May 5, 2021

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CONFIRMED! Biden’s FORCED VACCINES Coming! The Truth About Re-Education Vaccines & a Mark of the Beast

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CONFIRMED! Biden’s FORCED VACCINES Coming! The Truth About Re-Education Vaccines & a Mark of the Beast

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Our Leo homerun joins me tonight as a guest. It’s his first time to be with me on television. We’re going to talk about the RNA vaccination. Did you know we have a clip we’re going to show you here in a minute from a TED talk in 2017, where a doctor is talking about hacking the software of life, information therapy, maybe, maybe if you’re too conservative, and constitutionalist and Christian hold the Judeo Christian worldview. Maybe you need information therapy, maybe you struggle with things like toxic masculinity, don’t you remember, when the American Association the psychological association said that toxic masculinity is a mental disorder? Well, maybe information therapy will fix that problem, just get a vaccination for for changing the way you think maybe your idea of state rights or the Second Amendment or religious freedom ideas? Well, those are all toxic thoughts. And maybe they can fix that with information therapy by giving you a vaccine with the RNA in it to hack the software of life. That’s what the guy actually said. Breaking tonight also, right before we went on the air Leo home and alerted me to the fact that Biden administration is working according to see it in two ways.

Well force Americans to get a vaccine vaccination, the COVID-19 vaccine, well, you say why they’re not gonna force it on you. Okay, but you’re not gonna be able to get travel, get on an airplane go into any kind of big venues, and you may not be may not even go to keep your job, hey, we’re not gonna force it on you. I think that’s exactly what that’s all about. And we’ll talk about the fact that we even have one well known major pro vaccine doctor who’s saying this is not the right treatment for COVID. That, in fact, what it’s going to do is cause the COVID that’s now going down and decline to absolutely spike. We also are getting increasing reports by healthy young people. Got one tonight, heard from a friend out of Minnesota tonight.

healthy young man

just bought himself a car, I’m told was, so obviously he’s looking to the future, bought himself a car was working out, told friends, he didn’t feel well, and went home and died. And I’m being told tonight by my friend out of the Twin Cities that it looks like they’re kind of saying, well, maybe it was a suicide, really, because everybody that commit suicide first goes out and buys himself a new car, right? And is out working out and concerned about being healthy. So I don’t know. It’s interesting, all the young people dying after they’ve gotten the vaccine. And then people want to say, Oh, it was this it was that? Well, why don’t we just say what it really is? Why are we getting so many young people that are showing up with blood clots, not to mention older people? So if you get the first vaccine, what could happen? How about the second vaccination? Well, I had Dr. tenpenny, Sherry tenpenny on my broadcast last week at worldview And she’ll be on with me on TV very soon. But she said, we’re going to see in the next 12 to 14 months, a major spike, and people dying. In fact, we were working out the death rate right there live on on the radio, and how many now by the CDC, his own reporting are dying after taking the vaccine. And she says her numbers are showing that maybe that’s about 10% of the actual deaths. So you start adding it together. We got a lot of people dying from this vaccine justice, some doctors tried warning Americans A long time ago, and yet they were often cut off, they were cut off the air, they were not allowed to talk and tell that information.

What about the concerns that many people have about privacy about the privacy of their health data? That is this? You know, is there a slippery slope here? Okay, I’m okay. I’m comfortable telling you whether or not I have COVID. But do I does that mean that it becomes okay to ask about other things?

Well, there is always a danger of a slope. But I think here what’s different is, traditionally we want to protect health information because if someone finds out you have an illness or disease, they may discriminate against you. They may penalize you, they may say you can’t get a job, you can’t get insurance. You can’t get Disability Insurance can’t get life insurance. With a COVID certification, you’re going to gain freedom, you’re going to gain mobility, and I’m going to suggest that you’re probably going to be able to get certain jobs if you want to work on a cruise ship. I can’t imagine that they’re not going to be advertising that everybody who’s on the staff Then the crew is vaccinated, so come on back. So the difference, if you will, is, it often is the case that health information when released threatens to harm you. In this case being vaccinated threatens to benefit you, it goes in the other direction.

