Conservative Geert Wilders becomes surprise winner of Dutch election amid rising concerns over illegal immigration –

Conservative Geert Wilders becomes surprise winner of Dutch election amid rising concerns over illegal immigration

Geert Wilders of the conservative and anti-immigration Party for Freedom (PVV) has scored a huge victory in the Dutch parliamentary election.

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With nearly all votes counted, Wilders’ PVV has won 23.69 percent of the vote and 37 out of 150 seats, 20 more than the seats the party held in the previous election in 2021.

Wilders has been known as an outsider in Dutch politics for over two decades due to his views on immigration and the European Union which mainstream parties in the Netherlands have labeled far too “extremist.” But with his surprise victory, Dutch parliamentarians will no longer be able to ignore Wilders and his party. (Related: Illegal migrants enjoy life aboard five-star cruise ship moored in the Netherlands while Dutch citizens struggle to eat and stay warm.)

Wilders’ agenda includes holding a referendum on leaving the European Union, massively curbing immigration, a total halt to accepting asylum seekers and imposing restrictions upon Islamic extremism in the Netherlands, including possibly closing down certain mosques and Islamic schools in the country.

“Voters said, ‘We are sick of it. Sick to our stomachs,'” said Wilders, referring to out-of-control migration. “The Dutch will be number one again. The people must get their nation back.”

Wilders-led government not a certainty

Because the PVV won the most votes and seats in the election, it gets the first opportunity to form a coalition government that could control a majority of at least 76 out of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament.

“The voters have spoken. The seats are fixed. Now it is important that we look for things we can agree on,” said Wilders in a plea to the other parties.

Unfortunately for Wilders, many of the larger parties have already expressed their intention to not even listen to the PVV in government formation negotiations.

GroenLinks-PvDA, a fusion between two major green and socialist parties, is the second-largest party and won 25 seats. Its leader, Frans Timmermans, has ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition with the PVV over its views regarding immigration.

“We will never form a coalition with parties that pretend that asylum seekers are the source of all misery [in the Netherlands],” said Timmermans.

Dilan Yesilgoz-Zegerius, leader of the third-largest party, the liberal-conservative People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), has said that she was keeping the door open for her party and its 24 new lawmakers – but not if it means Wilders becomes the prime minister. She also said Wilders would have to drop his goal of holding a referendum on E.U. membership.

Pieter Omtzigt of the new moderate and Christian democratic party the New Social Contract (NSC), which won 20 seats, is the biggest party to express an openness to participate in a government under Wilders. He noted that he was “available” for talks, but admitted that government formation negotiations would not be easy and that there was no guarantee that the NSC would end up participating in a PVV-led government.

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