation, myocarditis and blood clots because millions — and some say billions — of spike protein nano-particles are floating throughout the vascular system, sticking, clotting and clogging up the whole network, preventing proper oxygen and nutrient flow. Will their doctors have to INCREASE the dosage of rat poison (blood thinner) to the point where the patient gets one simple bruise and bleeds to death internally from it?

This is extremely serious for people with co-morbidity factors working against them already. Their bodies can’t handle a new massive stress like blood clogging and clotting, and even less oxygen and nutrients traveling throughout their body. Most of these folks are already junk-food addicts, and that’s how they got to be the way they are – overweight, breaking down and immune-compromised.

Whether a person choose mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna) or protein payload injections (J&J), it doesn’t matter, because the end result is the same. Co-morbidity factors are critically exacerbated by billions of virus-mimicking particles clogging the blood. Hypertension, mental derangement, memory loss, stress, arthritis, breathing difficulties – these all increase exponentially, and just wait until the boosters come. The boosters may well be the ‘nails in the coffin’ of life for the pre-diseased masses. One thing is for sure, every death caused directly or indirectly by the Covid jabs will be listed as caused by Covid or co-morbidity factors.

Tune your truth news dial to to stay informed of the engineered pitfalls of the Covid scamdemic. It doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to see that Covid vaccines, Remdesivir, masks and ventilators are compounding the problems of the pandemic, creating a pandemic of their own.

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