What about the effect on inequality, what you’re talking about it in two ways. First, there is going to be an inevitable inequality in that there are even within countries where things are going well, unlike the United States, there are going to be people who don’t have the vaccine, sometimes they will tend to be people who come from maybe for communities or perhaps places where there’s historically been reluctance to get vaccinated. And secondly, of course, the rich countries are hogging the vaccines. And so I’ve maybe a maybe appropriately because they paid for them. But the point is, you are going to exacerbate the divide between the rich and poor around the world. So, you know, first within even the United States, and then the rich versus the West versus the rest of you will

remember, vaccine passports or even vaccine requirements do depend on access, it’s hard to impose anything unless you are pretty sure that somebody can get a vaccine. So I think it’ll be a little while before we see this, let’s say within the US, but there are going to be communities and areas of the country where it starts to make sense due to high availability of vaccine to say, you want to come back to work in person got to show me a vaccine certificate, you want to go in a bar, a restaurant, gotta show me a vaccine certificate, I think there will be some inequality in the US. But hopefully, it will wash out quickly as the supplies increase very rapidly. And I think they’re going to, it also gives you an incentive to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Some people are not sure still whether they want to do the vaccine. But if you promise them more mobility, more ability to get a job, more ability to get travel, that’s a very powerful incentive to actually achieve fuller vaccination. Internationally, those problems are there, there’s no denying it, there are going to be countries that are way behind in terms of having access to anything. But I’m going to predict that the world won’t wait for vaccine passports until everybody is on board, I still think you’re going to see some in place, despite the fact that this will isolate some countries and perhaps even cause of economic damage. It’s just the better off in the lucky in a certain sense, not wanting to wait for everybody to come on board.

So let me ask you about the ethics of a test applied by an employer who says in order to be get this job, you have to be vaccinated? Are there legal, ethical issues in terms of the fact that you will be favoring one person or one group of people over another?

Well, there could be and I think we’ll see that happen. That’s more mandating a vaccine for the right to work, if you will. Some jobs do that. Now the militaries around the world will quickly be saying as soon as the vaccines are licensed, which they’re not yet they’re still out on emergency approval. But once licensure cures, I think you’ll see everybody required in the military to have to vaccinate to be in the military. But in the private sector, some jobs have high contact, you’re dealing with Salesforce that goes out and sees a lot of people, you have a lot of people coming into the office for one reason or another depending on the line

of work there. I

think you can say, for safety and the integrity of the business and being able to work the business, we’ve got to assure our clients that everybody is vaccinated. So as long as you don’t discriminate and say we’re on the go to vaccinate older people are, but we don’t require this of younger people or you know, we don’t require people who live in rural areas to prove it. But we do urban discrimination is what the employer will have to watch out for where they can’t do that. But if they put on blanket protections and say it’s to protect us, and to keep the business going, because otherwise our customers won’t trust us. I think they’ll be able to do it.

Professor cabin pleasure to have you on. Thank you so much.

All right, folks. So there you go. They’re going to try to tell you how it’s actually a good thing for you to get the vaccination. And look how they are taking all the negatives and spinning them to the positive. Well, Joining me now is Leo homerun. Leo, welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us. And thank you for alerting me tonight before we went on the air to that clips we can play for our audience, please respond to it.

Yeah, thanks for having me on, Brandon. It’s pleasure to be with you. Yeah, they absolutely did twist everything on its head. They talked about, you know, you’re going to gain freedom, right? You’re not going to lose freedom. They talked about it being a quote, powerful incentive. Yeah, dictatorship is always a powerful incentive. Isn’t it when the government dictates what you shouldn’t, what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do, where you’re allowed to work, if you’re allowed to work, show your papers to get here, show your papers to, as he said, go into a restaurant or bar. It really is amazing how he took this completely unprecedented measure that’s about to be employed by our government. This has never been done in the course of human history, Brandon, where a government or the business world makes you accept a certain medical treatment in order to, for you to be allowed on their premises as an employee or as a customer, or to or to even provide for your family to put food on your table. I don’t see how any discerning Bible believing Christian can look at this thing and listen to people like Dr. Kaplan, who we just heard, and not draw parallels to Revelation 13. Now, I’m not saying this is the mark of the beast. Brandon, let me be clear, but it sure does act like the mark of the beast, because everything he said in that interview mirrors exactly what is stated in Revelation 13, you will not be able to buy or sell or provide for your family, which is working a job unless you can prove and show your papers that you’ve taken this medical treatment, which by the way, it’s still an experimental treatment. It hasn’t even approved, been approved by the FDA. I predicted back on April 1 of last year that this would eventually happen. Why? Because Bill Gates immediately started talking in March of last year, about the need for for COVID certificates, vaccine certificates. Nobody took him seriously. I did. I’m sure you did. And others did. We warned our readers our viewers that this would happen. But frankly, even I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.

