Crazy Dr. Fauci – Who Funded the Wuhan Lab Research Behind COVID-19 – Wants Unvaxxed Banned from Air Travel and Pushes Vax on Little Children

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Dr. Death Tony Fauci, the man who funded the Wuhan lab research that created the coronavirus, was out spouting off again on Sunday.

Fauci now says herd immunity will only come after the vast majority of the population is vaccinated — ignoring centuries of data that suggests otherwise, that the best immune response comes after a person contracts a disease.

Fauci also wants the unvaccinated banned from all air travel.

And Dr. Death is now coming for your little children. It wasn’t enough that he is vaccinating the high schoolers who have a greater chance of drowning than succumbing to the virus.

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It should be evident by now that until Dr. Fauci is removed from his perch the coronavirus nightmare will not end.

According to the CDC-linked VAERS website the US is averaging 70 deaths per day due to the coronavirus vaccine.

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