Well, a friend of mine, one of my Messianic Jewish friends, Olivier Melnick, who sits at this desk and does a TV show for us. He, he sent me a video tonight, if someone is reporting that there is a payment system that’s being worked on by one of the big tech companies, where all you got to do is put your hand on the screen, and your credit, you process your credit card. So that brings me back to Revelation 17, as well, you won’t be to buy or sell unless you have the mark in your right hand in your forehead. Again, I’m not saying that’s what this is. What we’re saying is it’s getting people ready. It’s conditioning people. Yes. And you know, when you have a big tech company saying, hey, put your hand on this screen and your credit card to be tied to it. You know, frankly, I can see where that would be helpful, because I get sick and tired of people putting charges on my credit card, when I go out to dinner. And it seems like as soon as I go out to dinner somewhere, somebody just stolen my credit card at that restaurant, and gone across the street and racked up $400 at Walgreens, and then another $500 at Kroger 900 bucks in one night. Of course, they always do a little purchase of 20 bucks to test the card, right? And so just recently $900 between Walgreens and Kroger, or I looked at well, where was I? Well, I was at a restaurant with my family. And I’m pretty sure I’m not blaming someone in particular. But if I had to guess is my opinion that somebody, one of the young people got a hold of my card. And I don’t know how they do it. But they somehow take the card number, put it on a dummy strip on the back of a card. And of course the merchants apparently didn’t ask to see his driver’s license. Hey, let’s prove that you are who you say you are. Where is your ID? So but then again, I guess if they just had my strip and a dummy card with their name, and they can show their ID Oh, wow. Because they’re using my number but their name and picture. But the point is this, I have to get new credit cards three or four times a year because of this. And then you have identity theft. I think people are going to be more than convinced to do this for a lot of security reasons, safety reasons, terrorism reasons, identity theft, as I said, But boy, it seems to be coming fast. And so when you add the vaccine, you can’t buy or sell. You can’t go into stores to big tech companies now wanting to push your hand palm on a screen and that’s your going to be the way they identify your credit card. So you get to charge you have to have a card. It seems like the foundation is being late. I was listening to someone interview, Sherry tenpenny who had on my show this past Tuesday and people can listen to that at worldview radio calm. And I was watching this lady interview her a few weeks ago. And the lady said I appreciated her honesty. She said hey, Dr. tenpenny I’m not a Christian. She said I’m I’m spiritual but I’m not really And I’m not a self professing Christian and Dr. tenpenny is, but she said, a lot of my Christian friends are going to get this vaccination. And I’m telling them about the RNA and all that can do. And I’m saying to them, don’t you Christians realize this is setting the stage for perhaps, what the Bible talks about and the mark of the beast? And she said, Why is it I, someone who’s not a self professing Christian, have to explain to the Christians What’s going on? And oh, by the way, why is it that the churches, the mega churches are the ones shoving the swab of your nose and the in the big churches are involved? Don’t these churches know what’s going on. And of course, in my bookmarks, the Amity that came out in November 2018, I predicted that more and more of these churches would become partners with the government at the local, state and federal level. And I said to mark sanity, they will become a health service providers, social service providers, they will become contractors for the government, you won’t have to persecute the church, you will be able to purchase the church with big money. It’s billions and billions of dollars, as we’ve seen with nonprofits and faith based organizations through immigration, and the more immigrants they brought in and resettled, they got billion billion dollar contracts. So why should we be shocked at the government’s using the churches and so called Christians to push this agenda? And you got people are saying, Hey, I’m not even a self professing Christian. But what’s with you, Christian? Don’t you know your Bible? How sad is that, Leo?

That is remarkably ironic, isn’t it that we have non believing non Christians trying to alert Christians, hey, this is in the Bible, maybe you ought to pay attention. I’ve heard I don’t know about you, Brandon. But I’ve heard some very remarkable excuses from people in the last few weeks about why they intend to get the vaccine. I’ve heard people say, you know, I don’t really want to get the vaccine, but I can tell it’s going to be mandated. So I’m just going to go ahead and get it. I have a friend, who told me just the other day that she is being pressured to get the vaccine by her own children, who are threatening, threatening this poor woman, to wit, to withhold visitation to work to her grandchildren, they’re not going to let their kids see their grandmother unless she gets the vaccine. So there’s all kinds of this pressure going on. And to me, that’s just another indication that there’s something spiritual going on here, there’s something demonic, to this entire thing, because if this vaccine was really good, we would not have to be pressured to take it, we would, we would see that it was good, it would be obvious, they would not be covering up all the deaths that are being reported. It’s over 2200. Now people in America alone, who have been reported dead from this vaccine, most of them within 24 to 48 hours. And we’re supposed to believe the CDC and others tell us that that’s just a coincidence, these perfectly healthy people, like you said, in some cases, very young, there was just a 28 year old I heard about today, who was a very young and completely healthy young man. And he died within 48 hours of getting the vaccine. And it’s just every other day we’re hearing about this, and it’s about 200. Every week, are being reported deaths tied to this vaccine. And so,

Dr. Sherry tenpenny, as Dr. Sherry tenpenny believes that that is only about 10%, that they’re missing 90% reports.

Correct. And yet the media covers it up. They deny it, if they’re presented with any facts, they say all the CDC says you can’t prove any of those are directly tied to the vaccine. And as far as these vaccine passports go, I predicted that it would be corporate America that would mandate it, that it would not be the government because they have this thing in the constitution that’s kind of difficult for the government to deal with. It’s called the United States Constitution. And and it’s completely unconstitutional for the government to mandate anything like this to get a job or to go into, you know, to do your shopping, what have you. And so that’s why the government is getting the corporations to do what it is legally unable to do in this country. And so it’s being mandated but through the backdoor, through the use user services at the retail point point of retail point of entering a large venue point of getting on an airplane, I predict that you will even have to show proof of vaccine at some point to renew your driver’s license and possibly even drive from one state to another.

Yeah, that’s that’s very, very troubling. Now, the question is will the states rise up and start to enact state rights? The 10th amendment US constitution that says the powers the federal government has are limited and expressed and the unlisted powers belong? To the states and the respective people there have, because if that’s the case in Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, you know, some of these more Alabama some of these conservative states do that. Well, you’re going to see a difference between those who are free people and those who are literal slaves of the government. Well, you know, what’s very fascinating and very sad is that one guy gave a speech in 2017. Again, you alerted me to it through your great articles, we carry them at worldview times calm his website is Leo homerun. Leo homerun calm. That’s his name Leo homerun. And his websites Leo homerun calm and we carry his articles that worldview times calm. And Leo, you’re the one that alerted me to this 2017 talk at the TED conference. today. I pulled some clips of that before we go to that. Can you tell me who this is and what are we about to hear?

Yeah, this is Taos Zacks. He is the chief medical officer at Madonna. Madonna and Pfizer are the two major providers right now of the mRNA vaccines to the United States and most of North America. And doctors Zach’s is the really the one who oversaw this entire mRNA development project. It started in 2015, Brandon, and by 2017, when he gave this TED Talk, it was it was pretty much well developed. People don’t realize that this vaccine was on the shelf ready to go. When when Coronavirus hit all they had to do was tweak it for the individual virus but the basic technology was already there. And and on Madonna’s own website, they can they compare this mRNA technology to a computer operating system. It’s right there on their website. And I had reported on that back in February. But then after that first article in February, I came across this video from tell Zach’s giving the TED talk in 2017. And he again reaffirms that this this technology is analogous to a computer software system, and that they had quote actually hacked the software of life and that they could that they could redirect the mRNA codes the genetic codes and replace codes to treat a number of different ailments from cancer to coronaviruses to as you suggested possibly mental illness at some point and where they could reprogram how a person thinks. And so it really is interesting that this is the technology that they put that they pulled off the shelf, to answer concerns, fears panic and all the hysteria about Coronavirus. Brandon and in here it is now they tried to get this back this this mRNA technology approved by the FDA previously but the FDA would never approve it. Well along comes it was considered too risky. Along comes Coronavirus and all of the panic and they say okay, people are you know, this is now a health emergency. So we’re going to go ahead and give emergency use authorization for this very risky Coronavirus vaccine that really doesn’t act like any previous vaccine. And in fact, some people some scientists have said that it’s not a vaccine, that the only reason that moderna and Pfizer tried to get it approved as a vaccine. So was for two reasons. One, so they could get it mandated. Because there is some there is some legal precedent going back to 1905 with a Supreme Court case, Jacobson versus Massachusetts, in which the Supreme Court indicated that states not the federal government, but states could mandate a vaccine. Other people say, Well, that wasn’t exactly what the court decided because Mr. Jacobson was never forced to get the vaccine. He was only he was only required to pay a $5 fine. Okay, so there’s a little debate there, but there is some legal precedent, according to some scholars, that we do have the ability in our state government systems to mandate a vaccine. So that was the first reason they needed to get it approved as a vaccine as opposed to just a medical treatment. The second reason was, so they could remove all all liability from their companies, these big pharma companies by by having a treatment classified as a vaccine as you know, Brandon, they are thereby relieved of all liability and it goes into the the government system, the government Vaccine Injury system where if you you have like claim to make that you were injured or a loved one died from this vaccine, you have to file a claim with this government agency, and and may or may not get up to, I think $250,000 they even have a pretty low cap on it. And so but it isn’t we the taxpayers who are paying for the damages caused by vaccines, and that goes for all vaccines. And that’s why they needed to get this treatment classified as a vaccine, even though it really, it really has almost none of the characteristics of a traditional vaccine. Wow.

Alright, I want to play this audio clip, which is actually video on if you want to get ready to right click on that. And just one second, what remind again, people who this is, and he was the head of what

Dr. Taos x, and he is the Chief Medical Officer of Madonna. And he oversaw the development starting in 2015, of this mRNA technology. Alright, babe, click that way. Yeah,

as I’ve trained as a physician scientist, we’ve been living this phenomenal digital and scientific revolution. And I’m here today to tell you that we’re actually hacking the software of life, and that it’s changing the way we think about prevention, and treatment of disease. So here’s all the biology you need to know, in 30 seconds. Our body is made out of organs, our organs are made out of cells. And in every cell, there’s this thing called messenger RNA, or mRNA, for short, that transmits the critical information from the DNA, our genes to the protein, which is really the stuff are all made out of this is the critical information that determines what so we’ll actually do. And so we think of it like an operating system. And it’s not just in every cell of our body, it’s actually in every cell of every organism alive, it’s the same thing. And so if you could actually change that, which we call the software of life, and you could introduce a line of code, or change a line of code, it turns out, that has profound implications for everything, from the flu, to cancer. If you think about what it is we’re trying to do, we’ve taken information and our understanding of that information and how that information is transmitted in a cell. And we’ve taken an understanding of medicine and how to make drugs. And we’re fusing the two, we think of it as information therapy.

All right, that’s your again, shocking hacking the software of life. They’re going to perhaps be able to use this for information therapy. What does that mean? So to say, well, it’s it’s information that they’re injecting into the cells for information therapy. Yeah. But wait a minute. We’ve actually heard talk. I bet you have to Leo, we’ve actually heard talk of vaccinating people to try to change the way they think if they’re deemed extremist, have you heard this? Because I have I’ve seen I’ve seen some video and audio that I’ve not played, because I’ve had a hard time figure out who this is. And I’ve heard rumors of who it is. But there’s absolutely literal talk out there of some kind of vaccination that can be used to change the way people think you’ve heard that right. Wait a minute, I gotta unmute you. Hang on. Go ahead. You heard that right.

I have heard that brand. And I don’t know the validity of it. There’s a video that’s been passed around for years, saying that it’s Bill Gates addressing some military institution on this vaccine. It is clearly not Bill Gates in the video. That much is for sure. But I haven’t been able to pin down exactly who it is, or, you know how developed this technology is, but I think it’s safe to assume that they are at least working on this type of this type of, let’s say treatment. And they may call it a vaccine, because that seems to be the magic word that will get you FDA approval. Right now, especially if it is something that involves a health emergency. You know, the left is already talking about because this has been so successful. classifying Coronavirus is a health emergency and then extending the emergency another month and another month, indefinitely. Remember, this all started with 15 days to slow the spread, right? And here we are almost 15 months 1415 months later, and it’s still ongoing and it just keeps getting worse. And so they the the technocrats have been so successful in getting so much of their agenda enacted by declaring this virus a health emergency that guess what they’re already considering. I’m reading some papers, academic papers and whatnot right now, where they’re already considering doing the same thing with climate change and declaring it a health emergency, so that they can then enact more of these draconian iidx rules, laws, dictatorial mandates, more vaccines, you know. So they, they have discovered that if you tell the American as a Western man, not just Americans, that their health is somehow in jeopardy, you can get them to basically agree to do anything agree with any immoral law agree with any autocratic law, just tell them that it’s for their good for their own good health, and they will do it. It’s really, really sad.

In the famous book modern times, Paul Johnson explains, quote, the notion of regarding dissent as a form of mental sickness, suitable for compulsory hospitalization was to blossom in the Soviet Union into a new form of political repression. compulsory, compulsory hospitalization this was what the Soviets does is what the communists did. And of course, you know, not too long ago, people I guess they probably still are involved in love Bonnie’s Right. I mean, at one time, they weren’t even doing lobotomies with ice pics, and, and people that were deemed to have a middle issue, they do a lobotomy and they damage their brain and think that they were turning off part of the brain this would fix this. And it was very crude medical thing and quackery, in my opinion, of course. But what we might be talking about here is a type of chemical, a chemical lobotomy, What say you?

Yeah, there’s, there’s no, there’s no frontier that the technocrats are not willing to cross over. Brandon, these people are arrogant. They have no consciences. Most technocrats believe that humanity that the human has no soul, they don’t believe that we have a soul. So we’re just sort of the smartest of all the species, the animal species, where there’s nothing holy, there’s nothing sacred about mankind. And we’re, we they don’t believe that we’re created in the image of God, and that they should not tamper with the the brain, the mind the soul. They just don’t think that way. All they think about is control and getting their agenda enacted, which we know their agenda of climate change calls for what depopulation. Bill Gates is on record saying that he would like to see the world population reduced by 10 to 15%. I believe he would really like to see, to see it reduced by far more than that. But he went actually on record and said that. So we really have to look at the the actors behind this whole thing. That’s what I try to tell people look at who’s behind pushing the vaccine. People like Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, you know, the big corporate oligarchs, you know, who are always working for anti God, anti christian, cultural changes to our country. They’re the ones saying that this thing is needed for a virus that is 99.7%, survivable. It doesn’t make sense. So you have to ask yourself the question, why? Why do they want us all to line up and get this injection? It may not have to do so much with what is in this particular injection. But it may have a lot more to do. I think this injection is bad enough. We’ve already discussed how it is killing people. But I think it conditions people as you said, and sets the table for future injections. The CEO of Pfizer, the other major producer of mRNA, vaccines, has already come out and said that this, this shot is not going to do the trick and protect you from COVID. You’re going to have to get a another shot next year. And likely another shot the year after that. It’s going to be an annual injection. Bill Gates already said that he also admitted that you’re going to need a quote, third shot. So folks, don’t listen to the propaganda. This is not a panacea. This is not going to protect you from anything. Dr. Fauci admitted. Last week in an interview, it was actually one of the few really good interviews I’ve seen with him. It was a Mexican comedian of all people who interviewed Dr. Fauci and Fauci probably didn’t take it serious because he’s a Mexican comedian. And so he was not prepared for the tough questions that this gentleman asked him and he Was Tongue Tied like I’ve never seen him. This comedian, totally befuddled Dr. Fauci and got him to contradict his own self. He started out saying this vaccine will, quote, protect you, your family and your community. And five minutes later under tough questioning from this interviewer, he had to admit that this vaccine will not stop you from testing positive for COVID and will not necessarily stop you from transmitting the disease even though they’re saying it’ll protect you and and that you can you know, not spread it that’s that’s a lie. Fauci admitted it. on video, I have it in one of my articles, saying that you will still be able to transmit, transmit COVID. After and what and what have we seen in the in recent weeks, the states with the highest vaccination rates are now seeing the highest spike in COVID cases. Isn’t that interesting?

Well, and that’s exactly what this doctor at one of your articles you quote in play a video clip and we played the audio on radio, where he said this, this is again, Gert Vanden bossy boss, she’s how you say, Bosch, one of the world’s top vaccine experts who has been pro vaccine throughout his entire career as a scientist is blowing the whistle on COVID-19 vaccines. He’s calling for a moratorium on the mass injections until an open and transparent scientific debate can be had with experts around the world. He warns that an ill timed mass vaccination program along the lines of what we’re now seeing in the US UK in Israel is likely to backfire and cause a catastrophic outcome for the world. Yet this pro vaccine scientists alarm bell is being ignored and outright censored by global media. And by the way, again, talked about this on radio almost two weeks ago now worldview which by the way you can listen to if you don’t have a VC, why America radio station, any of the 56 terrestrial stations that carry us many of those 50,000 100,000 watt stations around the country. If you don’t have one in your market, you can list it every day and live at 1pm Central time by going to worldview slash live worldview slash live every day from one to two, to listen to my live radio show. So about two weeks ago, we covered this and played this man’s audio clips. And again, this guy is about his pro vaccine as you can get. He’s worked with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with GAVI. I mean, he’s worked with some of the biggest pro vaccine groups in the world. But he’s saying this is the wrong weapon for the wrong war, and that you’re going to see the downgrade the downturn of COVID infections and deaths. And then all of a sudden, after the first and second shot, he seems to be saying that you’re going to see a massive spike straight up. And so this is what Dr. tenpenny and Judy milkovich and a whole lot of people we’ve been interviewing, I’ve been saying this, and now here’s all their anti vaxxers. They’re Well, actually, some of them are not anti vaxxers. Others are not big on the vaccines, and would definitely maybe fall into that category. But some of them, they’re not anti vaxxers. They’re like this doctor who’s pro vaccine, and he’s saying this is going to cause a major spike. So are we about to see lots of people over the next 12 to 14 months die. We’re seeing people that are young, who are in the hospital, medical industry, I should say. They’re getting it. And we’re hearing of these young people having brain aneurysms having strokes, and they go into the hospital and they have they have blood clots all over their bodies. What is going on? Why is this happening? And they’ve had the vaccine, some of them have had the first some have had the second Dr. tenpenny says not only are you going to see a lot of people dying over the next 12 to 14 months, she says that you’re going to see a lot of people that survive who got this require lots and lots of pharmaceuticals to stay alive. So they’re gonna be on a call the population while also coming up with lots of new customers Leo.

Absolutely. Remember what we talked about a minute ago D population that is the bottom line agenda of these folks. And so what do you do? You roll out a vaccine that is killing a lot of people, especially elderly, not all elderly, as we said, but I think the average age of those dying from the vaccine is around 75. And so you’re killing elderly and you’re what sterilizing the young. That’s the other big issue. Do you know in the UK brand in the UK is version of the FDA has put a warning on the on this vaccine, the Pfizer vaccine alarming women who are pregnant or nursing not to get the vaccine vaccine because it could, it could, it could kill their fetus in the baby in their womb. There is no such warning here in the United States by our FDA. So we know how corrupt the British medical system is. And it has been socialized medicine for decades. Even it has more honesty and integrity than our FDA. That is shocking. What they are actually warning pregnant and nursing women not to get the vaccine. And our FDA says yes, it’s perfectly safe for for pregnant women to go ahead and get it. And so it is absolutely irresponsible at best criminal, irresponsible and reckless at best criminal at worse. And, and I really think the bottom line also, Brandon Coronavirus, if you let it play out is not going to last history shows us almost no Coronavirus has ever lasted more than two years. But by them inserting these artificial treatments into people’s systems with these vaccines. They are going to prolong this virus. They are going to create a third wave now, that probably would have been the weakest and petering out eventually, it’s now going to get stronger. like Dr. vandenbosch. Sherry tenpenny. Dr. Lee Merritt is another one. She’s not she’s not an anti vaxxer. To my knowledge, she’s also putting out similar warnings, that that there’s that by putting by putting into place this mass vaccination program in the middle of a pandemic, you’re actually going to strengthen a virus that would have petered out.

And I bet you dollars to donuts that when this thing spikes again, even as the pro vaccine doctor is warning I just quoted, when it spikes what you bet they don’t blame it on the first a second or third shot, but they blame it on all the conservatives and common sense people that didn’t get it, what you exactly what you bet that that’s who gets the blame and society turns on them.

I could not agree more Brandon, I’ve been warning people about the same thing. Right now about a third of America, the American population does not want to get the vaccine. About a third of our military does not want to get the vaccine and it’s about the same ratio. Nationwide, maybe a little higher, as high as 40%. In some polls of the general us adult population does not want this vaccine. And if you think back to that CNN interview we listened to at the top of the show, that issue was never brought up if you listen carefully, they never talked about people who simply don’t want it. They don’t trust it. They don’t believe the that those pushing it are being honest with us. They don’t like the idea that they’re being pressured into getting something that they’re not comfortable with. That was never broached all that the good doctor from NYU could say was that Oh, it this is going to be a tremendous incentive incentive for more freedom, get the shot and you’ll be able to work a job, get the shot, and you’ll be able to enter a restaurant or a bar or a sporting event. He never addressed the 1/3 to 40% of Americans who simply don’t trust it.

Here’s the document sent to me by one of my buddies in military intelligence. I’ve had this for a couple of weeks. Now I’m going to show again, on radio about this a few weeks ago at worldview This one was particularly put out for the Navy. I’m sure there’s one for every branch of military extremism, standout commander engagements with all service members. And I went through it, you see, it’s all flagged up marked up, I went through it for a whole hour on radio to even get through the whole thing. There’s so much here. But what it is, is standing down any promotions in the US military until they can figure out who the extremists are. And by extremists, they mean apparently from this. They mean conservatives, Christians, those who believe in absolute truth, those who do not want to buy into the LGBTQ agenda, those who are into nationalism, the good nationalism, meaning borders, and our own currency, our own rule of law, not the UN, not the global courts. But the bad nationalism is that the government is of primary importance. That’s the bad nationalism, Adolf Hitler fascism, which is really interesting because they call people that aren’t wanting a constitution Republic. They call us nationalists as it were bad, but they’re really the one into the bad nationalism, where the government is the center of everything. Again, the government is the is the primary focus. That’s the bad nationalism. Good nationalism is what I said, borders, our own currency, our own culture, our own laws, our own courts. And if you’re for that, you’re an extremist. How do we know this? Well, in part in the summer of 2020, July 2020, the US military put out a notice that magga maybe make America great acronym, may be showing sympathies to white supremacy. So the military was already pushing this even when Trump was the commander in chief, that magga may be about white supremacy, sympathies. And so that was extremism. And of course, there was an outcry and that the backpedal? Well, here is the military. This is the Navy version of this document they put out given to me by someone in military intelligence a couple weeks ago, detailing Well, what starts out in a big group, big group, and then they break them down into small groups with a facilitator. And this is nothing but the Delphi technique that I’ve been speaking about for 25 years or more, started in a big group, get the General Assembly, tell them what the goals are going to be accomplished here, then you break them into small groups with a facilitator who has been trained and coached to the desired Delphi outcome so they can conquer and divide. You can’t have people getting up in the big group saying, I disagree, I disagree, because everybody will see all the dissenters and think I’m not alone, that encourages more people to dissent, that, so you divide them into small groups, where you allow them to, to then discuss their feelings and their beliefs and their opinions. And in many cases, the truth. And instead of them now, infecting the whole group, they only infect a small little group, and thereby also intimidate people in a smaller setting, because they’re not being encouraged by the other dissenters that are standing up. And the facilitator can then turn to them and say, Hey, wait a minute, you need to be open minded, you need to be tolerant, you need to allow for other people in the group to express their opinion, you’re dominating the group, you know, they’ll find some way to silence you or to embarrass you. So you shut up, divide and conquer. Reality is if they had done this in the big group, you would see that there were a lot of people in the room that didn’t agree with it. This is known as the Delphi technique. This is what is used by the government, they start out in an assembly, break them into small groups. So reality is, people in the military that don’t want to get the vaccine, they’re going to be labeled as extremist, one of my friends does not want to get it, he’ll be out of the military military intelligence very soon. And plus, he’s smart, and he doesn’t want to get that vaccine. But they put him in the same line with everybody else that was getting it. Now isn’t that interesting, to not get the vaccine and fill out the paperwork to not get the vaccine, they put him in the line with everybody that was getting the vaccine. And then people started saying, Are you getting the vaccine? Well, his response was, that’s really none of your business. But most people maybe would not be that bold and say, No, I don’t think I’m going to get it and then watch what happens right yourself. If you don’t care about other people, you’re going to put us all at risk. Pretty soon. I’ll take the vaccine peer pressure. So they’re going to get rid of the so called extremists in the military, the Patriots, the constitutionalist and then watch the military turn on the American people. Leo.

You’re 100% spot on. I mean, since when did your anything having to do with your health become the talk of the water cooler talk at your company at your place of employment. I know people who work in major chain grocery stores, Brandon, and they’re being hassled every day. One friend of mine in particular does not want to get the vaccine. And she’s being hassled every day on the job by her co workers, both those above her and those below her saying Have you got your vaccine yet? Have you got your vaccine? If this happened with any other medical treatment that would be reported to your boss and that person would be told immediately. This is none of your you know, this is absolutely not allowed on our premises. You don’t question people about their health history. That’s their private business, but site but it’s okay when it’s the vaccine suddenly. Isn’t that interesting? in the military, in the workplace, in social environments, social clubs I have my elderly parents are down in Florida in a in a condo community they say they get asked every day by their friends in the condo community. Have you got your shot yet? Have you got your shot yet? You know, that used to be just polite conversation. You don’t ask someone around the dinner table at a you wouldn’t ask a dinner guests say, you know, have you have you been treated for high blood pressure? Likely, you know, you would just have you had breast cancer. You wouldn’t do that. But suddenly the social mores are changing before our eyes with COVID. And so I guess in wrapping up I would just say people to people be where the very aware of someone coming along and taking your freedoms and then saying you tried to be the savior and the good guy coming back and saying you can have your freedoms back. As long as you take this experimental medication we have here, ready to inject into your veins. So, you know, be very aware of someone like that it really is a Stockholm Syndrome type of thing that you and I have talked about off air, Brandon, how the same people who caused the problem, then come in and offer the solution. And the solution is often much scarier

than the problem itself. Indeed, a friend of mine went to church, right up the road Baptist Church here in the south, Southern Baptist Church, little church, they sing the hymns of the choir, the choir robes. I mean, it’s a conservative little Bible Church, Southern Baptist Church. And he said he went in there the other day, he’s he’s in his 70s. He went in there and hadn’t been been there in a long time due to COVID. His wife chose not to go, he went. I think it was a Wednesday night or maybe it was a Sunday night. I think it was a Wednesday night. And before he approached some people to say hello, they’re like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, have you had your shot yet? They, they treated him like he was a leopard. They didn’t want him coming. They didn’t want him coming near them if he didn’t have the shot. And this is in church and a little conservative Southern Baptist Church and you’re thinking Wait a minute, these people again should know better, but No, they don’t.

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